“Our Offense Is Neglected”

December 23rd, 2013

Ian Beckles sees no hope for Mike Glennon

Sometimes ornery yet always bubbly former Bucs guard Ian Beckles (1990-1996) was on fire this morning on WDAE-AM 620. Beckles had mixed reviews for the New Schiano Order and thinks the Bucs have become too much of a reflection of their head coach.

Beckles noted Greg Schiano’s defense looks promising and developing with emerging young talents, but the Bucs offense looks like it’s dying under a defensive-minded head coach.

“Our offense is neglected,” Beckles said.

Beckles pointed fingers at Schiano the talent evaluator, for his rolling with too many of the wrong wide receivers to start the season — and finish it. Tiquan Underwood and Chris Owusu aren’t NFL-caliber players, per Beckles, citing their invisibility against a poor Rams secondary.

But Beckles had the most damning takes for Mike Glennon, who he said was responsible for three of the seven sacks against him.

“When he reaches his potential he’s going to be a six [on a 1-to-10 scale],” Beckles said. “All polished up he’s a six. All dressed and pretty and dancing at the cotillion he’s a six.”

Beckles is in line with Bucs fans who say, “we need a quarterback that’s bringing something to the party.”

Stop celebrating a handful of good completions, Beckles said, “Tim Tebow threw some good passes, too.”

For Joe, the quarterback debate is the trickiest for the Bucs. Do you draft one in the first round? Do you bring in a radically different offensive coordinator? Do you keep Schiano, stick with Glennon, and hope for development after the team gets healthy, adds major pieces and further gels on defense? Do you pursue an established veteran quarterback and add another stout receiver that will, by default, help open up the running game?

Big decisions ahead for Team Glazer and the Bucs hierarchy.

29 Responses to ““Our Offense Is Neglected””

  1. Mr. Patrick Says:

    The last time the Bucs had an offensive minded head coach they won an NFL Championship.

  2. That Guy Says:

    How bout, “Do you sell the team to the Debartolos?”

  3. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Trade for Ryan Mallet let him and Glennon Duke it out at worst u have a rookieish player like keapernick meaning nor to much tread wore off the tire. But u get a person who had time to learn the game especially behind Brady. If Glennon earns the start then we have no problems but if he falls in his natural positon…..back up qb then Mallet should thrive under a new coaching staff with a solid defense to get him the ball back for more opportunities. Plus I think Mallet has that star power and moxie to go with that big arm an I think he has that chip on his shoulder to prove he’s good an could have started n year 1 or 2 from college. But seasoning him up after Brady was genius if we could somehow pry them from the pats I’d start there but that’s just my opinion

  4. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Ryan Mallet star power and moxie to go with the big arm. Plus I think he has that winning mentality where losing isn’t acceptable. Plus he sat behind Tom terrific. If he hasn’t taught him the nuances of being a nfl qb …”which I believe he has” he’s deff taught him how to practice and I’m sure he’s shown I’m the will to win hell he’s had year to sit and watch how u win a game

  5. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Sorry for the double post it was screwing me and didn’t want me to post my superior knowledge 🙂

  6. Luther Says:

    Would you guys be ok trading the number 1 pick to the Patriots for Mallet? I loved him coming out of college but trades and draft picks are always a gamble.

  7. Harry Says:

    If the Bucs keep Schiano, I am finding something else to do on Sundays.

    With the talent we have on D, heck, I could coach it and be in the top half of the league, heck, even Joe could coach it with success (then he could get to know Ms Watson better). So that is not a big accomplishment.

    As Patrick says, and I have said, we need an offensive minded HC.

    I have been saying this for months: We MUST, MUST, MUST draft a QB in 2014. I would not trade or sign a FA. Do we always want to be looking up from the bottom of the NFC South at the other 3 franchise QBs. That was the Dolphins for years, until Tannihill (and his HOT wife) started to show some promise (except in the snow in Buffalo).

    If we do not draft a QB with our 1st pick, we should trade down and get more picks.

  8. Mike Says:

    I’d be looking at Rivers or Cutler

  9. adamant Says:

    At this point it is clear that Glennon is not a franchise type QB. He is a prototypical good back up. He can manage a game and keep things going for a short term while the starting QB gets healthy. I say if Bridgewater or Manziel are on the board when we draft, then take one of them. Invest in youth on the OL, DE and bring in depth at WR and TE. In that order.

    Fire Dominik and Schiano. Start fresh. Holmgren and Gruden. GM and head coach.

  10. Jason Says:

    Out with Schiano and all his coaches. Possibly Dominik too. Bring in a 1st round QB if Glennon wins out in spring then he starts if not we have a guy to build with for 2014 and Glennon can be a solid backup for the remaining years we control his rookie contract.

  11. SKelly Says:

    Please oh please, no more trading 1st round picks….. Especially not this years, to many good players and we got to many big holes.

  12. Bucsfanman Says:

    Quick question, unless we go after a FA QB, how will we know that whoever we draft will be any better? Secondly, would it make any difference with how the line played yesterday(Glennon’s flubbs aside)? Last, what has Mallet done in the NFL? What’s the fascination with this guy, he’s done squat! Just because he’s a back-up to Brady doesn’t make him Brady! I’m just saying.
    I disagree with a QB in round 1. I draft OL 1st, and maybe 2nd, then target McCarron or that dude from LSU later in the rounds. It wouldn’t hurt to look at WR either. How come we have NO WRs? Surely we could’ve drafted a guy in the last five years that’s better than Kid n Play!

