Glennon Hasn’t Done Enough

December 22nd, 2013

No. 8 doesn’t have it

When Josh Freeman was a rookie starting nine games on a garbage team, he closed that 2009 season with every last Bucs fan knowing he had a ton of promise. The raw skills and special talent were there.

Freeman had some standout games, despite his No. 1 wide receiver target being Maurice Stovall. (That’s right. Stovall was the WR with the most catches from No. 5 that season.)

But Joe’s not getting that standout feel from Mike Glennon. He hasn’t done much in a month.

Glennon has performed well at times, much better than expected overall. Don’t get Joe wrong. But Glennon looks nothing like a guy who should be anointed a starting job in 2014. He surely doesn’t look like a guy who can do anything without a humming running game. And he is nowhere close to the level of the other quarterbacks in the NFC South.

The comparisons to Cam Newton, Drew Brees and Matt Ryan are unfair, but they represent reality. Those are special quarterbacks. Glennon does not appear to be special.

Team Glazer is at a crossroads. The starting quarterback is always the face of the franchise, and Glennon looks like a strong backup and a potential average starter at best. Glennon’s body of work doesn’t show more than that. Yes, he’s weapons-challenged, but he’s struggling.

Glennon’s offensive coordinator is stuck in the mud, his offensive line has plummeted to below average, his running game is woeful, and he’s got little to throw to after Vincent Jackson. Glennon has every last excuse going for him. But those excuses don’t make him look special, and that’s what it takes to win in the NFL. You need that kind of quarterback.

About a year ago, Greg Schiano said he wanted competition for Josh Freeman. Now the Bucs need competition for Mike Glennon — top-flight competition.

50 Responses to “Glennon Hasn’t Done Enough”

  1. lurker Says:

    hear, hear

    The correct term is, “hear, hear!” It is an abbreviation for “hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!”

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    A really very bad combination for a Rookie QB:

    No Running Game
    Poor Pass Protection
    WRs Not Getting Separation Early
    Absoutely awful playcalling

    Sure, Glennon played his part but most everything has to go well for him to have success.

    We got down to the 5 and I told my wife….”watch us run it up the middle for no gain”….she said ” how did you know that”…I said….”Its our nature”

    Going forward, I agree with Joe….we need some competiton for Glennon…..I doubt he will have a meltdown if that’s what we do.

  3. Trox Says:

    I wonder what Joe would feel about A Gruden paired with Johnny Football?

  4. Jacko101 Says:


  5. Jason Says:

    Yeah Glennon just doesn’t have IT. I’m tired of seeing him throw the ball away on third down. Yeah the safe play whatever. Make a play!!! Three and out and punt isn’t good no matter what Greg says. He has enough players at the skill position to do something! He just isn’t the guy.

  6. Waterboy Says:

    I agree 100% with this article, Glennon looks decent but I haven’t had many “wow” moments with him. I’m not completely ready to close the book on him yet but I definitely wouldn’t pass on a TOP QB in the draft.

  7. FanOfBucs Says:

    Obviously Glennon hasn’t shown enough. He’s certainly done well enough to warrant more consideration, imo.

    Let him compete. Hopefully he has a new slate and coaches

  8. Macabee Says:

    I’m going to give Glennon a break here – not his fault, he was thrust into a difficult situation before he was ready. I feel sorry for him in some ways because I think he took a physical beating today.

    He reminds me of John Skelton, former QB for the Cardinals – both in physical appearance and playing style. Skelton started off with a bang and after winning a few games started a downward spiral that has carried him to 3 other teams without success. Skelton was also tutored by our own and probably next OC, John McNulty.

    Maybe McNulty can have better luck with Glennon, but the kid looks tentative and unnerved when thing go wrong. He’s accurate on the short passes and usually hits his target when he has time to throw. And that’s my biggest problem with Glennon is that he cannot move to create time to throw. Now I know he’s a rookie, but I don’t see the innate sense of the game, confidence, or game management skills that Joe calls “special”.

