With The Seventh Pick In The NFL Draft …

December 15th, 2013

The draft-position jockeying for Week 15 is over for the Bucs. If the season ended today, the Bucs would have the seventh overall pick.

Thanks for winning, Vikings and Bills!

The Bucs are tied with Altanta, Cleveland, Oakland and Jacksonville at 4-10, but the Bucs have the toughest strength of schedule, so the Bucs would lose all tiebreakers. Houston and Washington are battling for the dubious No. 1 pick, though Washington traded their pick away to help land Robert Griffin, III.

If the Bucs pick 7th, Joe’s darn confident a quality quarterback prospect will be sitting their for the taking.

101 Responses to “With The Seventh Pick In The NFL Draft …”

  1. PRBucFan Says:

    Sure as hell wouldn’t be the man child manziel.

  2. Hrvoje Says:

    Yeah, only Johhny Manziel won’t be good at NFL level.

  3. BucFanForever Says:

    Redskins, that is something that must be the most horrible thing in the world. Having a shot at #1 or #2 draft pick and then not even owning that pick. How do they get up in the morning?

  4. Theodore Says:

    When you’re as rich as Dan Snyder, you hire someone else to wake up for you.

  5. Bone Dr Says:

    Im confused, if the Bucs have the toughest strength of schedule, wouldn’t they win the tie breakers?

  6. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Again, Johnny Boy not only finished behind Famous Jameis and AJ McCarron, but also FCS QB Jordan Lynch in the Heisman votes this time, Joe. Those losses to LSU and Mizzou were pretty bad too. Who knows how good he’ll be at the next level, but if he’s playing behind the Bucs O-line he won’t last long with his size and running style.

  7. Couch Fan Says:


    It wont matter, if Manziel were drafted by us. Joe would be convinced forever more that he’s a franchise QB, no matter how bad he plays.

  8. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @Couch – Who knows, it could be Johnny Boy’s party-like lifestyle that gets him booted. He’s not even 21 yet and he’s had so many incidents. If/when he’s in the NFL next season, he’ll be 21 and a walking DUI waiting to happen lol.

  9. Adam L. Says:

    Wait For Winston

  10. BucsFanInChina Says:

    UCF allegiance aside, if Blake Bortles declares I would be ecstatic if the Bucs traded back and snagged him. Kid is nothing but clutch.

  11. WalkdaPlank Says:

    hmm…guess that was a little too much Johnny Boy criticism..lol

  12. realtalkfaulk Says:

    Glennon will not be replaced right away. That’s just how it goes whether you like him or not. He will be given a chance. That being said I want to see the Bucs draft Sammy Watkins or at the least Eric Ebron or Jace Amaro I’m hearing these 2 are freakish tight ends. But with the development of Wright the tight ends might be held off on. So give me Watkins or Marquise Lee. Gamebreaking receiver. Then Glennon can fall on his face and the Bucs can get Winston.

  13. Theodore Says:

    @Bone Dr – Think about it. If you have the same sucky record as another team but your schedule was easier, than you must suck more; therefore, you get the higher pick.

  14. bucfan999 Says:

    Joe was telling us all offseason how good Josh Freeman was and how great he was looking in training camp. I don’t think Joe would know a good QB if it bit him on his A*S!

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Franchise QB???? How is that working out for Washington?….give up 3 1st round picks for one.

    Joe is yanking our chain with Johnny…..he knows that isn’t going to happen….

  16. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Joe wanting the Bucs to Draft Johnny Football is his ” covert ” way of saying fire the pop-star.

  17. Gus Says:

    ……. part of me actually wants Jonny football. The way Glennon played, I want a playmaker at qb. Glennon is not that.

  18. chris Says:


    Yes to Blake Bortles. Watch more of him. He is a stud.

  19. Bone Dr Says:

    Theodore— I get what your saying but according to the story, the Bucs have the toughest strength of schedule which would therefore mean they had the hardest schedule of the suckiest teams, meaning there more deserving of the higher pick because they’ve played the harder schedule. Right?!?!

  20. Buc1987 Says:


  21. lurker Says:

    sorry bonedr. that is incorrect. strength of schedule means weaker schedule picks before tougher schedule.

    derek carr.

