“Points Will Be At A Premium”

December 15th, 2013
Was Bucs commander Greg Schiano too conservative (again)?

Was Bucs commander Greg Schiano too conservative (again)?

Now call this nitpicking. Joe doesn’t mind. You very well could be correct.

Last week, on Wednesday no less, Bucs commander Greg Schiano held court with the Tampa Bay pen and mic club, which he does virtually each and every day.

Wednesday, in the vernacular of the NFL, is the start of the work week. In this case, it was 49ers week. Schiano went on and on about how good the 49ers were, and he was and is correct. The 49ers have a damned fine team. There’s a reason why the 49ers are the defending NFC champs.

One thing Schiano said Wednesday, twice in fact, was that “points will be a premium” because of the dangerous 49ers offense.

So here it was in the first quarter, trailing by a 7-0 score, the Bucs found themselves with a 4th-and-2 at their own 49. Now for a team that goes into hibernation offensively in the second half — for whatever reason — and the coach saying how points will be at a premium, perhaps playing for his job and playing the powerful 49ers, why not go for it?

Instead, predictably, Schiano chose to punt.

Now the Bucs defense did hold and force the 49ers to punt. But the Bucs couldn’t muster a touchdown until late in the second quarter.

For a team already with its back to the wall, why not go for the first down at midfield?

Normally, a team would be crazy to risk giving the 49ers such a short field. But if points were at such a premium, and Schiano knowing full well his offense vanishes in the second half, it was a curious call.

Perhaps points were not at a premium after all?

17 Responses to ““Points Will Be At A Premium””

  1. patrickbucs Says:

    he had it all figured out, wait til they end when the game is almost out of reach and then do it and be called “gutsy”

  2. BucFanForever Says:

    I remember watching that punt sadly during the game, wondering why they didn’t bother to go for it. Then I quickly realized, that they would probably get the first down and then be forced to punt after the next set of downs.

    When you aren’t running an offense that works, taking risks to get firsts downs is pointless.

  3. Tim Says:

    Who really cares, the Bucs were outplayed the entire game, we saw the team that we know they are, not ready for primetime.

    Just lose the next two guys, we need the draft pick.

  4. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    He didn’t go for it because he has zero confidence in our offense, and I actually don’t blame him. I don’t have much confidence in them either. I have more faith that our defense will score than I do that our offense will.

  5. Justin Says:

    Just post about our inability to get Kap on the ground during the scrambles. That’s where we lost this game. He didn’t make too many throws off his drops. Almost everything on either broken plays or designed roll outs.

  6. BucFanForever Says:


    I think Schiano feels the same way you do; which must be why he has Sullivan scheme to keep the defense on the field so much.

  7. JBo$$ Says:

    I don’t think Schiano would ever admit, even to himself, that the offense vanishes in the 2nd half of games. It’s obvious to me that the type of offense they are trying to run doesn’t fit in the new NFL.

    Glennon on the 2 hurry up drives: 13 of 15 for 145 yds and 2 TDs
    Glennon the other 9 drives: 5 of 19 for 44 yds and an interception.

    The Bucs need to spread out the offense and let their young, smart QB find the open receiver. They have a legitimate defense and all the talent on offense. As this season has progressed the defensive schemes have somewhat changed(less stunting, more man coverage) and it has worked for the better, now the same needs to happen with the offense.

  8. You go joe Says:

    Schiano has no confidence in the offense?? Well hell I would if we come up wth stupid plays of running the middle, crappy routes that need time to develop and our o line gets owned. No screams, no Leonard action for catching, no mix plays or anything to help the offense. It also doesn’t help that Glennon takes sacks more than throw aways

  9. That Guy Says:

    Gregory is assured, after today, that he’ll have posted a worse record in his second season that he did in his first. We’re so blessed to have him. Otherwise, we’d be the laughingstock of the NFL.

  10. Que589 Says:

    It’s time to go in a new direction w/ a new coach. There’s no confidence, agression, swagger or will to win and that starts w/ the Head Coach

  11. BucFanForever Says:


    I only half agree. On offense, there is about zero spark. However, when the defense takes the field, you can feel the swagger.

  12. JBo$$ Says:

    Schiano should stay, Sully’s gotta go.

  13. Buc'dup Says:

    He made the right call! If he went for that and didn’t make it you would then have something to write about. Yep your nitpicking !!

  14. BucFan 20 Says:

    What more can you expect here. If he did go and not make it the story line would be what? Anyone want to guess?
    More like Why did he not kick the ball away?
    Better question is if the hurry up worked why the hell did you stop? You were getting TDs using it!

  15. Clowney Says:

    “Better question is if the hurry up worked why the hell did you stop? You were getting TDs using it!”

    The Little General wants to win in a “gutsy” more by getting more out of his running game and dialing up defensive turnovers.

    Every game that Clowney gets a hat trick in sacks we will think back fondly on that grinning idiot with the bad haircut.

    One thing for certain is that he’ll be the highest paid high school coach in America for the next 3 years.

  16. Clowney Says:

    “gutsy” way

  17. Clwilljr Says:

    Anybody who pays attention knows that Schiano controls the offensive coordinator he tells him when to run or pass so both of them need to go