Stop With The Rex Ryan Nonsense!

December 23rd, 2013

rex ryan

Sometimes Joe just wants to jump in an empty swimming pool the way some Bucs fans react after hearing a familiar name and all but demanding the Bucs get said name with no thinking whatsoever to the consequence.

This happened Sunday when Bucs fans learned Jets Captain Lou Albano told his team he expected to be fired. All of a sudden, Bucs fans began Twittering Joe for Team Glazer to hire Captain Lou Albano.

This just in: Greg Schiano is employed as the Bucs coach.

This just in: Captain Lou Albano is still employed by the Jets.

But that’s not the half of that. Bucs fans are understandably outraged over their lack of offense. They are not in the Christmas spirit and want to leave something dark and smelly in Bucs offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan’s stocking. That is not a piece of coal.

But what in the wide, wide world of sports makes Bucs fans think Captain Lou Albano will magically cure the Bucs’ ills on offense? The guy has had a brutal offense in just about every year he has been with the Jets. Shoot, Mike Glennon has developed better than Geno Smith.

Aside from the offense, Captain Lou Albano runs a 34 defense. Why, oh why would you neuter your best player (Gerald McCoy) by installing a 34 defense? That is simply beyond crazy talk. You want to build around GMC, not cut off his cajones!

While Captain Lou Albano may be a decent coach — he did a helluva job this season — he is simply not a good fit for the Bucs unless you expect Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik to completely and totally gut the roster.

Let Captain Lou Albano take his foot fetish elsewhere.

35 Responses to “Stop With The Rex Ryan Nonsense!”

  1. Dylan Says:

    Lol oh it’s nonsense cause bucs fans ponder the idea of re-uniting revis with Rex? Make a post about your biased self and the nonsense of drafting Johny manziel everyday. Good thing you aren’t the GM. Rex Ryan took the jets to the AFC championship twice with mark Sanchez as his startin QB. And is gonna finish with a better record then the bucs with Geno smith. Who thought the jets would get more then 3 wins before the season? Nobody. Guess what? They will probally finish With double the amount of wins as the bucs. Rex could adjust and run a 4-3 with the asston of talent that is being wasted by Greg schiano. I’m not saying he is the man for the job. But to not even consider Rex is arrogant cause he would make the bucs have a top 3 defense no questions asked. And not to mention fill seats in Raymond James stadium and that’s exactly what team glazer wants cause it’s more money for them.

  2. Dylan Says:

    Jets run a lot of 4-3 stunts to with Wilkerson and Richardson lined up at DT so a 4-3 isn’t a different language to the man.

  3. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Two AFC Championships in his four years as Jets HC. The team’s success was due to having a strong D and having a coach who knew how to use it.

    Agree with the 3-4 argument. Gerald would be taken out of each and every game. Plus after next week we will not have an outside LB under contract. Of the two defensive minded coaches, Lovie Smith all day baby.

  4. d-money Says:

    I would have a hard time remaining a Bucs fan if this clown was ever our coach.

  5. JMN Says:

    Many Bucs fans are out of touch with reality. It is almost laughable hearing some of the phone calls on the local sports talk radio shows. The most outlandish and unrealistic requests. I’m surprised we have not heard the chant for Cowher yet.

  6. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Says the guy who wants Manziel on a Schiano coached team.

  7. bucsQcCity Says:

    I think we had enough circus in town for a century with Josh Freeman drama..

    Ryan? HELL NO!

  8. Nate_tweetz Says:

    Rex is not the guy for the Bucs. Neither is Schiano. I really don’t know who is at this point. The Bucs need a coach that is more aggressive offensively in his philosophy and wants to run a scheme that makes sense on defense. A coach for this team will have to have the ability to hire good creative offensive and defensive coordinators. Quality coaches, not Quantity coaches like Schiano’s army of a coaching staff.

    If Dominick stays, he better make this upcoming draft his best yet. Yes, he has drafted some good players with potential, but overall this team has glaring holes all over the place and a ton of overpaid free agents not living up to the hype. Dominick has had a top 10 draft pick 3 out of the 5 years he’s drafted and has had a top 5 draft pick 2 out of those 5 years. This year he’ll have another high 1st round draft pick. This guy needs to figure out how to build a good team with depth at each position. He needs to learn how to hire a coach. If he doesn’t figure this out by year 6, the “rockstar” needs get in his tour bus and go be a “rockstar” somewhere else.

  9. Harry Says:

    I said this yesterday: “…I love Lovie Smith, but he went thru 4 OC in Chicago. And I love Rex Ryan, but he is worse at picking OCs then Lovie Smith (he hired Tony Sorano for one year, stupid!). And look at what Trestman is doing in Chicago. We need an offensive minded HC.”

