Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

December 30th, 2013
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Even if Greg Schiano is jettisoned in the coming days, the future of the Bucs is pointed down.

Joe is typing this under duress so he apologizes up front; this weekly regular-season feature is a bit short to end the 2013 campaign (Joe is so ready for 2014 that he has caught himself several times typing that year).

The next few days will be anything but dull around these parts. That’s because what is being discussed in the inner sanctum of One Buc Palace is anything but boring.

At worst, there will be staff changes on the Bucs College of Coaches. Will those changes include Bucs commander Greg Schiano? The second-year Bucs coach did a lot of damage control when his team started 0-8 and winning does help. Then, the Bucs crashed and burned entering the home stretch. Schiano’s guy, rookie quarterback Mike Glennon, after a hot start, has looked – with brief flashes of talent – every bit the rookie third round draft pick he is.

Joe has seen enough of Glennon to know that, without much seasoning and coaching up, Glennon really is nothing more than a talented backup. Let’s put it this way: Would you trade a first round pick for Glennon? Short of dropping ‘shrooms, no you would not.

That sums it up right there.

Frankly, Joe does not envy Team Glazer right now. There is no move they can make that will not be painful. Oh, sure, launching Schiano is the easiest move. Look past that move, though. What are the consequences? This team, stocked with veterans, was built to win now.

Would veterans be around when a new coaching staff and a new philosophy kicks in, say, in 2015? A new coaching staff will want their players, not leftovers from the previous staff.

You think Darrelle Revis and Dashon Goldson and Vincent Jackson signed up for a rebuild? Under a potential new staff, will those three begin lobbying to get traded? And then you are right back to where you started two years ago, stinking out loud and – altogether now – losing.

There is a reason why teams such as the Raiders and Browns are rotten to the core. Replacing coaching staffs (if not front offices) every two years isn’t exactly the way to build a team.

On the other hand, is anyone confident Schiano can win next year? How much would a new offensive coordinator help? A new defensive coordinator? And who exactly would currently give up job security to come work for a lame duck coach? Let’s be honest, if Schiano survives the coming days (hours?), if he doesn’t win in 2014, he is gone. Simple as that.

Joe simply is not convinced Glennon can win. So then you go quarterback shopping. There isn’t anything out there, short of turnover machine Matt Cassel and coach killer bratty Jay Cutler, who at this point in his career is hurt as often as he is healthy.

Sure, Joe would love to see the Bucs draft Johnny Football, but Joe knows of no sober person who expects Johnny to lift the Bucs to the playoffs in his rookie year. That’s way, way, way too much to ask a rookie.

The Bucs are in a bad pinch. Painted into the corner. They are built to win now, but don’t have a quarterback. If they rebuild and unload veterans for draft picks, it’s back to square one and more losing is all but assured.

Perhaps the best medicine is to throw in the towel, admit your mistakes, gut the roster and staff, load up on draft picks, and pray five years from now the Bucs are not the laughing stock of the league like Oakland and Cleveland.

There is no easy out for Team Glazer. None.

NFL Thoughts

Stinking Panthers: The Dixie Chicks gave the Stinking Panthers a scare, but the Panthers prevailed and are headed to the playoffs with a No. 2 seed. Does anyone really think the Stinking Panthers would have made the playoffs if Jerry Richardson caved to public demand and axed Ron Rivera last season?

Bengals: All hail Andy Dalton. He upsets the defending Super Bowl champion Crows for his third playoff appearance in as many years. Joe wonders where Josh Freeman is Twittering topless selfies right now?

Colts: No surprise the Colts are AFC South champs. Did anyone really believe the Jags would win? Joe doesn’t think the Colts will last very long. Outside of Andrew Luck, the Colts’ better players are hurt or inconsistent.

Jets: Joe just couldn’t believe the Jets were going to fire Capt. Lou Albano, who may have done his best job of coaching yet. And what a choke job by the Dolphins. Win and they were in. Splat.

