Bucs Out Of Position For Johhny Football

December 21st, 2013

The Godfather, Gil Brandt, the renowned old-school Cowboys architect currently working for NFL.com and NFL Radio, is starting to weigh in heavy on the NFL Draft.

Joe is jacked up. It’s almost Christmas, but it’s never to early to think about the second Christmas, aka the NFL Draft.

As Joe wrote after the Bucs fell to the 49ers, the Bucs are sitting in position for the seventh overall pick of the 2014 draft. Brandt, now 80 years old, is a widely respected voice (boy, was he right about Josh Freeman). He broke down the top-6 current draft positions and notes that at least four will want quarterbacks — Houston, Oakland, Jacksonville and Cleveland.

So much hinges on Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater’s decision on entering the draft  (he’d be nuts not to). Brandt speculates that Bridgewater’s entry could prompt a trade that lands Johnny Football in Houston, who’s in line for the No. 1 overall pick.

Houston might consider trading down with the Browns, sign a veteran QB and draft a quarterback like Fresno State’s Derek Carr or maybe Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel. Carr will be an interesting name in the draft, and a lot can change over the next few months, beginning with his performance in the Dec. 21 Las Vegas Bowl against USC and continuing into the combine.

Cleveland is positioned now with the No. 6 pick and also has a stable of draft picks, including a late first-rounder to play with.

Joe doesn’t hide that, as of today, he’d like to see Johnny Football under the Bucs’ Christmas tree. That’s no knock on Mike Glennon. The jury’s still out on him. But Joe sees Johnny Football as a special talent. And there’s no reason the Bucs can’t have both quarterbacks competing next season, especially with young Johnny reporting to training camp at 21 years old with a five-year rookie contract.

Brandt also touches on some later options. “A few quarterbacks likely to be available for the Rams in Rounds 3-4 are Georgia’s Aaron Murray, San Jose State’s David Fales, Miami’s Stephen Morris and — here’s a curveball — Cornell’s Jeffrey Matthews.” Joe’s already expressed that he thinks Murray would be great value in that range.

Regardless, there is a lot at stake on Sunday for the Bucs that has nothing to do with Greg Schiano’s job. Jacksonville and Cleveland have winnable games (as do the Bucs).

36 Responses to “Bucs Out Of Position For Johhny Football”

  1. biggun Says:

    Either J. FOOTBALL is a tiny dude or the hot chick is an Amazon lol. I don’t think he’ll do so well in the NFL too small look at Vick amazing at times but pretty much sidelined the rest of the time. I see as a problem for Johnny boy. Maybe his body will catch up with that big ass head lol

  2. bucrightoff Says:

    Well thats good then, wouldn’t want to totally waste a high draft pick on a QB who’s likely to be hurt a lot.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe…you are setting yourself up for great dissapointment…..Johnny will be there when we pick & we won’t take him.
    My hope is that we trade down and pick up extra picks and still have a shot at Ebron. I have no problem with us selecting a QB in later rounds so that we will have backup & competition….but don’t think we should use our first round pick for one.

  4. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Browns are positioned for the 5th pick, not 6th.

    Bucs – 8th pick

  5. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Or maybe I’m wrong…I certainly am no expert.

    Vikings have a better record than the group at 4-10. –Joe

  6. Orca Says:

    johnny doucheball

  7. Jerry Says:

    Johnny Manziel, perhaps .. but then there was Freeman, Mark Sanchez, Leinart, Vince Young, Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Heath Shuler .. etc … all who didn’t pan out as a franchise QB. Johnny boy, though incredibly talented, has not grown up as of yet and I think would be a huge first round risk.

  8. Couch Fan Says:

    Joe couldn’t you find a better picture at least of him not wearing another teams shirt? Lol, that just seems funny to me.

  9. Bucs or Gtfo Says:

    Love the tats on her pelvis lol 😉

  10. Burg Says:


    Joe your sleeping on the best QB in this draft…

  11. Hawk Says:

    Why would anyone, *as a Buc fan*, want to pick up Manziel (or *any* other QB) in the third round? The Bucs already have a third round QB, and countless people have told us (so it *must* be true) that a third round QB cannot be a ‘franchise’ QB. If they won’t pick Manziel with their first pick, then he can’t help this team.
    I now return you to your non-sarcastic reading pleasure.

  12. mpmalloy Says:

    Draft Snuffy Smith!

  13. Cmurda Says:

    There’s 2 more games for the Bucs to get in position for Johnny. Im going to be honest. I will root for us like always but I expect the Rams and Aints to handle us. A few of these teams tied with us will win. I expect the 5th overall pick and Johnny might be there.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Can we have a reality check here…..It is likely Schiano is our coach going forward and I think there is basically no chance that he selects Johnny or any other QB in the first round and probably not in the draft.
    Now that may be terrible & wrong for many….but that is very likely the reality.
    Joe cannot be serious yearning for something he can’t have….hasn’t Joe learned his lesson with Rachel Watson?

  15. Joe Says:

    Joe cannot be serious yearning for something he can’t have….hasn’t Joe learned his lesson with Rachel Watson?