    Now you can say he still has a better record, he awesome with defense, blah, blah, blah. And its all true, he is a great coach. But so was Dungy and it did not end so well with him. Everyone was bitching about him then. We need an offensive minded coach, maybe another Gruden, but not Lovie or Ryan.

  10. c-spann Says:

    wouldnt mind a offensive minded coach. I think if we get a competent DC we will be fine, because the talent is there on defense.

  11. BamBamBuc Says:

    GMC would be wasted in a 34, yes. But even worse is there is no place in a 34 for a LB like Lavonte David. He’s too small to play outside “rush” LB and not well suited for ILB either. So, you’d be throwing both away.

    All I can say is we need a coach that will look at the players he’s got and build an offense and defense around them. It was mentioned several times in the Eagles win how Chip Kelly built his offense to suit his players, which is why Foles is having success without being a running/ read option QB.

  12. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Darrell bevell for HC. If schiano is fired of course

  13. MTM Says:

    Rex is a very good defensive coach with a good track record. But not legitamit head coach.

  14. Eric Says:

    No on Ryan. Although he is a hell of a defensive coach he obviously cant develop a QB. That would make absolutely no sense. (which means its probably in the works)

    Jay Gruden, on the other hand, has proven he can do great things with a young QB. Give him a top five pick at QB and I think good things would happen. I think the town would get behind Jay.

    Schiano has no skill set to break a QB into the league. He cant even break himself into the league. It would be a real shame to waste this top pick and watch the Greg/Glennon show unfold again. That just isn’t gonna work at all. But, the Glazers are either brain damaged or brainwashed, so I expect Greg to be back.

  15. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    @Bam Bam- your so right. Good coaches call games to their players strengths. Our coaching staff refuses to change the script regards of the results. Sick Of It.

  16. stevek Says:


    And we are not “wasting” GMC’s talents right now with NO HELP on the D-Line?

    All the BS stunting is wasting GMC.

    We are going to be 4-12, and that is a wasted year.

    Dominick must be dethroned.

  17. Hrvoje Says:

    Very stupid article Joe. Jets run a lot of 4-3 sets, it’s their base this year, and Rex is a great defensive mind, if you give him a good OC I’m good with his hire.

    You might want to dive deeper into the Jets. –Joe

  18. Rob Says:

    Yeah, Rex Ryan is ALMOST as stupid an idea as Johnny Football.

  19. BucsorDie!!! Says:

    Rex has been running a lot of 4-3 stunts the man is a great defensive mind trust me he’ll know what to do with our defense

  20. WinterSpringsBucsFan Says:

    Chew on this – Jon or Jay Gruden – HC Mike Martz / Ken Wisenhut – OC Rex Ryan / Monte Kiffen – DC.

  21. WinterSpringsBucsFan Says:

    I like Lovie Smith but his resume is all DEFENSE. Our biggest problem is OFFENSE. Stilllike a Gruden or even a Wisenhut as HC, Lovie, Rex or Monte as DC. We need a miracle at OC.

  22. DontBucNH8 Says:

    I like the idea of him as a Defensive coordinator. His dad ran a 4-3(46 formation he’s say) and Rex uses it in his scheme. He’s damn sure an upgrade from the Schiano/Sheridan Defense.

  23. phil Says:

    If Rex is fired by the Jets we should dump Schiano and hire Rex. He’s a real NFL coach and what he did with the Jets this year with their lack of talent is amazing.

  24. Gus Says:

    Offense Offense Offense. It’s the worse in the league. I would be much more on board with the Wiz(Ken Whizenhunt)

  25. Bucfever40 Says:

    If the ownership decides to go in an anti Schiano direction, I think they would be crazy to not consider Jay Gruden as our next coach, he’s every bit the coach as Jon, but without the enormous ego. Everything Jay touches, turns to gold, as a player and as a coach, he’s got a brilliant football IQ, I was fortunate enough to play against him when he played QB at Chamberlain HS, and have followed his career ever since, he’s just a “winner”, plain and simple. He’s a cool and calm customer that will demand and GET the respect of his players, I’d hate to see him get scooped up by someone else while we still have a chance, and he’s from the Tampa area, so it would be a great match!!

  26. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I agree about giving Jay Gruden a chance to improve the Bucs offense. The Bucs in their better years were known as a good defensive team, never as a good offensive team. It has been a long run for the Bucs lack of offense. We can’t score enough to win any games. Until our offense can reach NFL caliber status, the Bucs will continue to be laughable year after year.

  27. Pruritus Ani Says:

    No to Ryan or Lovie. The former is a nut who would instill a circus like atmosphere, the latter burned through 4 or 5 Offensive Coordinators and had discipline problems on the team. Pass on both.

  28. stanglassman Says:

    If we were going to hire a 3-4 guy I would hire David Shaw before Rex.

