Trust Is Key For Team Glazer

December 31st, 2013

Occasionally, Joe likes to try and think like a Glazer. Usually, those thoughts involve afternoon yacht excursions with Miami’s finest brown-skinned women; Joe shows these ladies a special time and boasts of his billion–dollar sports empire.

But when Joe comes back to reality within his Glazer fantasy, Joe thinks about how the Buccaneers owners will make their next move.

When it comes to choosing a general manager or head coach, Joe’s confident trust will be paramount.

Joe would be surprised if Team Glazer ended their current search with both a coach and a GM who were completely foreign to the organization.

Former Bucs GM Rich McKay was in place when Team Glazer bought the Bucs. He had long-standing family ties to the organization and Team Glazer leaned on him for their coaching search and personnel moves. After Chucky was hired, he won a Super Bowl and they trusted him enough to bring in his pal Bruce Allen to replace McKay. When Allen and Gruden were fired, Team Glazer turned to Raheem Morris and Mark Dominik, guys who had about 20 years of combined loyalty to the Bucs. Team Glazer stuck with Dominik and let him hire little-known Greg Schiano.

The pattern would suggest guys like Jerry Angelo, Rich McKay and Tim Ruskell (the former Seahawks GM), who all worked for the Bucs for many years, would have a leg up on the Bucs’ GM job because they’ve earned Team Glazer’s trust.

One could make the same argument for head coach with Lovie Smith, the former Bucs assistant coach who already has Tony Dungy’s endorsement and likely Jerry Angelo’s. As Joe has written a few times, Joe’s not on the Smith bandwagon. But he could become a favorite, especially if Team Glazer struggles to find a general manager that suits them.

Joe doesn’t envision a 2014 head coach being hired before a GM. That’s usually a bad idea. But wacky things happen when teams are competing for candidates. The clock is ticking.

39 Responses to “Trust Is Key For Team Glazer”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think Joe is spot on with this article….I am certain it was difficult for the Glazers to part with Dominick & they will go with who they know…at least at GM. They probably feel they absolutely must get this decision right.
    These guys aren’t Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder or Al Davis types….they are delegators and because of that trust is paramount.

  2. JonBuc Says:

    With all due respect to all of the aforementioned names with Buc ties, I hope they don’t ” default” to them…including Lovie. It’s been over a decade since SB glory, and many fans-me included, have been whimisical for the glory days. It’s time for a totally fresh approach..with the lone exception of bringing in DB 55 in a front office capacity perhaps.

  3. joseph mamma Says:

    I think we are the only team in the league who fired our General Manager right?

  4. Nate_tweetz Says:

    10 moves that I think needs to be done to rebuild this team into a winner:

    1. Hire an Offensive minded HC. (Ken Whisenhunt is my 1st choice).

    2. Hire a GM with experience drafting talent throughout all 7 rounds and with a winning team record. Get a GM that will not be afraid to make bold moves and consider moving some of our overpaid free agents that Dominick brought in that are not paying off.

    3. I would consider moving Revis for a late 1st round pick or at least a 2nd & 4th round draft pick. I’m sorry. Revis is good, but not a million bucks a game good. I would move him and his hefty contract. Plus, we need more draft picks.

    4. Goldson should be watching his back too. If I were the new Bucs GM I would be thinking about moving Goldson for more draft picks. Goldson and Barron are the same player except Barron is younger and cheaper. They need another safety opposite of Barron that can cover the deep ball. Right now the Bucs have 2 safeties that play like linebackers.

    5. Cut Nicks. Free up more cap space.

    6. Cut Joseph. Free up more cap space.

    7. With all the free cap space I would throw big money at DEs Greg Hardy and Brian Orakpo. Pry them from Carolina and Washington. I rather spend money on 2 proven stud DE’s than secondary guys. Could you imagine that D-line!!!

    8. After letting go of Goldson, get a coverage safety like Jarius Byrd. Totally different set of skills than Barron.

    9. Hopefully a GM can accumulate some draft picks and address QB, WR, OT/OG, and a DB.

    10. Then a good GM will fill in other positions of need with good solid role players that can play together as a team and develop some depth.

  5. Chef Paul Says:

    I agree with Nate_tweetz’s Ten steps to greatness plan.

  6. BucsQcCity Says:


    I agree with most of your logic however I don’t think we’ll get something for Revis, not at this price.. I would also throw tons of money to Jimmy Graham to weaken NO offense. Then we would have graham, wright, williams and vj.. That would be good..

