Greg Schiano: The Family Man

December 19th, 2013

This is a first for Joe. In the more than five years Joe has had this site up, Joe has never offered any content on this here corner of the Interwebs from WFLA-TV Channel 8 princess Gayle Guyardo. And
that’s not a good thing. It’s just, she rarely does sports pieces because that’s not her gig. Likely still flying high over her Auburn Tigers, Gayle decided to take a break from interviewing presidential candidates and the “King of All Media,” Howard Stern, which was maybe her biggest “get,” and dip her toe into the waters of Bucs football. She had a lengthy sitdown with Bucs commander Greg Schiano, who discussed his private life, how he handles the down times, and how much Schiano loves living in the Tampa Bay area. It’s a pretty neat interview; though very, very, very bad angles of Gayle. TV is a visual medium, guys, com’on!

WFLA News Channel 8

8 Responses to “Greg Schiano: The Family Man”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Wow….Schiano is smooth, well spoken and seems sincere. He would do well with any interviewer….Barbara Walters to Howard Stern.
    Seeing something like this makes me hope he succeeds on the field for us because off the field we can be proud to have him as our coach.
    The W-L record isn’t good…but he has come a long way from the bottom and has redeemed himself with many.

  2. chickster Says:

    Wow you should spit his junk out of your mouth and use listerene

  3. IamTheOne Says:

    That was bad videography. Gayle is not hard on the eye, why just shoot the back of her head for 1/3 of the frame.

    I am so torn on this Schiano thing. I think he is a good man at heart.

    I think the best thing for any team is to stick with the coach and qb they have unless EXTREME circumstances overwhelm that point. Consistency is the only way to grow.

    However he f’d up handling JoshVanWinkle. He is inflexible and unable to adapt.

    My fear is there is no good answer to questions we are presented.

  4. Hawk Says:

    Kudos to Coach Schiano for doing interviews/talk shows when he doesn’t have to and when he knows he’s going to get ‘tough’ questions.
    My whole problem with this particular interview is what Joe alluded to. ( I’d rather be looking at Gayle than coach. Come on!) What’s the #1 reason that anyone watches Channel 8? :^)

  5. Jordan Says:

    It’s nice to finally know more about Schiano, the man. The more I hear him speak, the more I realize how poorly the media has presented him up until this point.

  6. BucsFan68 Says:

    Jordan Says:

    It’s nice to finally know more about Schiano, the man. The more I hear him speak, the more I realize how poorly the media has presented him up until this point.
    It’s not the media’s fault; Schi’s “poor media presentation” is all on him.

  7. PRBucFan Says:

    TBBF .& Jordan

    You are exactly right 🙂

  8. teacherman777 Says:

    Josh Freeman got benched because he was partying more than preparing.

    Josh Freeman was a known drug user.

    Josh Freeman tried to sabotage the season on purpose.

    Josh Freeman had his career ruined by Raheem Morris.

    Raheem Morris was grinding on girls the night before games.

    Kellen Winslow is a DJ and ecstasy user.

    Coach Schiano is a good human being with solid morals.

    He is trying to turn around the most “party friendly” team in the NFL into a team of humble, hard working, young men who LOVE football.

    Coach Schiano is a hardass, but guess what? In football, you must be.

    Raheem Morris thought that Aqib Talib, Josh Freeman, Sean Jones, and Tanard Jackson were his “homeboys.”

    But in reality, they mistook his kindness for weakness, and they took advantage of his “friendly” style. They quit on him because they had ZERO respect for him.

    Just go back and watch our 10 game losing streak. It was unbelievable to see players not playing hard AT ALL.

    Coach Schiano has our ship going in the right direction. Trust me.

    We have a coach with character. And we are building a locker room culture of quality character. Unlike the Dolphins or some of the other teams around the league that build their team around talented premadonnas.

    The Bucs will be great.

    I think Schiano will be around for a decade or more. Because he is building our team on pillars of principled players.

    Go Bucs!