The Crack In San Francisco

December 14th, 2013

It’s time for No. 93 to deliver his career best

Joe’s scoured various 49ers websites, news and analysis, and Joe can relay that nobody in the other Bay area is afraid of your Tampa Bay Buccaneers, despite national media gurus Mike Florio, Brian Baldinger and Bucs-fan basher Jason La Canfora predicting a victory for the pewter and red.

The only common worry in San Francisco is that the 49ers will have a letdown after their statement win against the mighty Seahawks. But there is at least a little concern in the land of legendary sourdough bread.

All-Pro 49ers left guard Mike Iupati has been out for a month with an MCL (knee) injury and it’s possible he returns Sunday after practicing this week. But without him (and even with him less than 100 percent) there’s worry that Gerald McCoy is so dominant and explosive that it will seriously upset the core of the Niners’ offense, which is the running game.

San Francisco’s passing attack is the worst in the NFL.

Joe even heard it suggested on San Francisco sports radio that Iupati could be held out specifically because McCoy is on the other side of the line. McCoy is just too strong, the analyst said, and the Niners would prefer to keep Iupati healthy for the remainder of the season and believe they can beat the Bucs with their defense alone.

Sadly, Joe buys into that line of thinking. Can green Mike Glennon rise to the occasion with limited weapons and an inconsistent offensive line against a ferocious, veteran defense? Joe surely can’t see that happening.

Joe has a ton of belief in McCoy and the Bucs defense, but it’s hard to fathom much cheering when the Bucs have the ball.

The Bucs are going to need turnovers to be competitive Sunday. If the Bucs can stay within a touchdown entering the fourth quarter, then they’ll have hung tough with a shot to win. That’s about all Joe can ask for with this mismatch.



13 Responses to “The Crack In San Francisco”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think you’ve hit the nail about on the head…..we need a Detroit type game….turnovers and a couple of scores from the offense…We absolutely need a quick start with the crowd in the game!!!

  2. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I agree it is not likely the Bucs can pull this one out. Perhaps an earthquake in Frisco can send shockwaves 3000 miles to Tampa and rattle the 9ers into multiple turnovers. Or the Bucs can play one helluva a masterpiece of a game and make us all happy.

  3. BucFanForever Says:

    As long as the game doesn’t come down to a field goal, I like the Bucs odds.

  4. mike norris Says:

    teams after playing seatle are 5-16 over the last 21. Of course that didn’t hurt the bucs nor the saints last week but there is typicaly a let down especially after beating the seahawks and going on the road. I tend to pay ALOT of attention to vegas and teams something like 1-7 ATS when beating the seahaks then going on the road. We couldnt ask for a better spot.

  5. Biff Barker Says:

    Excellent chance for a letdown.

  6. Laughing Stock II Says:


  7. BFFL Says:

    The Bucs DEs have not shown the ability to contain a read option QB. The 49ers are playing great defense right now because Aldon Smith has finally returned to form after nagging injuries hampered his ability most of the year. I don’t think the best offenses can score much on the 9ers right now so people need to stop putting so much ridiculous pressure on Glennon. Our only chance of winning is to completely stop Gore, force about 5 turnovers, Glennon to just throw the ball away if play is not there, and for the kicker to make all of his field goals.

  8. Glennon-Brad johnson#2 Says:

    If we can get something going in the run game I think we have a chance.

  9. Brian Jones Says:

    I just missed predicting the upset of the week against SEA, but not this week. We will close out Ray Jay for the season with a W on Sunday.

  10. PRBucFan Says:

    We’ll win this one with a smothering D

    Our offense will score points.

    Predicting our Bucs first real complete game this season.
    After being dismantled by the panties by an “elite team” during our winning streak I think they are playing with a chip on their shoulder against this “elite team”. They have something to prove.

    Hopefully… Lol 😉 *knocks on every tree in the forest*

  11. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Joe’s JFF (Johnny Friend Forever…aka Johnny Manziel) is likely going to turn into another RGIII or Kaepernick. In other words a guy who creates excitement his first season, maybe two, followed by a steep decline in effectiveness. The 49ers have the worst passing game in the league as a direct result of having a running QB who cannot adapt to the complexities of the QB position at the NFL level from a passing standpoint. I personally don’t want a guy like that being drafted by the Bucs and I can happily say that I’m 100% certain neither does Schiano from a “Buccaneer Man” standpoint.

    As for the game tomorrow I expect we’ll see why Jim Harbaugh is considered one of the best coaches in the NFL. The Panthers found a way to neutralize McCoy and I expect the 49ers have studied every second of that game tape. They will be focusing specifically on him with full intensity, without a doubt. I see him still playing well, though, because that Panthers game is still fresh in his mind.

    This game is gonna be a battle of defenses, for sure.

  12. Iamabuc Says:

    …and that is, …if our kicker don’t throw away the game for us……

  13. Vern4499 Says:

    I would love to get the W. But realistically I don’t see how anyone can think our Offense can score points. They have shown me nothing the last couple of weeks to make me think they can.