Fennelly: Time To Clean House

December 29th, 2013

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Well, this is a Sunday morning eye-opener. Tampa Tribune columnist Martin Fennelly is a lot of things. A gifted writer. A hilarious wordsmith. A scribe who finds and flushes out the absurdities in sports, specifically locally.

A headhunter Fennelly is not and never has been. So it was jarring for Joe to read Fennelly’s latest piece this morning calling for a regime change at One Buc Palace. Fennelly is calling for a MRSA-like delousing of the building not just including Bucs commander Greg Schiano, but also Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik.

In 2013, expectations were high — high. Remember that.

The ax should fall.

I don’t want to hear that there are no other coaches out there. There always are. It’s just a matter of finding the right one.

Well, Joe made a case both for and against Schiano on Christmas Day. One reason to keep Schiano is that the franchise will never move forward if you are running coaching staffs in and out every two years and no coach short of maybe Vince Lombardi could win when your starting quarterback goes mental at the beginning of the season and tries to roll a live hand grenade through One Buc Palace in order for him to escape.

Last night Joe was talking with a former Bucs player who played for both Father Dungy and Chucky. He told Joe he wishes Dominik would have been more forceful in demanding Michael Bennett stay on the roster and pull the trigger on Johnny Football this May, whether Mike Glennon is Schiano’s guy or not.

The problem with drafting Johnny Football is, if the Bucs do not win with Schiano next year, then he is very likely purged and then the old dog-chasing-its-tail routine starts all over again with a promising young quarterback having to take two steps back to learn his second offense in as many years.

Joe is going to guess the outcome of today’s game against the Saints, no matter the margin of the loss game, will not determine Schiano’s fate. Team Glazer isn’t that rash and reactionary.

53 Responses to “Fennelly: Time To Clean House”

  1. Paul Says:

    I thought this site wasn’t into using anonymous sources.

    Correct. Joe doesn’t like to use anonymous sources to break news or start rumors. Joe isn’t doing that here. –Joe

  2. BucNasty!!! Says:

    That’s bs we came into the season with high expectations that’s why we traded for revis. Now this ass clown wants to tear this team down to fit his mold to try to win and it’s ludicrous. Why dumb us down to read your story. He spins pr to tell you where not in a position offensively to compete or come back from any type of deficit. And I don’t agree with that when we had free we didn’t have that mentality weather he was accurate or not he had the spark to bring us back from the depths of a loss and no free hater or lover can deny that. If we can no longer compete it’s because Schiano couldn’t right the ship the one he was hired to right . He should have done a better job keeping the franchise qb locked in and focused and if he was to the point where he was unavailable you should have contingency plans n place to have a better plan b then Glennon because we’ve regressed as a team where we don’t have confidence n our self to actually play nfl football. We always give credit to the other team they were good they ran well they did that we’ll there a good defense blah blah blah we get paid to and it’s to do a job . A job we are capable of doing just not and when u don’t do your job u get fired plan and simple and I can’t see how any1 justifies giving this bs a chance for a whole extra year he is who he is a freaking bum!!!!

  3. BucFanForever Says:

    To call what Schiano coaches “offense” is very generous.

    It is more defensive time killing.

    Johnny Football would be learning offense for first time in 2015.

  4. the_buc_realist Says:

    Joe, I am very surprised you have no mention any where of the TKras interview of Chris Laundry last Friday. It was vey good, and very honest assesment of the bucs

    Joe didn’t listen to it. –Joe

    Also, how does a “player for Dungy and Gruden” know what happened between the Current GM and Coach during the “Bennett” conversations

  5. Macabee Says:

    Yeah, Joe. I’m not questioning your source, but he/she seems to imply that Schiano wanted Bennett and actually made that opinion known but should have been more vocal or forceful in making his desire known. It implies Schiano does not have final say on roster personnel.

    That’s the first time I’ve heard that or did I misinterpret what you said? Can you elaborate or devote an article to discuss the issue. To me, if true, has a bearing on several issues being discussed regarding Schiano’s tenure.

    You might have misinterpreted. Just because an ex-player wishes a GM put his foot down doesn’t necessarily imply a series of scenarios.–Joe

  6. McBuc Says:

    Macabe. He is saying opposite…

  7. McBuc Says:

    He said Dom should have been stronger in keeping Bennett

  8. Laughing Stock II Says:

    One day away from waking up from this nightmare. Today should be the icing in the cake. May the players have an outstanding game but may we get outcoached. The players and fans deserve better.

