Mad Dog: Lovie = “Mediocrity”

January 3rd, 2014

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo is no fan of Lovie Smith.

Joe is a little bit stunned. Since the moment word leaked that Lovie Smith was going to be the next Bucs coach, the 10th in franchise history, it was nearly unanimous; people thought the Bucs hit a home run, as if the Bucs landed Chuck Noll to lead the team.

Well, Joe has found a dissenting voice. And it is a powerful voice. An influential voice. A loud voice. And that is the voice of the one and only Chris “Mad Dog” Russo.

In his opening monologue Thursday on the show that bears his name, “Mad Dog Unleashed,” heard exclusively on SiriusXM Radio, Russo let it be known he thought Team Glazer reached big time for a head coach.

“The GM over in Chicago? Phil Emery, yes. He fired Lovie Smith which I didn’t have a problem with. I cannot believe that the coach the Bucs have their eyes on is Lovie Smith. I mean, Lovie Smith to me, has mediocrity written all over him. He’s not a big coach. He’s not bad, he’s not awful. He’s not a guy who is going to embarrass you from that perspective, but he is not a big coach.

“I know he has some roots in Tampa with the Tony Dungy scenario, but nobody will confuse Lovie Smith with Vince Lombardi. He is not a big football coach. The players like him. They will play hard for him. The team will relatively respond. But he is not the guy I would think about if I owned a team if I had to pick a guy to come in and coach my team.  Tampa — I understand they need a little stability. They are looking for a little credibility, I get all of that. But boy, I tell you. If I was a Bucs fan, that would not turn me on.

“If you told me right now — what did he get, a three- or five-year deal? – I would not have gone down there. Now Lovie is going to bring in his own GM now that [former Bucs rock star general manager Mark] Dominik got fired, too? That did not turn me on. Four years guaranteed? Boy! And that’s the guy they want to bring in, Lovie Smith? Didn’t like it at all.”

Joe has to be honest. He is lukewarm to Lovie. It’s not a bad pick, but Lovie was unemployed because he could never develop a decent offense in Chicago, which is why Joe referred to Lovie as the ultimate Father Dungy clone.

Lovie’s track record with middling offenses does not warm the cockles of Joe’s heart when the Bucs offense is the very thing that needs fixing.

Now Jeff Tedford is supposed to fix the Bucs offense? It is clear Team Glazer wanted a quality head coach with NFL experience. They got that. But Tedford has never coached in the NFL. And no, Joe is not sold on neophyte Mike Glennon, sorry.

And Glennon, Tedford and Lovie are expected to repair the Bucs offense? The jury is still out.

Now what would get Joe excited is if Team Glazer somehow lured Rod Marinelli out of Dallas. That would get Joe fired up.

94 Responses to “Mad Dog: Lovie = “Mediocrity””

  1. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Are you sure that was Mad Dog Russo, It could have been Sour Shoes!

  2. Kaput Says:

    I don’t disagree with his assessment.

  3. Patrick in VA Says:

    Guess you can’t please everybody. So it goes. I’m still looking forward to seeing what Lovie brings

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Lovie’s safe….I’ll agree….hopefully he knows his shortcomings and has a plan (Tedford) to fix that.
    I think our team is very much together and Lovie will get the very best out of them…If we have som much talent as is reported…then it should be easy.
    As for our offense….we need a few pieces….especially some speed at WR…..a blocking/recieving TE and resolution of the QB situation…..We need to draft some young O linemen and restructure the contracts on Nicks, Joseph & Penn.

  5. Rob Says:

    How can I take a guy with that haircut seriously?!!

  6. john Says:

    wasnt he rick on the simon and simon show?

  7. terraj35 Says:

    Lovie will establish a defense that will keep us in games. It’s easy to say this isnt a sexy hiring. Lovie isnt bringing the wild card factor that a chip kelly brings. Lovie is about stability. He obviously reflected during his year off and realized he needs an offensive coordinator who understands developing a quarterback and can create a scheme that adjusts to the teams personnel. I’m confident in the staff we have so far
    Joe, any word on Marinelli? After those initial reports came out it got real quiet. Glazers doin some negotiating with Jerrah Jones?

  8. Mumbles Says:

    Somebody explain to me why I should take Russo’s word over established NFL people who have achieved greatness in the game like Dungy, Brooks, Edwards, Casserly, just to name a few?

  9. joseph mamma Says:

    The game has changed since he was successful, so I hope he has changed or we will be mediocre. I’ve watched almost every Bears game he has coached since about 2009, and I’m about as excited as Russo.

