Offense Is In Crisis Mode

December 31st, 2013

Don’t worry, some claim, Lovie Smith will fix it.

Joe’s been stunned to read that some Bucs fans don’t believe Tampa Bay’s NFL-worst offense has massive deficiencies. 

Jiminy Christmas! What are these fans missing?

Here are the facts:

1) The Bucs have one good receiver. Their No. 2 is coming off hamstring surgery (always dicey). And their Nos. 3, 4, 5, and 6 receivers, Tiquan Underwood, Chris Owusu, Russell Shepard and Eric Page haven’t shown their worth much in the passing game. Underwood should be a little-used backup on a decent offense.

2) The Bucs are inexperienced and not exactly stocked with talent at tight end. Tim Wright is a legitimate, exciting up-and-comer, but the guy can’t block yet.

3) The offensive line is coming of a sad, sad season. Holes weren’t opened, despite continuity at all but one position under an offensive line coach with a good pedigree. There’s a ton of money invested in the line and the team can’t continue to shell out that kind of cash for poor performances.

4) Mike Glennon isn’t special.

Joe’s an optimistic guy, but those are serious issues.

Joe realizes many fans think Lovie Smith will know how to fix these problens, even though he never led an offense ranked higher than 15th in the NFL.

Perhaps Lovie can do it, but the current Bucs offensive plight illustrates why Joe wants an offensive mind taking over next week.

50 Responses to “Offense Is In Crisis Mode”

  1. Dylan Says:

    Joe doesn’t come to your house and insult you. There’s no need for that here. –Joe

  2. Buc1987 Says:

    “Joe wants an offensive mind taking over next week.”

    Oh Joe I hope that’s all the time it takes. By next week would be good. Sooner rather than later. I’m not holding my breath though.

  3. Dylan Says:

    So who exactly did we lose when we had the 9th overall ranked offense?

  4. Buc1987 Says:

    Well since I was calling for Schotty prior to them hiring Schiano. I’ll just go back to that again. Hell he’s 2 more years older, but I’ll take em. Bring us Martyball.

  5. Chris Says:

    Joe you will be disappointed with whisenhunt. After two seasons of Warner it fell apart in zona and he couldn’t find and develop a qb. Sorry I’d say pass.

  6. Don Says:

    I think Joe hit this right on the head. My concern with Lovie is he has to have a top notch OC and one that will not bolt after a successful season

  7. houpty3 Says:

    1. Vjax + Mike + Timmy + grab a slot wr in free agency or draft is top 15 receiving core

    2. Tim wright is just as good as dallas clark was for us last year. both recievers who cant block. once crabtree is back the blocking will improve

    3. major problem was luke stocker + crabtree injury. Yea we could add carimi in the lineup when we run in that spot but then the D pretty much knows it will be a run. with crabtree we could run or pass. remember how well mike james torched seattle? we had a tight end… however, we still need depth and contract negotiations up front obviously. just sayin, a lot of the problem was TE injuries.

    4. Once the o-line can give him more than 1.3 seconds hes a stud. if we can get our defense to the panthers level, we will only need him to score 20-24 points a game like they do


  8. blackmagic00 Says:

    I don’t think the glazers are only going to interview one coach. And I think they might be a little gunshy jumping on to just anyone after the last 5 years. I’m sure they will come up with the right answer this time. Here’s hoping.

  9. Scotty Says:

    what offense?

  10. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I am a Lovie Smith fan. However, I think the Glazers need to bring in an offensive mind to fix or re-do this offensive mess

  11. Beeric Says:

    Johnny Football. He can just will the team to win. Of course we need a new o line to go with him…

  12. Vic Says:

    @Dylan — We lost our QB that Schiano and coaches ruined.

    Plus Dallas Clark an offensive line that wasn’t as old and was performing.

  13. mvermulm Says:

    Dylan, how about the incumbent QB having off-field issues, having to throw in a new QB, losing the pro-bowl RB and the backup as well, and losing the #2 WR..? There were plenty of losses this season in the offense, but the staff didn’t help adjust to those losses at all.

  14. blackmagic00 Says:

    I also think it would be a mistake to hire a coach who has won a Super Bowl. Seems those coaches had a formula that worked in its time, but aren’t creative enough to come up with a different one. If lovie does get hired I believe his experience in the past will help him to make better decisions in the future. Hopefully he’s not just set in his way like Schiano was. I also think Schiano learned and will have future success somewhere else.

