Where Did The Needle Move On Schiano?

December 16th, 2013

The infamous “Black Monday,” when multiple NFL head coaches and their staffs are fired, is just 14 days away.

With no public blessing for 2014 from Team Glazer, Greg Schiano remains on a seat that could be yanked from under hiim. That’s just a reality for any second-year coach of a 4-10 team in that situation.

Schiano’s defense got clobbered yesterday. They allowed 187 yards rushing. They couldn’t contain Colin Kaepernick. They didn’t force a turnover. They tackled poorly. They gave up big plays. They were punished early — long before they were worn out from living on the field.

That’s not a soothing day for the backers of the defensive head coach, the architect of the Bucs defense.

The Bucs offense? Well, the statistic tearing up local sports radio this morning reveals the Bucs averaged about one yard per drive for their double-digit possessions that weren’t in the hurry-up offense.

Now that should never happen, even with a rookie quarterback and Skye Dawson on the field, especially at home. 

The Bucs’ special teams? They weren’t special yesterday.

It was a bad day for Schiano, if you believe his 2014 return is up in the air. But Joe doesn’t think the Bucs’ performance yesterday hurt Schiano much, if at all.

The bigger measuring stick likely comes Sunday in St. Louis, against an inconsistent team with a second-rate quarterback. If the Bucs don’t look competitive in all three phases, then there’s a big problem. What excuse would they have?


Of course, a win would be nice, other than just competing well all around the field. In fact, a win would give Schiano five wins for the second half of this season. That would be an extraordinary accomplishment, one worthy of another year.

36 Responses to “Where Did The Needle Move On Schiano?”

  1. That Guy Says:

    When five wins is an “extraordinary accomplishment,” you know how low the bar has been set for a supremely awful coach.

  2. BIG SIR Says:

    What a joke. 5 wins worthy of another year. You sir, have settled for mediocrity. Shameful.

    Luckily, the Bucs will get hammered these next two games and then you will no longer say he deserves to stay. I know, controversial takes make for good internet traffic but what you are saying is just dumb. DUMB.

    4-12 here we come!!!!

    Dear Big Sir, please explain to Joe why a 5-3 second half of the season against a tough schedule, with major injuries on offense and a rookie QB tossed into the fire, is not worthy of playing out again in 2014. You type as if there’s a magical head coaching candidate out there. (P.S. your second post was deleted for lies about Joe. You don’t get to make up stuff around here. –Joe

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    We got whipped yesterday. The def scheme has issues and the offense just can’t get going.

    MRSA is no excuse.
    Injuries give him a little cushion.

    We have too much talent for only 4 wins. That tells me scheme and\or coaching.

    Schiano is a dead man walking with 4 wins…and should be with 5 as well.

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    I thought our defense played quite well considering they were on the field for 40 minutes of a 60 minute game. It was the breakdowns on 3’rd and long that Kaepernick was just magical on, extending plays, scrambling and being downright awesome. The Bucs’ defense isn’t the problem here. I would like to see Dominick make a play for Eli Manning. He is an awesome QB that may have served his useful life expectancy in New York, New Jersey, whatever. Not to mention but will anyway, the 49’rs committed numerous holding penalties that were overlooked, but still Kaepernick was money and beat us yesterday.

  5. BigMacAttack Says:

    And no way Schiano gets fired. The Glazers will definitely give him one more season at the helm. Besides they don’t want to pay out his contracct for the next 3 years. We are stuck with the guy and hopefully he will get the ship righted. Not so sure about Sulli though and Eli could make this offense rock and roll…………… if he could get a block. Our offensive line is beat and battered and they suck. Alldrug Smith completely owned Donald Penn yesterday.

  6. Chef Paul Says:

    I just cant seem to make up my mind about the direction I want this team to go in. There are so many positives right now. At the same time, there are so many negatives too. Fire Schiano? Fire Dom? Keep them and change coordinators? I’ve decided that since I’m too stupid to have an opinion, I’ll just accept whatever they decide with open arms, as long as SOMEONE gets fired.

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    Right On Chef Paul! Great Post!

  8. bigpoppabuc Says:

    I give up figuring it out… I can’t tell if it’s underperforming talent, or just bad coaching. Or both. Then you look at the niners and wonder if it’s just their outstanding talent or great coaching. Coaching doesn’t make those amazing third down conversion along the sideline on a broken play.
    Schiano may not be what I thought he was, but hell, maybe these players aren’t who we thought they were.
    I just don’t know anymore. All I know is I’m so freakin sick of losing.

  9. Biff Barker Says:

    Talent? On offense?

  10. Eric Says:

    it’s extraordinary alright.

    I guess if you totally suck when near mediocrity arrives its like a glass of water in the Sahara.

