Major Endorsement Of Mike Glennon

January 2nd, 2014

mike glennon 0812Greg Schiano isn’t the only serious football man who stands firmly in Mike Glennon’s corner.

There is another man, a well-respected former Buccaneer, who believes the Tampa Bay can be serious winners with No. 8 calling signals as their starting quarterback.

Joe was somewhat stunned.

Earnest Graham, Bucs fullback/running back/special teamer from 2003 to 2011, who follows the Bucs closely, says Glennon has all the skills needed for major success.

“I don’t think they do [need to address quarterback],” Graham told WDAE-AM 620 host Tom Krasniqi this evening. “Of course, I like Johnny Football like everybody else. But I think [Glennon] is a very, very solid player.  I think he’s a guy that can make all the throws. He has better than average mobility. I mean, he’s what you like in a pro quarterback. I think you can win a lot of football games with a guy like him. So I don’t think they really need to address it unless they find a guy that they really, really, really like. 

“Other than that, no; I think they should stay put with him. I like Glennon. I like Glennon. I like the way he throws the ball. You know, he makes very, very quick decisions. He’s a very decisive guy. He has, you know, very good presence in the pocket. I like him. I think you can win a lot of games with a guy like him.”

(Yes, Joe caught that unsolicited Johnny Football take).

Graham went on to say the Bucs are desperate for a speed receiver who can “go the distance.” Graham  said he was not slighting Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams only acknowledging their limitations. “They’re going to make a ton of catches, but you’re not really worried about them taking it the distance.”

Speed is a difference-maker of various levels, Graham said, “I know that from being on the field with Joey Galloway.”

Graham said the Bucs’ lack of speed at receiver had defenses effectively keying more on Doug Martin as the only guy that could bust open the game.

You can catch the entire interview below via audio.

131 Responses to “Major Endorsement Of Mike Glennon”

  1. Burg Says:

    If Bortles falls to us we must take him, or another qb to compete with the balding retarded giraffe….

  2. PRBucFan Says:

    No chance in hell Bortles falls to us

  3. Walter Says:

    Glennon’s decent but we need more than decent at quarterback.

  4. NY Buc Says:

    Why so much Glennon hate? The guy had the best season out of the rookie QB crop of 2013, so the Bucs got a helluva deal on him in round 3 (a nice parting gift from Schiano, perhaps the reason for the Glennon hate?). At least let the kid compete for the job under the new coaching staff before writing him off.

  5. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I think Glennon is a good QB also. He will get the opportunity to shut up the bashers.

  6. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Don’t freak out Joe but listen to the audio from Greg Cosell on this afternoon’s Booger and Rich Show. He basically says the same thing and even goes so far as saying that he thinks Glennon is better than Johnny Football.

    Cosell has been selling Glennon for months, and Joe’s written about that here, but there are some flaws to Cosell’s analysis. Fun to debate. –Joe

  7. StAugBuc Says:

    @ Burg

    Real insightful. You should write for a major publication.

  8. Jerry Says:

    Glennon has potential and did well this year under difficult circumstances, but he is not a franchise qb.

  9. Couch Fan Says:

    Mike “Winnin with No Chance” Glennon

    Thanks joe!

  10. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    LOL! Bortles “fall”???!!! You guys are hilarious!

    First of all, for a player to “fall” to #7 it has to already be widely accepted by a majority of scouts and draft experts that the guy has a top 6 draft grade. No one, and I mean no one, of any national respectability has given him a grade like that so far that I’m aware of.

    Secondly, playing well in a bowl game against a porous and suspect Baylor defense does not suddenly make someone a top-6 draft pick.

    Lastly, the NFL Advisory Committee has revealed that Bortles has been given a 2nd round grade by them. So he’s gone from a 2nd round grade to top-6 after one bowl game, where by the way he forced his WR’s to make a ton of tough grabs due to inaccuracy and they bailed him out of incompletions numerous times? Not likely. The consensus among the NFL scouts I’ve read so far seems to be that Bortles is a player with intriguing traits who would benefit from another year in school to work on his technique.

    This is why I laugh so hard during the offseason, especially in the lead-up to the draft. Fans say so many insane things and offer so many uninformed opinions that it’s almost impossible to find the 1% of comments that are worthwhile and accurate. Every player whose name they recognize suddenly becomes a first round pick and we’ll never be able to draft them because they’ll never “fall” to us.

    If I counted the number of players who are claimed by Bucs fans to be selected above us in the draft, and who would never “fall” to us, there would literally be about 20-30 players selected in the first six selections. You do the math on that.

  11. Mike J Says:

    I think the Bucs need quickness in the slot more than speed.

    As to Glennon, he needs to do a better job when pressured; that was a knock on him pre-draft & it is still a worry.

  12. andres Says:

    See thing is with this setup and Lovie coming in, the Bucs won’t need a “franchise” QB, you just need a game manager who can get you 17 points a game, the D will do the rest. Draft a burner with the 7th overall and we’re good!

  13. bucrightoff Says:

    What is a franchise quarterback? Apparently its Jay Cutler, and Joe Flacco and Eli. Those aren’t elite QBs (sorry Joe), but based off what they’re paid, they are franchise QBs. Mike Glennon had better seasons than all of them last year. Two of the three have Super Bowls. Glennon showed enough last year to have the support to start all next year. With a full offseason with VJax and Mike Williams and Tim Wright and apparently Tiquan since they seem to have good chemistry. Plus Doug and Mike James back. There are more pressing needs (OL, DL, CB) that must be addressed first.