  10. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Because of that haircut lmao word no 1 who needs a pair of scissors and a bowl for a haircut can’t talk sports with me hahaha

  11. Yar Says:

    I think Angelo was the real problem, meddled too much in the coaching/philosophy side of things, like McKay. Let’s see what Lovie can do on his own. We might be surprised.

  12. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Joseph Mamma – Is 10-6 not a successful season? that was one year ago. It hasn’t changed enough that it wouldn’t be a quick adjustment

  13. bucsfan13 Says:

    I don’t see a differance in lovie and schiano! What got us over the hump last time was an offensive ccoach! I don’t see our offense being able to keep up with nfc south. The best thing we can hope for is this new crap being thrown around about reseeding the confrences.

    Our division is too stacked. Maybe once drew brees and matt ryan retire we have a shot!

  14. MTM Says:


    Just another rambling talking head going against the grain to help his dwindling ratings.

  15. Says:

    This was also the guy who praised Schiano and was calling for Glennon to start. Very Credible indeed.

  16. NewGMsAdvisor Says:

    Bucs won’t go 10-6 in 2014 tho.

  17. Tampamac Says:

    Just like with players, coaches are always a crapshoot. I’m sure Redskins fans were fired up when they got Spurrier, Joe Gibbs returned and Mike Shannahan arrived. Everyone clamored here for Jeff Fisher and he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire in St Louis. Point is, we don’t know until the games start. I’m excited we have a coach with legit NFL experience who has ties to the orginization and a coordinator hailed as a QB guru(them flaming out in the NFL was not on him). Can’t wait until the draft and fre agency to see how the team comes together!

  18. Patrick in VA Says:

    @NewGMsAdvisor – I’ll wait til after free agency and the draft to agree or disagree. I’m not feeling overly frightened by the teams on our schedule at face value. Whether we match up to them well will be seen once the team starts coming together

  19. mike Says:

    I don’t know why his comments are shock. He was fired for being good but not getting the bears over the hump. He could never figure out the other side of the ball. Much like father dungy, he was good but the owners and fan base get tired when you make a deep playoff run then no playofffs for a period.
    We wanted Lovie because he will never go 4-12 and the glazers were not willing to take another gamble and have it blow up again.

  20. 1gr8buc Says:

    MTM is dead on. just trying to get ratings, which is fine thats his job to go against the grain to get attention. I just hope Joe doesn’t continue to go down that sad road.

  21. kennyc Says:

    Bucs are close, real close! This years draft, plus MUCH better coaching will equal a playoff team next year. This team has talent on the offense with martin and williams coming back, tedford will do just fine.

    Lets try and scoop up brent grimes if Miami does not re-sign him. We should have done that last year.

  22. Kirk Mattingly Says:

    This guy Russo, I have never heard of him before today, has a right to his opinion and we all know what opinions are like…..Now, Coach Smith will do a wonderful job stopping the bleeding here. Coach will put a defense together that will slow down the QB’s in our division. The Bucs will field a respectable and tough defense. The offense has some needs, but has the tools to become respectable, not earth shattering, but respectable, where they will win more than they will lose.

  23. Vincente Says:

    Just stop. Lovie smith is gonna so a great job in Tampa. History might show his offense wasn’t the the best but I have a good feeling that will no longer be the story in Tampa. Let’s what moves he makes in the offseason, let’s see if he decides to draft more offense in the draft, let’s see how the preseason starts to shape, and finally let’s see how well he will coach come game day.

  24. thegregwitul Says:

    This was the same guy who didn’t know who Lavonte David was when Ira Kaufman was on his radio show a few weeks ago, right?

    I have 100% more confidence in Lovie Smith than I had in both Greg Schiano and Raheem Morris. I expect this team to at minimum double their win total next season, with the hopes of a playoff appearance. Let’s see what happens.

  25. Celly Says:

    I’m happy about picking up Lovie as well, but, unfortunately…if Tedford does as good a job as its thought he will do, guess what? we’ll be looking for a new OC in the next 2 years and Big Bird or whoever our QB is at that time will be learning a whole new offense.