  22. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Since draft position is a consolation prize for losers….the tougher schedule means our losses and our record (even though it is the same) is not as bad as theirs (against worse teams)….therefore they get the better pick.
    It is the exact revers when it comes to playoff positions….

  23. Snook Says:

    All of the teams except 2 (Rams and Falcons) need a QB. How will one be there at #7????

  24. WalkdaPlank Says:

    It won’t matter who is playing at QB, as long as our O-line continues this kind of play whoever it is won’t have much of a chance. Draft an O-lineman or two, pick one up in FA. Give Glennon a chance when he actually has a decent running game and time to throw. We’ve seen how good he can be when his offensive line is actually blocking. I’m not a Glennonite and I hate throwing out excuses, but even Peyton Manning would have trouble with this offense. If the Bucs upgrade their O-line this offseason, and they get Doug Martin and Mike Williams back from injury, and Glennon still plays like this, by all means draft Mariota or Winston.

  25. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Snook

    Bridgewater, Carr,McCarron, Manziel, Boyd, Hundley, St. Louis, Atlanta

    At least two of those will be there when we pick….that is why we should trade the pick to someone who needs one of them….then go for Mettenberger or Murray or another later in the draft.

  26. Deminion Says:

    Sammy Watkins the O needs playmakers at WR

  27. PhantomVash808 Says:

    I really want the picks to trade down and pick up another draft pick. Than maybe we can get two first round pick ups like the year we got Barron and Martin. With that being said I don’t want us picking up a QB in the first round.

  28. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I’d love it if the Bucs picked up Murray, but even I think it is a risk with his ACL injury. Not sure Dom wants to take such a risk considering how his other ACL candidates have turned out. A complete wasted 2nd round pick on Da’Quan Bowers, and while Darrelle Revis hasn’t played horribly he obviously isn’t 100% and still needs to prove his worth considering we gave up a 1st and 3rd round pick for him along with a fat contract.

  29. NavyBuc Says:

    He Bucs need to take a look at the Broncos and try and emulate them. I understand they have Peyton, but they are he highest scoring offense in league history because of their wide receivers. Everyone of them are studs. The play of those three have completely elevated the rest of the offense. Knowshon came in the league he same year as Freeman and up until last year he was labeled a huge bust. Their TE Thiomas was a nobody until his year. Get another explosive playmaker to pair up with Jackson and Williams, have a three headed monster in Martin, James and Rainey and lets roll with our new stud TE and see what Glennon can do with a healthy offense to see what he can really do. For the cupboard being bare right now and being a rookie he hasn’t been bad. Give him every tool he needs, and I think the offense could explode.

  30. Clowney Says:

    I think the Little General will greatly improve our draft position as a good bye present to the fans.

    After selecting Clowney, draft some OL and pick up Murray in the 4th round.

    Of course, the Rockstar will have to be replaced because he doesn’t believe in drafting OL early. He likes to pick 5’9″ running backs.

    One of those NFL draft gurus thought the Bucs would pick DJ Fluker in the 1st last year. That guy turned out to be a stud for the Chargers and we traded the pick. Oh well.

  31. Beeric Says:

    It would make sense to poach an OC from the Panthers, Seattle, or San Fran, as the new head coach and draft Manziel…

  32. Paul Says:

    Should change this site to JohnnyFootballFan. Johnny “Football” is going to suck in the pros.

  33. BucFanIn Arkansas Says:

    Bone Dr: tougher strength of schedule = lower draft position.

    This of it this way: If you and I have the same record, but YOUR schedule was weaker and MINE was stronger, that means that YOU couldn’t beat lousy teams so YOU pick before ME, because I got beat by better teams, which means I was probably better overall. The best team (Super Bowl champ) picks last.

  34. Waterboy Says:

    Get out of here with all of that Johnny Manziel campaigning!! That dancing around in the backfield and just chucking it down the field won’t fly in the big league. He’s not a speedster, he’s not that big, doesn’t have a cannon arm and doesn’t have great pocket presence.

  35. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Not a good week for franchise QBs……here are the losers.
    P. Manning, E. Manning, Drew Brees, RG3/replaced, Tony Romo, Tom Brady & either Joe Flaco or Matthew Stafford (Mon)

    Just saying…I don’t see a QB in this draft that guarantees an improvement over Glennon….and he will get better with more experence.
    Lets get him some help.

