“What Everybody’s Looking For”

December 18th, 2013

David’s status highlights the urgency at One Buc

Joe was intrigued by what former Jets linebackers coach and front office man Pat Kirwan, of CBS Sports and SiriusXM NFL Radio, had to see about Lavonte David.

Yes, David’s a great player. But Kirwan explained that David is “what everybody’s looking for in the modern game.”


 “Because he’s a hybrid player. He’s got safety skills. He was a safety for a while. He doesn’t have to ever come off the field. More importantly, he can line up on slot receivers,” Kirwan said via CBSSports.com. “The guy has six sacks already, so you see he’s a pressure player. He’s’ got five picks, 125 tackles. He is really what everybody wants right now. And he’s a terrific football player.”

Obviously, David was great last season, and his next steps this season were about maintaining consistency (check), improving his numbers (check) and leadership (apparently).

Joe knows attitudes change on a dime in the NFL, but Joe suspects “everybody,” as Kirwan said, was looking for a guy like David when rockstar general manager Mark Dominik drafted him last year with the 58th overall pick. Kudos to the Bucs front office for not being scared away by David’s small size.

David surely will be awarded with a Pro Bowl nod in the coming days, and he’s in the running for defensive player of the year. But that further highlights the urgency at One Buc Palace.

You can’t have undeniably elite young  superstars like David, Gerald McCoy and Darrelle Revis on your defense and not be dominant, and not let them win games for you in the playoffs. The Bucs can’t waste their immense talent next season.

24 Responses to ““What Everybody’s Looking For””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Our defense will absolutely improve next year with the emergence of Gholston & Banks with Revis’ at 100%….I think we are probably 2 players short of a great defense. One FA defensive end and drafting a player like Khalil Mack..should do the trick.

  2. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    ^Totally agree. The problem is our offense is about 6 players short of being good enough to contend for a playoff spot, and that’s not including the question of whether or not Glennon is the answer at QB. Can Dominik & Schiano improve the offense as much as it obviously needs to be in a single offseason? That’s the question.

  3. Rob Says:

    The fact that the Bucs have so much talent with laughable results is why we need a head coach change. 4 wins in year two is regressing, not improving. The only stat that matters is wins. Nice guy but not effective as an NFL head coach. No mulligan for a piss poor record . Go Bucs!

  4. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    P.S. Most of those players needed are offensive linemen and a dangerous third receiver, as well as a tight end.

  5. Architek Says:

    Yes but if those great players are on the field for 40 minutes due to an inept offense they will suffer let downs as well.

    No doubt the Bucs will add a DE in FA and in the draft but honestly until they decide what type of offense they want to be it’s all for nothing.

    First things first, get a new HC and decide on the direction of the team. Next decide if Glennon is the future – draft a potential upgrade for him and other positions of need, including OLine.

  6. Laughing Stock II Says:

    With two games to go I wish for the problems to be exposed.

    Hopefully the players have an outstanding game but we get out-coached and loose the game. This is the only justice to bring balance and the fans get rewarded for their support. Let the viruses be exposed. We need to clean-up the necessary coaching staff. There is too much talent to justify a 4 -10 record. We have the largest coaching staff in the NFL.

    “What the hell is going on here?”

    When the game plan becomes more important than winning the game ~ “Houston we have a problem!”

    “We Play To Win The Game!”

    Can you imaging how Glennon felt after the coaches not allowing him to take over the game with what was working “the no-huddle offense?” This was the opportunity lost by our coaching staff.

    “We Play To Win The Game!” LOL

  7. bucfanjeff Says:

    ^^All 3 of you are correct.

    Sammy Watkins, VJax, Williams, Wright??? Wow.

  8. Cannon Says:

    This article sums up my biggest fear about our team. The great talent is there, but it seems to be wasted for a myriad of reasons. I just hope we get to capitalize on the talent someday.

  9. Keith Says:

    Schiano is our best option for 2014. Just the way it is

  10. Bill Says:

    IMHO We have 1 very good player on offense, 5 on defense

    we don’t have a lot of talent right now. Thanks

  11. McBuc Says:

    “You can’t have undeniably elite young superstars like David, Gerald McCoy and Darrelle Revis on your defense and not be dominant, and not let them win games for you in the playoffs. The Bucs can’t waste their immense talent next season.”

