Three Pro Bowlers On Defense?

December 26th, 2013

Film junkies weigh in

Joe knows there is a push for NFL types to name Bucs linebacker Lavonte David as the defensive player of the year. He certainly is the Bucs defensive player of the year, but the stain of that stupid penalty in the media capital of the world in Week 1 likely has branded David for the foreseeable future. Unfair, yes. But that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Gerald McCoy is now considered one of the elite defensive tackles in the game. So he sure is a Pro Bowl player.

But the numbers geeks at have run through their spreadsheets and determined the Bucs actually merit three Pro Bowl players. A certain Bucs cornerback also made their list.

A guy by the name of Darrelle Revis.

The Pro Bowl announcement of those who won the combined player, fan and coach voting is expected Friday evening.

What makes this interesting is that Revis is still not the same corner he was before he blew his knee out last year and had ACL surgery Yet he has turned the corner and is playing good ball.

Imagine how good he can be when his knee is back to form?

Three Pro Bowl players? Damn that Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik!

9 Responses to “Three Pro Bowlers On Defense?”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Pro Bowl? Who cares? All-Pro…David and McCoy are destined for first team All-Pro. Revis? Maybe 2nd team, behind Sherman, Peterson, Haden. VJax is a good bet for the Pro Bowl if anybody cares, I certainely don’t.

  2. Laughing Stock II Says:

    Schiano is voting for:

    QB Glennon
    WR Underwood
    TE Wright
    RB Leonard
    DE Teo
    DT Gibson
    C Zuttah

    They are Buccaneer Men.

    Time for some New Buccaneer Coaches for 2014….

  3. Chris Says:

    Revis has been good but no where near what we invested in. I’m for building a team with good players and allocating money to talent amongst the front 4 then back 4 where neither goldson or Revis have given us the ROI

  4. Luther Says:

    Chris I would argue that Revis has been worth every penny. Our secondary at the beginning of the year struggled and now those guys are having a great season. I’m betting that Revis is having a huge impact in showing those guys what to look for and how to cover receivers.

  5. Ramdog Says:

    I have a question why on the world is Teo even playing when we have an up and comer like Gholston ? Why not get him the reps ? The guy is a beast whenever he is out there he makes plays. How can the coaching staff justify letting Teo play? I mean am I the only one seeing this? I am not a coach or scout or anything but I think when a D-Lineman is getting 5+ tackles a game in partial duty doesn’t that merit a start or getting the majority of the snaps?

  6. teacherman777 Says:

    Let me explain Teo.

    Coach Schiano is a merit based coach.

    If you dont go hard, you dont go in!

    Coach Schiano loves Teo. As do I. He earned the starting role because of his work ethic.

    DaQuan likes to rush the QB. He doesnt like to stop the run.

    Teo, will sacrifice his body EVERY play for the team.

    Teo is not a starting DE in the NFL. He is a servicable backup and solid special teamer.

    But starter? He is not. Is he a warrior? Yes.

    Now, that Gholston has come on strong, and showed the coaching staff that he is dedicated and hardworking, the coaches have given the starting role.

    With Coach Schiano. Nothing is given.

    Everything is earned.mand I like that.

  7. Nick H Says:

    28-51 record? Enough said about Mark Dominik.

  8. PRBucFan Says:

    Hell yea its about time the Luke hype gets called out.

    He didn’t make their team 😉


  9. Eric Says:

    Three pro bowlers after five year of drafting? And only two are draftees.

    Rich McKay could do that in his sleep.

    28-51 doesn’t do Dom’s ineptitude justice. 7, 8, and 10 game losing streaks. Average of ten loses per year.

    Worst offense in pro football after five years on the job? Franchise QB he drafted and built the team around melts down?

    Pathetic. When is enough enough? Do we have to go ten years with no playoffs and consistently in last place?

    That’s exactly where we are headed with this buffoon in charge.