“If He Wins Sunday, He’s In”

December 15th, 2013

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The fate of Bucs commander Greg Schiano is viewed as up in the air for some. After posting a losing season in 2012, and starting this season 0-8, Joe has never before experienced this kind of local freakout over a coach.

Billboards shot up all over the Tampa Bay area calling for Schiano’s job. Phone lines to local sports radio shows were fried by fans demanding Schiano’s head on a silver platter.

It was ugly.

Despite that, Schiano seems to have turned the Bucs around. They have won four of their last five games and lead the league in takeaways. For a while there, quarterback Mike Glennon appeared to be the answer, though he has fallen off.

Some, like one of the Joe’s here at JoeBucsFan.com, believe Schiano is toast if he cannot secure another win in the final three games. It seems the one and only Chris “Mad Dog” Russo has the same philosophy.

Schiano’s immediate future was discussed when the Custodian of Canton, Tampa Tribune NFL writer eye-RAH! Kaufman, stopped in for his weekly chat, “Kaufman’s Korner,” on the show that bears the host’s name, “Mad Dog Unleashed,” heard exclusively on SiriusXM Radio.

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo: I think Tampa needs a good win. They need one more win to finish 5-11 off going 0-8. That would mean a good second half with five wins. He cannot lose three games in a row. They have to go out there — that Saints game is going to be a significant game for the Saints. St. Louis is going to be with a long losing streak. I think Schiano — you don’t want to end the year with three bad ones. If he gets one win in the next three and is relatively competitive, they are going to bring him back, would you agree?

eye-RAH! Kaufman: I tend to agree with that. And Chris, should he win Sunday against a quality team, I think you can get by with losing the last two games. If he wins Sunday, he’s in, Chris. That would be four straight home wins and five out of six overall. I believe if he beats the Niners, Schiano will be back in Tampa.

Yeah, both Joe’s would agree with that. If somehow Schiano uses a form of black magic to pull off a win against the defending NFC champs, yes, that should surely secure his return.

The dissenting Joe who doesn’t believe Schiano is in immediate danger, short of getting blown out of the water the next three games, believes Team Glazer offered Schiano a mulligan for the lost season thanks in no small part to the Rip Van Freeman nonsense and the MRSA plague.

36 Responses to ““If He Wins Sunday, He’s In””

  1. SteveK Says:

    Let’s whoop that Niner @ss.

    We owe them a good whooping.

  2. Bucsd04 Says:

    I’m glad the bucs lead the lead……I hope one day they can lead the league though

  3. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Bucsd04 – you proud of that one? Pretty sure you got what he was going for. We’re here to talk about football. If you want to be grammar and spelling critic then go tutor a high schooler. I’d rather they keep pumping out quality stories rather than agonizing over every word to make sure the spelling and subject-verb agreement is perfect. But I guess we all show our support in different ways.

  4. Pruritus Ani Says:

    Totally agree. They need at least a victory and the team can’t mail in the games if he is to return next year.

    The whole demeanor of the team changed once Freeman left…at least publicly.

  5. Beeric Says:

    I think this game is more important for Schiano than we realize. He hangs his hat on stopping the run, and if they take that away they can probably beat the niners by scoring their year long average of 17(?) points…

    If they gash the bucs for 200 yards on the ground, it speaks volumes about his inability as a coach.

  6. skelly Says:

    Well, I don’t think this is a must win but it ain’t going to help ole greg if we get blown out. I for one think we are going to be pretty competitive here and in the NFL anyone can win on Sunday. Lets see what they got. San Fran is not undefeated this year. Lets stop pretending they are.

  7. Ryan Says:

    He still needs to go. Mediocre Coaches don’t win Championships, he went 0-8 and we have only beat one decent team on the road, the lions. Beat the Dolphins at HOME, the FALCONS at HOME, and the Bills at HOME. That deserves another shot, NAW BRUH GET THAT DUDE OUT OF HERE!!!… i know everybody is gonna be like ooh he is pulling the black card but shit if this dude was black he would already been out on his ass and y’all would be happy about it… People that want this LOSING COACH, YES LOSING COACH too stay is shocking to me

  8. Luther Says:

    Thanks Patrick…that needed to be said

    If the Bucs beat the 49ers, there is no way Schiano loses his job.