  29. BamBamBuc Says:

    Steve K,

    I never said you couldn’t waste GMC in a 4-3 as well. The stunting is ridiculous. It has some benefits when used in moderation, especially on run downs, but is a total waste of GMC on pass plays. However, compared to the 34 defense, where he’d have to move to DE (he’s not a 34 NT), his talents would be totally wasted. Every play. So, you’re arguing with yourself on this one, because I don’t disagree that stunting is a waste of GMC just that the 34 is a bigger waste. Better idea is to get a better 4-3 DC and HC that better utilize their players.

    I know you like to argue against anything I say, because I supported Freeman and you didn’t. I never changed my stance like some here. I never have seen anything in Glennon that I like (in college or in the pros to this point). I still think the coaches are full of BS saying Glennon gave us a better chance to win, the 4 wins we have were due to a great run game by James and Rainey, great defensive performances, really bad opposing teams or really bad performances by those opposing teams. Even Freeman could have won those games. Like I’ve said all along, there was more wrong than the QB. The O-line has always been an issue (Penn got paid WAY too much and hasn’t shown enough, Nicks has been a poor return on investment, and Joseph has consistently been one of the worst guards in the league). Play calling has been another of my biggest issues, even last year. We blamed Freeman for not making something happen despite the play calling, but give Glennon a pass because he’s only a rookie and the OC is horribly bad at calling plays. Poor discipline has cost us too many games this year, poor pass defense cost us too many last year, poor run defense the year before, but that’s only a problem when you have a rookie QB…

    I will say it now and take the abuse you will all throw at me…. Josh Freeman at least gave us a chance to win more games than Glennon ever will. Down in the 4th quarter, I’d trust Josh Freeman to at least lob the ball up for a jump ball to VJ or MW and give us a chance as opposed to seeing Glennon take a look, then take a sack. I’d trust JF to outrun that DT to the outside and have a chance at a first down before I trust the galloping giraffe to make it 2 yards sideways before being taken down. Even then, if we started Freeman this whole year and were sitting here now with this record, I’d be advocating drafting a new QB in the upcoming draft where there should be at least 3 QBs better than ANY of the QBs taken in last year’s draft and maybe more, and that’s even considering Mariotta not entering the draft. Basically, I think we’ve got a guy that’s starting that’s not even as good as the Vikings 3rd string QB, whether anyone else agrees or not.

  30. Suq maddiq Says:

    Bring back Chucky. Best coach we’ve ever had. Lets the d do what it should and makes the o efficient. We have the same build in principle we had during our Super Bowl year and i think we are ready to win with our talent now, but an upgrade from Glendon is a must. Bonus if we can get father Dungy as defensive coordinator. I’m dreaming but we can’t lowball expectations just because we seem to rely on daimond in the rough talent.

  31. FanOfBucs Says:

    Ryan is one of few coaches to win with bad qb play. He has quite the mind for defensive scheming.

  32. Chris Says:

    Joe you are clueless. Drop the Manziel delusional talk.

  33. White Tiger Says:

    Why not Rex? So what if he guts your defense – currently the coaching pretender has only proven he can take superior talent and beat poor NFL teams.

    Rex has coached a team with an average QB to one game from the Super Bowl – he’s coached a team without a NFL caliber QB to wins over more talented teams.

    Rex built a team that competed with the likes of Bilicheat two, and sometimes three, times per season. He was very competitive, in a highly competitive division.

    Rex would be better than what we have – even IF we had to change personnel to play a 3/4…but I’m glad someone is finally educating the fans, rather than relying on pure emotion…good to see at least one of the Joe’s has learned something from the (anti) Gruden days…

    Bring in Rex, you’ve already seen the best you’re going to get from Lil’ Duce…

  34. ButIt941 Says:

    I don’t think it really matters what defense scheme Rex has been running with the Jets. He is a Defensive guru and will find a way to utilize our best players to their strengths, customizing his scheme to do so. Remember he is the guy who turned Darrelle Revis into Revis Island and made a bunch of nobodies on the front 7 and made them dangerous. You can seriously sit here and think he wouldn’t find a way to utilize GMC (the kind of talent) to his fullest potential?

    I agree he is a walking circus but media attention now a days wouldn’t hurt. He’s won a bunch of games. And I would like to see him go against his brother (Saints DC) 2x a year.

    Either way we need a VERY Strong OC to get offense cleaned up and producing. It’s not like the talent isn’t there. We need a coach who can maximize all this talent and fill in some blanks and we will start winning more games. Rex, Lovie, HC from Stanford, it don’t matter unless they can start winning with what we have now before it’s to late.

  35. Santa Says:

    I don’t think the glazers are going to want to pay another coach @ this point.