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I would restructure Nicks or cut him if not healthy
    Restructure Penn & Joseph
    I would keep Revis & Goldson but try to restructure Revis
    Trade down for extra picks
    Trade Rainey
    Pick up a good FA QB
    Spend Cap on DE, CB, WR
    Draft Younger Oline/TE

  8. adamant Says:

    Can’t argue much with Nate on this one. Good moves. My first choice would be Jay Gruden, but I could live with Wisenhunt.

  9. Nate_tweetz Says:


    I think Nicks is done. Unfortunately, I think his career is over.

    Good point with Penn & Joseph. However, if Penn and Joseph restructure, do you still have them as your starters?Restructuring may be smart because you would think Davin will be better next year with more time to heal that torn ACL. After this year though, I am terrified of depending on players with banged up knees (and other injuries) to play significant roles on an upcoming season.

    Rainey has no value. RB’s are a dime a dozen.

    If we keep Revis, I would want to restructure too, but you know how stubborn Revis is with how much he thinks he’s worth. I don’t see him budging.

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    Every Man (with half a brain) has a price. What Chucky said yesterday was that if anybody wants to hire him as head coach, it will cost an awful lot of money. I’m guessing it would take about $10 mil/yr x 5 yrs, maybe $11. The Bucs have thrown away more than that on Nicks, Joseph and Freeman. I don’t think that the Glazers would swallow their pride and talk to Jon, but I sure would and he’d become our coach. He never should have been fired in the first place. He should have had his wings clipped but that’s it. Call Chucky a coward and he’ll bow up and take the job.

    I like Lovei but will he get you to the promised land in 5 years? I think he’s too darn nice. Mike Zimmer is the guy I would look at if your going defense.

  11. Nate_tweetz Says:

    @ adamant

    I would really like Jay Gruden too. The only reason I think Whisenhunt would have the edge is because he has prior experience as a HC in the NFL and has a longer, proven record. I would be happy with either though.

  12. TJ Ware Says:

    All u idiots saying trade revis…are…..idiots…so what if he makes $1million per game, he makes everyone around him better..our pass defense was horrendous last year…dead last 32nd in the would’ve been 33rd if it was 33 teams. They got a lot better this year. You guys are trying to be cheap. This team will have plenty of cap room. First you guys were saying he wasn’t being used right, now you are saying trade him. Revis ain’t going anywhere. Let me guess u guys want Leonard Johnson starting ?? Then what if banks gets hurt? We are back in the shit hole.. Defensive back is a weak position for us as far as depth and you guys are saying get rid of revis..we got a few more sacks this year anyone wanna guess why??????? Cause revis, we got a few more interceptions this year anyone one guess why?? Qbs throwing in traffic to get away from revis. You guys are idiots idiots idiots idiots at times I’m ashamed to be a bucs fan. You don’t give up a top 15 pick to cut him or trade him in 2 years. You guys are idiots. IDC who the gm was…you guys are all idiots..all of you….I.D.I.O.TS. Idiots

  13. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Joseph improved tremendously as the season went on, so if he’s willing to restructure I’d keep him for sure. He will likely return to Pro Bowl form next season just like Revis will. As for Penn I’m not quite as sure. He might be hitting the top of the hill and after that it’s the downside of a player’s career. Left tackles rarely make comebacks after they start regressing. I would seriously look at LT as our top pick in the draft if a worthy QB is not available.

  14. mark2001 Says:

    But do they really trust them Joe…or are THEY micromanaging the decision making. I remember hearing that Gruden desperately wanted us to trade up to draft Calvin Johnson….someone up above wouldn’t allow Gruden/ Allen to pull the trigger on that. I’m saying, if the G boys are constantly micro-managing decisions, I don’t know how independent and trusted the GM is in their decision making process. The key to watch will be to see if a solid, big name GM comes in here and takes the job….no one with a solid track record would be micromanaged.

  15. bucrightoff Says:

    Trade Rainey for what? A 7th round pick? Nobody is going to trade anything for him. James maybe you can get a 4th, Martin maybe a 2nd, but running backs are far too replaceable to trade anything of value. Unfortunately for the Bucs, Trent Richardson had to become the first two time 1st round bust, further diminishing the value of running backs, who’s value was already declining.

  16. Nate_tweetz Says:

    The most important acquisition our GM will need to make will be at QB (either this year or next year). I think we need a QB, but at the #7 pick I don’t think we can go that route. Is it just me, or is this QB class over-hyped? I’m just not sold on alot of these guys. The free agent QB class this year isn’t much better. What a GM might do is make every other position on our offense look as attractive as possible this year to make a run at a 2015 QB free agent like Cam Newton or Colin Kaepernick (maybe a flier on Ryan Mallet). It will be interesting what direction we head with the QB situation.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Nate-tweetz

    I agree with Nicks….that’s why I posted (if healthy)
    As far as Penn & Joseph starting…that would depend on the Draft picks/FA backups/replacements….Its possible they would start (I would assume)
    On Revis…..I agree, he is stubborn…but he doesn’t want to be in an all or nothing situation (neither do we)….I would try to clip a couple of million off of his salaray in return for some guarantees.
    As far as Rainey…we should try to get a late round pick for him
    We currently have Martin, Leonard, James, Demps, Smith & 4 FBs….don’t need them all & Rainey is the healthy one.