  14. Gt40bear Says:

    Not sure how good or bad Glennon can be but he did put up the best numbers of all the rookies. Also better numbers than some future HOFers during their rookie seasons. All while running the worst offense since the 50’s with an offensive line that couldn’t open a hole in a wet paper bag and without half of the teams number 1 weapons. Might want to cut him some slack. I think offensive and defensive lines are in greater need of an upgrade than QB. They can always draft Murray or Mecklenburger (sp) mid to late because of injuries and wait for them to get healthy.

  15. Jason Says:

    Graham just lost a lot of credibility to me. Good thing graham is not a personnel guy! I welcome Glennon in a competition but it bortles or manziel are there at 7 we have to take one.

  16. PRBucFan Says:

    You can laugh all you want he’ll go before 7th lol.

    And i’ll make sure to remind you about it when it does 😉

  17. Barry Says:

    Agree 100%

  18. nate_tweetz Says:

    I don’t think the majority of people are calling Glennon a bust. However, at this point it’s hard to say that I’m SOLD on him. Yes, the circumstances that he was thrown into was NOT ideal. He began his QB starting career with a horrible, ultra conservative offensive scheme, a plethora of injuries to key offensive players, and was being protected by an O-line that couldn’t block without getting a holding or false start called on them every 5 plays.

    I would not be super excited about the Bucs going into next year with Glennon as the starting QB, but at the same time, I would understand if the Organization wanted to give Glennon another shot this year with a whole offseason with a new coaching staff, healthy players, and a year under his belt. If Glennon is the Gym-rat/Offensive Playbook bookworm that we’re told he is, You would think he would be much improved going into next year.

    At this point, I guess we will have to just trust the evaluation of Glennon by this coaching staff and see what they end up doing with our QB situation. Either way they decide I won’t be emotionally extreme about the situation.

  19. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m not a huge believer in Glennon, although I really like the kid. How can you not like a kid who obviously is a very hard worker and has a great attitude, even though he clearly doesn’t have “elite” skills? I would love for him to be successful and be the answer at QB. I just don’t believe it’s true with Glennon. Perhaps its due to 30 someodd years of us failing at the QB position, but whatever it is, I don’t feel great about him leading us to the promise land. I kind of feel like the sooner we get a franchise QB here, the sooner he can become a leader and help us win. He may take a few lumps early on and cost us some games, but he will make up for it down the road. Besides, I think a rookie QB can be very successful if he has a running game and good defense to support him, which we should have next year under Lovie. If we keep Glennon, no one will cheer for him louder than me, but I just have major reservations that we may have already seen what he can do.

  20. PRBucFan Says:

    A quick google of his current stock has him well into the top of the 1st round.

    For example according to ESPN’s Todd McShay, Bortles is slotted as the third overall pick.

    But it’s whatevs, we’ll just have to see.

  21. Scotty Says:

    I would like to see Glennon with better O line play,A kick ass TE, A speedy WR and a REAL coaching staff! you can still bring in competition in the draft or FA

  22. Couch Fan Says:

    I have a question.

    Everybody and there mother admits that Glennon had a horrible offensive Scheme, horrible play calling, very few weapons and an O-line that couldn’t block to save their lives.

    Knowing that, how can you possibly come up with a conclusion that he can’t be any good?

    What QB would be good under those circumstances? Especially a rookie? I’m not trying to convince anybody that he is a franchise QB. But I just dont get why nobody even wants to give the guy a chance with hopefully better everything around him.

    Makes no sense to me.

  23. BFFL Says:

    Actually, the concensus among most experts is that Glennon has what it takes. This doesn’t surprise me because Graham is usually spot on with his analysis.

  24. PRBucFan Says:

    I think he’ll get his fair shot to compete and he very well may win the job especially with Jeff Tedford being our OC.

    One of the big things I have read is that he requires a bright QB to in order to run his offense, able to digest a very complicated playbook.

    Glennon might have an upper hand.

    But I still want one of the more mobile passers to compete with him

  25. DontBucNH8 Says:

    He broke some NFL QB rookie records that had some names on it like P.Manning, D.Marino, A.Luck and that was with 1 real WR and didn’t even start the full season. I think Jeff Tedford will do good for Glennon and is will be a much better OC than Sullivan. He knows how to develop QB’s and use them to there strengths.

  26. Bill Says:

    What are elite skills and how can you tell what QB coming out

    in the draft has them?? thanks for the info

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    As much as I’m not sold on Glennon, we can’t reach on a QB. I don’t care what a QB grades or how popular he is, if the organization is 100% sold on him, don’t draft a QB. There are other positions of need on this team, so we really can’t afford to waste a pick that we aren’t completely all in for. Glennon can win some games for us. He’s already proven that he can manage a game and for the most part not turn the ball over. Under Lovie, we can win some games like that because our defense is going to take the ball away.

    In my completely uneducated football mind, if I were GM I would take Johnny Football. I’ll be the first to say I wouldn’t have drafted him at all until I saw him play this year. I’m sold. He’s incredible, and really fun to watch. He doesn’t have the straight line speed of a young Michael Vick, but he’s every bit as quick and shifty (which is more important for a QB in my opinion). And there is no doubt in my mind that he’s a better thrower than Vick, minus the arm strength. Obviously Michael Vick isn’t the gold standard for QB’s, but when he was young in Atlanta he was on the verge of being a superstar, until he thought fighting pitbulls was a fun hobby. He had a few year stretch better than any QB we have ever had in Tampa. If Johnny Football can be better than that, then I’m all for it. I’m not at all concerned about the partying, because trust me, 99% of football players do that anyway. If you only knew the things I’ve seen out here from the Pro Bowlers. These aren’t choir boys.

