Dumb Penalties Strike Again

December 22nd, 2013

Sloppy penalties plagued the Bucs yet again. The Rams’ first touchdown drive was buoyed by an Adrian Clayborn illegal hit on quarterback Kellen Clemens, followed an offsides call on Gerald McCoy on 3rd-and-8.

Why? Why? Why? Why are the Bucs among the messiest teams in the NFL. It’s not just Dashon “The Hawk” Goldson.

Of course, Goldson got in the act today. He somewhat helped a Rams fourth-quarter, field goal drive with a helmet-to-helmet hit on a “defenseless” receiver, a double no-no. That’ll cost him six figures from New York on Monday.

A Bucs 4th-and-goal offsides, on the Rams field goal to give them a 20-13 lead, could have been a killer. But it was declined and the Rams kept the points on the board.

The broader question is why Greg Schiano can’t stop this stuff, the pre-snap penalties and the senseless personal fouls. One would have thought opening day in the Meadowlands would have taught the team a lesson, let alone all the subsequent stuff and the focus by the coaching staff.

That’s not what lost the game for the Bucs today in St. Louis, but you never know if the Bucs are disciplined on that first Rams scoring drive, with the Bucs leading 7-0.

Schiano has said many times that it’s a mystery because his past teams never had that problem, including the 2012 Bucs. But this season proves Schiano, if he remains in Tampa, needs to use a different approach to getting his team under control.

20 Responses to “Dumb Penalties Strike Again”

  1. Robbie_G Says:

    My fellow Bucs fans, I was thinking about this all season. Could it be that the players KNOW that they need to make outstanding plays on every down to even get a chance to win? Think about it, GMC tries to get a jump because he KNOWS the pass rush sucks. The O line is not playing well, so they try to get a step to help the rookie QB and the 3rd string RB. I think you need to give the players some credit, you KNOW they don’t believe in all the BS on both sides of the ball. Conservative, terrible play calling on O, and dumb stunts on D and no pass rush. Thoughts?

  2. Mr. Patrick Says:

    So much for Schiano bringing discipline to the Bucs. Pathetic and embarrassing

  3. mvermulm Says:

    Those calls against Clayborn and Goldson were horrible. There needs to be an “intent” or “targeting” rule like in college, because Clayborn wrapped up Clemens and let him go, and Goldson hit someone who was definitely not defenseless. Didn’t matter since the team played pretty poorly across the board though.

  4. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Way to show consistency coach keep on racking up the penalties o speaking of consistency at least we keep our second half tendencies consistent what’d we put up 3 points for the second half lmao. It’s only totally hilarious to me because I bet my brother 20 bucs we’d only score 1 field goal in the second. Half………sweeeeet winning bro I knew my guys wouldn’t let me down lol. Sad but it’s my only silver lining until black Monday’s to be or not to b judgment day.

  5. BucsFan68 Says:

    Your points are valid; Bucs need to get an offensive minded coach. That’s why they pursued Chip Kelly initially.

  6. Laughing Stock II Says:

    I’m with you Robbie_G!

    The penalties come from being fed up and aggravated with this College Experiment.

    I think I will go work for the Glazers. They have money to waste.

  7. Clowney Says:

    The reason that the Little General can’t control stupid penalties is because the player’s union won’t let him fine players for penalties.

    He fines them for hands on hips, not having enough water bottles, eating ravioli, conspiring in small groups and laughing during a loss. They probably laugh in his face when they go off sides.

    Imagine if the Rockstar drafted Kuechly (24 tackles, 1 int) instead of Barron (bust)?

    Imagine what would happen if the Rams drafted Clowney? Luckily, they probably will take that LT Matthews?

  8. Robbie_G Says:

    Can we get an offensive coach with some kind of ideas? I hope to hell they just don’t promote McNulty and the “Rutgers” clique gets another year.


    Robbie_G , I was saying the thing, they have got to be sick and tired of the play calling. Then when something works the coach says we won’t do this cause ” It’s not who we are “. MY HATS OFF TO THE PLAYERS FOR NOT JUST QUITING !!!!!!! SMDH !!!!!!!

  10. Name Required Says:

    But Rutgers has always been an offensive powerhouse!


  11. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    If-“THIS WAS A SUPPOSE TO BE STATEMENT GAME FOR DONALD PENN”-Then it spoke loudly to the fact that we must draft his replacement. Donald Penn’s giving up 11 sacks on the year. Can’t run block to save his freaking life. Either draft his replacement or sign LT Eugene Monroe.

  12. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Donald penn is a fine LT. No LT can hold a block for 10 seconds. Glennon needs to learn to throw the damn ball. Too many sacks are a result of glennon inability to pull the trigger with pressure in his face, or even perceived pressure. I still can’t get the image out of my head of glennon getting “sacked” when his own olineman was pushed back into him and glennon just fell over, instead of oh I don’t know, taking a step back.

  13. mvermulm Says:

    Trubucfan22, Glennon had Quinn in his face before he even got to the end of his dropback numerous times. A couple of the sacks were on Glennon, but the line was horrendous today, with Penn being the biggest culprit.

  14. mvermulm Says:

    Clowney, there is no way you can call Barron a bust. He has been one of the better safeties in the league this season. Everyone in the league wishes they had Kuechly, but we ended up with David in that same draft, so there is really no complaining.

  15. chickster Says:

    glennon did help me make my decision on my season tickets today there is no way I want any part of sitting threw these games at least at home I can change the channel to a good game

  16. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Donald Penn play has been garbage for the last couple of years. Stop giving excuses for mediocrity. There’s no excuse for giving up 11 sacks.

  17. Awaiting moderation Says:

    @ this point I don’t even get pissed I’m just kind numb to the whole thing; like I expect bush league play and incompetence.

  18. MTM Says:

    Glazers please remove your f&cktard head coach & GM.

  19. Awaiting moderation Says:


  20. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Gee at least the Bucs are leading the league at something…the most penalties. Time and time again, and good play is wiped out due to another stupid a$$ penalty. Sick of it.