  9. mord Says:

    Patrick in VA: Spelling and grammatical errors in a medium like this matter, and are best to be avoided as this site’s content rises in journalistic respectability. I get the impression that both Joes would take such a ‘correction’ with a moderate face-palm and no hard feelings.

    As for the game today, the Bucs are just good enough that with just a little bit of luck, they could actually win this thing.

    I actually like Schiano, but … I don’t envy the Glazers’ decision. My fear is that next season, he might be just good enough to lead them to a year of decency without playoff contention. This could set them back more (and for longer) than openly sucking (see Mangini – Cleveland).

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I agree with “dissenting Joe”….I think Schiano is back regardless of this game…and the other two….unless there is a total breakdown and he somehow loses the team in the process.
    The Glazers will bring him back, regardless….lets just hope that Schiano doesn’t bank on it.
    Sully is another matter altogether.

  11. Patrick in VA Says:

    @mord – while I agree with your reasoning and the premise pud what you’re saying, it’s not the joes’ ability to put out a flawlessly edited article that is gaining them respect. It’s their coverage of the team, the opinions they offer and their endeavors to ensure journalistic integrity even if it means sitting on a story and letting someone else break it to make sure their facts are straight. A typo or two doesn’t take away from that. Granted, there have been some articles put out that look like they were done after a healthy number of beers and that made it a little difficult to piece together but to nitpick the way that was done earlier is silly.

    On a Bucs note. I’m pumped to see what comes of what should be a good, old fashioned defensive battle since both offenses are struggling mightily. I think the resurgence of the defense might be what brings schiano back. We’re starting to look like the glory years defenses that we’re all used to seeing and ownership has to understand how decimated or offense is. We’re starting a 4th string running back and having big success with him. That has to reflect well on the coaching to ownership

  12. Biff Barker Says:

    The Glazers already have decided to bring Schiano back IMO. The only thing that could change this is three straight blowouts because the team has quit.
    That’s not going to happen though . Even this decimated roster has shown some measure of pride
    I think it’s more Sully and Dom who is on the hot seat.

  13. TrueBlue Says:

    I don’t think it’s necessarily a win or lose criteria. It’s more likely how they play. If they play with fire and confidence, if they look like a team that’s focused and intent on playing every down, it will say much about team chemistry and professionalism.

    Who knows whether the 49ers will bring their A game and be unstoppable. First and foremost I want to see a Bucs team that comes to play and play hard. So what if they win because their opponent sucked worse than they did. That’s not what I want to see. Sure, the win looks good in the stat column, but it’s not going get this team to the playoffs.

    If the Bucs play quality football, the wins will come. The talent is there. The question is can the coaching staff meld that talent into well played football. The next three games will reveal a lot.

  14. Architek Says:

    Glazers will bring him back regardless. Mark it down! Based on the locker room endorsing, defensive production, and recent win/reputation change with the team.

    Is it championship football no, but our standards have lowered.

    Another year. At least they’ve drafted well and that’s better than the product on the field.

  15. Patrickbucs Says:

    I love how everyone pretends they know what the Glazers are thinking, no one does. Any media report the Gruden, Kelly, Schiano hires or attempted hires ahead of time?

    The Bucs get 2 real wins against quality teams like the 49ers and Saints (at full strength) then you would think he would be hard to fire IMO.

  16. chickster Says:

    It takes this staff to long to adjust and he is not an nfl caliber coach

  17. Joe Says:

    @Mord & @Patrick in VA. — Joe strives for perfection with grammar and the nuts and bolts of writing here. Joe’s hardly perfect, but it is taken seriously, and Joe always appreciates a heads up in the comments.

  18. chickster Says:

    when fans start saying were are going to be good and a coach says it that means next year will be a lot of the same as this year sorry morons but the bucs will stink it up next year to

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Biff & Architek

    As you can see from my earlier post….I agree entirely.