    Maybe he can get there, but his coach and handlers are running out of time with tremendous pressure to win now and it will be even worse next year. I don’t know if that’s the best environment to develop a QB that is not special.

  9. lurker Says:

    cam newton was sacked 4 times, 1 int., had only 116 yards in 59 minutes, no steve smith, and still marched down the field for a game-winning td pass. flashes of greatness…has the “it” factor.

    the giraffe has?

  10. Mike J Says:

    My dream is of a position player rd. 1 in may, & Zach Mettenberger rd. 2, almost healthy. The ol’ QB competition redux.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We absolutely must have another QB….I’m not saying that Glennon will win the starting job or not…just that he needs to win it.
    He was handed this job prematurely because of Freeman’s meltdown…and was met with injuries…a weakened O-line and a bad scheme week-to-week…..
    I actually think Glennon is following instructions from his coaches not to throw interceptions at any cost….take the sack, throw it away…but no turnovers.
    I’d like to see them unleash him when he has some weapons.

  12. JonBuc Says:

    Glennon is a solid backup that could hold the fort down for 1-2 games if needed…unless we all want The Greggy & Glennon Show to be renewed. I think I’d rather watch a Justin Beaver concert.

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This team made Brees look bad last week….they were beating the Saints 27-3 after 3 quarters and gave up some junk points late ultimately winning 27-16.
    That’s no excuse…just putting things in perspective.
    I am convinced that Freeman would have thrown at least 3 picks against this team today.

  14. patrickbucs Says:

    yes Glennon looks like he could be ok, let’s stay the course with Schiano, Dom, etc. and hope we win 8 games next year.

  15. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Joe or anyone else that can help. I’m using my phones web browser and for some reason I can only view a couple of comments even though their are a lot more listed. Any help would be appreciated.

  16. trubucfan22 Says:

    Glennon hasnt done jack $hit, tbh. Keep drafting qbs till we find one worth a damn.

  17. Mr. Patrick Says:

    No QB in the NFL would look good or have success in this horrible offensive system that was designed in the 1970’s to play in cold weather. For Christmas, Glazers need to get Glennon a new playbook

  18. Andrew 1 Says:

    Nm it’s working now. @ Macabee I agree. I will say that he looked better in college. We should at list bring in some serious competition.

  19. PRBucFan Says:

    All Free Free was was potential

    And prime example of “regression”

    He got worse as the years went on.

  20. albuc Says:

    they figured Glennon out … Flush him out of the pocket and he folds everytime. We need a new QB..but keep Glennon as a back up

  21. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Even though Glennon hasn’t looked great in the last few games, I would still take him over Josh Freebow any day of the week

  22. ryan Says:

    in a league where even crap QBs like Jason Campbell can nearly throw for 400 yards in a game, we Bucs fans are still waiting for our stiff of a QB to cross the 300 yard mark. Been a month since Glennon has thrown for 200+.

  23. BucsFan68 Says:

    The Bucs need a new QB and new offensive philosophy.

  24. Drew H. Says:

    put a bomb to this offensive. vjax, mike wililams, doug martin, mike james, tim wright and carl nicks can stay. everyone else is expendable. this team is a joke offensively.

    mike glennon is an above average game manager at best. not someone who will EVER win you ball games by himself. damn straight, with brees, newton, and mulligan matt ryan you need someone special out there who can make wow plays.

  25. j.r. Says:

    Are you guys serious?? Freeman had 18 picks to 10 int his rookie year and you guys were riding the franchise qb wagon. Now glennon with one star reciver,à waiver wire rb,à undrafted rookie tight end, an under performing offensive line gets 17 tds and 8 ints and hé is just not the guy? This qb draft class isnt the awnser. Murray is the only worth à crap and u guys want 5’8 Johnny football? Glennon has earned à shot as the starter next season.if our guys get healthy we could shock some people.

