Grading The Schiano “Mandate”

December 5th, 2013

raheemcropppedThe leader of the New Schiano Order was ordered to pluck the weeds and revolutionize Bucs players’ behavior when he was handed the keys to the franchise last year.

Speaking in a candid interview with Steve Duemig on WDAE-AM 620 Tuesday, Schiano used strong language to explain that his cleanup job was not optional.

Duemig asked Schiano whether his now famous “laughingstock” comment to Bucs suiteholders in October, referring to the state of the Bucs’ discipline when Schiano arrived, is still viable.

“We were talking about some of the issues that when I came in as the head coach of the Bucs and, you know, not all of it is on-the-field stuff. A lot of it was stuff that quite frankly was known throughout the league and was, you know, not real good and had to be cleaned up. And that was one of the mandates when I got hired: these are things that had to be fixed and brought back to normalcy. And I set out to do that.”

Schiano went on to say his use of the “laughingstock” was insensitive but “I feel like we’ve done a good job of getting things back to the way they should be off the field.”

Given that Schiano’s Bucs life is the balance with four games to play and a 3-9 record, Joe thinks it might be important to note that the Bucs have behaved extremely well off the field in 2013, surely cleaning up their reputation. That’s got to be a factor for Team Glazer, considering it was a “mandate” to Schiano.

No Bucs have had any brushes with the law during the season. Offseason funny business by Eric Wright and Cody Grimm likely cost them their jobs, and DaQuan Bowers’ gun charge turned out to be an innocent and harmless mistake.

Joe’s got to give Schiano an “A” for executing his mandate. But his other mandate was to win games and compete in the NFC South. The head coach has a lot of folks to win over in the next four weeks.

31 Responses to “Grading The Schiano “Mandate””

  1. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    not sure what coach could have won too many games with the crap we’ve had to deal with this year. injuries to star players, a selfish spoiled crybaby QB who wanted out, MRSA infections, starting a rookie QB during in a hostile environment, endless media drubbings, the list goes on. The fact that the team could hold it together enough after an 0-8 start, then win 3 straight, is borderline miraculous.

  2. Adam L. Says:

    Cab drivers are safer in Tampa Bay, I’ll give him that.

  3. Laughing Stock II Says:


    This is a professional team with highly paid coaches and players not children. They get paid to perform their jobs. These are millionaires paid to focus and perform in their jobs.

    Not to be confuse with Greg who is 12 years old unable to take out the trash in his house because Mark his brother who’s 14 years of age is calling him names.

    I hope during the games the opposing team don’t mess with their heads they might not be able to perform.

    They are responsible for their actions and are highly paid to do it.

  4. Biff Barker Says:

    An interview with Duemeg? Speaks volumes about Schiano’s character for even giving him the time of day.
    Duemeg’s criticisms went far beyond substance, the were personal attacks.

  5. Harry Says:

    Contrary to many other opinions in here, I thought getting a 4th rd pick in the trade for Talib was very reasonable (considering all the off field problems he had). But I always hated the Blount trade and felt like Schiano (not Dom) gave him away bc maybe he was crying about playing time. Now…. I wonder? Were they aware of Blount doing ‘things’ that may eventually be a potential problem off the field?

  6. Biff Barker Says:

    Just because someone is highly paid does not mean they will act in a professional manner.
    This issue goes well beyond sports.

  7. bucsfan13 Says:

    I look at the falcons who had similar injuries this year and look at their record.

    @joe I bet you would agree that mike smith is a good coach? but if we go by the W-L he should be fired. They were one play away from the superbowl last year and now they are in last place!

  8. bucsfan13 Says:

    Dueshmeg acts like a butt hurt baby because Freebow is no longer on this team.

    Freebow can’t beet out ponder …..tells you something huh!

  9. Harry Says:

    @Laughing Stock II Says:
    “This is a professional team with highly paid coaches and players not children. They get paid to perform their jobs. These are millionaires paid to focus and perform in their jobs.”