    Anyone hoping that Schiano is going to be fired will be sadly &as bitterly dissapointed. You can pretty much take it to the bank….he will be back. It is the assistants (Sully) that have the job on the line.

  20. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Bucs may win or lose, but either way Schiano will likely still be the coach next year.

    I don’t believe Schiano’s job is in jeopardy at all right now. And it won’t be unless the team turns on him in the press.

  21. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I think Tampabaybucfan nailed it.

  22. SombreroBro Says:

    Very big game indeed, for more than just the HC.
    I am also looking forward to seeing how Mike Glennon responds in light of his play last week.
    I know his job is safer than Schiano’s, but a big game from #8 could be very telling of his true character.
    I hope he has a solid game.

  23. Awaiting moderation Says:

    My concern is that Shiano has never accomplished anything significant. We were 7-9 last year and probably 5-11. I try to be optimistic but it’s not easy.

  24. Awaiting moderation Says:

    Having said that a win today would be significant

  25. Architek Says:

    Yes – that’s exactly it but the bigger question is while Sully and Sheridan playcalling is less than desirable, is it beneficial to keep the staff in place for continuity and progression?

    Glennon may not be a budding superstar (we don’t know) but keeping structure and terminology around him is critical. Remember what Raheem and Schiano echoed the biggest jump for players is between year 1 and 2.

    Also factor the defense – you all know I’m no fan of Sheridans style of defense and horrid zones/ineffective blitzes but something is to be said for the league leading secondary in interceptions.

    I think a couple of weeks off and review of the film will tell.

    Dominik also should be evaluated as a long term answer.

  26. PRBucFan Says:

    “if this dude was black he would already been out on his ass and y’all would be happy about it…”

    Your stupid as hell

    Bwahahaha smh, what a tool.

  27. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I think Schiano coming back is already a done deal like a couple other fans have already said. To change the whole coaching show now would not be in the Bucs best interest. Let’s hang on to what we got, cause we got a lot.

  28. PRBucFan Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    December 15th, 2013 at 10:36 am
    I agree with “dissenting Joe”….I think Schiano is back regardless of this game…and the other two….unless there is a total breakdown and he somehow loses the team in the process.
    The Glazers will bring him back, regardless….lets just hope that Schiano doesn’t bank on it.
    Sully is another matter altogether.

    I agree with you bro but I would be willing to bet that there is no way we lose three in a row. I believe we win at least 2 of the next three to close out the season.

  29. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ PR….oh yea….I think we will win 1 or 2….its just that we don’t have to for Schiano to come back.
    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and Schiano & Bucs weren’t killed….just wounded….

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Architek

    I agree that continuity is important but in both assistants cases, that can be maintained…..McNulty can take Glennon and the Offense….and either Butch Davis or Wannstedt can take the defense….It’s Schiano’s defense so the continuity will still be there either way.
    I am more concerned with Sully than Sheridan…

  31. PRBucFan Says:

    I hear ya TBBF

  32. Ryan Says:

    @PRBUCSFAN… Hey I’m a black male and i just call it how i see. Im educated i understand that stuff like that matters in America at every level. Im 25 and I’ve already experienced it to a degree in my life. What would u know about it??

    And whats the difference between him and Raheem except that Raheem went 10-6 with worse talent and then followed it up by a terrible season. But u think this season isn’t as bad?? You have got to be kidding me?? With the talent on this team?? Dont be a prisoner of the moment PRBUC…. Learn to look back and see where this team should have been

  33. Ryan Says:


  34. PRBucFan Says:

    I don’t care if your black, orange, or, red

    Your a dumb a$$

    And your comment is still that of a tool.

    If Rah would have done been able to stop the players from completely quitting on him maybe he would have kept the job. Or Rah would have been able to not lose 10 in a row maybe he would have kept his job.

    The situations are DIFFERENT.

    But I’m sure the glazers care for race just ask Tony Dungy.

  35. PRBucFan Says:

    My comment is awaiting moderation.

  36. SombreroBro Says:

    It’s nice to make new friends.