  28. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’ve been saying Sammy Watkins for some time now.

    Big, physical, catches the ball with his hands and very fast.

    If Lovie\Marinelli are good with the D, they can coach up Gholston, Clayborn, and Bowers and draft Sammy.

  29. Nick H Says:

    Bortles. Lol.

  30. dee Says:

    Sammie watkins he can bust a game wide open.

  31. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “What are elite skills and how can you tell what QB coming out

    in the draft has them?? thanks for the info”


    The most obvious elite skill would be arm strength. I keep hearing Glennon has good arm strength, but I’ve seen him underthrow ball after ball. Vincent Jackson isn’t exactly a track star, so there’s no excuse for consistently underthrowing him. He has thrown up some ducks on numerous occasions. I’m no scout, but when I think Glennon, I don’t think arm strength.

    You can also say accuracy would be an elite skill. I think Glennon is very accurate compared to Freeman (then again, so am I), I think his accuracy is very poor on many throws. He can hit WR’s that are wide open, but he misses quite a bit on throws to the sideline. Again, he has a terrible tendency to underthrow those passes.

    Mobility is obviously something he lacks as well. There’s no need to even site examples there.

    Finally, the ability to go through his progressions and make the correct read. This is probably the hardest skill, and he has a ways to go. Now obviously he’s a rookie and almost all rookies struggle with this, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. I do believe this is probably the one area he can become really good at, because by all accounts he has a very high football IQ. But until he does it consistently, I wouldn’t bet my job on it (if I’m Lovie Smith).

  32. louden Says:

    Graham 🙂 such a good guy and i think he is right with almost everything.
    Might add: Johnny Football is dangerous..also off-field.
    And, hmmm, you can win with Glennon.. and you can upgrade on him – like Graham said, they don´t NEED to draft QB.
    Bucs got some “re-building” to finish.. And in the end an NFL team is never finished with actually building 😉

  33. dee Says:


    i agree

  34. Kevin Says:

    Glennon deserves a shot to be our starter next year. He had a pile of Garbage for weapons along with Vjax setting a personal record for dropped passes. With that being said….It would be STUPID STUPID STUPID to pass on the best QB available with the 1st round pick. Maybe even trade up or trade down because every team will have they’re own opinion on who the best QB in the draft is. Then bring Brian Hoyer over from cleveland and have a three man qb competition in training camp and preseason. Draft some SERIOUS offensive weapons and may the best man win the starting job. I’m just tired of being embarrassed to wear my buds gear past my front door. Please get an offense together and Lovie will take care of the D.

  35. PRBucFan Says:

    I’m telling ya Jeff Tedford’s complicated system will give Glennon a major advantage lol

  36. RCH Says:

    I’m going to keep beating the drum on drafting Blake Bortles if he comes out this year!

  37. Chris Says:

    I would love Sammy Watkins in the first round

  38. Couch Fan Says:


    What type of system does he run? I dont know anything about the guy.

  39. Vern4499 Says:


    I read the opposite. That he dummies hoe playbill down. Makes it so quarterbacks only have to read half the field on a lot of pass plays. I don’t know anything about him just what I have read and seen on twitter.

    As for Glennon he doesn’t have those WOW moments in games. Those plays or throws that a QB makes that just makes you know he is special. I hope we find our franchise QB or Glennon proves me wrong. I just front see anything that makes me think he will.

  40. BucsFanGreg Says:

    Take Johnny Football at 7 if he’s there. If not take Jimmy Garroppolo in the 2nd Rd! We need to upgrade at QB if we can. I see a lot of DE depth in free agency and I think we can fill our needs there too.

  41. Vern4499 Says:

    *that he dummies the playbook down.

  42. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    According to Mort, as of a few minutes ago, the hiring of Jeff Tedford as OC is official.

  43. louden Says:

    @ Couch fan:
    Looks like West-Coast, Pro-Style offense. He has come up with some Option stuff as well lately. But normaly short-passes, mixing with runs and “taking shots” (just because of the Shianomik demon it sounds ugly)

  44. PRBucFan Says:

    Honestly it’s really confusing, from what I was able to gather because there articles that focus on solely on it.

    They spoke about how only a QB who has able to absorb information quicky and lots of it, store it, and use it in any given scenario can be effective in it.

    It’s very heavy on verbiage and he literally has the QB’s prepared to read and react accordingly to anything the defense presents by built in checks/audibles.

    It’s just a matter of the QB remembering and not getting overwhelmed.

  45. Mark Says:

    Mike Glennon is almost exactly Brad Johnson. We have proven we can win with that kind of QB. But the defense has to be unbelievably good.

  46. PRBucFan Says:

    Nah that’s untrue

    He will feed him the playbook in portions and stop if he’s overwhelmed but there are articles on it because it is notorious for being complicated.

  47. PRBucFan Says:

    But yea Couch just google Jeff Tedford’s offensive system and there are a few

  48. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I have nightmares about “complicated” offenses. Greg Olsen’s offense was complicated, as was Sullivan’s. Complicated for me is code word for unimaginative and predictable in my eyes. But if this guy can make Trent Dilfer a first round QB, then he must be really good.