  15. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Hmmmm…I would like to see an article on some viable GM candidates. Look what happened in Cleveland this past Sunday where they hired Lombardi after Chudzinski.

    Let’s get a GM on board, if one isn’t already on board. I remember some talk a few months ago about Chicago’s old GM and previous Tampa Bay ties, Jerry Angelo. How did he and Lovie get along?

  16. Yar Says:

    It doesn’t matter what OC you have if you have a HC that won’t let the OC run the offense and score points the way the OC wants like Dungy Schaino and Lovie. The Bucs need to get in the modern passing, score points NFL. That is the way the rules are set-up now. Can’t stay in the past. Bucs need an innovative offense oriented HC that will bring the Bucs into the 21st century NFL.

  17. john Says:

    unless we get someone who can draft well it will be a carousel
    forever. it WILL not matter who the coach is.

  18. bigpoppabuc Says:

    The offensive woes are for multiple reason. No doubt, we need some receiver help, but I feel like that’s an easy fix. It’s the O-line that remains the biggest question mark. I believe Glennon is a good quarterback. To not give him another season to grow I think would be a mistake. And everyone seems to forget we’ve got Martin. And you can forget everything this year, Martin is a great back.

    so it’s not as bad you think, Joe. I think the right OC could utilize what we’ve got plus what we’ll get and put some points up next season.

  19. BFFL Says:

    What is with all this premature analysis of Glennon and instantly anointing him as a career backup at best? This guy has the potential to be a Brady or Ryan type with the right coaching. If you can’t see the potential of this guy then you’re not very smart. I would expect this from Ian Beckles because he is always rash with his judgment (i.e. GMC); and Steve Duemig because he has had an agenda against Glennon ever since his boyfriend Freeman was terminated. I would also expect this from Tom Jones because well he’s an idiot. But Joe, I wouldn’t have expected this from you. What’s going on dude?

  20. rayray1 Says:

    Can we possibly believe M Glennon was C- due to one very good receiver and a cast of thousands, D offensive line play, 3rd. man up @ running back and super conservative OC ? Yes he has limitations but I wouldn’t be so fast to cast him aside. This team was way over rated from a talent perspective. As far as Lovie, love the man he appears to be but have reservations about the type of offense he’d bring. Even with Tedford the only real quality QB he produced was A Rogers. T Dilfer was only serviceable.

  21. Steve Says:

    Lovie took his team to the playoffs 5 times.

    Thats all I care about.

  22. MelancholyBucsFan Says:

    I agree with Joe. This is a total rebuild job. That is why I am just as concerned about the GM hire as I am the HC hire. They both need to have undeniably successful NFL resumes. This offense is a long-term project. Holes at all position groups except RB.

  23. buc4lyfe Says:

    make all the excuses you want but we had veteran receivers that schiano chose to cut so he could keep owusu and skye dawson….he had ogletree listed at #1 and underwood as #2, what kind of idiot cuts the #2….atlanta has steve smith and of all people ted ginn so that excuse is out the window

    Again at tight end we had a chance to draft a tight end but we got the unproven pass catcher do didnt provide much in blocking either, they knew luke stocker was garbage in catching and blocking but didnt address it, no one knew about tim wright because he’s a converted tight end….again no excuses

    keep talking about our offensive line but were middle of the pack…..the dolphins allowed the most sacks in the nfl this year, pouncey was lost for them and for pittsburgh who couldnt block or run the ball on offense but both managed to win more games…..

    theres no one to blame but schiano and the high school offensive scheme he brought to tampa and all that will be obvious in 2014 when we actually bring in a real head coach and i also have a feeling glennon is gonna get a taste of what freeman had to go through because no one wants a dink and dunk offense except schiano

  24. Hesson0208 Says:

    Does anyone else think that they’re just interviewing Lovie bcuz they have to interview a black coaching candidate & he’s the only one with any interest? Bcuz that’s what my intuition is telling me…. I personally think they will make a more flashy move

  25. Nybucsfan Says:

    I think lovie have more wins in the nfl as a head coach than anyone being interviewed by any other team I go with him.

