“Have To Recognize What Your Quarterback Is”

December 26th, 2013

Change around Mike Glennon? Or a change of QB?

In this CBSSports.com video preview of the Bucs-Saints game Sunday, NFL insider Pat Kirwan, the former Jets personnel chief and linebackers coach, seems stunned that Greg Schiano’s job might be in jeopardy. Kirwan reveals he’s heard new intelligence this week that blindsided him.

Kirwan endorsed a Schiano return, though he wasn’t robust about it. Under that scenario, Kirwan claims the Bucs “have to recognize what your quarterback is” and revive their offensive line.

Kirwan said, “they’re not going back in the draft; they like Glennon,” and Kirwan wants to see the Bucs not only focus on acquiring offensive talent in the offseason but perhaps change the offense.

What Joe can’t stomach is all the love for Glennon to the point where it seems the New Schiano Order might be willing to anoint him as “The Man.” Glennon’s body of work is a very tough sell when there’s going to be a 2014 draft rich in quarterback talent and the Bucs likely will be sitting with a top-6 draft pick.

For the sake of argument, Joe’s going to rule out the availability of a good veteran starting QB. Then why wouldn’t the Bucs draft a QB in the first round if they grade a QB as such? Is competition and talent such a bad thing at the quarterback position?

If the Bucs signed a QB in the first round, then he’d likely get a five-year, $25 million contract, per the NFL labor agreement. Glennon has three years remaining at about $800,000 per. The Bucs would still be spending relatively little money at the position.

Like Kirwan said, though his implication was different, “you have to recognize what your quarterback is.”

36 Responses to ““Have To Recognize What Your Quarterback Is””

  1. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Joe – Competition at QB is bad when there are definite holes in other positions. Drafting to have a position duke it out to see who can do it better is a luxury that teams have when the rest of the team is pretty solid. That’s not a luxury that the Bucs have. We have needs to address. Wants can be taken care of in the latter rounds

  2. Architek Says:

    Man, Joe you must stop torturing us with this Schiano propaganda. This is not a championship caliber organization at this point and the coaches stink to hell.

    Glennon is a decent prospect but as others have pointed out he is simply not going to be better the three other quarterbacks in the division and the coaching will not out do the opposing coaches.

    Dominik again, he has made some great moves but there is always six days to Sunday – his winning % simply is subpar and when will he be held accountable?

    Glazers are running the risk of becoming the worst franchise in the NFL and it’s unnecessary because they need to really evaluate the future. Schiano is not the future. The vision is not there and his coaching style is not a champion caliber.

    I do believe the Bucs will improve but if the goal is to win a championship the current staff is simply not good enough.

  3. Mr. Patrick Says:

    No QB in the NFL would look good in this horrible offensive system. The Bucs have the lowest rated offense in the NFL for a reason. And stop blaming it on injuries. Each team has major injuries. When this team was healthy early in the season the offense was still not moving the ball or scoring. Plus if you remember back, everybody was concerned because it looked so bad through the Pre-Season. It’s just an outdated, cold weather offense that no longer works in the NFL. If Schiano can’t or won’t change to a more progressive offense that can score points and win in today’s NFL, then bring in somebody else that will. Then and only then will the Bucs know what they have in Mike Glennon

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    A good bonus reason to fire Schiano may be that it will end the constant barrage of “Fire Schiano” posts….not really a pleasant experience for Buc fans….at least if he is fired we can look forward to the new coach, assistants & the draft…and then look forward to a new season and the necessary honeymoon for the new coach’s record..oh….I forgot, we just had that didn’t we?

  5. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ TBBF
    If at the end of the Honeymoon you can obviously see that the Marriage is horrible and will not last, the best thing to do is get it annulled or divorced before it gets worse and drags down all parties involved. Then move on to something much better

  6. FLBoyInDallas Says:


  7. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Oh, and #FireSheridan

  8. Splengo Says:


    You we’re suppose to get a message from JBF that says “seems like you’ve said that before”. You’ve hung Schiano so long now you’re starting to post like he calls offensive plays – just keep throwing the same stuff out there and see if it sticks.