    While I agree with you in theory, the truth is that most of these “millionaires” have a high sense of entitlement and think the money will always be there, so they do whatever they want, including behaving badly. That is how we get the JaMarcus Russells, Rolando McLain, Talib.

  10. madmacskillz Says:

    I agree with Joe 100% on this one. At least in this area, Schiano has done an awesome job. Whether he is here or not next year depends on his record at the end of the year, as well as the direction of the team. But as a fan I super appreciate not having to think about rooting for players who should be locked up for terrible things (like rape.) The current players aren’t choir boys, but a guy like Jeremy Stevens won’t be on a team like this, to which I say thank you.

  11. Biff Barker Says:

    Joe, so Schiano was left to do all the housekeeping at OBP? Dom was equally culpable for putting these guys on the roster as much as Rah was supposedly coddling them.
    Just me, but the GM needs to be a mirror image of the owners will.
    Rah gets blown out, Schiano vilified and Dom gets a pass?
    I’m betting the Glazers think otherwise.

  12. d-money Says:

    To say that someone shouldn’t let things affect them because they are paid millions is just nonsense.

    Players are humans..young men just out of college with more money than they could have dreamed of and no trainng on how to handle it.

    Just because someone writes you a giant check doesn’t magically transform you into a well rounded adult that is able to handle anything that life throws at you…quite often its just the opposite.

  13. Biff Barker Says:

    BFan 13,
    Freebow? That’s hardly a fair description as these players were polar opposites.
    Freeman had talent without character, a selfish immature snot. Conversely, Tebow was a consummate team guy who lacked an NFL arm.
    I’d much rather live next door to the Tebow’s than the Freeman’s.

  14. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I will admit that Schiano really had his work cut out for him when he took over here as Raheem filled the locker room with his lazy thug drinking buddies. So that part of the Buc’s “Culture” has really changed for the better. However, the Bucs were a losing team when Schiano got them and they are a losing team now. That part of the “Culture” hasn’t changed

  15. bucsfan13 Says:

    why biff? I bet the freeman house is a hell of a good time!

  16. bucsfan13 Says:

    @joe Did anyone ever find out what happen during the trip to england? I heard that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. no one will talk about it though soooo it must be bad.

  17. Harry Says:

    @bucsfan13 Says:
    why biff? I bet the freeman house is a hell of a good time!

    Good point, but your wife will never let you go over there… lol

  18. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Sometimes, I calls Schiano, Coach Douche. Not because I don’t respect him, but, he was tasked with getting rid of all the malcontents and criminals. Cleaning out the system.

    If nothing else, I’m thankful for that. If only Mediocre Mark also gets massengilled.

  19. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Aside from the whole losing issue I think Schiano is doing a fantastic job. The problem I foresee personally is if he remains past the end of this season and we get a good draft pick he may be too connected to Glennon. I want a QB in the first round.

    Other than that I’m fine with Schiano staying as long as the players don’t quit on him.

    And for financial reasons I think Schiano pretty much is guaranteed to remain another year.

  20. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Besides maybe Bridgewater, what great 1st round QBs are out there this year?

  21. thegregwitul Says:

    Aqib Talib was in the last year of his contract and he wasn’t coming back, so getting anything of substance for him is a borderline miracle. Look, character matters for certain teams and while certain successful teams like Seattle may look the other way (see their trade for Marshawn Lynch, an all-time off the field turd during his time with Buffalo, for example) when it comes to character, the Bucs needed to clean house. When a team quits on the field as egregiously as the Raheem Morris led Buccaneers of 2011, significant changes to the roster and staff is in order.

  22. thegregwitul Says:

    RE: Greg Schiano

    So long as the Bucs don’t quit on the field and win another game or two (at least), Greg Schiano should be brought back for his third season as coach. He’ll have Mike Glennon for an entire season (along with a full offseason) as the starting QB, a high draft pick to work with, and maybe a few players added via free agency. The stink of Josh Freeman and hopefully the MRSA will have left the building, a few members of the coaching staff will be replaced, and Schiano will have his final shot to take this team to the postseason. The talent is there, but the execution still needs to be improved upon. Best case scenario; the Bucs turn it around next season and make the playoffs; Glennon continues to progress and Schiano keeps his job. Worst case scenario; the Bucs stumble and miss the playoffs and Glennon regresses, resulting in the removal of Schiano and possibly Mark Dominik, and a high draft choice in what could be a very promising QB class.