    But, he is not going anywhere. I hope were not going to engage in another year of the willing suspension of disbelief. Enough already.

    If I am the Glazer boys I’m telling Greg and the rock – if were not in the playoffs don’t even show up for the state of the bucs meeting in 2014.

  11. buc4lyfe Says:

    I love the way people keep tying greg schiano’s fate to 2 or 3 games…actually im lying cuz its annoying. First after an embarrassing 0-8 start he was done then 3 wins in a row was enough to please media and some unintelligent buc fans now it’s down to the two last games……what ever happened to his overall record? People saying the team they have isnt very good, thats no excuse because it wasnt an excuse to first raheem morris and not that he was doing a good job but schiano has a better quarterback, a better o line with demar dotson playing better ball, he got carl nicks and so what if he isnt on the field how many games did raheem have gerald mccoy to anchor his defensive line….dominick and the glazers wouldnt spend a dime for that coach and schiano should be fired. forget the record, if i was an owner the performance on the field has to match the amount of money i spent in free agency….how could you have a open checkbook in the offseason and not have higher expectations. all the money they wasted on freeman when they could have unloaded him in the offseason, eric wright fiasco and yes it’s his fault because he was getting players he wanted, him or dominick or both. if it happens under your regime you own it like raheem, was he able to get away with the excuse that glazers wouldn’t give him talent NO so what excuse could there be for schiano coming back when he’s given a high priced roster and the biggest coaching staff in the league

  12. Bucs fan from VA Says:

    I say fire Schiano and hire Lovie Smith. If you can’t hire him how about former Jags coach Jack Del Rio. I’m not sure I want another college coach but Bill O’Brien doing a good job at Penn State and he’s a former Bill Belichick assistant.

  13. buc4lyfe Says:

    carolina panthers have virtually the same roster they had last year with the exception of two defensive tackles. same running backs, same recievers, same quarterback…why are they playoff bound and we cant get 5 wins? there are far less talented rosters than ours with better records, see st. louis rams who are coming to town, if they want to narrow it down to the last couple games fine schiano has to show the needle is pointing up, i didnt see that yesterday….forget what you saw, im tired of not being surprised by us losing the way we did….want to keep your job beat the saints, if you cant go .500 in your own division then why do we need another season of this

  14. buc4lyfe Says:

    @Bucs fan from VA

    Im with you for the simple fact that there are too many good coaches we could hire…i’d rather start over with a coach that you can put clear cut expectations on instead of having a coach going into his 3rd year and still having question marks about him and players on the team, there are too many teams who’ve made immediate turnarounds from coaching changes. i think we’ve seen schiano’s ceiling maybe he’ll be better the second time around atleast i thought that about raheem morris i dont know if i could say that about schiano

  15. Fritz50 Says:

    “Besides they don’t want to pay out his contracct for the next 3 years.”

    Bull-pucky, they paid Chucky more for 3 years, to be a broadcaster, than they would Schiano. History says you’re full of it. Their broadcast money is enough, they really don’t seem to care about something a small as an extra salary for a defunct head coach. Now, that’s not to say I’m enamored with their last 2 choices for head coach.

  16. Bill Says:

    IMHO We have talent on defense, only VJ on offense these other

    teams are better with more overall talent Thanks

  17. dee Says:

    We are going to get creamed by the rams sunday, mark it down we will be out coached.

  18. Brandon Says:

    We have too much talent to continually play this horribly. Everybody has excuses for failure. Schiano HAS to go.

    Magical coaching candidate? Lovie Smith.

    Can’t turn around a talented team in 2 seasons? This season’s magical candidate turned around the Chiefs in one offseason.

  19. Sean P Says:

    I am tired of hearing the media say that we just need to be “competitive” over the last few games for Shiano to come back. I want the expectations to be for this team to win, not just be competitive. The attitude they had this past week of “let’s keep it close into the fourth quarter” is the attitude of a losing team that doesn’t believe it is good enough.

  20. mike n Says:

    5 wins is worthy of another year?
    Why are you giving him a pass on going 0-8 to start the year?
    He needs to go. Yes guys are playing very hard… which may indicate a good coach would be 11-5 not 5-11.
    This team has tons of talent and prime years were wasted this year.
    Yes mrsa hurt and freeman was a cancer that thankfuly schiano removed.
    He got a free win to end the year last year and he may get one this year if the saints have nothing to play for. This is a big week this week.
    Hopefuly the glazers saw how lost the staff is yesterday.

  21. chickster Says:

    this team is stuck with this coach and don’t expect much next year either we will be at the bottom half of the league glazers will not keeping paying coaches to sit at home and the fans will suffer yet again mark my words

  22. Bucfan#37 Says:

    No matter what happens all the Buc fans will be anxious for another go round come 5 or 6 months down the road. The game at the Rams wil obviously be another tough road to hoe. Jeff Fisher (sp) is a good coach, the Bucs always struggled against the Titans when he coached there.