  18. Eric Says:

    Cam Newton or Kaepernick?

    Have you herd of the franchise tag sir?

  19. NewTampaChris Says:

    By the time a GM is hired, isn’t it possible that the best coaching candidates will be gone?

  20. flmike Says:

    My advice for the new HC & GM is:
    Take Watkins or Evans at #7, give your offense more weapons
    Give Glennon a full offseason and training camp to prove himself, if not draft a QB in 2015
    Revis is guaranteed two years, he’s not restructuring or going anywhere, his knee will be even better with another offseason to finish healing.
    Goldson is Goldson, he was signed for exactly what he is, Barron needs to step up and cover better. But draft another Safety in the later rounds.
    I don’t think we need to spend heavily on a DE, develop Gholston, he is a raw talent who looks to accept coaching and teaching (which isn’t always a trait of these guys). I’d give both Bowers and Clayborn one more season, produce or out.

  21. crazy Says:

    We may come to find that the Glazer bros are more like Jerry Jones than Jeff Vinik. Dom, Gruden, Morris, Schiano all emphasized how involved the Glazer bros were in making key decisions. If so, that may prove to be a problem in hiring a proven GM or in bringing back any of the alumni who went on to success elsewhere. It’s their money and their team but let’s hope they want a strong GM to build and manage the team as they focus on what they do best – making the money it takes to keep support their Man U/Bucs hobby.

  22. Amar Says:


    If we do hire Lovie which is prolly my number one choice, he also plans to bring in former cal bears head coach Ted “——” forget his last name Thompson perhaps? Anyhow, the guy who groomed Aaron Rodgers to which I’m all for!! Lovie has good ties with lots of assistants/coaches very well liked! He will bring a great staff with him! I’m all for Lovie and Rodgers old Cal Bears HC AS OC!!!!

  23. Amar Says:

    *correction to my post: LOVIE AS HC AND HE BRINGS JEFF TEDFORD AS HIS OC!!! Super badd ass right there! He made Rodgers and Marshawn Lynch! TEDFORD is great!

    Go Bucs! And Go Cal Bears!!

    (CAL especially recruitment hasn’t been the same since Jeff TEDFORD’s dismissal, that’s Lovies #1 guy as his OC!!!). I LOVE IT!!! Make it happen TEAM GLAZER!!

  24. bucsguy Says:

    My fellow bucs fans you never cease to amaze me. Cut Joseph and penn? Joseph will be fine with another year of rehab and Penn gets moved to rt where he would be a stud. They will go with lovie or wisenhunt I like both especially if tedford is with lovie he is older and won’t be going anywhere of he is successful as the oc but I like the i.

  25. Nate_tweetz Says:

    You’re right Eric. I forgot about the franchise tag.

    Have you “herd” of hooked on phonics sir?

  26. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Regarding Tedford as potential OC with Lovie as HC, as written by Bucs Nation:

    “Tedford has no NFL experience either as a coach or as players, and while he certainly created some good college offense, his quarterbacks have almost universally been busts in the NFL: Trent Dilfer, David Carr, Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, Kyle Boller, Billy Volek, A.J. Feeley and Aaron Rodgers is not an impressive group. The only successful quarterback to come out of Tedford’s school was Rodgers, and he re-tooled his mechanics with Mike McCarthy for three seasons before becoming a starter.”

  27. Eric Says:

    That could also mean that Tedford got a hell of a lot of production out of players who werent really that good.

  28. Harry Says:

    Joe, last two articles seem spot on.

    I was starting to really like Lovie Smith, but then you pointed out “Offensive Head Coach Is Critical”. And you are right, if whoever Lovie hires does well they will be gone in one or two years. Then we are likely left with Lovie and crappy offense like he had in CHI.

    Ken Whisenhut doesn’t thrill me. He did not finish out well in ARZ and the Steelers did not think enough of him to promote him to HC (that surprised me). But putting an offensive guy in like Seattles Bevell or 49ers Greg Roman seem like a bigger risk since they have far less or no HC experience. Between those two I think I would lean towards Bevell.

