What Kind Of Season Is Vincent Jackson Having?

December 6th, 2013

Vincent Jackson dropped his share of passes this season, fumbled a couple of times and hasn’t looked like the same superstar player he was last season (minus getting caught from behind).

But Jackson also is racking up impressive numbers, despite the loss of Mike Williams’ presence, a green rookie quarterback, a sleepy, leaky quarterback, and other factors.

With 61 catches for 963 yards, Jackson is on pace for a career high in receptions (81) and his fifth thousand-yard season. Seemingly gone are coverages, at times, rolled to Mike Williams. Gone are division foes still learning Jackson’s abilities and role within the New Schiano Order offense.

Every week Jackson is a marked man, no matter what Skye Dawson, Tiquan Underwood and Chris Owusu have to say about it.

Joe’s been critical of Jackson at times this season. Drops are drops, whether you’re blocking icon Michael Clayton or a Pro Bowler. Nearly all are inexcusable, and Jackson had his share. And it’s possible he’s lost a third of a step, and he looks just a little less dangerous overall.

But Joe’s been thinking more about Jackson and watching more tape in the wake of Jackson’s hamstring injury that could keep him out of Sunday’s Bucs-Bills game. Jackson’s a damn fine player and perhaps Joe’s been holding Jackson to too high of a standard. The guy’s got a ton on his shoulders and hasn’t wilted, all while being a leader of the offense.

Jackson’s one of several Bucs veterans scheduled to earn massive non-guaranteed cash — $10 million — next season. While Joe thinks some of the other big-money veterans, especially on the offensive line, are playing for their Bucs careers in these last four games. Jackson shouldn’t be worried. He’s got to be a cornerstone of the offense here next season, regardless of the regime in place.

12 Responses to “What Kind Of Season Is Vincent Jackson Having?”

  1. Ryan CO Says:

    What do you think of Mike Evans to complement Jackson Joe?

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    VJax is just fine….It’s not like we have a strong #2,#3,TE and a Rookie QB…just imagine him with Wes Welker & Jimmy Graham…& MW19 healthy with Brees throwing to him….
    What kind of numbers would he have?
    We need to add a WR & TE to this team next year.

  3. Dark Mominix Says:

    Sammy Watkins

  4. bucsfan13 Says:

    hey joe! I guess it takes 11 striaght losses to get fired in the nfl!

  5. arealbucsfan Says:

    I say we take sammy watkins with our first. He’ll be a hell of slot reciever.

  6. Clowney Says:

    I believe VJ needs an eye exam. He almost always tries to catch the ball against his body. This causes a lot of dropped balls.

    He’s probably too vain to consider eyeglasses.

  7. deminion Says:

    draft sammy watkins.. what the point of waiting we have no new threats on O imagine it we have needed a slot guy for awhile VJ mike will watkins wright and doug marting very impressive

  8. Walter Says:

    Jackson is having a fine season, especially considering all the b.s. that’s been going on around the team, the injuries, the double teams, the rookie QB throwing him the ball, the underachieving O-Line, the lack of a rushing attack, etc.

  9. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    I agree unreservedly.

  10. Adam L. Says:

    This is the goofiest franchise of all time. We have “elite players” having “record seasons” and no freakin’ wins.

  11. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Jackson is having a very good season, considering all that has gone on this year. He’s had a lot of drops, but he’s also played inside (which he’s never done before), so the ball comes out at different angles and velocity than what he’s probably used to. As of late, he hasn’t dropped too many, so that seems to back up that theory. I don’t believe for one second he’s lost a step at all. He was never known as a burner, yet he is every bit the vertical threat he has ever been. He has been double and triple teamed all season long, yet he still has great numbers. He’s a legit #1 WR – something that we’ve almost never had in Tampa.

  12. Alan Bucs Says:

    Agreed Hawaiian Buc. I don’t understand why people suddenly expect Vincent Jackson to run a 4.3 40 yd Dash when his has never done that. He is big physical and athletic guy who can win a lot of jump balls and use his body to win matchups. Very similar to Marques Colston. We Just need to add a guy like Percy Harvin or Desean Jackson to make teams truly respect the pass. I also like Josh Huff from Oregon. Has good speed and gets open in the slot.