Vikings: Kinda hard to believe the Vikings will keep Leslie Frazier, and a bit difficult to believe the Vikings will keep their three quarterbacks, Christian Ponder, Matt Cassel and Josh Freeman, Joe would pick either Crown Royal or Samantha Steele. What a miserable lot that is.

Giants: Maybe the fault of the Giants isn’t just Eli Manning. Maybe that mumblemouth of a general manager in New York might want to get Manning some weapons. You know, like maybe a receiver, maybe a running back, maybe an offensive line? Not too much to ask, is there?

Steelers: What a freaking job Mike Tomlin did this year. The Steelers lost their first four games and came within a missed Kansas City field goal yesterday of making the playoffs. The Steelers offensive line was in shambles, yet the Steelers recast the line and in the final eight games, Ben Roethlisberger was sacked just eight times. If Bucs commander Greg Schiano is fired, then he only need look at how the Steelers were in such disarray but coaching found solutions and completely turned the season around. Strong coach of the year candidate.

Titans: People actually paid to watch the Titans and the Texans? Whew. That’s dedication. Here are two teams that are a total mess. The Bucs have more in common with the Texans than the Titans.

49ers: What a week for the 49ers, pulling out of their hat two wins to make the playoffs. Michael Crabtree means so much to Colin Kaepernick it isn’t funny.

Packers: Here is another team, like the Steelers, that overcame adversity with good coaching. The Packers lose their best defensive player (Shane Matthews) to injury, twice; lose arguably the NFL’s best quarterback for nearly two months, and the team, through strong coaching, found a way to overcome. They’re in the playoffs after beating their arch rival on the road to get there. Please look at the Packers as well, Mr. Schiano.

Patriots: No, Joe is not going to go revisionist history on pouting LeGarrette Blount. He didn’t want to be here; he was not a team player; he was a cancer. There is a reason why the Bucs could only get a seventh-round pick for him. Running back wasn’t the problem for the Bucs this season.

Broncos: So, who do you have in the pool to beat regular season icon Peyton Manning this January?

Chargers: Shame on you, San Diego. You nearly let Missouri Western University beat you with all the players the Chiefs were sitting. And still you needed overtime and a botched field goal to win. Shameful.

Seahawks: Joe doesn’t see anyone beating the Seahawks in that chamber of doom they play in this January. A Super Bowl for the Seahawks and their ugly jerseys will come.

Eagles: Joe went to be early last night as he was (and is) ravaged by a virus, and not only didn’t watch the Dallass-Philadelphia game last night, never planned to. It says a lot about Tony Romo when he is hurt yet he is such a profoundly good player (to hear Jerry Jones talk) that his backup Kyle Orton is more clutch in December than Romo.

Non-NFL Thoughts

1) Joe just cannot get into college basketball. Yet. As long as bowl games are being played, Joe nearly has to force himself to watch basketball. Just can’t do it. Yet. When conference play begins in a week and after the BCS title game, then Joe will slowly start working into a basketball routine.

2) Man, did Teddy Bridgewater put on a show Saturday night. Dude has it all. A gun, wheels when he needs them, can throw soft, can throw hard. Hope you enjoy Houston, Teddy.

3) One of the most outrageous and hilarious rumors Joe has heard is that Bridgewater, who still has a year of eligibility left, and has already obtained his bachelor’s degree, can use the NCAA loophole (aka Russell Wilson) and go play for Texas next year. Joe laughed for about 10 minutes when he heard that.

4) Alabama may get the short end of the stick when people mock the good residents of the state for being football-obsessed yahoos, but the only difference between Alabama citizens nuts for football and those in Texas is that Texas residents are sophisticated, oil-moneyed football yahoos.

5) Joe still believes FSUfan should be very worried about Texas. Very worried.

6) Why is Kevin Sumlin’s name keep popping up in NFL coaching rumors? There may not be a more overblown coach than Sumlin. Please explain to Joe what Sumlin has done other than ride the coattails of one of the greatest college quarterbacks to snap on a chin strap – a guy Sumlin tried to run off by the way? If Sumlin was worth half his image, couldn’t he at least come up with a defense that can stop a stiff fart? Joe’s not saying Sumlin is a bad coach, but George O’Leary coaches rings around this guy.