    Like all of us you’re exhausted and you can’t come up with new material. If I were you, I would just give it a rest! Lol

  9. mvermulm Says:

    I don’t believe any QB that will be available in the top 10 will be worth picking at that spot (outside of Bridgewater). This seems to be the best year ever to acquire a solid QB in the 2nd-4th rounds to compete. McCarron, Murray, Mettenberger, Garoppolo, Boyd, Morris, etc. Because of the needs at other positions, I think drafting someone in those rounds to compete/develop would be a better move for next season than reaching for a QB with question marks like Carr, Manziel, or Bortles (who I would love if we were drafting 20-ish but not 7). It is definitely true that the offense needs to be tailored more towards the strengths of the QB though, as that’s something they’ve had problems with for both Freeman and Glennon.

  10. Tampabaybucsfan Says:


    Only problem is the alimony

  11. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ TBBF
    We all have to pay for our mistakes

  12. Jim Says:

    Well, at least Bucs fans will again get to see what a real QB looks like on week 16. Drew Brees. Perhaps one day the Bucs will have a real QB. I hope.

  13. BIG SIR Says:

    Patrick in VA’s argument is the worst argument I have ever read. Competition at the most important position in all of sports is essential until THE GUY is found and turns into the franchise QB. Handing someone a job because of a lack of options turns into a “Freeman to the Vikings” situation where you play someone who clearly shouldn’t be on the field. Simply because you painted yourself into a corner. Regardless of who is the HC, GM, OC next season we better see a high round rookie (1st – 3rd draft pick) and a veteran QB who can actually help them learn the game.

  14. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Big Sir – We don’t even know what we have at QB. We know that we have holes at WR, OL, and DE. If we shore up some of those offensive holes then that will give Glennon the ability to show us what he has. I’m not going to support spending a 1st round pick on a QB just to watch Glennon potentially beat him out of the starting spot when there’s a fully capable offense and that’ll leave us with a wasted pick. We don’t know that QB is a hole yet. Fix the known holes and give Glennon a chance to prove himself

  15. Clowney Says:

    Where the Bucs are drafting, their 4th pick is almost a 3rd. Use that pick on Aaron Murray, give him time to rehab, and they’ll be set at that position for a decade.

    The biggest problem will be keeping Clowney from Atlanta. The Bucs may have to draft 6 QB’s, to keep fresh bodies behind center or draft Taylor Lewan at LT.

    During the playoffs, keep an eye on Jay Gruden, an offensive genius. Speaking of honeymoons for new coaches, after the last Gruden hire, the honeymoon took us to San Diego.

  16. mvermulm Says:

    Agree, Clowney. I think the only way the Glazers should replace Schiano is if they have an obvious upgrade already lined up. Otherwise we’re changing just to change, and that’s rarely a good thing, especially with so few legitimate coaching candidates out there. Jay Gruden would be bringing in an offensive-minded coach who has had great success with limited options in Cincy, and he has won numerous championships in the arena league as both a player and coach (not saying that’s the NFL, but it’s dealing with professional athletes who are grown men). He’s probably the only head coach candidate I’d say absolutely fire Schiano for at the moment.

  17. pick6 Says:

    how to get from where we are to annual contention

    step 1. let this defense become the second coming of our dominant kiffin era D. in revis, mccoy, and david we already have 3 guys who look like they could reel off a defensive MVP season at some point. draft for outside pass rush and some depth. oh, and no more stunting.

    step 2. let glennon be brad johnson (with better wheels and a bigger arm)

    offense doesn’t need to be elite with the trajectory this defense is on. a couple home run hitters at the skill positions and getting the OL to where we always thought it was on paper would allow glennon and the offense to hold up their end of things.

    i agree that the offensive scheme needs to get a little more dynamic, with this head coach that may always be a gripe, but we’re close to a formula we’ve seen work in Tampa before

  18. pick6 Says:

    we don’t necessarily need a drew brees. keep building this defense and a trent dilfer or mark sanchez can take us deep into the playoffs.