  49. Tnew Says:

    Mcshay stated Bortles could end up being the first overall pick after the combine, so yeah number 7 would be a drop. Keep in mind the same people that had him with a second round grade also had UCF losing by two touchdowns and out of the top 40 at the start of the season.

  50. PRBucFan Says:

    How on earth could you associate complicated with predictable?

    I assure you nothing I read states the word predictable.

    Actually they said if the QB run its right, it works, and it works extremely well.

    Cause his specific system literally gives the QB an answer to whatever the team he’s facing gives you all the time cause he builds them in week to week.

    But it all depends on our QB, hopefully his works out :/

  51. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Okay, thus far I’ve counted 4 QB’s that Bucs fans are saying will be drafted ahead of us: Bridgewater, Carr, Bortles, Manziel. I’m sure by the time the draft rolls around there will be one or two more. So that’ll be 5 or 6 QB’s drafted in the first 6 picks.


  52. Brandon Says:

    Bortles ccmes out and he is a top 10 lock. Between his frame, athleticism, arm (he does have a slightly Tebowesque hitch in throwing motion), and production, teams will be drooling over him the way Joe probably drools over Bortle’s girlfriend.

  53. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Just as a reference, the draft with the most QB’s taken in the first round was the 1983 draft with 6. How many of those 6 QB’s were taken in the top 6 picks?

    One! John Elway.

    And Bucs fans are scared that all 4 (or more) QB’s in the first round of the 2014 draft will be taken before us. Those are just fear-based predictions and have nothing to do with reality, guys. Come on already!

  54. PRBucFan Says:

    Doesn’t change that you were wrong about Bortles lol

    And actually Carr is probably the most likely to be there when we pick.

  55. Brandon Says:


    Glennon’s arm is anything but elite. He was the ONLY QB at the Combine last year that couldn’t break 50 on the radar gun (48.4). By comparison, Kaepernick was second strongest when he came out at 59 mph, Mallet was the best.

  56. FloridaGirl Says:

    Aaahhhhhhhhh……love this time of year……smell the smoke and see the mirrors….don’t belive what you see in the media!

  57. PRBucFan Says:

    There is no question that the teams before us NEED QB’s, they are perennial losers, so the ones that need them ahead of us.

    Count on them grabbing one

  58. PRBucFan Says:

    Time for the Bowl Game

    Night y’all

  59. BoiseBucsFan Says:

    Bring in a FA/QB and let them compete in training camp. Honestly, who knows what would happen? People….. You use the word “elite” like you know the guys talent and potential. Was Tom Brady “Elite” coming out of college? Was Aaron Rogers? A good coach must give his QB the resources and opportunity to succeed. Our O-Line was horrid, Martin and Williams were out and Schanio was focused more on the D. All I’m saying….. The kid had almost EVERYTHING going against him this season. Let him compete this training camp and see what happens. On a side note @Joe. You are killing it! I check this site all the time to keep updated on what’s going on in Tampa from Boise. Makes me feel like I’m home. Keep up the good work and Thanks!

  60. SensibleBuc Says:

    AJ McCarron has my vote in the top of the 2nd round. Let’s get a real difference maker in the 1st

  61. JN Says:

    Glennon could be good under the proper offensive system so it will be interesting to see what be can do next year under the new command. He has some things to work on like not holding the ball so long and perfecting the deep ball. And Bortles is a mid second round possibly third round pick. All the UCF fans on this board have rose colored glasses right now.

  62. NY Buc Says:

    If what you guys are saying about Teford’s offensive scheme is true, then it sounds like Glennon is a perfect match (West Coast offenses tend to need accurate passers who can hit the short to intermediate routes). I’m hoping the Bucs use their picks to fill pressing needs and bring in a FA vet to compete with Glennon (one not named Mike Vick)

  63. Kaput Says:

    I have no doubt that Glennon will work as hard as is humanly possible to make it, but I also have no doubt that he’s limited as a player. I just can’t envision him ever being a guy that the Bucs win a title with, and so I hope they find somebody else in this draft.

    I respect his approach as much if not more than any other Buccaneer quarterback that I can remember, but hard work isn’t going to make him elite.

  64. Tyler Says:

    Draft Sammie Watkins in the first or marquie lee after he blows up the combine second take Jenkins the tight end or amaro fourth and fifth picks address ol depth slot corner vice vers, rest pick up Doug pederson from Wisconsin in the 7th if available develop into excellent blocking tight end and running back with speed to get around the flat all we have are between the tackles runners we need speed around the edge bame offense fixed and built cheap and for the future pick up defensive depth through free agency(expect alotta bears in Tampa ex.tillmanFA, MeltonFA, hesterFA just to name a few guys loved playin for lovie they will love to play with him again and Melton and Tillman had their best season with him defense fixed while creating depth imagine lineups of offense
    QB: glennon(give him one more year qb pool is deeper next years draft with Winston and company comin out
    Melton, spence
    Slot corner drafted
    K:Barth(thank god)
    P:F/A(Koenen is gone to much money not enough return)
    And where legit contenders again for the south crown

  65. Dave Says:

    WOW. I just don’t get the hype for Johnny Football. He looks like a great college football player who will fail at the pro level. Every college QB whose main asset is running around creating never seems to do well in the pros.