  36. Bucky23 Says:

    Jimmy Garapollo from EIU anyone?????

  37. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    P. Manning, E. Manning, Drew Brees, RG3/replaced, Tony Romo, Tom Brady & either Joe Flaco or Matthew Stafford (Mon)

    Franchise QBs that lost this week….I don’t trust any of the QBs in this draft to be any better than Glennon next year & Glennon will get better with experience.
    Lets get him some help & another OC….

  38. oldfart44 Says:

    TE? Why? They don’t really use one. I don’t consider Wright(?) a TE. He’s a left over WR that they have to stick in there.

    Like every other team in the league, there are many holes to fill, and the draft is a crap shoot.

    What management may have to look at is maybe getting rid of some of these expensive FAs who are not earning their money; the one that comes into mind is Goldson.

  39. Architek Says:

    Does it really matter who’s drafted with this pathetic, atrocious, and demonstrous offense.

    Dammit – I am sick of the excuses and I notice Schiano distancing himself from Sullivan but it’s all still losing football.

    Draft anyone in this stupid elementary offense and it won’t matter because the play calling stinks to hell. Bastards ruin my Sunday every week.

  40. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Davin Joseph should be the first to go. Penn still has some left in the tank.

  41. Buc1987 Says:

    Donald Penn is FREAKING garbage now. Look again.

  42. Mr. Patrick Says:

    You can draft any college QB you like or bring in whoever will be the top Free Agent and they will not look good in this horrible Offensive play system. And why was Tony Dungy fired?

  43. That Guy Says:

    Forget the draft. Hire a real coach.

  44. BucFan 20 Says:

    What? All the Elite QBs’ lost today? Big Ben just threw a DUCK! None of this is possible! Ask any of our experts. And all these teams have weapons.

  45. lurker Says:


    go to the eagles board to talk about the great game against the formidable vikings. chip the dip is revolutionizing the league, huh.

  46. Buc1987 Says:

    Architek…your right. Unfortunately I’ve been bitching about Sully since week 1. This is not the exact same vanilla offense that we all complained about in pre-season, it worse than that. Sully is not some offensive wizard or guru and I don’t think his phone will be ringing in the offseason. What did he say? “The offense takes 2 years to learn it”. Learn what? There is NOTHING complex about it. Sully is and HAS been a major problem since week 1. Maybe it took Sully 2 years to learn it as QB coach for the Giants.

    Who was That Guy that wanted Sully to replace Schiano a couple of months ago? Give me a break.

    @Mr. Patrick….Dungy was fired because us fans and the team got tired of going to the playoffs and losing because our team had NO offense.
    Then they hired Gruden who added 12 “new” offensive players in the offseason and a new playbook to carry the team the rest of the way.

  47. Bobby Says:

    Yes, Glennon needs help around him. Our running game netted what….30 yards today?? Still we put up 14 and pulled to within 6 in the 4th quarter. Glennon is doing all of this with no running game, lousy play calling, a rookie TE and a WR that gets double covered all day. What do you expect from this kid?
    A playmaker…..with what??!? I’m amazed he’s making as many plays as he has. Pick up Evans or Watkins, shore up the O-line, get Mike Williams back healthy and then see what he does with Doug Martin, V-Jax, Williams, Watkins and Wright. I’ll bet you he’s able to get rid of the ball a LOT quicker.

  48. Mr. Patrick Says:

    My point exactly

  49. Rob Says:

    Manziel nay be an a hole but he us also a playmaker at the most important position. Every time number 7 for the niners made a drive saving or game saving miraculous play I compared Our qb one Napoleon I mean Glennon. No comparison folks. One team gas it’s franchise qb, ours doesn’t. I like Glennon as a quality backup plan B, not qb one. Get real people, Manziel would make more plays with his arm and feet than Glennon. Would also sell tickets and bake the Bucs relevant . Do the math . Bucs are drafting Johnny football . Get used to it. Go Bucs!