  9. the_buc_realist Says:

    After reading this article, I am glad to see that unamed sources agree that the biggest problems for the Bucs is the Gm. The coach can stay or go, it does not matter until we have a legitimate NFL GM

  10. Macabee Says:

    Thanks for helping me out guys. Memo to Macabee! Never post before the first cup of coffee! lol

  11. McBuc Says:

    Macabee. I am with you, I wrote like a caveman talks… Have a great Sunday everybody

  12. Formerly "Brown Bag" Says:

    All I want for Christmas is a new front office!

    How can the Glazers put this much money out and not roll heads after this season. That’s obviously a rhetorical question.

  13. Lou. Says:

    Buc fans seriously overvalue the talent on our team’s roster. We also forget the job the owners placed on GM and coach two years ago.

    In 2012, Bucs’s drafts had been putrid for at least seven years. The roster had several untrustworthy players. When the new regime was hired, the Glazers apparently gave instructions to clean the floors.

    The drafts have been much better — especially compared to the seven previous drafts. The roster has been cleaned up. There is more talent here, although only average for an NFL team. We have major holes — for instance, on defense we need 2 ends, a backer and at least a nickle. And don’t even think about offense in general or quarterback in particular. This isn’t KC, where a team with several good drafts underperformed. The Bucs tore down to the studs and are building back.

    In the Interview mentioned above, Chris Landry explained that, around the league and outside of Tampa Bay, folks don’t regard the Bucs as a talented team. Landry also pointed out that Schiano is the most knowledgeable football guy in the building. He said that three or four times. Think what that means about the Rock Star.

    Finally, we were sold a bill of goods on Freeman. He was not and is not a franchise quarterback. No shame in that — there are only 4 in the whole league, with 8 or so others (like Luck, Wilson, Flacco, E. Manning &c) trying to get there. We won’t have a franchise quarterback next year either, regardless of the coach. The Bucs have never had one (perhaps Williams; Young was not in his prime here). We can win without one, and I for one do not want to invest another 5-6 years in a failed p.r. experiment to pump up a flawed candidate. Mere competence would be a big improvement.

    I think Schiano should stay. There are no saviors, and the process is going to take a couple more years no matter who (GM and/or coach) is in charge. We don’t have to be realistic as fans, but reality will win out anyway.

  14. Eric Says:

    Dominik drafted the guy who tossed the grenade into the locker room.

    And if you keep hiring coaches the caliber of Raheem and Greg the team will never win.

    That’s why, when you have a good one, don’t be rash and reactionary and fire him so you can hire a guy with no experience and expect it to work – followed by a dude from Rutgers.

    The lesson to be learned is get NFL football people with deep meaningful experience in this league to coach and same applies to the GM. Dungy and Chucky both had it. The last two clowns hired don’t. Rockstar hasn’t done Didley.

    If ever an organization needed to clean house, this one does.

  15. Architek Says:

    It’s all good, it’s actually a topic I would really like to get the final ruling on.

    Can you and your many sources please find out what officially happen with Bennett? Not the shoulder aspect but the clarity on who jettisoned him and who didn’t or did want him?

    You probably already know, but I would just like to set the record straight, them again it won’t matter after tomorrow because it will all just be a dream, hopefully and they all are fired and the cleansing is completed.

  16. Brandon Says:

    It was Dom who brought in Blount, Bennett (7.5 sacks), Selvie (7 sacks), Harrison-DT (5 sacks) for the Pats, and Gilberry (7.5 sacks). It was Schiano that decided he had no use for them. Misuse and non use of talent is hardly Dom’s fault.

  17. Brandon Says:

    Oops, Chris Harrison for Pats- should be Chris Jones.

  18. RastaMon Says:

    Too early to say if coaching is the REAL issue……
    Rookie QB
    3rd string RB
    only 1 WR
    1/2 a TE
    Injuries …age and holes on the OL…….
    Offensively this team is simlpy out matched

  19. 911bucs Says:

    What does Schiano’s contract look like? Is it 5 years guaranteed or pro-rated if he gets canned?

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    I find it interesting that your “anonymous” source agrees with you on “pulling the trigger on Johnny Football”….are you sure he just doesn’t want another QB drafted….not necessarily “Johnny”?