  19. Patrick in VA Says:

    @pick6 – Carolina is depending on a stout D and a sometimes shaky offense. We’ll see how that formula works for them before we go grab up Sanchez

  20. Orca Says:

    No QB can succeed with crap offensive line play.

  21. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “there’s going to be a 2014 draft rich in quarterback talent”

    I keep seeing this written, but, I don’t see it. Who are all the talented QBs? Bortles? Even Bridgewater is not guaranteed to come in and light the world on fire. This has zero to do with my feeling on Glennon. I just don’t see the big deal about this years QB class. Maybe Joe has been intensely studying this class and can share some information.

  22. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Idk what half of you guys are saying… Freeman led his same offense to a top 10 offense. Under glennon it has become the worst. Coaches are the same, the difference is the terrible qb. Now I’m no freeman lover, he was too inconsistent to stay the franchise qb we needed. But glennon is far worse of a prospect than freeman was. Freeman atleast wins games. Glennon has not won a game yet. The wins we did get this season were thanks to the defense. Glennon did his part but he didn’t do anything special to win the game for us. Freeman had numerous 4th quarter comebacks, even in his rookie year. And the team talent level was ten times worse Freeman’s rookie year than glennons rookie year. Dump schiano and his sissy quarterback. We need real football coaches and a real quarterback.

  23. Ed Says:

    Well said Trubucfan22.

  24. Bill T Says:

    Funny…Booger saying right now on 98.7 ragging on Glennon and not the answer and they need a difference maker.. Nonstop…but his sub-in co-host saying “fine, than what is the answer…who is the guy you would draft or bring in?” Booger has the nerve to say “I have not studied film on Bridgewater or the others”. Is he joking? Bridgewater? 2 problems, Boog…1) Bridgewater won’t be there when the Bucs draft. 2) have some guts and stand by SOMEONE.
    Guest asks him would he bring in Cutler at a huge cost? Ummmm, nothing…ok, thanks. All for ratings I guess 🙁

  25. Cody Says:

    Note to Dominic (If you’re still here in April): Please Draft Sammy Watkins with the 1st pick forget QB…This offense is in dire need of an explosive playmaker that keeps DC’s up all night…Throw Sammy Watkins in the mix with V-Jax, Mike Williams, Tim Wright, aaand a healthy Doug Martin woo look out NFL…

    My take on why our offense sucked this season…The #1 problem for us this year is our O-Line got old and stale right in front of our eyes…We never could run the ball consistently and, Freeman nor Glennon had much time to pass this season…

    For much as people hate on Glennon he did prove to me that when given time he can carve up a defense…With that said, Glennon’s receivers where banged up all year; thank the Football Gods he had V-Jax and Tim Wight just so happened to emerge; outside of those 2 Glennon rarely had anybody else to throw too…

    Imo we should address our offense early this upcoming draft…After drafting Sammy in the 1st round…I think we should address our OL immediately in the following rounds…we need a couple young & talented additions to our OL…most of our current OL is either plateaued, on the decline, or never-was…

  26. johnny Says:

    No excuses for Glennon .. He is surrounded with great talent like Bobby Rainey ,Skye Dawson , Tiquan Underwood ,Chris Owusu and the best Offs line in the league .

  27. Kevin Says:

    We need offensive talent. Giving Mike williams the contract they game him was ridiculous . Vincent Jackson would be a game changer if he had other talent on the field with him, not that he should be off the hook for his drops this year, but another 6-4 6-5 receiver across from Jackson with a shifty little guy in the slot would be great. Also how about throwing the ball to our RB’s a little or ALOT more next season. It seams to work for every other team that uses them in the passing game but we make what 25 passing attempts to our backs in an entire season? Put Williams in the slot next year since we are married to him and draft a top WR prospect, a TE and beef up the line. And one more thing….PUT DOWN THE PLAY CARD GREG!!!!!