  50. WalkdaPlank Says:

    It would be nice to see Mike Evans as the slot receiver on this team. Wonder if he’ll fall to the 2nd round. But again, gotta go at the source. Without better O-line play, any QB, WR, or TE we draft in the 1st round will struggle regardless.

  51. lurker Says:

    so some of you know that the qb’s in this draft won’t be better than the giraffe. lol, and yet you know the giraffe will get better. lmao.

  52. Mr. Patrick Says:

    The last time the Bucs had an offensive minded head coach they won a Championship

  53. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @Rob – Manziel wouldn’t last opening day behind the Bucs O-line. He won’t run nearly as much as he does in college because he’ll be going up against an NFL front 7, and with his size he’ll get hurt worse than RGlll. Jake Matthews is the better pick. Beef up the O-line, give Glennon another year. Worst-case scenario is that Glennon pulls a Josh Freeman and the Bucs get to draft Famous Jameis or Marcus Mariota that year’s draft.

  54. BucFan 20 Says:

    @ Bobby
    They expct to draft a QB from college. Make major changes to the OL. Add some weapons and if it works say “I told you we needed to draft a QB.” And if it backfires? Well you know that answer.

  55. lurker Says:

    mariota is not good, just like oregon.

  56. That Guy Says:

    “I like watching that Mike Glennon. Mama say his play is like watching a game of DUCK, DUCK, SACK, SACK, GOOSE!”

    -Bobby Boucher, Card Carrying Member of the Mike Glennon Mob/Special Olympics Foundation

  57. joseph mamma Says:

    Dominik and Schiano will win a Superbowl, right about the same time that the crew of “Finding Bigfoot” actually finds bigfoot.

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    Worst-case scenario is that Glennon pulls a Josh Freeman and the Bucs get to draft Famous Jameis or Marcus Mariota that year’s draft.”

    WalkDaPlank…ya know I was talking with a few fans in my section today and we all seem to agree with everything you just said. It’s like you were in on the conversation. Hey were you in section 150? Just kidding. Draft O-line keep Glennon in there with more weapons and Schiano as coach. If they both fail. Draft Winston in 2015. I mean even if you have to trade the farm in 2015. Draft Winston. If the Bucs draft Winston they will practically own my credit card for the next 10 years. The place will will be sold out for a decade. Think about Bryan and Joel. Think about it.

  59. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Sorry Buc87, lol, haven’t been to the Ray Jay since I moved to Tejas. Maybe if the team was actually winning I would take the time and money to go out there, or if they played Dallas or Houston this year. But sadly no….

  60. Buc1987 Says:

    Next years draft is where the Bucs should draft their QB and the QB should be Famous Jameis. If they are not high enough. Make it so.

    Famous Jameis is the Lebron James of football. He could have skipped college ball altogether. Some dude ( not a Noles fan) in my section said Winston is the best college QB he has seen since Manning played college ball. I won’t say all that because he has ONLY had ONE season. I might be agreeing with him by next season though.

    Draft Winston 2015.

  61. That Guy Says:

    Shameless Jameis is more like Kobe, nomsayin’?

  62. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @That Guy – I’ll take Kobe, he’s got more rings than Lebron soooo…..

  63. Rob Says:

    Taking the best o lineman or Clowney with our first pick wouldn’t be a bad decision and then try and move up into the later first round for Manziel or Bortles. Either qb makes plays and will spark our pathetic offense. I’m tired of mediocrity and I don’t care about injuries. Good teams overcome injuries. Being “in games” isn’t enough unless you are ok with being a perennial cellar dweller. We are freaking 4-10, will finish with a 4-12 record most likely and you think our coach deserves another year. Screw that! Coach knew Freeman sucked and should have traded him prior to the season or benched him for terrible performance. We were out coached in most of our losses last year and this year. We need a proven coach like Andy Reid and an imaginative play caller. Our offense is last or near last in nearly every category. No mulligan for Schiano or Sully. Go Bucs!

  64. Buc1987 Says:

    Winston is BETTER than ANY QB coming out in this years draft HANDS DOWN!

  65. Eric Says:

    That Bigfoot joke was hilarious.

  66. Buc1987 Says:

    Rob…Freeman was Dom’s guy, not Schiano’s.