7) Speaking of rotten defenses, did anyone watch Michigan Saturday night? If Joe was a hardcore Michigan fan, he’d be squatted in a corner somewhere right now, with an empty bottle of Bacardi in hand, mumbling the Gettysburg Address to no one in particular.

8) UFC: Joe doesn’t get it. To Joe, this is human cockfighting with sweaty dudes rolling around on the floor in a lover’s clasp.

9) Joe was stuck at the Nashville airport Friday returning from the frozen Midwest when his flight to Tampa was delayed some two hours. The only bar within sight was Extortion USA, charging (robbing?) captive innocents $10 a beer. $10 a beer! Talk about a clipjoint! Who was running this place, the Teamsters?

10) A friend of Joe’s was in the finals of his survivor pool yesterday and many were telling him to pick Philly since it seemed a lock to beat Dallass yesterday. He kept repeating only “I don’t like it. I don’t like it.” Instead, he chose the Steelers. You imagine how much this guy’s testicles would have been sweating had he did pick Philly?

11) Joe hopes you liked this regular season Monday morning feature. Joe doubts he will continue it through the offseason, but if there is enough public demand, let Joe know and he will reconsider. Thanks for reading.

22 Responses to “Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow”

  1. Jacko101 Says:

    Thanks for posting the wrap-up. I hope to see a special post from you later saying After 2 seasons Greg Schiano had been FIRED. I doubt that happens though (a man can only dream).

  2. Patrick in VA Says:

    “Sure, Joe would love to see the Bucs draft Johnny Football, but Joe knows of no sober person who expects Johnny to lift the Bucs to the playoffs in his rookie year. That’s way, way, way too much to ask a rookie.”

    Yet, it’s demanded of the 3rd round rookie we’re starting that wasn’t even supposed to see the field this year. It would be too much to ask of Manziel, who you’d take in the first round, but Glennon’s inability to do it his rookie year makes him a capable backup at best if not a bust of a project? Come on man

  3. Paul Says:

    “LeGarrette Blount. He didn’t want to be here; he was not a team player; he was a cancer”

    I’ve never heard this report about him. He’s from the area and was always involved in off the field, local events. Not calling you a liar, but just interested in the original story is all.

  4. Chef Paul Says:

    YT&T is my favorite article you write. I eagerly wait for it every Monday morning. Especially your NFL thoughts. I always like, and almost always agree with your take on the other teams in the league. I would love it you kept writing it. But I understand that there wont be much to write about after today, and even less after February 3rd. If you found things to write about on a weekly basis during the off-season, my hats off to you. That would be no easy accomplishment.

    I also hope to read a certain headline today.

  5. Paul Says:

    Also, I remember teammates showing disgust when Muscle Hamster was appointed starter over Blount. I think it was Davin Joseph that was pining for Blount, saying that he brings a whole new dimension, and you can’t tackle him like regular backs. Teammates seemed to love him. It’s just news to me. I feel that Talib and Blount were gifts to Belichick for recommending Schiano for an NFL gig.

  6. Chef Paul Says:

    What the hell word did I write this time for my comment to be waiting moderation? There is not one negative word in my entire post

  7. Paul Says:

    He’s 3rd round pick but better than any QB in the 2013 draft

  8. blackmagic00 Says:

    I like these Monday morning articles Joe.

  9. P'cola Buc Says:

    Mr Schiano,
    I would like to thank you for what you tried to do in Tampa Bay for the Buccaneers. You are hard working not a slouch by any means. You have given it your all…..and for that you should be appreciated and commended. When you look in the mirror though, after a 4-12 season do you really feel that Tampa Bay is the best fit for you.
    Your previous dream job was being HC at Penn State. We all know how seldom this position is open for anyone. Honestly it must be difficult to see all those “Fire Schiano” signs out there driving in town. You gave it your best shot here…but it doesn’t seem to be working out here. The Penn State job is rarely open and they practically will give you the keys to the city. I respect and admire you for the man you are but giving up a HC position at PennState considering all this? You can hold your head up high still …. And sincerely Thank you,

    Signed P’cola Buc

  10. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    1. Jimbo is not going anywhere this year. The team is stocked for another run.