  21. the_buc_realist Says:


    No, the “anonymous” said all this on his own. However, Joe did swing a watch on a chain in front of his face for 5 minutes before the “interview”

  22. Bucs2044 Says:

    If the Glazers paid Chucky not to coach for a few years, they can certainly pay for Schiano to leave.

  23. EK Says:

    Best case scenario: Schiano takes his dream job at Penn State.

  24. Jeff Says:

    I wanted Schiano to succeed as much as or more than anyone. He cannot bring the Bucs to the Super Bowl. The best he can do is set the table for someone who can. I love some of the guys he’s drafted, he prefers tough, high character guys, who love football. There are two reasons that Schiano cannot ever win a Super Bowl. 1 he is a terrible game manager and 2 he micromanages every other coach. This combination equates to he can never attract talented assistants to overcome his shortcomings.

  25. tkt holder since 76 Says:

    Their are much better coaches available. Mr. Glazer-please …GO GET ONE !!!

  26. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I agree 100% with Martin. The house needs to be cleaned. When Dom, Raheem, Schiano, Sully, etc were hired, they had zero experience for the positions they were hired for and failed miserably. Glazers need to hire experienced NFL executives and coaches, men who have won and had success in the league, to come in here and turn the Bucs into a Championship caliber team again. Dom’s W-L record after 5 years as GM is horrible and Schiano is no NFL coach and is not at all respected throughout the league. You can draft and acquire all the best draft choices and free agents in the league, but if you don’t have the proper coaching you will still not win. Schiano was hired here to change the “culture”. There was a losing culture here then and there is a losing culture here now. Just because you now have a bunch of boy scouts in the locker room now doesn’t mean that they can win football games. Glazers need to step up and show Buc fans that there is still a commitment to winning here and right he course of the Pirate ship before it totally sinks

  27. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    @ Lou, nice take!

  28. andres Says:

    Already rumors that Shiano is looking into the Penn State job says it all, he knows he’s gone. Where there’s smoke…

  29. Bruno Says:

    Honestly, Schiano could barely compile a winning record at Rutgers (in the Big East). If I remember correctly he wasn’t exactly the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice during the interview process. Rarely do GOOD college coaches do well in the NFL so I’m not sure what secret the Bucs had on this guy that got him the job. At the time of his hire it almost felt like there was a panic just to get somebody in the position, followed by a PR campaign to sell the fans on their choice. This year he has proven coaching incompetence by actually losing games with his decision making – not to mention all the other “rumors” of locker room turmoil and toes-on-the line discontent.

    All that said, the Freeman thing didn’t help. The injuries were not only terrible but ridiculous. The MRSA thing was unfortunate. The “ALL WORLD” offensive line underperformed to a point of being mediocre. Throw in a rookie QB, 1 competent receiver (after injuries), and no real TE option until Wright, and a 3rd string kicker and one could see how running a competent offense could be difficult. The defense did relatively well for being on the field all the time. There is no denying that it’s improved under Schiano…

    I think Schiano was the wrong hire from day one. Do I think we should hit reset and clean house after 2 years? Obviously the knee jerk reaction is a resounding “hell yes”. His record sucks, he wasn’t popular coming in, and he sucks in dealing with the media. The last point is important because, well, the media are our eyes and ears to the team (thanks joe!).

    In short, I think the Glazers will clean house because they need fans in seats. Schiano’s so unpopular he has become the face of failure (in my opinion) to the fan base. They need a “fresh” start. They need to (pray to God) – get a coach in their top 3 not top 10. They DON’T need to cherry pick the NCAA. I have no idea on who they might get as coach/GM but some possible options sure would make a great article. 😉

    TLDR: Schiano and Dom are out because the Glazers needs to give fans a fresh start on which to build hope, buy tickets, and create media buzz.

  30. NY Buc Says:


    Another agreed on everything you said. As for high expectations out of this season well remember back in May most all National analysts had the Bucs finishing 6-10. We Bucs fans scoffed, but in hindsight injuries, distractions in the media, MRSA, and a lack of depth in key roster spots bit the team in the butt. One more year of Dom+Schiano gives them a fair shot to get the team to the playoffs next year, or at least gets the team another draft’s worth of good young talent for the next GM/coach if they fail

  31. Mr. Patrick Says:


  32. Jordan Says:

    It is a sad reality for Bucs fans that Greg Schiano is the no. 3 coach in Bucs history based on winning percentage.