  67. Pyrda Says:

    I bet if we had maziel playing today he would have found a way to win

  68. jo mama Says:

    RG3 sucks this year. Last he was a toss up for number 1 can’t miss QB.

    there are no guarantees in the nfl, like glennon over any qb in this draft. Give him another year and build around him.

  69. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Lol, I think it’s safe to say whichever draft class Winston comes out of he will be the best QB. However, I’d still like to see him against a really good team. The ACC is weak compared to the SEC, I mean look at who they played in the ACC Championship (Duke). I’ll give Johnny Boy one thing, he’s got a tough schedule. Had to play Alabama, LSU, and Missouri this year. LSU’s not as good as they were a couple seasons ago but they are better than Duke. And I gotta say, this year’s national championship is not going to be fun to watch. Auburn is the luckiest football team in the world right now. Should’ve never made it past Georgia, shoulda never made it past Bama, shoulda never made it to the SEC Championship, and should NOT be playing in that National Championship. Winston will light that team up, that’ll be all the entertainment in that game.

  70. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Again, the only thing that kept Freeman afloat was his season in 2010. Almost everybody (including the current Glennonites) thought he was the answer. It was a fluke, unfortunately.

  71. Eric Says:

    I’m beginning to think playing a season of good football and snatching a wildcard spot is totally impossible.

  72. Jerry Says:

    To be completely honest, I dont see the playmaking franchise QB in this draft that people want. I see some guys that may be NFL efficient with a good tram around them. But I dont see a Cam Newton or a Andrew Luck in this draft. I really dont know if any of them are going to put up better numbers than Glennon is.

    Also if Schiano is fired, don’t count on the Glazers to automatically find someone better. They almost NEVER get who they target. Dungy was like the 2nd or 3rd choice. Gruden was a second choice. Schiano was a 2nd choice. Raheem was an internal hire so I dont count him.

    The Glazers seem to also take a long time to make their decisions and all the best assistants are picked over. It’ll take them 3 weeks to hire a head coach.

  73. lurker Says:

    wlakdaplank, u a sore bama fan?

  74. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @lurker, nah im a sore dawg fan, lol. I’m glad Bama lost, but not happy that Auburn got lucky again.

  75. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Wonder if Mack Brown is interested in an NFL head coaching job? haha Kidding of course.

  76. Rob Says:

    Buc1987, exactly why he should not have began the season with Freeman as qb. The right move would have been to trade him before the season ir start Glennon to send a message that his bs lateness and laziness would not be tolerated. I like Bapoleon as a backup, not as a franchise playmaker.

  77. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @Rob – Before this season, Freeman had a good reputation as a guy with a high work ethic and determination despite how good or bad he played. Not trying to defend the guy, but those are facts. The laziness and tardiness just started this season. It was obvious him and Schiano were not a good mix, if that was something that had to do with it. He played himself out of a job, but got kicked off the team for his off-field issues.

  78. Buc1987 Says:

    Rob…do you think Dom had any say so in Freeman starting the 2013 season? I do. Even if Schiano wanted him gone. I don’t think Dom (Schiano’s boss) would have allowed it. Dom said when they picked up VJax…that “it’s all about number 5 now”. Dom was in LOVE with Josh. Schiano on the other hand…meh not so much.

  79. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @Buc1987 – Huh, I always thought ‘ol Joshy was Rah’s guy. I mean, in Rah’s first year as head coach he was the one that wanted to trade up to get him, right? Because Raheem had worked with Freeman before at Kansas State as some sort of defensive coach Freeman’s freshman year, I thought those two had more of a connection.

  80. Buc1987 Says:

    All that being said though Dom picked up Freeman and Schiano. Maybe the REAL problem here IS Dom?

  81. Buc1987 Says:

    WalkDaPlank…yes Josh was Rah’s guy, but Dom is still tied to Freeman. He did give the okay to draft him and pulled the trigger to get him. So since Raheem the Dream ( MY nickname for him) was not around anymore, Josh was Dom’s responsibility, paycheck included. I don’t think if Schiano had came to Dom after ONLY being in the NFL for 1 season as a HC and told Dom : hey I don’t like Josh, we need to trade him. I just don’t think Dom would even listen to him on that matter. I think Josh had more pull with Dom than Schiano had pull with Dom. That’s my point, there ya go. That’s what I’m getting at.