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Imagine your kid wearing an Aaron Hernandez jersey….There are countless players that have been cut for lack of character. I am proud of the Bucs…..GMC, LVD, Martin and even some of the Rutgers players….and Revis is top notch.
    I think making these changes has cost us in the short run but will pay off over time. Sure….Schiano needs to win, but lets give him some credit where it was due…..putting an end to the mindless thugs that were once Bucs. Lets trade thugs for thumpers!!!

  24. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I think it is a given that Schiano will be back next year to head coach the Bucs. I’m ok with that.

  25. chickster Says:

    This is a bad coached team and I think we are in for a loss at home so u guys can hope all u want a big loss on sunday will show u guys there is no hope here and ive heard more crap from these coaches about why. all teams deal with injuries I for one deserve better as a fan that has spent a lot of money to watch this poor mishandled team this is self inflicted pain and I wont spend another dime watching these coaches learn how to coach in this league

  26. Ed Says:

    They spent two million with Coach Morris and three hundred million with this coach. How many years will it take before he win 15 games,three years.

  27. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I don’t wish to defend Coach Rah but he’s getting single out unfairly.

    Tony Dungy built a team with character. Chucky took that team to the SB title and so he gets my respect as a coach. But as a man, not so much. It was Chucky who started the influx of thugs and losers into this organization. Rah just ran with the ball handed to him by Chucky.

    For all of you guys wanting to waste a first round draft choice on a Q.B….The two first round Q.B.’s…a few years back Brady Quinn and Jamarcus Russell. Then of course there’s Cryin Ryan Leaf. But perhaps we get lucky and get somebody like Jeff George.

    1st round Q.B.’s get paid boatloads and it’s always a HUGE gamble. I’m not a giant Glennon fan…yet…but he has shown promise. If the Bucs do take a Q.B I hope it’s not before the 3rd round. This team has deeper problems at positions other than Q.B.

  28. BucsFan68 Says:

    It’s all about winning in this league. To the folks saying Freeman
    wanted out; well, if a coach demonstrates by his actions that he doesn’t want you from the get go, a player would not want to be in that situation. If your company and or boss decided that you weren’t a good fit, you’d want out too.
    That happens all the time.

  29. buc4lyfe Says:


    ALL LIES BECAUSE CHIP KELLY WAS THE FIRST CHOICE, Atleast raheem morris nonsense was easier to ignore, he was entertaining because we knew he had no clue what he was doing.

    Can a bucs life get anymore pathetic? Yes because of ownership. We got rid of a hall of fame coach in father dungy for a great offensive minded coach Gruden but seriously let’s face it, he drafted “speedy” dexter Jackson with a high Draft pick, lasted one year and couldn’t outrun talib. Replaced gruden with a coach who had never been more than a position coach, left him in place three years to not only coach but call the defense having never been a D coordinator. That falls apart which should have been expected and instead of finding a veteran coach that could do the same thing, they hunt for a college coach not to win games but clean up an NFL Locker room? That’s saying he’s gonna be the coach for the foreseeable future he wasn’t brought in to win games yet! If the plan was to build through the Draft I could understand but stupid to do if your drafting only team captains and blowing big money on veteran free agents

  30. mpmalloy Says:

    The Schiano h8terz….
    They mad.

  31. Chris Says:

    Wow. I’m blown-away that Schiano would go on Deumig, after Steve’s been trashing him all year. I was always impressed that the coach was willing to go on the radio and take on hostile callers every week during the losing streak, but this takes the cake. For all his faults, you gotta give him some credit for that. Unless somehow Schiano and his people don’t know what Dumeig has been saying. I agree with the poster earlier who said his attacks have been more than just football criticisms, but borderline personal.