  33. chris Says:


    I understand you love Johnny Football, and I do as well. Even though I originate from happy valley and huge Penn State fan, Manziel is my favorite player to watch in college football. Most exciting and electrifying player in College Football.

    However, I don’t let that blind me of him translating to the NFL, something I feel has gotten to you. You can explain the “IT” factor all you want. But guys who had that in college? Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Ken Dorsey, (may I go on).

    With Manziel, I see a talented athlete at the QB position who is improving as a college passer. However when I watch the tape, his footwork is inconsistent, mechanics are improving but need improvement, his vision and ability to go through reads are below average, and his decision making is reckless when comparing it to the standards of an NFL qb. He relies heavily on his athleticism to make plays, which works at the college level. But at the NFL level, he needs to work on the pocket passing abilities. Arm strength is still a question mark. I think he has a good enough arm, but a lot of the times he throws off his back foot. Cuts it in college, not in the nfl for his arm strength. He’s improved his ball placement, but again, he does not go thorugh his reads consistently, actually it’s occassional compared to often. He’s quick to tuck and run.

    Now we get to the off-the field concerns. His own father said he drinks due to the stress. Well, prepare yourselves. When an NFL team drafts him, he will bring a Tebow-Like media atmosphere (imagine that pressure ehh?). How will he handle it? Maturity comes into question. Out partying and missing the Manning Camp which led to dismissal.

    That being said, If I were an NFL Gm, I would not take that top 10 risk on Manziel if he declares. He’s probably the riskiest player in this draft. To me, I would take him on day 2 where the risk is less than a top 10 investment. I don’t think he’s even close to being NFL ready, both on and off the field. He needs to stay in school.

  34. tkt holder 76 Says:

    Mrr. Glazer … FIRE SCHIANO and get a quality head coach.. Fans are tired of having a team that doesn’t matter

  35. ctord Says:

    I agree. A total change needs to take place to go forward. I actually am more torn about getting rid of Dom over Schiano only because Dom has done done good things. Remember, everyone in tampa and on this site was crazy over Dom trading down to grab Barron over Claiborne. Turns out he was right. He has made some great decisions. However, his misses have been real train wrecks. I won’t even say he was responsible for free but other were just as bad. So his inconsistency is the issue. Bottom line, bucs need a full house cleaning to get this going in the right direction.

  36. Eric Says:

    C’mon Penn State lure the great man from our grasp.

  37. MTM Says:

    Too many holes on a team that has been in rebuild mode for 5 yrs. This team should be loaded. Instead it has some young talent and a lot of overpaid veterans, no legitimate QB, weak lines, paper thin at the WR position and awful play calling.

    Tell me again why Schiano and Skid Mark should stay on another. Its just rinse and repeat every year.

  38. JonBuc Says:

    Greggy just doesn’t “fit”as a NFL head coach or in Florida for that matter. Penn State is the perfect spot for him and all involved..especially hopeful Buc fans. It would probably give Dirtstar Dom a mulligan much to the delight of The Joes as well.

  39. Joe Says:


    However, I don’t let that blind me of him translating to the NFL, something I feel has gotten to you. You can explain the “IT” factor all you want. But guys who had that in college? Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Ken Dorsey, (may I go on).

    The only quarterback Joe can remember that did not have question marks when drafted was Andrew Luck. Joe wishes he had a nickel for every time he read that Peyton Manning had happy feet and couldn’t win a big game. Dan Marino had character issues. Jim Kelly played in a gimmick offense. Same with Aaron Rodgers. Drew Brees was too small. Tom Brady wasn’t even a full-time starter. The list of hand-wringing over quarterbacks is virtually endless.

    Joe has stated this before and will state again. Joe spoke with a guy who has deep knowledge and makes a full-time living off of the NFL draft who told Joe that Johnny Football “is the real deal.” The only issue said person had with Manziel was his partying.

    This just in: Some of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history were partiers.

    Why dwell on the few negatives and overlook the massive positives?

  40. chris Says:

    Joe, read everything. It’s not just the Partying. It’s the maturity and ability to handle being the face of the franchise.

    On the field, all those guys you listed, were all light years ahead of Johnny Football as pocket passers.

    I never said he isn’t a great talent. I feel he needs to stay in school and continue to develop as a player on and off the field. He’s no where near ready for the pros.