  26. sho-nuff Says:

    hmmm didn’t know the Fonz had a radio gig…go figure

  27. bucsfan13 Says:

    The picture above makes hime look like steve carrell when he did that magician movie with the big blond hair. or maybe siegfried or roy

  28. MelancholyBucsFan Says:

    I don’t know why people are saying this is a “home run”. Its just a good (not great) hire. The Bucs hired the man among the available candidate pool (Kubiak, Whisenhunt, Schwartz, multiple NFL coordinators and college head coaches with no NFL head coaching experience) with the best resume. When you have fired 3 coaches in 6 years and two of those coaches had 0 NFL head coaching experience, your replacement is not going to be a multiple super bowl winning head coach. Those guys tend not to get fired. For all the “Lovie couldn’t develop a productive offense” comments, you can say the same type of thing for all the other candidates:

    Whisenhunt: Only won when he had Kurt Warner
    Kubiak: Didn’t win until he hired Wade Phillips to fix that defense.
    Schwartz: His teams were always undisciplined.

    Lovie has more years of head coaching experience, more play off appearances, and a better record than all three of the above. But neither he nor any other candidate is going to have a Belichick type resume. So your choice is a man with 9 years of NFL head coaching experience and decent success or some guy that you give their first shot two. The bucs just did that twice and it failed horribly. Why would they do it again?

  29. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I’m glad fans are getting excited and claiming they are finally going to buy season tickets again. I hope they do.

    And I’ll get behind Lovie Smith as HC. But I have to say I’m not personally very excited. Maybe the last few years have made me skeptical, but I don’t feel like other than Smith, the band is getting back together. Smith hired an unknown element as OC. Whoopie do.

    We are teased with the whole Rod thing, but it has all been media driven. Same with Rich McKay. So far, it’s looking like we’ll have an indecisive DC with a horrible track record (Frazier).

  30. d-money Says:

    First of all you fired your last coach after two years…and the one before that after three. There is no way you are going to get ANY coach for less than 4 years guaranteed.

    And lets see…While Lovie was in Chicago he had 3 trips to the playoffs 2 trips to the NFC championship and a trip to the Super Bowl and was fired after a 10 win season.

    Guys like Russo are the reason why no one has any patience any more. You don’t go to the playoffs and win the super bowl every year….yes that is the goal but you don’t blow the team up everytime your coach misses the playoffs.

    Prime example is the Pittsburg Steelers…i don’t think they have ever fired a coach. They have a down year they don’t panic but they look at what needs to be done and they carry on and the next thing you know thye’ve won 6 Super Bowls.

  31. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    He won’t be bad, but, I can’t believe people expect this hiring, as well as Tedford to make this organization elite. Division titles. Conference titles. Super Bowls.

    After being so bad, people are psyched for an 8-8, 9-7 type of team. And, I guess I can empathize with that sentiment. When your bf beats you up enough, you just want someone who doesn’t give you a blackeye.

    And I can see that Glazers don’t want to hemorrhage money anymore. Lovie will sell tickets. It’s “safe”.

    I love how people like to point to Belicheck. Because he got fired in Cleveland, then came back in NE as the likely model. That’s more often the exception to the rule, than the norm. Could easily be like Art Shell.

    After 9 years, you are what you are. 3 playoffs in nine years. And that’s with a terrible Lions team, and middling Vikes squad in the division.

  32. Justin Says:

    Why do we care what Chris “Mad Dog” Russo thinks?

    Up until a couple of weeks ago he only knew Lavonte David as the guy who pushed Geno out of bounds.

  33. Dick2111 Says:

    I for one am excited about us hiring Lovie as our head coach. But the reality is that a head coach is only as good as the coordinators/assistant coaches that he has around him and the players he has playing for him. Only time will tell whether all that comes together for our beloved Bucs. Do know one thing for certain: I’d rather have Lovie captaining the pirate ship than anyone we’ve had at the helm since Tony.

  34. White Tiger Says:

    I can’t believe any Bucs fan that remembers “Dungy-ball” – and saw what Lovie did in Chicago – would think that this signing is anything BUT mediocrity?

    I like Lovie, he’s “family” – but he’s going to focus on one side of the ball – just like his mentor (who was fired for only focusing on one side of the ball). Now, that one side of the ball will have high-character, but hard as nails guys (like Lovie) who have actually DONE things they talk about – guys Rod Marinelli up front, and perhaps a few other familiar faces bhind him. Marinelli alone should turn GMC into a wrecking ball.

    …but, we all know Lovie’s record in Chicago, we know the level of respect he carries, his character and above all, his defensive philosophy. We’re comfortable, but I haven’t spoken to anyone who is “excited”.