  13. knucknbuc Says:

    @Luther are you high man? So you want us to trade are no.1 probably top 5 for Ryan mallett? Lol thats the worst suggestion I have heard. The pats would be popping champagne and bottles if that happened. Lol

  14. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Go look at his days as a razor back he’s got the big arm like Glennon about the same nobility but he has that moxie and for lack of a better term the balls to pull the trigger while making good decisions. The fact he sat behind Brady gives him credibility that he has logged a lot of practice time” behind one of the greats ” so u have less of a learning curve to go threw since we have a win now team. An to answer your question no first round pick but I’d give up a 2nd and 5th while getting back a 4th…. but that my ideal situation. Or find a way to work n one of those backs with a 2nd maybe while acquiring a 3rd and 5th or something like that. But I’d only take bridge water as a 1st Rd qb any1 else n the draft might or might not deal with that learning curve so again it beats the point why Ryan Mallet would b ideal for us and our situation

  15. BucNasty!!! Says:

    No 1st round maybe a 2nd and 5th with a 4th coming back to us but no 1st round. The only qb I’d spend 1st round on is bridge water. And Ryan Mallet has the moxie and balls to go with the big arm and great decision making to pull the trigger on the throws he needs to make. Trust ya eyes trust your preparation and your arm an put it all together. What make Mallet ideal for us is that he doesn’t have to endure that learning curve because he’s logged numerous hrs of reps and snaps and especially behind Tom terrific. He may not b Tom number 2 but he’d our best option going forward for our organization n the long run. Either Bridgewater n the first or a Sammy Watkins n the first and your new star qb with ya second

  16. BucNasty!!! Says:

    You better check his tape with the razor backs he was Imo one of the few qb coming out of that class who could start from day 1 and have a lot of success so him taking the A rodgers route behind Brady only helps that cause……Either way sitting on Glennon and hoping won’t cut it lmao hell I’d take Chad hence b4 I take Glennon full time for next season….considering how they are both playing lol

  17. Clowney Says:

    I like Mallett, thought he was the pick of the litter, when he came out. Just tired of the Bucs getting raped by Belicheat.

    Hire Jay Gruden, let him bring his own GM, select his coaches, and select his own QB. They should even give him the keys to the thermostat that are hanging around Greg’s neck.

    The Bengals have scored 40+ points for 4 consecutive games, in December, no excuses, just put up or shut up.

    That’s the kind of HC that will fill Tampa Stadium and make us proud again.

    Remember that feeling?

  18. MTM Says:

    Stop the Ryan Mallet trade talk please-see the Matt Castle project. Let the new GM/Head coach pick the next QB whether in the draft or through free agency. Preferably a QB with some mobility. The offense is an after thought with this regime. The top college programs run more sophisticated offense’s than the Bucs.

  19. stevek Says:


    Dom must go too. We don’t have Talent on D, at the DE position. Also the TE position.

    We are much more content watching the fanbase implode, while the Glazers save 18m in unused cap space while watching their “beloved” team go 4-CRAP.

  20. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Ok I’m prepared to take some hits for this…but…like Joe, I’d love to see Johnny Football in a Bucs uniform next season. At least he is exciting to watch. Watching Glennon play is worse than watching paint dry on a wall. Manziel can stretch plays with his legs and annoy Ds. At the very least he would be fun to watch every snap. Of course for that to happen we would need a new HC and GM. No way Schiano will draft him.

  21. Northend Says:

    Sign VICK and Draft Johny Football.Mobility 101.This won’t happen under Schiano

  22. Eric Says:

    Would Jay come after what the Glazer’s did to Jon? And the fan base?



  23. patrickbucs Says:

    Trade for Mallett?So can we trade a very late round pick for him? he was a 4th when his camp thought he would be a 1st. He’s not great otherwise teams would have offered a 2nd or 3rd for his pre-season success I would think. Cassel learned under Brady and so did a number of other guys, really means nothing.

    The draft process hasn’t even started and a number of junior’s would still have to declare to become eligible before that thought process is really even truly evaluated. Point is all of the top 8 teams in each conference have QB’s they can be confident in moving forward, we definitely do not. Did Glennon have great weapons down the stretch no but even if he did is he really scaring anybody? His few good games for the most part outside of a few bombs against the turd Lions was because of a good running game.

  24. mvermulm Says:

    Northend, so you want two QBs who won’t even hit 12-ft tall and 400 lbs together? Vick has been injury-prone since his return, and Manziel is even smaller and more reckless than Vick. Not a good combination in reality.

    As for those asking about Jay Gruden, I don’t think he’d have an issue coming here if the Glazers offered him the job. Even Jon Gruden has said he has no issues with the Glazers and the Bucs, so I don’t think Jay would hold it against them. Plus, Jay spent a lot of time in the Tampa area and working with the Bucs, so it’s not out of the realm of possibilities. That’s IF Schiano gets fired though.

  25. Formerly "Brown Bag" Says:

    I’d trade a 2nd round pick get you guys some spelling lessons.

  26. zam Says:

    Here’s an interesting question: Glennon or the Teebster?

  27. Clowney Says:

    Why would Jay Gruden think the Glazers did his brother wrong?

    Every head coach eventually gets fired.

    After the initial shock wore off, Jon was paid $6 million a year for 4 more years. It gave him the freedom to watch his kids grow up and pursue a less stressful career.

    I believe the Grudens love the Glazers.

  28. Bucsfanman Says:

    Way to try and rekindle that subject zam! Is Tebow even on a practice squad?
    Let it go bro, let it go!

  29. tom in st augustine Says:

    i agree with ian. not only is he football smart he has common sense when it comes to these type of things. i’m just curious what the owners will do when we (will most likely) finish 4-12 in regards to coaching. we should get the o cord from san diego as bring him in as head coach and lovie as d cord….that’ll bring back rod marinelli and we’re set! =)