  41. Victor Johnson Says:

    Joe, I am tired of hearing excuse after excuse for this headcoach. Raheem had injury after injury and the youngest least talented team in the NFL and all the media entities were calling for his head after every sentence but for some reason they make excuses for this goofball.

    And the worst excuse is there is anyone out there to replace him………Hogwash!!!!!

    Here is a plan……..Get rid of Schiano and all his crappy Rutgers coaches; maybe you keep Byner and Cox but that would be up to the new Head Coach.

    Reassign Dominik to a VP position with his main duties being the salary cap and other team business.

    Promote Director of College Scouting Eric Stokes to GM and allow him to reorganize the front office to his liking and hire a new Head Coach.

    I would support who ever he hires but I would like him to hire Darrell Bevell, current offensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks who Stokes has ties with from his time in Seattle. And Joe I know you would like this; maybe Bevell gets Stokes to draft Manziel but I would expect him to draft a QB even if it isn’t Manziel since he has proven that he is very capable of developing one.

  42. Joe Says:


    If the Schiano Era does end today, Team Glazer and Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik would be making a massive mistake in not hiring an offensive coordinator who has proven to mold an offense around his quarterback’s strengths in order to get the most out of Johnny Football. Joe was thinking Greg Roman but Darrell Bevell would be a fine choice. Solid research there, man.

  43. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    If you want to see the difference between the way the Glazers regard Man U vs. the Bucs, go to the Man U website and look at the credentials of their top staff. Let Schiano go to Penn State, then fire Dom. Bring in experienced, successful NFL executives to build and run the franchise.

  44. Joe Says:


    Please cite something where Manziel has become such a heinous person to have in a locker room. Sure, he overslept at the Manning camp, not good. (An NFL source told Joe that incident says as much about McCarron as it does Johnny Football.)

    Oh, he got pinched for having a fake ID two years ago. That’s enough of a reason to ban him from the NFL? The nerve!

    It seems like, for some unknown reason, you are scared of Johnny Football, and are grasping at rumors and fairy tales to reinforce your fears.

    All Joe knows is that, without much of a running game and a sieve for a defense, Mazniel has put that team on his back (something Josh Freeman never did in college). Joe also watched how, even with weeks/months to prepare to stop Manziel with two of the best defensive coaches in college football (Saban/Stoops) saw their defenses shredded by Johnny Football.


  45. mark2001 Says:

    I’d rather see them fire Dom, hire a great GM, and let him advise the owner as to what needs to be done. He may have a great replacement in mind of Shiano, but I don’t know that. If you fine Shiano and rehire Dom…who has proven to be among the worst judge of talent since Bruce Allen, you have accomplished nothing.

  46. skelly Says:

    Hey fellas, Win or Lose, Johnny would at least be very exciting to watch on Sunday’s. Beats the hell out of the sleep inducing offense we have now….

  47. Clowney Says:

    ” Joe was thinking Greg Roman but Darrell Bevell would be a fine choice. Solid research there, man.”

    Just this morning, on the NFL Network, the panel was discussing the vulnerability of the Seahawks. The weak point on that team is the offense’s inability to score.

    Bevell is probably going to get fired.

    On the other hand, the Bengal’s offense is scoring 40+ points a game. During December, when it counts most. No excuses, just scoreboard!

    Jay Gruden will be a head coach next year.

  48. Please Says:

    If Manziel starts (anywhere) next season, I’m afraid he’s injured by mid-November. He’s not the beefiest dude and all that scrambling makes me nervous.

  49. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Joe is 100% right about Johnny Football and he will light this town and the national NFL media on fire. We could use that kind of pressure to push this franchise to be more competitive.

  50. richardtyson Says:

    A true “rockstar” gm would have drafted Nick Foles who was still on the board when we instead grabbed Glennon. Please Joe….can you refrain from using the nickname “rockstar”? I guess that technically Darius Ruckerd of Hootie and the Blowfish was a rockstar so if you look at it that way….maybe…but come on. How about Disco/techno-star GM?

  51. richardtyson Says:

    My post was removed….why?

    Not seeing anything deleted. –Joe

  52. NY Buc Says:

    Um, no Nick Foles was already gone when the Bucs selected Glennon…as in gone off the boards a full year sooner (he was taken in the 3rd round of the 2012 draft)

  53. sho-nuff Says:

    when the GM goes i’ll care anything else doesn’t matter….he SUCKS