    Teddy Bridgewater seems to be the real deal and of course the FSU QB is awesome to me but it will be a year or 2 for him. The UCF QB shows alot when I watched him, he may be some one they take in round 2 and give Glennon another year

  66. Bucamania Says:

    Yeah why can’t the Bucs find a speedy, quick slot receiver? Been waaaay too long.

  67. bucs4lyfe Says:

    that wasnt a major endorsement, ernest graham? sorry but he’s known for being a career backup, acl tears and playing football, he’s never been accused of being a good talent evaluator….the next coming months we will know what really matters about glennon from people who actually matter like the bucs organization….if they give up picks for a quarterback, or even if they draft a quaterback high that says what matters, but regardless of whether we think he is the answer or not, im not in the mood for another josh freeman type collaspe from assuming he is the guy, draft another qb, bring in competition and let the best man win, you dont give the keys of a franchise a guy who cant throw for 300 yards even when he attempts 51 passes….graham is just proving why he’s out of the league now, we might as well go call styles g. white and get his expert analysis….geez

    Awfully harsh. Don’t you think? Career backup? Graham never had an ACL tear. Joe knows Graham and he doesn’t sling around a bunch of BS. Joe suspects you didn’t spend nine years in the NFL plus dominant seasons in the SEC like Graham did. –Joe

  68. bucs4lyfe Says:

    personally i’d rather worry about who is staying and who is going first before people start expecting us to go all dan snyder and buying up every free agent on the market because it’s not needed, i would be more than ok to step back and see if lovie can develop the talent we have now before we go out and start guessing who should be replaced

  69. Scotty Says:

    i don’t think we will draft a 1st round QB. I think it will be FA competition.

  70. JonBuc Says:

    Glennon is like a dependable Ford Taurus/mini van….many of us want a more exciting model. Johnny Football would be spectacular in success and failure.

  71. Mr. T Says:

    Have to agree with Graham, I think we can win with Glennon once we get everyone back healthy, make some Oline changes, get a speedy WR and a true, good pass catching TE. Make Tim Wright a WR When that’s done then we can really evaluate Glennon and see what his potential is. However it would be a good idea to draft a QB in a later round as a replacement for Dan O and maybe to give Glennon a little competition. Next year, if it’s decided we still need a franchise QB, then draft one in the 1st rnd. But let’s not spend a 1st this year on a QB when we have more pressing needs elsewhere. However the coaching staff will do whatever they think best no matter how any of us feel but it’s fun to talk about it anyways.

  72. Eric Says:

    Since I am really hoping this will be the last time for awhile that we have this high a pick, we need to get a QB.

    I’d love Johnny Football, and if we could trade up then do it. We got cap space to compensate in free agency.

    Turn him over to our new OC, get Willams and muscle hamster back, and we got something going.

    Love Graham but he was also a big supporter of Raheem Morris. talent evaluation isn’t his strong suit.

  73. PRBucFan Says:

    Graham did whatever we asked of him to do, he is the epitome of a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

    It is blasphemy to talk ill of him like that lol

  74. Mixxx31 Says:

    What about AJ McCarron in the 2nd round? Two time national champion at quarterback. Kinda reminds me of Brad Johnson with more speed. A good ass kickin in the Sugar Bowl should drop to us in the 2nd. I’m not a Bama fan, as a matter of fact I hate Bama, but this kid looks someone we could strap it to and go get it.

  75. Northend Says:

    Bortles in the top ten?????? WTF are you smoking.

  76. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I don’t think you got the point of my post. I’ve heard how the offenses of our last two coordinators were “complicated”, so that word scares me. I heard that term over and over and over again.

  77. PRBucFan Says:

    I must be smoking what the top expert draft analysts are smoking.

    Cause that’s their thought too, many teams in the top 10 have to get a QB, they are at the end of their ropes with that issue.

    Go look at the McShay’s most recent draft 😉

  78. lurker Says:

    agree eric.

    if everyone thinks we will go 8-8 next year because of lovie & company, then we need to grab a qb in the draft this year. I do not know of any good qb’s as free agents this year. with a better qb, we could win more games!

  79. PRBucFan Says:

    Oh, well predictable it is not.

    I hear ya, I have never heard of Any offenses we ran as complicated but that’s not to say that they weren’t described that way. Just never caught that myself.

    We’ll see, nothing could be as boring and predictable as the offense we ran this year.

  80. NY Buc Says:

    sounds like most Bears fans all pretty much say the same thing about Lovie, great defensive mind but clueless when it comes to offense and developing QB’s (and ironically a lot of knocks about him being a poor game manager in the final few minutes of each half…hmm). Not trying to be too negative, but there are a lot of rose color glasses right now (like Vikings fans when they thought they had found the franchise QB/savior in Freeman only to come to realize why the Bucs let him go in the first place). If what a majority of Bears fans are saying is true then drafting a QB at #7 would be a huge waste under Lovie, so it further makes me think Glennon, maybe a mid-round second day rookie QB prospect, and a FA veteran…may the best game manager win (if that is indeed the style of offense Lovie will bring to Tampa as well). Too many other position needs for the Bucs.

  81. Rrsrq Says:

    This is a deep qb draft possibly. I like Brett Hundley out of UCLA, he may fall to second round but has as much ability/potential than any of the projected top 4. First pick has to be best available player (Clowney, Barr, Watkins, Johnny Football, Matthews)

  82. Eric Says:

    I thought the UCF kid looked good last night. How did they get so good anyhow?

  83. Miss the coach Says:

    What rookie QB played the best? And behind a sorry ass line?