  26. Nick2 Says:

    The coach who runs his team like the Titanic (never adjusts even when he sees the iceberg off the starboard bow) will bring Glennon in as his guy next year and Dom will once again bring in some shill of a veteran such as Orlovsky or someone else who would barely make an NFL roster. I am tired of not EVER having a quaterback the league respects. Maybe Jeff Garcia got a little of that and Brad Johnson certainly but the were never the type to put a team on their shoulders. Here we have the Packers going from Favre to Rogers and the Colts going from Manning to Lcck. When will Buc fans get to enjoy just ONE qb who the team can count on?
    Please keep the roster mostly in tact and fire Dom and Schiano. The only coaches I would love to keep are Byner and Cox but sadly they will go with the rest of them.

  27. Nick2 Says:

    The Packers go from Favre to Rogers, the Colts go from Manning to Luck and we get Freeman to Glennon lol. Really? Way to go Dom don’t let the door hit you on your way out. You blew it with Freemand and Schiano is hitched to Glennon. I say get rid of them both and bring in a GM and coach who knows this is a quarterback driven league. The rest of the division knows that too bad Dom and Schiano missed the memo.

  28. Clwilljr Says:

    The article is right on point as a Bucs Fan we need a real Franchise Qb to this point we haven’t had one and we deserve it as fans please fire the college coach and hire a nfl coach and get the fans a Franchise Qb

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Glennon has terrible circumstances right now. That’s impossible to argue. His offensive line is often times dreadful. He has no one to throw to aside from Jackson. He usually doesn’t have any kind of a running game. The playcalling would have to greatly improve to even be considered horrible. No QB in the league would be great under these circumstances.

    That being said, he has rarely even flashed. People have gotten excited when he’s had all day to throw and he’s hit wide open receivers. He’s an NFL QB – that’s what he’s supposed to do. They can all do it, otherwise they wouldn’t be in the NFL. Buc fans are thrilled because he can accurately throw a 3 yard checkdown. Of course coming from Josh Freeman, you can’t really blame them. But really ask yourself this: when has he made a play this season where you said to yourself “WOW”? I can’t think of one. He’s made some good throws, don’t get me wrong, but the same could be said of Bruce Gradkowski. He’s been smart, he’s been relatively mistake free, and he’s been basically ok. I’ve got news for everyone: that’s not going to cut it in today’s NFL, especially in the NFC South. We’ll be battling for third place every year. It doesn’t matter how many weapons you give him, how good of an offensive line, he’s not going to be great. I hate that because I would love for him to be the greatest of all time, but you’d have to be blind to think he’s going to be a great one.

  30. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Realistically there’s no way we are drafting a QB in the first round, and there’s no way we are getting rid of Schiano. With those facts, I don’t know how to get excited about next year. I’ve always had the “we’ll be great next year” attitude, but I can’t have it with those two as our leaders. I can’t see how we could even be 8-8. It has been proven in the last 2 years that you can’t win with Schiano’s philosophy. You can’t just pound the ball on the ground and chuck it deep every so often. You have to have diversity, and you have to adapt to the type of talent you have. Schiano refuses to do that. He thinks he has the system, and we are just going to be able to impose our will on people. You have to have an element of out-scheming your opponent to win. All the good teams like SF, Seattle, New England, New Orleans, and Denver all out scheme their opponents, even though they have more talent than most of their opponents. Do we really believe that we are so talented that we don’t need to do that? We basically play with a preseason game plan and expect to beat NFL teams. Maybe at Rutgers, but not here.

  31. biggun Says:

    Glennon needs protection payton manning could not have done better. Watch the all 22 tape and see what Glennon had to work with the def coverages, get an Oline with big ass TE’s that can block and you’ll see he’ll be fine.

  32. Paul Says:

    I think Glennon has done pretty much what has been asked of him. The problem is, they aren’t letting him do much. No audible out of bad defensive looks or changing protections, so it’s hard to judge with a control freak coaching staff.