  82. WalkdaPlank Says:


  83. WalkdaPlank Says:

    But also, I’m not too sure how people would have looked at Schiano had Freeman been ousted before the 2013 season. He had just come off a so-so season in 2012 where he threw for 4,000 yards and such and such. He was in his contract year and (again) prior to the 2013 season did not have any issues with work ethic or *ahem* missing team photos and meetings.

    If Schiano had come in and replaced Freeman with a 3rd round rookie without letting Freeman prove himself, he might’ve gotten major backlash from the Freemanites and the national media as being a tyrant that throws people he doesn’t like off the team. He didn’t have enough justification to defrock Freeman at that point in time, and once Freeman stunk it up at the beginning of the season he had his justification. Just my two cents.

  84. Joe Says:

    @Buc1987 – Huh, I always thought ‘ol Joshy was Rah’s guy. I mean, in Rah’s first year as head coach he was the one that wanted to trade up to get him, right? Because Raheem had worked with Freeman before at Kansas State as some sort of defensive coach Freeman’s freshman year, I thought those two had more of a connection.

    Rah pushed for Freeman big time, but at the end of the day, it was Dominik who pulled the trigger on the draft pick.

  85. Joe Says:

    Dungy was like the 2nd or 3rd choice

    Thinking third. Didn’t they go after Tuna Parcells and Jimmy Johnson first?

    Dungy was like the 2nd or 3rd choice.

    Not sure. Rich McKay wanted to hire Marvin Lewis and Team Glazer shot that down right away. He was never interviewed. Then they went after Mooch in San Francisco and he passed. Then they went after Chucky. Not sure if there were any other candidates before Chucky.

  86. Joe Says:

    Auburn is the luckiest football team in the world right now. Should’ve never made it past Georgia, shoulda never made it past Bama, shoulda never made it to the SEC Championship, and should NOT be playing in that National Championship. Winston will light that team up, that’ll be all the entertainment in that game.

    Gotta feeling Auburn is a charmed team.

  87. Joe Says:

    Famous Jameis is the Lebron James of football. He could have skipped college ball altogether. Some dude ( not a Noles fan) in my section said Winston is the best college QB he has seen since Manning played college ball.

    Andrew Luck was pretty damned solid. But he can’t run like Winston.

    Winston is one of those once-in-a-generation quarterbacks. Not sure Joe has ever seen a complete package like this guy.

  88. WalkdaPlank Says:

    And Peyton never even won a Heisman, or made it to a National Championship during his years at Tennessee. Though he was still good.

  89. Rob Says:

    I think Schiano knew right away that Josh wasn’t all that. Never accurate, did not learn from mistakes, easy to rattle, big time arm with brutal lack of accuracy, played worst games in 2012 when we were in the playoff hunt. Glennon good but cannot move and “ad lib” like Kapernuck, Bree’s, Newton, Ryan etc etc. We need a playmaker at qb. I know drafting early is risky but this suck fest of a season gets us a shot at one of the top three qb’s in this years draft. At least give Glennon someone to push him and what if Glennon gets hurt? We need to draft a potential franchise while we suck, at least record wise. Defense is better but offense putrid and 10 plus loss season equals another regime change

  90. Jerry Says:

    Winston better keep his hands off the ladies and stay away from bars if he knows what’s good for him. One more allegation and he may piss away countless millions of dollars.

  91. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I have serious doubts that Glennon will ever be a franchise QB. However, like many have said, there’s absolutely no way we draft a QB in the first round as long as Schiano is our coach. You can kiss that idea goodbye. He has a man crush on him that rivals the one I have for Lavonte David.

    And for those that say Johnny Football won’t be a good pro, I’m not so sure about that. He will need to make some modifications to his game, as well as bulk up, but he’s a special player that can do it. Whether or not he really wants to would be my biggest concern, but that guy can be a great pro. And I hate to tell you this, but the NFL is copying the offense from college, so he doesn’t even necessarily have to learn a pro offense like before. But again, Schiano is more likely to draft me than Johnny Football.