  84. lurker Says:

    i thought bortles was saved by his receivers

  85. DontBucNH8 Says:

    Don’t know why people think Glennon doesn’t have an arm, he threw from the 42 in Bucs territory on the flea flicker to Underwood. Even though it was only a 48 yard pass he threw if 8 yards behind the line of scrimmage, that’s just about 60 yards. Those under throws could have easily been a miscommunication on the routes ran.

  86. Macabee Says:

    This conversation is what I like about Lovie Smith and his choice for OC. Lovie will not come in with a “this is not my guy” attitude. Glennon will be given every opportunity to succeed under Smith. Tedford will know if he’s got the goods.

    I won’t endorse Glennon, but I’ll certainly say he’s earned a good hard look. We have the Senior Bowl and the Combine to further evaluate/interview/investigate QBs. If somebody believes our guy is out there, at pick #7, there are ways to go get him. I personally don’t see that guy now, but I trust the people we got now to make that decision.

    My advice to Glennon is prior to camp sign on to Chris Weinke’s QB school at IMG Academies and work on lateral movement and long ball accuracy. He’s got skills, just needs to sharpen others – the guy is a rookie, he can improve.

  87. pick6 Says:

    if glennon can be a brad johnson level QB, which he has the skills and intellect to be, then he can QB a lovie smith team for a decade and they will win a lot of games. if you can do better, great. but don’t reach on a QB when there’s a chance to fill another hole long term with a better player at another position.

  88. Captain Buc Says:

    The truth is most 1st round QB’s are a bust. If you don’t pick the right guy it can set your team back for years. Coaches get fired along with GM’s because the QB didn’t work out. Josh Freeman case and point. With that being said Glennon is not the long term answer. We need to draft a QB. Just not first the round.

  89. trubucfan22 Says:

    So the only way for glennon to be successful is to have an iron clad o line. The best 5 wrs in the league. And the best offensive scheme in the world…

    Id rather just draft a qb that can make the other 10 players on the field better, rather than spending years to find 10 elite players to make 1 guy look good.

    A good qb can do well despite a leaky o line and despite a weak run game. Brady has been making regular joes look like all pro wrs for over a decade. Peyton manning went from 1 team to another and didnt skip a beat when it came to the offenses success.

    Im not trying to compare glennon to these hall of famers because i know hes not close, but

  90. bigpoppabuc Says:

    I don’t get the hate on glennon either. I want to back and just how many of his in completions were throw away. Dude is very accurate when given a clean pocket, more mobile than I thought he would be. He definitely looked like a rookie at times, but he’s he seems to be well ahead of the mental learning curve when compared even with guys like Kap or RGIII.
    And it’s obvious Lovie had his choice of teams, including Matt Stafford and the lions, where he’d be set on offense while building his defense. He chose Tampa. And unless he’s got a specific QB that he knows he can get, Livie chose Glennon.

  91. Gus Says:

    @Hawaiiian Arm strength is not just about throwing the deep ball. It’s also about the speed of the ball on short and intermediate routes. Glennon has excellent zip and speed on the ball.

  92. Chris Says:

    I like Manziel as anyone. But joe and many others in the Tampa media are quick too pull Glennon after a solid ROOKIE year. I’m interested too see what he can do with Tedford , a qbs guru. Better offensive scheme catered towards the qb.

    If I’m lovie I’d bring in schaub. Back up/competition.

  93. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    i understand that, but I haven’t seen the same zip you’ve seen I guess. I’ve seen him hit guys wide open.

  94. Jordan Says:

    Going back just seven years, 72% of starting Rookie QB’s increased their QB rating in their 2nd full season, and just 28% decreased their QB rating in their 2nd full season. The median increase was 9.5 points, while the median decrease was -6. So what does this mean for Bucs fans? Mike Glennon has a very good chance of improving upon his impressive 83.9 QB rating from his rookie year. This favorable probability coupled with Glennon’s 7th best QB rating of a starting rookie QB in the last 23 years should be very encouraging for Bucs fans.

  95. lurker Says:

    we don’t know why lovie “chose” the bucs but it wasn’t because glennon is the qb! lmao

    you guys are laughable.

  96. Couch Fan Says:

    So you agree that we dont know why he chose the Bucs but you presume to know that its not Glennon…. Thats talking out of both sides of your mouth right there.

    Indeed Laughable.

  97. PRBucFan Says:

    The point was he had the choice between taking a team with Stafford, RGIII, Glennon and he chose the team with Glennon.

    That means at the very least that he is ok with having Glennon at the helm.

    If he thought he was that horrible, Lovie would not of come here lol.

    I guess we’ll see

  98. Buccos Says:

    Schiano had it right when he said we were a couple of players away from a dominant defense. I would trade up and draft Clowney in the first round. Then I would trade back into the first round and get a speed receiver. The next pick would be a tight end. Sign a veteran free agent quarterback to compete with Glennon and try to resign Michael Bennett. Give him the contract he deserves. Right a wrong!

  99. Analacubana Says:

    Oh my lmao! Glennon elite, bet the farm on a boy! Lmao how about some good old fashioned competition in camp and in EVERY position. That’s were Glennon and company should get their second looks!

  100. Cmurda Says:

    Bortles – Top 10?

    PR – Im willing to throw down on that wager with you. Despite the Qb needy top 6 of 8 picks, I say hell to the no.

    The only way I say we don’t go Qb RD 1 is if Clowney falls to us and Im doubting that it happens. Johnny Football would be a definite yes in my book.