    It’s not like we have a lot of choice here – he’s who the owners wanted – but we know what we’re going to get. Lopsided drafts full of DE’s and Corners. Limited to diminishing effectiveness on offense.

    The offenses new mantra/focus is to not screw things up for the defense – and don’t get in the way on the practice field.

    Back, to the future!

  35. crazy Says:

    Mediocrity is an upgrade, right? Isn’t that why so many became so sour on Schiano/Dominik combo? Lovie brings experience and proven results. I hope we can soon say the same about the new GM.

  36. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    There are always dissenting voices. Means nothing. At all.

  37. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Nor do the RAH RAH great choice voices matter. We will know in about 2 years who’s more accurate. See you then.

  38. joseph mamma Says:

    He took the Bear’s to the playoff’s once in the his last six years. I don’t care what his record was his last year, 1/6 years is why they had to fire him and the Bear’s made the right move in my opinion.

  39. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    P.S. I would love to be wrong. But, I see what I see. As do you.

  40. JMN Says:

    So when did he get a crystal ball that he can see into the future with? I hope Lovie proves him wrong.

  41. louden Says:

    We hired an good HC,who is going to make this a good team, although it may take some time but we will have a good team at least.

    It´s all about getting into the mix of real SuperBowl contenders and Coach Smith is able to provide that. I am very good with that; realy excited..
    Couldn´t be happier with another hire.

    Next year is the start of sth. so don´t expect a Championship right away. Good things need time to develop.
    And the current Bucs have talent (like EVERY NFL team) – but they are still short of talent, in many many places – so just be happy to have a competent coach,who is able to win it all and let him do his work.
    Thanks, have a good day, GoBucs!!

  42. Nick Says:

    Hate to tell everyone.. Playing in the NFC South you must put up points. Draft and free agency will say a lot. Start with signing Grimes and Hester. Draft Sammy Watkins or Clowney. No shot Brotles drops and the people who think Johnny football will be a great NFL QB needs to pay attention more.

  43. NY Buc Says:

    I agree with Russo on this one, mediocre hire if we get the same results as Chicago did. Gruden’s 3 playoff appearances (1 SB win) weren’t good enough for the owners or fans, yet somehow Lovie’s 3 playoff appearances (1 SB loss) in 9 years is supposed to give fans hope they’ve found their savior? A lot of you are very happy to see Schiano get fired, fair enough we can all have our opinion on that, but the perennial loser teams fire their head coaches less than 3 years into a rebuild like the Bucs were in (see Browns, Bucs, Jags, and Raiders for examples of teams with clueless ownership that are on a constant carousel of hiring/firing/rebuilding). Glazer’s probably looked at Lovie as a solid HC pick but an even better PR move to sell season tickets using the Bucs nostalgia as a sales pitch. Hopefully I’m wrong, and it all works out with Lovie. I really want to see the Bucs model themselves after teams like the Patriots, Ravens, or 49’ers, but that starts with ownership on down in the front office. Until that improves the team will probably be stuck in mediocrity for awhile.

  44. lurker Says:

    +1 odb

    also, people saying russo is commenting to increase ratings…what do you think the glazers are doing? they knew lovie would sell tickets because the seniors there in florida dwell in nostalgia. they went safe beacause you seniors are afraid of the unknown. the chicago defense really hindered aaron rodgers those years…ask bear fans about lovie smith. poor game management, no offense, couldn’t win a challenge, tried to ruin one of the greatest returners of all time by turning him into a receiver. how many games did lovie win because hester saved the day?

    I just hope that during his time off that lovie reflected on his bears’ tenure and will rectify his weaknesses in one way or another. a few coaches did better in their second stint and I hope lovie will be one of them.

  45. Ramdog Says:

    I thought that was Barry Manilow not Mad Dog anyhow if it wasn’t he stole Manilow’s jacket.

    Only time will tell with Lovie Smith. That said he always had great defenses, his players loved him, played hard and he got the most out of them isn’t that what good Coaches do ? It is not his fault in Chicago he never had a quality QB until Cutler (since when did he become quality). Anyhow, to Mad Dog who the Hell should we hire ? Bottom line he is the best out there, is assembling an awesome staff and I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years if not next year we were in the playoffs.

    Honestly, I hope we draft a QB this year in case Mike Glennon is not the man could be Mettenberg or Aaron Murray later in the draft or even Johnny Manzell or Bortles falls in our lap (if they decide to come out) at #7. Of course with Cleveland, Oakland and Jacksonville all picking before us not sure how any would fall to us at 7.