    2. So your response to watching world class fighters is similar to a 12 year old?

    3. Speaking of lover’s clasps, I hope you aren’t too shook up when Dominick is canned.

  11. MelancholyBucsFan Says:

    Reasons Bucs went 4-12 and who is responsible:

    1. Poor QB play: Dominik’s first pick flamed out. The organization should have realized after the 2011 season that Freeman didn’t have what it takes to be a NFL QB.

    2. Poor O-Line play: Dominik has ignored this position group in every single one of his drafts. Last O-lineman drafted was Xavier Fulton. Thus causing him to over-pay existing (Penn, Joseph) and free agent (Nicks) linemen. Also, causing him to sign guys who weren’t good enough to play for other teams (Larsen, Meredith) to be depth. I understand that this seemed to be a talented group indicating high picks should be used else where. However, there should be at least 1 player that is earmarked as Penn or Joseph’s future replacement as they are getting long in the tooth. Horrible bad luck in injuries to Nicks and Joseph that could cause them never again to play at the level they once did coupled with poor long term planning results in a team’s strength instantly becoming its weakness. This will take multiple years to fix.

    3) Lack of pass rush: Dominik was fooled by Bowers’ and Price’s upside and used high picks on players with extremely low floors (Price is out of football for pete’s sake!). He also tried to force the issue and let Bennett go in free agency so that Bowers would see the field. Well Bowers’ failed to meet those expectations and it cost the Bucs big time.

    4) MRSA: Its hard to place blame on any one for this; however, managing the team facilities and making sure they are safe for players falls under the general manager not the head coach.

    5). Lack of play-makers on offense: Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams, and Doug Williams are good players. However, Vincent Jackson was signed because Dominik whiffed on Regus Benn and really didn’t spend many draft picks on this position group. Also, free agents are always stop-gaps regardless of their talent level because you only get that players’ services for 1/2 of their careers (at best). Just line the o-line, where is V-Jax’s future replacement?

    This team has been really bad for 5 years under two different head coaches. Mark Dominik has been here for all 5 years and failed miserably to add talent in the first 3. I don’t care who the head coach is, this team cannot win with this roster. It is a bottom third roster and the win-loss record reflects that. I don’t know if Schiano is a good head coach or not. Do you think Andy Reid, Bill Belichick, etc. would win with these players? No, they wouldn’t. I think the Glazers have given Dominik a lot of leeway because he was given a very difficult task in 2009. But this team should be much further along from a talent perspective. I’m not saying that he should have drafter 10 pro-bowlers but there should at least be more players from his drafts that could be considered great depth players. It is time to make a whole-sale change. Fire Dominik, bring in an experienced NFL personnel man, and let him decide who will play for this team and who will coach those players.

  12. boob Says:

    I have been a fan of the UFC since its inception in the early 90’s. It’s a great sport that’s filled with top notch athletes. No disrespect to you Joe but do you make the same homoerotic comparisons to high school or collegiate wrestling. So you are watching the UFC and your first thought is how gay it all looks??? You must be beside yourself during the center to qb exchange. Is cockfighting being used as a metaphor for something much moreaullied

  13. Brandon Says:

    Pretty sure the Packers best player isn’t former Florida QB, Shane Matthews.

    Bridgewater is worth trading up for. He is can’t miss. This season’s 1st and 2nd, next year’s 1st and 3rd could do the trick.

  14. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Melancholy gets it! Good post.

  15. SteveK Says:

    Keep on preaching Melancholy, bravo.

    The truth hurts.