    So a guy can’t dream? *shrugs*

    BTW, is that a map or directions tattooed on that chick?

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe…..Of course you can dream….”Everything starts with a dream”

    Sorry to spoil your Saturday night….

  17. lurker Says:


    must be sarcasm because we don’t have a third round pick.

  18. Andrew 1 Says:

    Johnny boy isn’t the answer. I wouldn’t even want him if he was there in the 3rd round. I’m connived Joe is trolling us. Can’t wait for a whole offseason of this.

  19. Joe Says:

    Can’t wait for a whole offseason of this.

    Not the whole offseason. Just until the draft in May.

  20. Andrew 1 Says:

    Oh, sorry about that. Can not wait until MAY to hear non stop coverage about a little punk @ss brat.

  21. Architek Says:

    This time around I won’t let the Bucs excite me going into the season with this same roster and coaches.

    As for Manziel he will be gone long before we pick and I am sure he will be ok until the league get the film on him.

    Although I must say, his measurable a don’t nearly scare me as much as his personality. Drew Brees has a knack for finding throwing lanes and moving the ball effectively. I just question him leading men.

  22. Brandon Says:

    The way I forecast it, the Bucs will pick 5th.

    If the Bucs curse continues and Schiano returns, you can forget about Johnny Football, not a Buccaneer Man-too many character questions as well as size and arm strength. It’s fairly debatable whether Manziel even goes in round 1.

    What the team needs other than QB is DE… Jadaveon Clowney should be gone by then… that might be a good thing… but Anthony Barr or Khalil Mack could become full-time DEs for the Bucs or play a Von Miller type role.

  23. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    The offense is now the worse part of the team. The best way to fix it is get a better QB.

    The an OT in round 2. Trade Rainey to get a third back and then get a DE.

  24. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Derek Carr looks pretty good.

  25. Nobleskid Says:

    If we draft Johnny Manziel, I believe our scouting department, Schiano should be axed before the round is over.

  26. Paul Says:

    He looks like the kid from the tv show The Middle.

  27. Northend Says:

    Sign Vick and draft J Football to learn behind him.Oh yeah and swap out our offensive staff and head coach because without that you will never see a mobile QB in Tampa.Thats way to scary,risky,progressive and exciting for this group.
    Every mobile QB we played this year(Kap,Cam,Wilson,Even Smth)burned us.You would think this staff would realize a QB that can move is a weapon.A QB that can move and throw can be a trip to playoffs.

    Jimmy Garrappalo and Murray are also good picks.Please no Carr,Bortles,Matthews

  28. Chef Paul Says:

    Bucs Out Of Position For Johhny Football

    Well that’s the best news Ive heard since the first time I heard the word yes from a lovely lady, as a teenager.

    AH, who am I kidding? She wasn’t lovely, but she was a lady and that’s all mattered at that time.

  29. mike Says:

    I am with the trade down club. I would trade down and try to get 2 1st round picks. Get a lineman and take AJ McCarron as a QB

  30. originalfloridamarlin Says:

    Everything depends on whether Schiano is the coach and/or Dominik is the GM. If both stay in place, don’t expect Johnny Football to be our first pick. As someone else pointed out, he’s immature and doesn’t have the work ethic of a “Buccaneer Man,” so let’s be realistic. Don’t be surprised if the Bucs sign an experienced NFL QB to compete with and mentor Glennon. And, if the coach and GM are replaced, I’d expect the Glazers to hire an offensive minded head coach. Defense is important, but in today’s NFL, offense wins.

  31. flmike...hates Johnny Football Says:

    And thank god for that, and I don’t even believe in god, that’s how thankful aim that we won’t be in position to draft this idiot.

  32. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    No, No, No to Johny “Spoiled Rotten” Football. He will be a NFL bust. and not a Buc man. Don’t want him. I’m not sure if Joe really likes this guy, or just wants to fire up the masses. I suspect its a little of both.

  33. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Just face it, Glennon is our Buc QB for the immediate future and that includes 2014.

  34. Jo_mama Says:

    If Johnny Manzel and that girl in the picture ever had a baby. Can you imagine the size of the forehead on that kid.

    Goodyear could rent space.

    If you take a closer look at the picture they both have huge noses and a huge mouth and the same ears.

    That would be one ugly baby.

    Just goes to show how much manzeil loves himself. He picks the only girl on the beach who looks like him.

    She is hot. Until you break down each facial feature.

  35. Clowney Says:

    I believe Manziel will drop like a rock in May. 2nd round.

    If Clowney is not available, I would like the new GM to choose a LT.

    I have said that the Little General is an integral part of the Jadaveon Clowney Project (JCP) and he will do his best to lose the next two games.

    Damn that Megatron dropping that ball.

    Murray is a steal in the 4th.

  36. Charles Says:

    Johnny might be a great QB, but the great QB’s in the nfl are the guys who are the first one in last ones out and to me Johnny is more concerned with his twitter following and where the best party is. We have forgotten that glennon has done a lot of what without his 2nd best wideout, His top 2 running backs, Carl nicks blocking for him, and 3 other tightends.

    He has done a good job and there have been some bad games, but there has also been some good games.