    A trade up would mean getting fleeced by St. Louis (like they did to Washington) so who knows what will happen there. QB is such a gamble it is almost better to draft a stud Offensive Tackle or an Edge Rusher. It is funny last year folks on this board wanted us to draft Geno Smith with our 1st pick. Ends up we probably got the best QB in last year’s draft class in Glennon in the 3rd round.

  46. skelly Says:

    Russo is a bozo. Sorry, listen to him enough and you’ll see his informed opinion is way off base, often.

    Lovie is a solid coach and is a great fit for the BUCS. Does everyone honestly believe that this conversation hasn’t happened. “Hey Lovie, your offenses were horrible in Chicago and it cost you your job. How are you going to approach the team so this doesn’t happen again?”

    You don’t think Lovie, in his year off, has been thinking when I get another crack at this, how is it going to be better. How am I going to improve as a coach. Come on…. The person in the room that feels the most pressure to make some adjustments on offense is Lovie. Lets give him some room guys.

    Great HIRE, I am jacked up about this team in 2014!!!

  47. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Okay, let’s give all the whiners their opportunity for a second. Who exactly was available that had a winning record, multiple playoff appearances, and one or more Super Bowls to his credit? Please, do tell. I’d love to know where this guaranteed winner, this sure fire coach, this can’t-lose hire, is hiding right now. Come on. Tell us.

    If you’re gonna bitch, then be prepared to back it up with something better. And I don’t mean your stupid predictions or guesses or favorites. I mean someone PROVEN better that is available for hire right now. Other than dragging Marty Schottenheimer out of his assisted living facility, who do you have? Speak, idiots.

  48. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I’ve changed my mind about drafting a QB in the forest round. I would rather see a move to get Clowney, then take a CB in the second round. Cut Revis. I like him but 16 mil is too much. Cutting him will give us the third rounder back.

    We have 22 free agents on our roster. At least 5 should be resigned.

    We have around ten guys in contract years, including Gerald McCoy and Mason Foster. We need to lock them up this year. Doing McCoy will free up cap room as he makes over 10 mil this year. Clayborn is in a contract year as well. We need to lock him up.

    And we are going to have to shell out for a veteran QB. Doesn’t have to be a super hot name…just a solid one that is a pocket passer. Glennon can learn behind him. Lovie needs to make Glennon the backup QB and have him earn a starting role. Do this from the start and give Glennon time to learn.

    Not a lot of options out there for QB. Matt Schuab maybe, since it would be a temperary role. I suspect we’ll see more trick play under Tedford than we did under Sully.

    I’m not a fan of Josh McCown being brought in. He’s as much a backup as Glennon is.

  49. MelancholyBucsFan Says:

    Hey Oil Derrick Brooks. I’d have to disagree with you a little bit regarding the strength of the NFC North during Lovie’s time.

    Yes, Detroit was god awful. However, GB produced two pretty decent Brett Farve led squads in ’04 (10-6) and ’07 (13-3, lost in NFC championship game).The ’04 Minnesota Vikings went 8-8, but Daunte Culpepper had his best year and they beat GB in play offs. In 2008, Minnesota went 10-6 and lost in the playoffs. Then from 2008 to 2012, Chicago had to deal with the Aaron Rodgers version of the GB packers (which one a superbowl during this time) and in 09 they were also competing against the Brett Farve led Minnesota Vikings that lost the NFC championship to the eventual superbowl winning Saints.

    I would say that that division was pretty competitive compared to most and Lovie one his fair share of NFC North titles

  50. Steve Says:

    Stick to obscure 1930’s baseball stats, Mad Dog.

  51. madmacskillz Says:

    Yeah! Let’s all jump on the Bash Lovie Bandwagon!

    Or let’s NOT. I think most fans want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I think a little excitement is a great thing. Is he a “safe” pick? Yes, but I don’t blame the Glazers for that – I think a lot of fans want a safe pick right now, and we want to believe that we can be a playoff team.

  52. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    You complainers are the same little bitches that think we can simply draft or sign a franchise QB just by wishing hard enough. There isn’t even ONE franchise QB in every draft, you drooling imbeciles. As if those guys are just hanging around waiting for the Bucs to call. There are less than 10 true franchise QB’s in the NFL, yet you little bitches think we can so easily get one. Ask the other 20+ teams in the league how easy it is to find a franchise QB. Same thing with a proven winner as a head coach. You people amaze me with your lack of understanding. Damn.