  33. Patrick in VA Says:

    If you take away every weapon a qb has to throw to, take away his running game and toss in about 1.2 seconds to get the ball off before he’s thrown to the ground and every qb from johnny unitas to joe’s beloved johnny football wouldn’t have IT. Matt Ryan looks pretty pedestrian now that he doesn’t have anyone to throw to. Drew Brees has never been without Darren Sproles, Pierre Thomas and Marques Colston at the same time. Oh, by the way, the kid is a rookie. Oh, by the way, the defense knows what plays we’re running as soon as we get to the line because our offense is way beyond vanilla. Nick Foles looked like he barely belonged on the field until he figured out the system and got a few years under him. We have significant problems on this team but our need that should be addressed in the first round is on the O line, not at QB. I’m fine with bringing in competition in the later rounds or through free agency but give the kid a chance to show us what we’ve got before we throw him to pasture.

  34. mvermulm Says:

    I just don’t see how you bring back a coaching staff who refuses to adjust their schemes to fit their talent. Freeman was a QB who excelled at improving and playing outside the pocket, yet the staff kept him inside. Glennon is a QB who excels at the short-to-intermediate passing game, yet the staff has him in a boom-or-bust deep passing system. The d-line is best at rushing upfield, yet the staff has them doing stunts constantly (less the last couple of weeks finally, but it took almost two years). I’m okay with keeping Schiano if they bring in new coordinators who can adapt to their talent, but I’m also okay if they decide to clean house.

  35. biff barker Says:

    “Glennon does not appear to be special?”

    Well, you could say that about 40 other players on the active roster. We just can’t compete in the trenches. This team is just not good enough.

  36. bucsQcCity Says:

    Nothing against Glennon. He’s motivated, eager to learn and has some qualities but its lack of pocket awareness, its minus 10 sacks and its -5 yard checkdown completed pass depress me. Plus that damn VJ jump ball I can’t stand it..

    Oddly when I look at Glennon, I feel the same frusrtation as Freeman: Doing mostly bad but showing just enough to not chop the axe without a doubt..

    I think we need to draft QB, dump nick and throw a lot of money on an improved OL (or draft).. Try to buyout Graham from the saints too

  37. Santa Says:

    Bucs need a lot of things: new coach, gm, de (that can actually get to QB), reciever, TE, OT, guard, slot reciever Ect ……..

  38. PhantomVash808 Says:

    Bucs should draft Aj Mccarron or Aaron Murray if they fall in the draft. I wouldn’t mind if the Bucs traded for Cousins just not for a 1st round pick.

  39. Bucsfanman Says:

    Patrick in Va., I agree. How can you expect to see the “IT” factor when your QB is on his back every other play, the OC can’t call a game, and you have 1 WR. This town has been burned so many times that we have the proverbial “itchy trigger finger” syndrome. Yeah it was god-awful to watch yesterday, but lets put this thing in perspective. Put Glennon in when we have our full complement of players like Martin, Williams, Nicks, and Wright. Then give him the plays to complement that talent. After that, we will know for sure what he can do. Does everyone forget the kid’s a rookie?!
    Honestly, what we should look for in the draft are OL. I don’t see Nicks coming back, Joseph has slid a bit, and Penn seems average at best. Our best two OL are a converted basketball player at RT and Zuttah at C. After all, you have to have an offensive line to play “Power” football.
    Go Bucs!

  40. IMiss#40 Says:

    With the knee injury, we might be able to get Murray in the 2nd round…or trade down, take him late first and get a WR and TE with the additional picks. Ebrin, Aramo, or Seferen-Jenkins would be a nice 2nd round addition, we need a TE no matter who the QB is.

  41. c-spann Says:

    dont know about you guys bout i rather see another successful coach come in and take over. the play calling is horrid on both sides of the ball. I believe we have the talent to go to the playoffs, but not the coaching staff to pull it off.

  42. c-spann Says:

    we also can use a QB as well

  43. Buc'dUP Says:

    Your right He hasn’t, but dude come on a rookie, in sullivan awful offense, 3rd string running back, one slow #1 reciever, a rookie qb, and your going to act like Glennon can’t play..He has done great for what he has!!