  26. buc4lyfe Says:


    I know your trying to learn how things work here on earth but seriously unless your 2 years old pay attention and stop talking stupidity, no one interviews lovie smith because of the rooney rule, especially if he’s already previously worked for the bucs as an assistant…they already know what he provides, we just need to know who he’s bringing with him to the party……seriously guy, this is earth

  27. canadian bucsfan Says:

    Lovie bringing a college OC is a little scary!

  28. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here is why the Offense has problems

    2009 Draft Picks Round 3 & 4 7
    2010 Draft Picks Round 1,2,3 & 2in 7th
    2011 Draft Picks Round 1,2, 3,5 &7
    2012 Draft Picks Round 1,2,5,6
    2013 Draft Picks Round 1,2,4,4,5 (Revis 1)
    14 of 22 Defense still with team

  29. Nybucsfan Says:

    How many oc have got head coaching jobs and failed in the last four years

  30. Hesson0208 Says:

    Actually, I know how things work here on earth. That’s why I posed the question. Even if Lovie has a great offensive coordinator, we will have zero longterm offensive stability bcuz the OC will get hired away. Bad choice to go with defensive HC IMO.

  31. Eric Says:

    It’s a valid point, but our all star defense got manhandled those last three games. Particularly by our Division rivals Panthers and Saints.

    Wouldn’t be like that with Lovie.

    That being said ill be on board with anyone if we could get Johnny Football.

  32. OB Says:

    Joe, I think the OCs at both San Francisco and Seattle should be the mix if not the only mix. If the Glazer’s trust Tim Haskell, he could be the GM if not, the number two troop at either San Francisco or Seattle.

    What say you?

  33. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here is why the Offense has problems:
    Defensive Picks
    2009 Draft Picks Round 3 & 4&7
    2010 Draft Picks Round 1,2,3 & 2in 7th
    2011 Draft Picks Round 1,2, 3,5 &7
    2012 Draft Picks Round 1,2,5,6
    2013 Draft Picks Round 1,2,4,4,5 (Revis 1)
    14 of 22 Defense still with team
    4 #1s, 4#2s, 3#3s 3#4s out of 5 years
    Offense #1 Gone (Freeman)
    Offense draft picks on team not on IR 2 players (Glennon, Lorig)
    Big Free Agent Money on Defense Revis/Goldson

    So, we have exactly 2 Offensive players from the Draft in the last 5 years that played the bulk of the season……that’s out of a possible 35 players or 17 if you apply half toward defense….
    NO WONDER!!!

  34. bucrightoff Says:

    I’d much rather have Schottenheimer than Lovie if we’re going defensive type retread. Schottenheimer successful at 3 different stops.

    That said I want an offensive coach, and those who don’t are insane. With the talent on that defense a mediocre defensive co-ordinator can put them in the top 10.

  35. Chef Paul Says:

    If they hired Scott Pioli or Bill Polian, I wouldn’t give two sh!ts who they hired for a coach. That coach would automatically get the benefit of the doubt from me. Even if was a 1A high school coach from Australia.

  36. mark2001 Says:

    Correct Joe…we need a special speed receiver desperately. We need top quality competition at the QB position..the line needs to get better. And we need good depth everywhere but the RB position. But you know Joe…like I said…most fans see through the pewter colored glasses and think we have plenty of talent. In reality, we definitely need more. You are totallly correct.

  37. Jordan Says:

    The offense was bad with Glennon as QB, but it was even worse with Freeman. Additionally, the Bucs struggled to score points in the 2nd half in Freeman’s 3 starts as well as Glennon’s starts. This points to a coaching failure. It is important to note that we lost all 6 games that Williams started and we also lost all 6 games that Doug Martin started. We also lost both games that Carl Nicks started. So hopefully our dismal season was mostly due to coaching failures and not player failures, because our record with our star players was even worse than our record with 2nd and 3rd string replacements.

  38. mark2001 Says:

    Paul…that is why I said we need to hire the best proven GM we can. And he has to be empowered to really do his job…but a proven guy would insist on that. If we hire a coach firstly, it will tell me that the Glazers have learned nothing about developing a strong organization top to bottom.

  39. Patrick Says:

    Schottenheimer has had success with every team he’s coached. His track record is outstanding. His playoff record (say what you want about it), but at least we’ll GET TO THE PLAYOFFS with him around.

    He took Cleveland and Kansas City to AFC title games and also had a successful tenure in San Diego. Maybe we won’t win a Super Bowl with him around, but he’ll establish a winning culture around here.