    Well, that is what you get with a Shiano run team. As long as he is here we will not be a winning team, regardless of players. Unless he somehow changes his bull headed ways. I have not been this negative about the Bucs since the early 90’s. I have actually turned a couple games off, which I have not done since about 1990.

  12. BucNasty!!! Says:

    The head coach of the jaguars has his team playing better then ours…I guess that’s y Schiano is our best option for 2014 right??? Yea he’s our best option if we’re taking for Jemeis Winston

  13. Laughing Stock II Says:

    If you ever wonder if coaching can hide or underexpose talent the last game should be proof.

    Which scenario last Sunday did you preferred “no-huddle offense” with 2 TDs or whatever the offensive game plan was the rest of the game?

    I think this coaching staff is unable to draw game plans to use our players to the best of their abilities. Glennon was like Jackal and Hide. How can that be so obvious? In 2 drives he is like Tom Brady and then he becomes “2013 Freeman?”

    We need more coaches to coach our coaches!

    “You Play to Win The Game!” lol

  14. Mike J Says:

    BucNasty!!!, living in J-ville, I have noticed that too.

  15. GBG Says:

    Shout-out to Carl Pelini!!!

  16. Brandon Says:

    Yeah, the Jags have almost ZERO talent on either side of the ball and they have the same record, and are currently playing better than our more highly sought after, higher paid Bucs.

    This is a roster that is ready for an Andy Reid to come in and make it achieve. Yes, the Chiefs got Reid this year, but there is still Lovie Smith, a few more guys (Cowher and others) and perhaps a surprise name or two at the end of the season. This roster, except for the QB position, is ready to win now. With one DE added during free agency (Michael Johnson, Greg Hardy) or draft (Clowney, Barr, Mack), this D is ready to be top 5 with the right guy running it.

    It’s time to admit our mistake, cut our losses, and move on.

  17. Brandon Says:

    Forgot what I was going to write… Pro Bowl? You mean the game that everybody complains about who is and isn’t on the team but nobody actually watches the game? Who cares? Trent Dilfer made a Pro Bowl with the Bucs… Randall McDaniel did, Tony Mayberry… Derrick Brooks made the Pro Bowl then was cut and got no offers after his last season. The Pro Bowl is pointless and meaningless.

    All-Pro, Now, that’s what David belongs on. First team All-Pro. Name another 4-3 LB having a better season from any perspective. There may be a few that have a few more tackles, but sacks and INTs he is the best.

    This defense should boast 2 first team All-Pro selections in David and McCoy. Revis may get on the second or third team, perhaps Goldson, but McCoy and David should be deadlocked into the first team.

  18. Rob Says:

    A legit edge rusher and the defense can be top 10 easily.

    As for the offense, they may be 6 players away, but they’re getting a few of those six back in theory… they can’t plug every hole, so guys like Williams, Nicks, and Martin are going to have to be part of the fix. Every one of those guys can do it if they get healthy and stay that way.

  19. SKelly Says:

    Agree with Rob and a few others. Get Nicks, Martin, Williams back. vJax and wright are legit players. Stocker & Crabtree are probably serviceable and 2&3 TE’s. We are super deep at RB. What are we missing. Consitency from the QB for sure…. Slot WR and/or Deep Play Threat (WATKINS anyone????) and better line play. Everyone is under contract. PENN sure looks like he could be upgraded, the big question is, how much better does he get by having NICKS play next to him again???? If he can be decent next year, I’d love to see us draft Clowney (not likely) Barr (maybe) or Watkins (he will be there.)

  20. McBuc Says:

    The defense will not be top ten until they stop the stunts and become consistant tacklers. The INTs have given an illusiion to this defense. They suck on third downs, which does not help make them a top 10 defense. They have stars at each level of the defense, if they are not top ten you have too point at coaching…Too many stunts and piss poor tackling coupled with penalties and blown coverage, this defense is not that good. It rests on the shoulders of Shiano, he sucks.

  21. chickster Says:

    anybody here that thinks the bucs will be good next year are just out of there minds this will get a lot worse fairy tales

  22. chickster Says:

    The talent here has wasted and joe a jack asss too

  23. Fritz50 Says:

    “Schiano is our best option for 2014. Just the way it is”
    “The talent here has wasted and joe a jack asss too”

    So, this is what the site has come to ? Sure seems like a good time to take a break…see ya next year.

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    Maybe next Year. Been saying that $h!t for about 10 years now. Pretty much sick of it.