    As for Winston, he’s an absolute phenom, but even thinking about the draft in 2015 is absolutely ludicrous. And I’m not going to beat around the bush, there’s a HUGE character concern for this kid. I love watching him play and I even love listening to him be interviewed, but I’d be at minimum concerned about his transgressions off the field.

  92. P'cola Buc Says:

    If we don’t get a QB this year in the draft anyone remotely wanting a QB will take Winston…..If we finish next year with a mediocre record there will be no chance of getting him. Everyone will try to trade up to get him as well…. I say draft a QB this year, the one on the board with the most potential…I feel we need to solidify this position as soon as we can.

  93. Joe Says:


    Good point about Winston. Say what you will about Johnny Football, but what has been his greatest sin, oversleeping and being hungover for the Manning Camp?

    Comparatively, small potatoes.

  94. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    It does go to show that people will excuse just about anything for a guy that can win a championship. I admit, I’m the same way, even though I try not to be. If the Florida QB would have been in the same situation as Winston, the fans would have boycotted the team until he was kicked off – citing moral standards. Fact of the matter is, Winston could rape women at halftime, and most people wouldn’t care as long as he’s helping their team win.

  95. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Johnny Football is a young kid with fame, money, and talent. Call me crazy, but nothing of what he’s done surprises me in the least. Pretty much every kid that I’ve known that has family money and some popularity has done Johnny Football things. People are naive to believe that football players don’t party, and party hard. Even the great ones. Even the ones that most people believe are saints. Most people would be amazed if they knew what these guys did off the field. Of course I’m not speaking for all players, but a huge percentage. As long as they’re not killing, raping, or hurting people, I’m okay with it. It’s none of my business.

  96. Patrick Says:

    Johnny Football has a lot of potential; Josh Freeman had zero. And we wasted what…..5 seasons with him? If Manziel blows, we can go back to Glennon.

  97. Ricky Bobby Says:

    Strange… strength of schedule I saw had us listed as having weaker strength of schedule than the Jags and Falcons. Just saying… That would put us at the number 5 pick… not 7. Fact check, Joe!

    Joe’s factoring in remaining teams on the Bucs’ schedule, as well.–Joe

  98. PRBucFan Says:

    Panthers 0.543 138 116
    Saints 0.539 137 117
    Rams 0.539 137 117
    Lions 0.539 138 118
    Ravens 0.535 137 119
    Packers 0.533 136 119
    Cardinals 0.520 131 121
    49ers 0.520 132 122
    Dolphins 0.520 133 123
    Seahawks 0.516 130 122
    Vikings 0.516 132 124
    Jaguars 0.508 129 125
    Bengals 0.508 130 126
    Patriots 0.508 130 126
    Falcons 0.504 128 126
    Bears 0.502 128 127
    Buccaneers 0.500 127 127

    Those are the teams with a higher SOS from what was able to I find that actually if correct would put us at a higher pick.

  99. PRBucFan Says:

    Actually this one is from December 16th

    1 Carolina Panthers 0.543 138-116-2 7
    T-2 Detroit Lions 0.539 138-118-0 10
    New Orleans Saints 0.539 137-117-2 6
    St. Louis Rams 0.539 137-117-2 8
    5 Baltimore Ravens 0.535 137-119-0 8
    6 Green Bay Packers 0.533 136-119-1 10
    T-7 Arizona Cardinals 0.520 131-121-4 7
    Miami Dolphins 0.520 133-123-0 6
    San Francisco 49ers 0.520 132-122-2 7
    T-10 Minnesota Vikings 0.516 132-124-0 9
    Seattle Seahawks 0.516 130-122-4 7
    T-12 Cincinnati Bengals 0.508 130-126-0 7
    Jacksonville Jaguars 0.508 129-125-2 7
    New England Patriots 0.508 130-126-0 5
    15 Atlanta Falcons 0.504 128-126-0 5
    16 Chicago Bears 0.502 128-127-1 8
    17 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0.500 127-127-2 5

  100. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    No, No, No to Johny “spoiled rotten” Football. Not a Buc man and will be a NFL bust!

  101. Patrick D Says:

    We need to draft Sammy Watkins he is a gamebreaker for sure. He will transorm this offense and give us JUlio Jones effect. We already past up Adrian Peterson, Desean Jackson, Patrick Willis, and Tyler Eifert. Should go on?