The Return Of The Pass Rush

December 10th, 2013

Da’Quan Bowers joined the Bucs sack parade Sunday against the bungling Bills.

Joe was going through official game statistics issued by the Bucs and had to do another one of those Bugs Bunny-cartoon double-takes. The Bucs actually racked up seven sacks Sunday.


Shoot, the way things were going this season, Joe was beginning to wonder if the Bucs would even have seven sacks, the pass rush was so non-existent. Four of those sacks came from the embattled Bucs front line Sunday. Even better.

If you think Bucs fans rejoiced in the newfound pass rush, imagine what Bucs commander Greg Schiano thought.

“The guys did a really good job, whether it was three-man, four-man, or blitz pressure, guys executed the plan,” Schiano said. “I think, as always, it goes coverage and pressure together. I thought our guys did a pretty good job with eye discipline and that’s something we’ve really been talking about, putting your eyes on your work and sticking to your job, do your job and we did it pretty well yesterday. The good thing is that the pressure – the sacks and the pressures, it wasn’t just one or two guys it was spread out amongst the group, that’s what you look for.”

The sacks don’t take into account the number of times the Bucs pressured Bills quarterback EJ Manuel, which can be better than sacks.

“Sacks, hurries, and hits, they’re different levels but they effect maybe ball delivery before they want, maybe ball delivery at a different angle which leads to an interception. Because of the number of interceptions we’ve had in the secondary I think it all goes hand in hand with the pass rush.”

Has the defense turned the corner into forcing sacks? Well, as Schiano hinted, things work hand-in-hand with the defense. There is no question the secondary is playing it’s best ball of the season. Darrelle Revis is close to 100 percent. Dashon Goldson is healthy. Mark Barron is solid and Johnthan Banks seems to be developing into a really strong corner.

Good coverage means the quarterback has to hold on to the ball a little longer and, thus, defensive linemen have a bit more time to bring the quarterback to his knees.

11 Responses to “The Return Of The Pass Rush”

  1. Luther Says:

    I really like the way Banks is coming along. As for the D-Line (minus McCoy) one game does not a season make. Our pass-rush (minus McCoy) has been anemic at best.

  2. BFFL Says:

    Hilarious Joe..showing a picture of Bowers with that caption. That pic shows more action than I’ve seen from the dude in live games all year long.

  3. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Schiano, Sheridan or Cox are learning that if you let the D-Line go after the QB they may get him sometimes. I like what I’m seeing out of that unit lately, so let’s see how they do Sunday against one of the best 0-Lines in the NFL

  4. flmike, likes Bowers and Gholston... Says:

    Then you haven’t been watching, he’s not the greatest DE, but after two really bad injuries, he’s coming along slowly, but nicely, and Gholston is just a beast, the kid is going to be a monster, 6’6 (closer to 6’7), 260lbs, long arms, quick off the ball, sounds like someone we used to have on the right side of that D-line.

  5. biff barker Says:

    FL Mike,

    I’ve felt all along that there is a lingering injury issue with Bowers this season. Clayborn too. Much has been made of Revis finally coming back, Joseph is in the same conversation as well, though nothing has come out regarding our DE’s.

  6. SteveBucsFan Says:


    I agree. If you think he sucks, you haven’t been watching. I think he sucks at all the stunts. But as the Bucs start rushing more and more in a straight line, he has been showing up.

  7. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Yeah, if you actually watch the games, you would see Bowers is constantly getting pressure on the QB, albeit in limited snaps. I’m really curious as to why he isn’t getting more snaps, because he’s certainly doing better than Teo. There has to be something behind the scenes, because anyone with eyes can see who is producing better on Sundays.

  8. oldfart44 Says:

    I don’t know about Bowers. When I watch a game over it seems like he does not have any push. He makes contact and stops. He does not really seem to pursue either. I would think he’s probably still recovering from his injuries. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

  9. Brandon Says:

    Our defense is built all wrong to start. We’ve backloaded the defense with tons of money wrapped up at CB and S. Great defenses are built on the backs of their front 4. The 85 Bears, the 02 Bucs, yes they had great players at other positions, but their defenses were truly dominant due to the players upfront.

    Cincinatti and Carolina are two prime examples of defenses being built the right way. Their high picks and free agent money goes to the front 4… who cares who’s playing in the secondary if you have a front that can get to the QB? We need at least one good DE to give this team teeth, two if they want to be great.

  10. Chris Says:

    Listen , we’re gonna beef our dline up after we beat up again on a weaker OL. SF has one of the leagues best units. Lets talk after this one.

  11. Pete 422 Says:

    I also like the Bucs chances against the 49ers. After a win that wasn’t the offenses best game should motivate them to put it together