  53. Nick2 Says:

    Russo needs to bash in his own back yard. I can think of a “mediocre” Rex Ryan who has had way worse offensive production problems than Lovey Smith ever did. Ofcourse he gets a free pass. Why bash on Lovie Smith? If he had a dynamic offense or two during some of those years he probably wins a few Super Bowls. Rex Ryan in New York has barely come close.

  54. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don”t really care at this point. I’m happy that it’s done and we as a fan base are finally moving forward. I’d be happy to tread water right now with a 20 LB weight over my head. It has been nothing but backwards until now, so I have hope. Hope for brighter days and better things to come.

    If nothing else, Lovie will garner respect of Officials calling games and maybe they will finally get off our backs a little bit. I don’t remember Lovie having heavily penalized teams and if you took away the penalties alone in 2013′ the Bucs would have been 8-8 or better. This says a lot and little things add up to big things, and self discipline and forced discipline are totally different things.

    I think this ultimately lands on the players though. They have to want it more than they did. When Clayborn said he wants to work harder already for this new coach, that tells me he wasn’t giving it all before and that is unprofessional. Lovie took the Bears to a Super Bowl, something few if any available coaching candidates have done. And not as a position coach but a head coach, as a leader. I think Lovie will do just fine and right now we need to 110% have his back until he proves unworthy of our support like Schiano, but I don’t see that happening.

  55. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    And what exactly was his assessment during the New Shiano Order regime?

  56. Eric Says:

    No coach is perfect, and you can’t please everyone. Some folks give Bellichick grief for not winning a Super Bowl recently.

    I disagree that only our offense needs fixing. Our defense also needs fixing, they have been getting pushed around for several years with only occasional signs of life. I recall we lost a few games this year when they could not get the other teams last drive off the field. And we were shredded the last three games and humiliated twice by the Panthers – who play Dungy ball and won the Division.

    “Dungy clone” is a huge compliment and I hope he is. One of the best defensive runs in the history of this league. One Hall of Famer so far off those teams and more coming. Please be a clone Mr. Smith.

    I notice this guy didn’t mention who he would hire.

  57. lurker Says:

    u r a sad little boy in dallas

  58. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    “Bitches” – You are just adorable.

    You can call me a whiner. Just as I can call you a biter and living in the past and ignoring the reality of Lovie’s results.

    I consider myself a realist. Sorry. Sorta.

    …talk about lack of understanding. SMH.

    @Melancholy – And he couldn’t get it done against those teams.

    Now, he’s entering a division with Brees, and uptick Charlotte franchise, and an Atlanta team that won’t be down for long. So, you somehow expect different results? It happens, but, not as often as it doesn’t happen.

    ” Lovie one his fair share of NFC North titles”

    3 in 9 years. One in the last 6 years, to be specific. Maybe that is “his” fair share. But, I doubt people will be singing his praises if that continues.

  59. Eric Says:

    So what coaching candidate out there doesn’t have blemishes? If you get a guy with head coaching experience it means they were fired at some point, unless it was Cowher. Then people would say he has been out of the league too long.

    Mr. Oil who could they have hired that would make you happy?

    81-63 is an excellent won loss record, plus a Super Bowl appearance. Very good football for a long period of time.

  60. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Awww…are some of your widdle feewings hurt because you didn’t get the coaches you wanted? Do you need mommy to powder your bottom? Do you need a warm baba to make you feel better? Lol!

  61. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Aaaaand the whiners still can’t provide the name of a more successful proven head coach who is available for hire right now. Still waiting…

  62. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Enjoy the blinders. I live in the real world.

    Tell you what. We will talk after season 1, and then season 2.

    Talk is cheap right now.

    Also, people with no real facts start with the 7 year old insults. But, by all means, I think you are really cute. Just want to pinch your cheek.

  63. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    And no, Chuck Noll & Don Shula are not available for hire. And Joe Gibbs and Marty Schottenheimer are busy on the shuffleboard court.

  64. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Gibbs really lit it up in Washington that second time around. I doubt there were more available more successful coaches than him at the time either. At least Gibbs won a Super Bowl. 3, in fact.

    Lovie is the most available successful coach, who got fired after going to the playoffs once in the last 6 years, out there. Sounds like a slam dunk and not desperate at all.

  65. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    “Talk is cheap right now.”

    How ironic…coming from the guy who’s doing the most talking and offering more predictions than Nostradamus.

  66. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I have offered the past results. I’m not just hoping and praying it’s different this time.