  29. BeeMoney Says:

    Something to think about! The Glazers are not football guys!!!They let football guys run football operations! So, the Glazers are not hiring the coach. They will sign off on it but not hire the next coach. The Glazers dont fire the coach and GM and not have a GM in house…. THE GM IS ALREADY AT ONE BUC PLACE!!!!!!

  30. Eric Says:

    I guess we will have to find a guy who has great offenses and great defenses and never has a losing season and always advances in the playoffs.

    We have narrowed our search to one human being on the planet. Unfortunately, he is already employed.

    Eric, Joe never said only find an offensive head coach, but when you have no QB, that’s probably a damn good idea. –Joe

  31. Otto Says:

    I don’t know, Gruden won the SB with a great defense, Dungy with a great offense, Belichick’s teams win with offense, etc. Raheem’s defenses were pretty crumby. Does offensive/defensive minded head coaches matter that much?

  32. patrickbucs Says:


    7. With all the free cap space I would throw big money at DEs Greg Hardy and Brian Orakpo. Pry them from Carolina and Washington. I rather spend money on 2 proven stud DE’s than secondary guys. Could you imagine that D-line!!!

    I agree with some of your posts but no way are either of these guys going to be free agents. Top flight young players who can sack the QB just do not become available. Someone else said to get Jimmy Graham, sigh they aren’t letting go of their best player outisde of Brees.

  33. ButIt941 Says:

    Why not just rotate the OT’s? Move Penn to the right and Dotson to the left. It would fit both of their strengths. Penn is much better as a run blocker and Dotson is quietly becoming a strong pass protector. Tackle position fixed. The only spot on the offensive line that scares me is the LG spot vacant by Nicks. If he can’t get healthy we need to find a replacement and soon. Zuttah is still my guy at center and Davin will be much better after he has another offseason to mend his injury.

  34. ButIt941 Says:


    I agree. The more realistic choices would to be pull in a proven veteran who can teach these young De’s how to really get to the QB… My picks would be Jared Allen or Juluis Peppers, both are ageing yes. But both have enough in the tank to make an immediate impact and also coach up some of these young players for a couple of years.

    That frame of mind worked wonders for our secondary. Look at how much better Barron got with Goldson their for support and Banks performed at a much higher level then i thought he would after coming out of college with the help of Revis.

  35. ButIt941 Says:


    The simple answer is NO. It really doesn’t matter. A good coach is a good coach hands down. Both “minded” coaches have had great success. Let me throw something at you tho.

    Dungy had a good offense yes. But he also had a top 10 defense to boot
    Belicheat has Brady and a strong offense. but the defenses during his dynasty where all top 10 D’s
    Chucky had a top 5 D and pieced together just enough offense to win it

    Let’s stay even more recent. Raven’s last year won the SB but did it on the heart and pride of the Defense. Flacco is good but not Elite and niether is their offense. Giants won the year before because of Eli and their defense,
    Packers the year before that because….wait for it…. their defense was a top ranked D. Even with these elite/very QB’s all those teams are coming up short because their respective defenses are just not that good this year…Anyone else notice the trend here?

    Say what you want about offensive or defensive minded coaches. you need to have an elite defense and a Strong offense to even have a shot at winning the SB.

    Hell look at the Saints. They have one of the most high powered offenses in the league year in and year out. Yet they only went and won the SB the year they had one of the best defenses in the league.Long story short Defenses still wins championship.

  36. DWC2 Says:

    If anyone not named “Rich Bisaccia” is chosen as head coach there will be no peace in this town.

  37. skelly Says:

    Love the give and take guys. How fun is it that we have something to talk about now. Please, stop with the trade or cut REVIS talk. Please. No really, please stop.

    Don’t mind Lovie at all. Guy has proven himself in the league and thats what we need. Must have OC though with a plan.

  38. Tampamac Says:

    I keep hearing Watkins’ name bandied about.. I’m just reaaallly leery on Clemson players, especially after the Gaines Adams(RIP) and Bowers debacles. Other than CJ Spiller, name one Clemson player the last 15 years with a decent NFL career… I’ll wait.

  39. teacherman777 Says:

    We are lucky that Lovie Smith wasnt gobbled up last year!

    How many coaches do you know get fired after going 10-6?

    Iwas shocked last year that the Bills or the Chargers didnt hire Lovie.

    Hes available??

    We HAVE to hire him!

    Then, we have some major changes to make.


    1.) No pass rush- must sign Jared Allen and Michael Bennett
    2.) Horrible offensive line- must replace Nicks- restructure Joseph
    3.) No depth at WR- must find a young talent on draft day.

    And with these changes, we have a Super Bowl quality team,

    Except for one thing….

    No QB!!!