  23. Ed Says:

    What a joke this head coach has been, besides his record on the field and all of the junk and bad media he has been involved in off the field. All the player he has cut and ‘didn’t give his approval for resigning,and then complains about lack of talent. Name another N.F.L team that would try a kick off fake,or what ever that was, against gunners.

  24. chickster Says:

    Bu I do agree I hope the owners make a statement either way I also need a new team because this is going nowhere and don’t think I can go threw it and I gave my tickets away

  25. Mr. Patrick Says:

    We’ll see if the Glazers think that their team striving to rise to the level of mediocrity is totally acceptable and desirable to them

  26. BIG SIR Says:

    Dear Big Sir, please explain to Joe why a 5-3 second half of the season against a tough schedule, with major injuries on offense and a rookie QB tossed into the fire, is not worthy of playing out again in 2014. You type as if there’s a magical head coaching candidate out there. (P.S. your second post was deleted for lies about Joe. You don’t get to make up stuff around here. –Joe

    Dear Joe,

    Your request is quite simple to oblige. 0-8. Enough said. Yet, I will elaborate further. Last ranked passing offense and total offense. Two fewer wins than the previous season. We regressed after adding more talent. Constantly outcoached.

    P.S. If my second post was so inflammatory then why do you post an article everytime Shaun King speaks about the Bucs? Yea, that’s what I thought. It’s ok if someone doesn’t agree with you Joe. Taking your ball and going home (blocking my opinion based post) is bush league.

  27. Mr. Patrick Says:

    When Bucs were healthy they were 0-3

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    “if schiano’s coming back hopefully they announce it immediately so it gives me time to find another team to root for” -Buc4lyfe

    And this guy is supposed to be taken as a REAL fan? Yeah read every word he types, because it has such meaningfulness to it.

    Maybe go with jag4lyfe or pick a really good team and be niner4lyfe.

    That is until the Niners are no longer good anymore. Then maybe you can bounce to another good team to root for, for life.

  29. Sambizle Says:

    I don’t want him here either but I don’t think they will get rid of him either. That’s why I haven’t renewed my tickets for the 4th year in row, yet.

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    chickster not that you matter all that much as a troll, but I’ll bite.

    What tickets did you give away?

  31. Sambizle Says:

    The D didn’t play well, sorry, Big Mac.

    This coach is supposed to be a smash mouth football-coach and the teams that play smash-mouth, i.e., Cam Newton his crew, Jets D-line. Seattle (we played alright), we lost to. That to me is just more proof this Coach is at his “very best” a mediocre NFL coach…and really still a mediocre college coach.


  32. oldfart44 Says:

    Merry Xmas from Oregon! The wife and I are on our way to Arizona to help you Muricans reduce your deficit. Also, if anybody down there wants presentations on universal health care I am available for free. 🙂

    Getting back to the wonder from Rutgers.

    He will want McNulty as his OC because he can control him. If you want to see what kind of coach he is, look at the bang up job he did with Arizona’s QBs. He did not help Freeman, nor does it look like he’s helping Glennon much.\

    In addition, though I can’t prove it, I think he meddles in everything including that fucked up reverse yesterday that he’s blaming on Page. By the way, I notice on coach closeups that he is always on the kid. He does not have the guts to rag on his starters, especially the walking personal foul, Goldson.

    On a final note, let’s say that, god forbid, they rehire him, and he wants new coordinators, do you really think qualified people would want to work for him? Would you like to lose your control to an idiot that does not know his ass from a hole in the ground?

    I have never left any doubt that I despise him personally, and more so his unprofessional conduct as a supposed coach.

    A lot of people are dumping on Sullivan, but I think he has too much class and honour to make excuses. How in hell do you go from 9th I the league in total offense with a QB that Schiano made obvious he did not want, to a QB who has the team 30th in the NFL.

    Schiano is even worse than Morris was, and he has much more talent to work with.

  33. oldfart44 Says:

    What does comment awaiting moderation mean? Did I do something wrong? Bad language? Poor grammar?

  34. BucsFan68 Says:

    Going from 7-9 to potentially 5-11 or 4-12 is not an accomplishment. Rah coached a team with less talent and more injuries to a 10-6 record. 4-12 got Rah fired. It should get Schi fired as well. He was given more talent to work with. The highest priced FA Rah got was a punter. The overall record needs to be looked at, not just the 2nd half of the season.

  35. Bobby Says:

    OldFart44…so…you’re still saying we’d be better off with Freeman?? And I’m supposed to give you credibility…why???

  36. Awaiting moderation Says:

    You might as well fire Shiano @ this point they can’t do any worse.
    The problem is who are they gonna get?