    If you don’t think past results are more often than not indicative of future results, than I don’t know what to say to you.

    Sorry for interrupting the T2 circle jerk. I’m sure things will be totally different. Enjoy Tedford as well. He is certainly a proven NFL playcaller. Nothing could go wrong there.

  67. Patrickbucs Says:


    There is approximately $45k in season ticket holders from the last few years. Lets see how many more are added; I hope a bunch of Bucs fans do.

  68. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Bulletin board material!! Cluck the talking head who has never played a down of pee wee football in his life!

  69. K_bassuka Says:

    Who really listen to this clown? “Love is not the next Lombardi”, of course not, how many of those coaches are available? People that critizise Lovie Smith always fail to point out that even with an aged defense and not been able to develope a QB or offense he continued to win. He was fired after a 10-6 season how much better was his replacement, that great offensive mind managed only 3.4 more points per game while allowing 12.6 more points per game. Yeah great move Chicago…

    I bet Russo was one of those that thought the Schiano hiring was a good if not great move by the Bucs too. To Russo only white coaches can be great…

  70. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    FLBoyInDallas, show a little class, friend. Just as you have a right to your opinion, so do others.

    I do find it ironic though, since you’ll be one of the first to turn on Lovie if we start losing a few game’s. Just as you did every other coach.

  71. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:



  72. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Frankly, people have a right to be concerned. I would have preferred an offensive coach because I believe a defensive coach tends to be overly conservative. But, Lovie Smith is a good hire. His OC? I’m not thrilled about.

    The media is selling us a bill of goods. “Back to the future” and all that.

    Tony Dungy, who likes the Smith hire, said it best. Defense will get the Bucs to the playoffs, but if you want to win super bowls you have to score points.

    That is the very same concern we fans have.

    We share the same opinion as Tony Dungy.

  73. BirdDoggers Says:

    Joe, did “Mad Dog” give his assessment on the Schiano hire? I don’t recall. It would be interesting to know what he said, if anything.

  74. Hyperryd Says:

    And how many division title have we won in the last nine years?

  75. Hyperryd Says:

    And how many playoff games have we won in the last decade???

  76. FLBoyInDallas Says:


    Opinions and whining are not the same thing. I respect the first but have no patience for the second.

    And I didn’t turn on Schiano basically until the final 3 games when it was obvious he just couldn’t turn it around and had no answers whatsoever. I supported him for the first 29 games of his tenure and I will give Lovie at least that much support, same as I did with Schiano as well as Raheem.

  77. Buc'dUP Says:

    I could care less about what there saying about Lovie right now! The bottom line is wins! Will he make us superbowl contenders year after year? Seems to me all his friends think so. He did okay in Chicago, but no superbowl wins after nine years and only 3 playoff apperances. Why do people think he will do better here in Tampa than in he did in Chicago, because if he wants to stay in Tampa he better do better…alot better!!! So say what you will, this is a safe,popular pick but is this a pick to win SuperBowls? I dont’ think so!

  78. Chef Paul Says:

    Division Winners for coaches:

    Couphlin 3 in 9 years

    Sean Payton 2 in seven years

    Mike Smith 2 in 6 years

    Tomlin 2 in 7 years

    Marvin Lewis 3 in 9 years

    I don’t think any of us would mind any of these coaches.

    I’m not really gung hoe about Lovie but he deserves his chance. Unless you are Peyton Manning or Tom Bradee, you are not winning a division every stinkin year.

  79. Clowney Says:

    I was not overly impressed with the hire. I will with hold negative comments until he does some horrific act to destroy the team like Schiano or Ray Perkins. Otherwise, Lovie should enjoy the honeymoon. He’s paid his dues.

    On a side note, now that we’ve satisfied the Rooney rule, will some team be required to interview a woman coaching candidate. I like Erin Andrews as a Tight Ends coach.

  80. Nick H Says:

    People get paid to be controversial, no substance in his argument at all. Who IS going to be compared to Vince Lombardi? Please at least use something factual in your argument other than “Four years guaranteed? Boy!”

  81. pick6 Says:

    i’m hoping lovie makes “the coughlin leap” (maybe “the belichick leap”?) in his second job, learning enough from his first job to set the stage better with this one and elevate to being a championship coach. i think being in the division they were in with the defensive players they had (i count 4 potential HOFers on that roster), lovie’s bears wasted almost as much opportunity as dungy’s bucs did. if he’s the same coach he was in chicago, russo is dead on: he will bring back respectability but he won’t build a juggernaut.