  40. Chef Paul Says:

    Agreed. Hiring a coach first would be dreadful.

  41. Harry Says:

    @Joe says:
    “Jiminy Christmas! What are these fans missing?”

    Some think:
    * Glennon is still the answer, he just needs better coaching (these ppl are not in a
    fantasy league, they are in a fantasy world!!)
    * It all Dom’s fault, he was the worst GM in the NFL
    * The O-line is NOT getting older and falling apart, probably just bad coaching,
    or Dom’s fault
    * That our new GM will be able to plug ALL the holes with only 4 draft picks
    next yr & thru FA: QB, STUD-DE, #3WR, TE, CB, O-line, who knows what else

    Really ppl, we do have some good parts, but we have some major holes to fill without a lot of draft picks and cap room. And ideas like trading Rainey for 2 or 3 1st round picks are probably unlikely.

  42. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    No game breaking speed with true nfl talent.

  43. buc4lyfe Says:

    what was the most pathetic about schiano vs raheem era is schiano has the biggest coaching staff in the nfl and still was too head strong to let their talents if they had any reflect on the team…for instance the affect p.j. fleck had on our wide receivers last year to come up with all those jump balls freeman threw and how much they raved about him….truth is you could bring in any coach around and they’d be an upgrade over greg schiano, steve white or joebuc could have come up with better game planning especially against in division rivals….with the offenses in our division and in the the nfl as a whole you either bettter has some offensive coach that you know is going to be around for a long time or be defensive and have a hidden gem of an offensive coordinator…truth is dungy had a great staff who all went on to do great things from tampa….your not supposed to keep these guys in the dark, everyone gets teaching everyone learns….even coaches need to have a next man up mentality which gregory pretended he has going

  44. Shannon Cherry Says:

    Draft Watkins. Tired of seeing VJax caught from behind…

  45. 1976Buc Says:

    3 to 5 years people. 3 to 5 if we hire smart!

  46. Vincente Says:

    This year this team better draft offense! The defense is ready to go just get the right scheme. The tampa 2 will work despite what ppl think it just takes a good coach to put it in place and coach up the players the correct way not like they are at a marine boot camp in San Diego. Oh and please have something better than the 3rd down scheme we had this last year. Warren sapp said it so many times how much it stunk. Honestly sapp has said so many things that were actually true I wouldn’t mind getting his input on things. Not on the head coach situation but other stuff. Oh and joe your absolutely right about everything. I love reading your stuff.

  47. Analacubana Says:

    Give Glennon more time, he could be great! Lmao! You can paint zebra stripes on a giraffe, but that won’t make it a zebra, even if you’re looking at it wearing rose colored glasses, while squinting, in the dark! And I’m talking about Johnny Football too! Rotfl!

  48. PhantomVash808 Says:

    We need to hire a GM before a Headcoach. The question is who would be a great GM for the team.

  49. Buc'dUP Says:

    Hiring Lovie who was a head coach for 9 years with only 3 trips to playoffs doesn’t sound very impressive to me. I don’t get the love for this dude!! Dungy was with us for 6 years with 4 playoffs and we fired him. Gruden was with us for 7 years, made the playoffs 3 times and won a superbowl and we fired him. Why would we hire lovie??

  50. Kevin Says:

    I agree 100%. Look at Carolinas D this year….if they’re offense hadn’t performed the way it did, the defensive numbers would be greatly diminished from constantly being on the field. If Lovie comes here we will no doubt be a better team, but not a legitimate year in year out contender in the NFC. We need an offensive minded head coach. Someone who will throw the ball to they’re backs more than once a week. Someone that knows how to create long consistent offensive drives that keeps they’re offense and our defense off the field. Thats how you win games in this league. Eat up the clock and put up points. We’ve got to great little backs for next season. Get the best QB on the board and bring Norv Turner over here along with Brian Hoyer and let those guys compete with Glennon through training camp. Get a monster WR to play across from VJAX and put M. Williams in the slot. Then build some depth and maybe find a middle round gem for the blind side to protect our QB and let Donald dough boy penn re-energize a bit. Just saying it’s ALL ABOUT THE OFFENSE. Too bad our offense shit the bed this year, but it’s obvious that Schiano was to stubborn to change things up and adjust to his surroundings. OFFENSE OFFENSE OFFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our D will show up if the offense show up next year…