  101. PRBucFan Says:

    Listen talent wise he may not be deserving of a top 10 but need wise, it will happen.

    And that’s fine, you outta read where the experts project him to go it’s not like I’m pulling it out of my a$$ lol.

    Just today Todd McShay has him going 3 lol, you know the espn draft guru?

    It’s whatevs, I really don’t care either way

  102. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I highly doubt Lovie Smith chose the Bucs because of Glennon. To be fair, it probably wouldn’t matter what QB we had, more than likely he chose it because of our pieces on defense. He probably knows he can make this defense great. Glennon may or may not be the starter next year. I would presume he’s trying to figure that out now and will continue to until free agency begins.

  103. PRBucFan Says:

    No one said he chose it because of Glennon lol.

    What was said was that he knew who was here and if he honestly had that big of a problem or didn’t believe in Glennon he would have gone elsewhere.

    That is all.

    Anyways, check out the article on Jeff, it explains his offense completely.

    Also further shows why my theory about Glennon excelling in it is probably going to be the case.

    I want competition for him, but Glennon may just win the job.

    Also I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeff out right went with him either.

  104. PRBucFan Says:

    Y’all have a goodnight, I’ll talk to ya tomorrow.

  105. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    As for Bortles, I wouldn’t be so confident to bet with PRBucFan on that one. People’s draft stock can soar or sink during draft time. If he lights it up at the combine, he could even be the #1 pick. Crazier things have happened. You really can’t make accurate assessments until the players have gone through the combine and had their pro days. QB is the most important position in professional sports, so I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he goes top 7. At the same time, he could sink and go in the second or third round. Way too early to tell.

  106. Cmurda Says:

    I know PR. The thing is just a couple short weeks ago Mariota was God’s gift to top QB projections. Its judged by what have you done lately. I think Bortles is second round talent. First of all, he needs to enter the draft and his combine showing will impact this one way or the other. I think he may have potential but he’s still raw and risky. Cream rises to the top and I think Bortles will end up landing where he was originally projected.

  107. Cmurda Says:

    I know Hawaiian but Im bored. Actually his draft status is top 5 right now. Its all going to dramatically change for several of these guys. Im hedging my bet that hes not as good as UCF’s record or his current stock. Im certainly no expert but I saw him suck ass vs USF. I’d like to believe my alma mater is good but USF has been stinking up the joint since canning Jim L (A move that still pains me to this day).

  108. Joe Says:

    Geez, a lot of Brad Johnson love tonight.

    How about the Bucs trying something novel at quarterback? How about getting a quarterback that would, you know, be better than Brad Johnson?

    While settle for mediocrity?

  109. lurker Says:

    PRBucFan Said:
    January 3rd, 2014 at 1:51 am

    “No one said he chose it because of Glennon lol.”

    ummmmmmmmmm, really…

    bigpoppabuc Said:
    January 3rd, 2014 at 12:03 am

    “And unless he’s got a specific QB that he knows he can get, Livie (sic) chose Glennon.”

  110. lurker Says:

    because these fans deserve mediocrity I guess. they sure don’t know anything else.

    and I loved me some brad Johnson. he could make the accurate throws and scramble, unlike the giraffe, so far at least.

  111. Couch Fan Says:

    And who is without a doubt better than Glennon that will be available? And how exactly do you know Glennon is “mediocre” without actually, you know, giving him a real chance with real pieces around him?

  112. lurker Says:

    how do you without a doubt hang with the giraffe? what has he shown? more than half you guys riding his skirt didn’t even like the pick, just wanted someone other than freeman.

  113. lurker Says:

    it is up to the coaching staff to decide what is best for the team. I think we all want this team to get back to respectability, and hopefully some championships. we will see if it is with this qb and coaching staff, or not.

  114. Tampamac Says:

    I’m not a Glennon mobber but I think he’s earned another season starting. For some context–

    2013 Stats

    Jay Cutler- 11 games played, 2,621 Yds 21 TD 12 Int

    Mike Glennon- 13 games played, 2,608 Yds 19 TD 9 Int

    One guy just got a $100+ mil contract and the other is going into the 2nd year of a 3rd round slotted rookie deal… Call me crazy, but at least based on production, seems like the Bucs are in better shape because Chicago just hitched their cart to Cutler long term. Worst case, Glennon can be cut at any time without killing the cap like Cutler would.

  115. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m obviously in the corner of not relying on Glennon, but it really is a very very difficult decision, and one I’m glad I don’t have to make. I really truly believe that with a good QB and good coaching, we are a dangerous playoff team. Maybe I’m a complete idiot, but that’s just my belief. I know we have a good coach, so that just leaves the QB. I hope we make the right decision.

  116. Warthog Says:

    Keep Glennon as the starter. He’s shown he can be decent, although not spectacular. He can get the job done. Then spend the number 7 pick on a position that’s less of a crap-shoot. We can’t afford to whiff on a first rounder with the talent this team has and finally a professional coaching staff in place. To heck with Johnny Football and the rest of the first round qb Russian roulette brigade.

  117. Warthog Says:

    And if there’s any justice, Glennon will get a shot next season. Dude put in A+ effort under circumstances so bad they bordered on ridiculous. And still performed well. He looks like the best qb we’ve had in years, and people want to ditch him due to the fairy tale of finding the next Drew Brees?