  28. Bill T Says:

    Cody – totally agree on Glennon remarks and drafting of Watkins. Also, spot on regarding line being the problem. No running game puts QB in a big jam. Wish Glennon could move around pocket better, and has to improve here greatly to be a true #1.
    OC has to go though. I don’t recall worse playcalling in years as I did in the Rams game. Reminded me of the John Mckay days

  29. Harry Says:

    I don’t agree at all. This offense got NYG to the Super bowl TWICE. It got our Bucs to a #9 ranked offense last year with Leaky Free. No, No, No, the problem is the lack of a QB.

    WE MUST DRAFT A QB IN 2014 with our 1st rd pick!!

  30. Jim Says:

    Our guard play is just attrocious. Carl Nicks will probably never play again. Davin Joseph is not the same. The team needs to start building from those positions.

  31. BoJim Says:

    I think we should keep Schiano but fire Sullivan and replace him with Jay Gruden. And let Gruden call the offense.

    Go for OL, DE, TE, WR. Not necessarily in that order.

    Glennon will be fine if we surround him with the tools he needs.

  32. P'cola Buc Says:

    I love Glennon, his work ethic and his smarts… But it’s just the very attitude noted above by BoJim that “Glennon will be “FINE” ” that is the problem. We are in a division with elite QBs and we, the red headed step child… Feel that having a QB that is just good enough is all we are worth. The Buccaneers and it’s loyal fans should want to be equals in our division. We deserve better… We deserve elite as well. Let’s expect more of ourselves and keep trying till we get our man. He touches the ball every offensive play. Dominik get it done!

  33. ctord Says:

    Stop blaming the offensive scheme and system for poor play. the scheme and system won a super bowl with the right players running it. We either do not have the right people for the scheme or the system does not fit the players but whatever it is, this team has failed on all sorts of levels to establish any idenity on offense. are we run oriented or pass oriented? either the quarterback has to go or the system or both. we need major change and excitement to come to Tampa and I don’t see this offense or Glennon being able to accomplish that goal. Where are the threats on offense? this is a quarterback league all of the rules dictate that and the teams with the best quarterbacks are winning and will continue to. welcome to the new NFL

  34. Drew Says:

    Jay Gruden is under contract and the only way he becomes a Buc is as a HC.

  35. Drew Says:

    BTW, the Offensive offense problems are due to the OL and injuries to Martin and Williams. The back up role players are players that were walking the streets before the injuries.

  36. White Tiger Says:

    I’m not seeing how Glennon is going to get much better – he’s got some of the best receivers in the game, his running game was sound before muscle hamster went down to injury – but he’s SO immobile – he can’t get out of his own way!

    We’re not good offensively – that line was built for a mobile QB – if we keep Glennon, we’re committing resources for at least 3 positions on o-line. We would be committing premier draft picks to build an o-line to block an immobile QB, at the very point in history where the exact opposite type of talent is peaking!? …come on, that decision alone is what will cost ‘Lil Duce’ his job…he bet the house on Glennon, and he was wrong!

    It would be much easier to find a good, mobile option and reinforce the line built to protect a mobile QB. That’s what’s made our line look bad – the talent was assembled for someone that can move his feet. When guys are built to move, trap and pull – are instead made to stand and block – something is going to look bad…somewhere…guess what?

    Schiano is history, or we’re going to beat average teams and lose to those who are better coached. We’re in the wrong division for that to work.

    His defensive philosophy has dominating talent performing at a “meh” level, every week…unless they play a Dolphins team that was missing 3 starters on the o-line….and they barely pulled it off…