  82. Hyperryd Says:

    Dungy couldn’t get past Philly in the playoffs with his first team and Lovie couldn’t get past Green Bay with his first team. Dungy did pretty good with his second HC job and everybody is calling Lovie a Dungy clone. I’ll hope the pattern continues.

  83. RealityCheck Says:

    Hey guys who won the NFC South this year? O yea that’s right it was the Carolina Panthers who are 18th in the league in scoring and 26th in yards per game. Wow! What a powerhouse of an offense. Having an insane defense and a middle of the road offense has been a winning combo for many Superbowl teams. I’d much rather watch Buc ball than these 50-51 games where the last team to hold the ball automatically wins.

  84. trubucfan22 Says:

    I felt the same way about lovie as he does.but when you sit nack and look at other coaching prospects, who is better than lovie?
    gary kubiak?
    Bill obrien?
    Josh mcdaniels?
    Mike zimmer?
    Jay gruden?
    Rob chudzinski?

    I didnt think so. Now a few of those guy can grow into being head coaches but none of them are going to come in and be an instant success. Its not like bill cowher or tony dungy are scrambling to get their resumes ready to be head coaches again. Lovie smith was the best hc available. If bill belichick was available id certainly take him but he wasnt.

  85. Camby Says:

    How is ‘Mad Dog’ influential? Maybe to Joe but I could care less what he thinks.

    It was a safe hire. They could have gone for the upside of a hot coordinator but the Glazers seem so reactionary, after hiring a former assistant (that nobody else wanted) didnt work, and then hiring the 5th best college coach in the Big East, now they want proven head coach. In that case, I think they at least got one of the best candidates out there (because Dungy and Cowher are not UN-retiring at this point)

    They will probably do this with GM also, and try and hire one with a spine that wont throw money at big names and keep this team as deep as a kiddie pool.

  86. Eric Says:

    Lovie is at least one of the top ten coaches in the league. Without question.

    Which is up from the consecutive 32nd best coaches weve had.

  87. Bucamania Says:

    Lovie is the perfect fit. Just a ratings ploy. Btw, mediocre > laughingstock.

  88. My Buc-O's Says:

    Chris is nothing more than a Talking Head that never played a sport in school like a Puss…

  89. BK Says:

    It takes a great coach and gm to bring a team to greatness. Lovie’s downfall was not about his coaching as much as it was the failure of the gm (jerry Angelo) who was also let go at the same time to bring in good players after the first and second round are over. These draft picks are where you find the Brady’s and Breese of the world. I think the bucs talent scouting has been good but not great under Dominick. At the end of the day, it’s a combination thing not just the hc or gm.

    I can tell by some of the commentary here that quite a few of you don’t quite understand the principles of making a great NFL team or it’s been too long since you have seen it cuz the last time it was here was Dungy and McKay.

  90. JonBuc Says:

    Lovie was indeed a safe pick and beats the hell out of a Gosh McDaniel type debacle. But it sure feels like going back to a decent, but more importantly FAMILIAR “girlfriend” than extending themselves a bit and going for the “knockout/hottie”. I think there’s a lot of merit to what the feathered haired one said in his bit…

  91. Brandon Says:

    I’m not a fan of that fool’s hairline.

    If Lovie finds the right QB, his offensive liability issue is over. Worked for Dungy with Manning, Belichick with Brady, Fox with Manning, Cowher with Big Ben, Rivera with Newton, and Mike Smith with Matt Ryan.

    Find the right QB…Bridgewater, Bortles, Hundley, Manziel, or Carr.. if they choose one of these guys…and he’s the right guy, look out.

  92. Jerry Says:

    So….who did he want?

  93. hckbucfan61 Says:

    Dead on tampamac dead on! Too many people get caught up in what the talking heads on BPSN are saying or what know it alls on radio are spewing! Too many factors play into a season!

  94. lurker Says:

    how is maddog wrong?

    as I posted in another thread:

    hopefully lovie learned some things while he took the money and lazed around. he did already hire an intriguing oc. maybe this time around he can improve on other things like game management. also, a big concern he he flat out sucked against winning teams: 19-38 against winning teams. horrible!

    interesting article here back on 12/06/12 when lovie’s team collapsed against the seachickens. it also compares lovie’s record to mike mccarthy’s with the packers.

    this is the concern and the mediocrity worry.

    that is not good…even bears’ fans say he could only beat creampuffs and his teams found ways to give games away.