  44. bucemup Says:

    Glennon is having a way better rookie season than Foles had last year. Sullivan is gonzo next year. He’ll get a legit slot WR next year. To go with William’s,V-jax and Wright. Martin,James and Rainey in the backfield. A couple new O-lineman. We have a lot less holes to fill for next year. We need #3 WR,2 O-lineman (I think Nick’s,Jospeh get released). OLB DE’s. He’ll be 25 pound’s heavier next year. Can’t get any slower so minus well be strong like bull. Drafting a Qb leaves them open to a 20TD,30 Int rookie season. Which would be hard to swallow when the backup had a better rookie season.

  45. bucemup Says:

    Too many 4 win team’s. No need to win that game. I think we sit in a 3rd-6th overall. A silly late season win cost us Calvin Johnson

  46. Bill T Says:

    There is no way Glennon can succeed with what the Bucs are giving him. First off, Sullivan’s play calling is so bad, its nauseating. How the F do you run the ball up the middle nearly every 1st down play? Every Defense will gameplan to stop the run with this putrid lineup. You have to run play action/pass over 50% of the time (watch Brady and the Pats or Manning and Denver). You can’t wait till 3rd and 8 to pass the ball.
    2nd, where were Underwood or Ozuhu (whoevever) all game? Nowhere because there is hardly any separation or Glennon is already on his butt.
    3rd, the Oline is terrible. They can’t open any holes for the running game and their pass protect was silly yesterday (and many other Sundays).
    I echo others on here…they need so much help that fans who think they should be better are totally clueless…they have average talent at best, especially on offense. They need 2 O-linemen plus either a burner WR or a Wes Welker type slot. My big problem w/ Glennon is his immobility. He better go to a Speed camp this offseason, lol
    And Sullivan has to go!!!

  47. Hawk Says:

    Let’s look at it from a different angle.
    *If* this had been Johnny ‘Football’ (or any other ‘franchise QB’), that had gone through this year, would we be calling him a ‘bust’? Or saying “They need to see him with something to work with”.
    And don’t say, “He would have done better”, because you don’t *know* whether he would have done better or worse. If you did, you’d be smarter than *every* scout and coach in college and pros.
    I’m not against bringing in another QB (Except with the 1st or 2nd pick), but I do believe that Glennon didn’t get a fair chance to prove breakout or bust.

  48. Bucamania Says:

    I know we’re all thrilled that Glennon is the anti-Freeman but there are a half dozen backup QBs that I’d play before him including Josh McCown, Matt Flynn, Foles/Vick. Heck, Kelly f-ing Clemons played better than him yesterday. Glennon has yet to flash brilliance of any kind. Bucs have to keep trying to find a QB who can be special in a division with Brees, Cam, and Ryan.

  49. oldfart44 Says:

    If we got new coordinators, do you really think things would change? Schiano is not the type to delegate. McNulty would just be another Rutgers yes man. To think we might have had Chip Kelly as HC; damn!

    If you watched the Cardinals vs Seahawks yesterday, you could not help but notice that although Palmer threw up 4 INTs, he made the play that counted for the win.

    For those of you who has an intense dislike of Freeman, he did that a lot in the past where he may have stunk the place out, but in the end, the gave the Bucs a chance to win.

    This is why I want closure to what happened. I read a lot of innuendo and libellous statements, but no proof of what transpired. But I do know about what happened in the press box with security.

    I wrote a series of questions privately to another site where amongst other things, the writer said that 2 players went to Schiano to complain about Freeman’s accuracy. Did some of his teammates turn on him? Are we probably thinking of a couple of WRs?

    I want to know where this leak information stands. What has the nflpa discovered, or is it over, or on going?

    Schiano should have stuck with Freeman longer, and let Glennon observe. The latter was put in an untenable position by this idiot.

    Do you really think things will change if they retain him as HC?

  50. Burg Says:

    I know the low S.A.T. USF crowd won’t want to hear it, but…

    (Bucs-Schiano)+Bortles= wins