  16. pewterpirate99 Says:

    “And then you’re right back where you started two years ago, stinking out loud and- altogether now- losing.” HAHAHAHA!!! Just curious, when exactly was this team winning ?? This team hasn’t smelled the playoffs since Jon was fired, but yet they can’t blow this thing up and start over because then they’ll regress and blah blah blah……..CHILD PLEASE!!! I don’t care how much so call talent is on this team, they are 4-12!!!!!!! It starts with the Glazers. They’re the ones that chose the last two ass clown coaches of this team, and they’re also the ones who chose Dummynik. Dummynik was the one that pushed for the mental midget know as Freeman and is also the one who signed Michael Clayton to a long term contract, he’s the one who signed Derek Ward, he’s the one who drafted the entire 2009 draft which non of them are still on the team, including a 1st round pick on a so call franchise QB. He has done some descent things, but not enough to keep his job…..he’s been more wrong than he’s been right. Let’s also remember the great picks that are Bowers and Clayborn. I’m sooooo glad that they kept Bowers over Bennett just to prove to that was right. How did that work out for you Marky Mark ?

  17. SteveK Says:


  18. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Schiano hasn’t been a good fit here since day 1. And he hasn’t changed the culture here. There was a losing culture here when he was hired, and there is still a losing culture here today. Glazers need to bring in some experienced NFL executives and coaches that know what a Championship NFL team looks like

  19. JonYuc Says:

    Greggy < Ron Rivera by a mile…let's not pretend it's a fair comparison and that The Bucs will rise up anytime soon with Greggy. As much as I dislike Cam…he's good and getting better. Drafting well and having a franchise QB is why Riverboat Ron looks much improved.

  20. MelancholyBucsFan Says:

    Other shining examples of Mark Dominik’s incompetence:

    1) Quote from Mark during the 2012 press conference regarding the frenzy of the 24 hour start to free agency: “…Am I going to get MY guy Eric [Wright]?” and “We targeted Eric Wright the previous year”. Mark knew that he couldn’t be perceived as a smart GM for signing Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks. Those were two of the best players at their respective positions in the NFL. However, Eric Wright was in the second tier of free agent defensive backs. That year the BIG money spent on CBs went to Brandon Carr (cowboys) and Cortland Finnegan (Rams). I really believe that Mark felt he had made a great move by signing Wright and thought he got a player better than Finnegan and Carr for less money. Well, look how that turned out? All Wright did was take Adderral, drive drunk (allegedly), nurse a bad back, and blow coverage assignments. These are the type of signings that separate the good personnel men from the bad ones. Anybody can sign the number 1 guard and a top ten WR in football. Great GMs sign less costly free agents who can supplement their teams. Also, why did Mark Dominik have to take a risk on a player like Wright with a known history of off-field issues? Why did Mark Dominik trade a 1st round pick and pay 16 milly a year for Revis? Why did Mark Dominik make Goldson one of the highest paid safeties in the NFL? The answer, once again this is another position group he ignored in the draft in this 1st 3 years as GM. The highest pick spent on a DB prior to Mark Barron was 3rd rounder Myron Lewis. Maybe he avoided that position group because he felt they were stacked already with Ronde Barber (he should be able to play for 10 more years right?), Tanard Jackson (does synthetic marijuana show up on drug tests?), and Aqib Talib (anger management classes will do the trick!).

    2) During that same press conference Mark Dominik said that these free agent signings were part of the long term plan. He had forecast that 2012 could be a unique year in terms of the type of free agents available (which he was correct about) that they could potentially add to the young core of players they had already drafted. What young core?!?! Mark Barron, Lavonte David, and Doug Martin had not been drafted yet. Who exactly was he referring to? Bowers? Freeman? Price? Maybe he was referring to Cody Grimm.

  21. Creepy Kevin Says:

    We’ve been just awful for a long time. People feel sorry for me becuase I wear a Buc’s cap but I’ll keep wearing it. I’ve been in this since 78 (I think). Anyways it’s time to clean house, fire everybody inclusing the front office, all the coaches and most of the players and start over. It can’t get any worse and who knows, we may get a Dungy miricle.

  22. BuccoBill Says:

    Joe, I for one love this feature. I would love to see it stay through the off-season. I don’t know what you’d write about but I’m sure you’ll knock it out of the park either way.