  118. scubog Says:

    Love the debates this time of year. Hopefully, next year we will be in the playoffs and not concerning ourselves with these little Draft matters. As for Mike Glennon. I thought he digressed as the season went along. Perhaps thinking too much and focusing more on playing mistake free than making a play. I’m willing to see what he can do with some additional offensive weapons and real coaching. But if Johnny Manziel is there for the taking; I’m bringing in the most exciting QB I’ve seen. His moxie reminds me of Bret Favre with Mike Vick skills. I’d much rather be saying, “Wow, How’d he do that?” than “Wow, Why’d he do that?”

  119. Patrick in VA Says:

    Is it now impossible to have it both ways? Couldn’t we draft a highly rated qb and then put him behind glennon for a year to learn the system. Kinda like it was always done before it became mandatory that qbs start immediately so we can watch them fizzle out and struggle. If we’re going to try for a franchise guy and want him to succeed then give glennon another season with the new qb behind him. Best case, glennon shines and we get draft picks out of him before moving on to our new star qb. Worst case, we move on from glennon with a qb that’s ready to play in the league. The new rookie pussy scale says that it’s not going to kill us to let a qb develop like it did in the Sam Bradford days

  120. Pruritus Ani Says:

    I think you have to give Glennon a shot next year.. He did throw 19 touchdowns with some of the dumbest play calling I have seen in years. Let him compete against whoever they bring in. Then, whoever earns the job, earns the job.

  121. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    It is great to see that Graham is part of the ” Mob” . And no one in the “Mob” is saying Glennon is the Franchise for the next 10 years. He has alot of work to do this off-season. Personally I hope he gets advise to see a QB guru, ( not unlike Tom Brady did early in his career.) to strength his arm and tighten up his spiral.

  122. BirdDoggers Says:

    All things considered, Glennon did a decent job as a starter. The playcalling was horrible and the receiving corps was depleted. There are some things he did well and things he needs to work on. That’s to be expected from a rookie. Overall, I don’t think there’s a large enough body of work from Glennon to say he’s a starting caliber QB in the NFL or not.

  123. Patrick in VA Says:

    Here’s a novel idea, let’s draft a QB that we want to be the future of our franchise and park him on the bench behind Glennon this year so he gets a chance to learn the offense before we put him out there in the firing range. That gives us a good chance to up Glennon’s trade value by showcasing him in an NFL offense with actual NFL caliber players and we get to let a QB develop the way they are supposed to as opposed to throwing them to the lions as is expected these days. Worst case, we dump Glennon and go with our new guy with a year under his belt. Best case, we get picks out of Glennon and go with our new guy with a year under his belt. Either way, this first year is going to be all about getting the defense up to Lovie’s standards anyway.

  124. Patrick in VA Says:

    Sorry for the double post, didn’t realize the first was being moderated. Thought it just didn’t go through

  125. Patrick in VA Says:

    Oh wow. And sorry for the unfortunate autocorrect in that post a few back. That was supposed to be pay scale. Now I see why it was being moderated

  126. White Tiger Says:

    Whether you like him or not – he’s your QB for the foreseeable future. Not because he’s that good or because he has upside – but because they dont care if he ever getts better – they’re just looking for a game manager.

    We’ll need to get him an upgrade from the line that was built for a more mobile QB – lineman like Penn and Nicks are starting to show signs of breaking down – I certainly hope this gets addressed and we don’t try to go through another year with the highest paid incedence of MRSA and turf toe…

    and I have rethought my original position on Revis – I believe he is just the right kind of bait that will help us move up to take Jadeveon Clowney – because you know Lovie Smith and Rod Marinelli are drooling over bringing in a Simeon Rice/Julius Peppers type…heck, I’d even “settle” for Anthony Barr…

  127. NY Buc Says:

    @ Patrick

    Does it make sense for a team with a lot of draft needs to draft a QB just to sit behind the guy they already have? What do you do if the rookie QB never plays well enough to beat Glennon, do we start the guy regardless to save face or suck it up and admit the mistake? From most accounts it sounds like Lovie is pretty clueless at NFL offenses and QB’s, which his body of work in Chicago pretty much shows. Bucs fans should probably abandon hopes of having a Brees, Brady, Manning, or Rodgers caliber franchise QB in Tampa as long as Lovie is at the helm (though we probably will have one helluva defense).

  128. EdZed Says:

    Trade – Mike James+ for Ryan Mallett

  129. Patrick in VA Says:

    @NY Buc – But he has Tedford who, by all accounts, knows QBs. If Lovie’s got Tedford in his ear telling him who we need to draft so Tedford can develop him then there’s no reason to think that there is no chance we could have one of those top shelf QBs. If everyone is so bent on Tampa finally getting that QB that we can rely on for the next 10-15 years then we need to take the hit on having him play his first year and let him learn the right way. And who’s to say that Glennon won’t be serviceable to good next year? If that’s the case then we ship him off to Denver to take over after Manning retires and we’re up a few draft picks.

  130. tom v Says:

    Schaub, Ryan Mallett, Chad Henne, Cade McKown, all much better options than having to develop a quarterback in this draft class. Let Glennon compete with a veteran of this caliber and let him devolop and get stronger, which he needs. How confident are the Bills with E.J Manuel? The Titans with Jake Locker? Vikings with Christian Ponder? All first round picks. Drafting a QB with the 7th pick is neglecting too many needs.

  131. lurker Says:

    nope…need qb in first round. this year’s freeagent qb class sucks. you can get everything else in freeagency: de, oline, slot receiver