105 Seconds!

December 16th, 2013
Mike Glennon and the Bucs offense had a woeful fourth quarter.

Mike Glennon and the Bucs offense had a woeful fourth quarter.

Joe knows many Bucs fans are aghast this morning about how their offense has slid the past month or so, making Mike Glennon now look like a stop-gap plan for another quarterback under maybe a different regime in the not-too-distant future.

What seemed like the only times the Bucs tried to push the ball up the field with any degree of urgency and purpose yesterday, Glennon looked sharp, engineering two touchdown drives, the first coming late in the first half. Glennon was nearly perfect throwing the ball.

The rest of the time, Glennon looked lost. Overwhelmed. Every bit a third round draft pick of a rookie.

Well, if you think it looked bad, consider the time of possession. More importantly, consider when the Bucs needed points desperately, how few minutes the Bucs held the ball. The data comes by way of the Custodian of Canton, eye-RAH! Kaufman of The Tampa Tribune.

The Bucs had the ball for only 105 seconds of the fourth quarter.

One-hundred and five seconds! Maybe Rachel Watson might be impressed with 105 seconds, but for a football team of any sort at any level to barely have the ball for over a minute and a half in the fourth quarter is galling beyond words.

Hell, Joe knows of people who can hold their breath underwater for longer than that.

What in the world is going on here? How exactly can the Bucs justify or try to explain that? There is something fundamentally wrong with an offense than can only keep the ball for 105 seconds for an entire quarter, especially when the game for most of that quarter was very much in doubt.

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  1. Patrick in VA Says:

    San Francisco does well against really good offenses. Pretty sure that they didn’t have any trouble figuring out how to take away our two receiving threats and our 4th string running back. We know that we have work to do on the offense. It’ll be addressed in the off season just like the secondary was this year and the run defense the year before.

  2. Buc1987 Says:

    Was it not predetermined by Joe and MANY fans that the Bucs were going to lose to the 49ers? Hell I had that game marked down as a Bucs loss back in July.

    I guess there is a need to break down why or how they lost to the Niners, because what else do Joe and the rest of us have to talk about. But seriously I don’t really need to break down a game MANY of us had pegged as a loss long before it was played.

    Oh well carry on then.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The defense didn’t help giving up a 10 minuted drive….

  4. Patrick in VA Says:

    Give some credit to Kaepernick on extending that 10 minute drive. The D had them on a 3rd and very long and had him running for his life when he pulled a miracle play that most QBs would not have been able to because of his mobility. They did a good job most of the game and on that drive. They were just able to pull it out

  5. Laughing Stock II Says:

    Let me make it clear here. I don’t miss Freeman. I think Freeman misses Freeman. I do miss Freeman’s 2010 comebacks.

    Yesterday was the perfect scenarion for our offense to keep running the no-huddle offense for a win.

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    Patrick… correct ,on that 3rd and 12 when the Niners got the 1st down that’s when I knew the game was over. Then they went on that long ass drive. So no need for debate, because that’s where all the minutes went and Joe knows it. Yet that HAS to be the O’s fault I guess.

  7. Rob Says:

    The niners insanely good defense and their franchise qb are why they are 10-4 and playoff bound. Our decent qb, our predictable coaching, our horrific offense and dumb play calling are why we are cellar dwelling at 4-10 soon to be 4-12. You have two more weeks of ineptness Schiano and Sully. Change is a coming … I hope. Go Bucs!

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    When Glennon was in the two minute offense, it’s a timing, quick pass offense, much like a west coast system. It’s what he is and what he does best. Glennon CAN be the answer in the right system, I’m just not sure it’s ours.

    We have too much talent to not win. It’s that simple. Since we have the talent, we must not be getting the coaching or right scheme.

    Great coaches adapt to the players, not force the players into the scheme.

    Schiano is a nice guy, a good guy, but he must go. The last two games will be VERY telling.

  9. Eric Says:

    One of these days maybe we can be the good team that others fear.

    Rather than the one that just wants to hang around till the 4th quarter to have a chance to win.

  10. Architek Says:

    Why is 14 games not enough to tell the story of this season and the job our caches have done?

    What will 2 games tell that we don’t already know?

  11. Patrick in VA Says:

    Good point Architek. Not even sure why they have 16 games in the season when 14 tells us all we need to know. Maybe send that off to Goodell. It’ll go a long way for his player safety campaign.

  12. mark2001 Says:

    Jeff…talent?…We only have two receivers that would be on the 53 man roster of most good teams. Had this discussion elsewhere, but the Bucs were very under talented before last years off season, and are still woefully weak in some areas. The are developing Glennon and won’t go full bore until he has a year under his belt…maybe the middle of next year. Otherwise, get him creamed, up his interception total, destroy his confidence, and throw him in the dust bin. Remember…even Rodgers had a couple of years. The ones seeming to come on fastest are the mobile guys, and if they can escape injury and develop into a good pocket pass QB, they maybe be a good franchise QB. But steady and challenging is what we want to see in Glennons development.

  13. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Keapernick has crab tree and Davis 1 we 1 te an the 32 ranked passing offense but when our bum ass QB drops off the grid…. yet again he gets cuddled an many excuses made for him… we got no receivers bad calling whatever I kno the coaching and play calling is not helping but at some point n time u have to take some accountability for your actions or lake thereof and Glennon has not been lookin good maybe 2 good games an nothing to bank on after that. Mean while u see guys like McCown an flyn putting up these 300 plus yard games hey if I even seen a 250 game by Glennon more then once it might make u believe in some type of turnaround to look forward to but it’s always a consistent under 200 sometimes barley over 100 yard games with many needless sacks an a high percentage of short to intermediate passes. That’s not winning football I personally myself was at that game an he only attempted 3 passes over 20 yards for the game am this while being down by multiple touchdowns an being down by 17 at 1 point. All I kno is I just don’t see what u guys see well besides the 1-3 good throws he makes a game but it’s not enough to stake 2014 on u gotta earn it an not just because Schiano will hook u up with a opportunity an that clearly has to b the case you kno the hook up because he’s Schiano guy cuz I don’t see what in your body of work shows progression or moving forward and getting better

  14. mark2001 Says:

    Nasty…McCown has been around forever…definitely not a rookie. And particularly considering Glennons lack of mobility, and the lack of receiving talent, it will take time. We weren’t going anywhere this year unless Freeman had turned out as hoped for, so I think the plan is to develop Glennon as much as possible this year, turn him loose much more next year, and bring in a quality competitor that can push him or surpass him.

  15. Chef Paul Says:

    Jeeze!!!! A guy sure thinks he knows how bad the forth quarter went. Then a little nugget like this is brought to his eyes.

  16. McBuc Says:

    Bucnasty…I hate when people are the grammar police and what not, but it is hard to read a long post with little to no punctuation.

  17. BucNasty!!! Says:

    To scary to play QB weather his own reasons or Schiano shackles him but it’s got to go together they’re to afraid to try to win the game so we just sit back an lose but our padded stats look good while losing cuz u gotta hang your hat on something right?? Might as well hang it on being mediocre I mean it’s not like we are trying to be anything other then that so hey who cares right lol.. This statement wraps up being a buccaneer fan in a bundle to me I realistically knew we was done for n week 5 or 6 and for your season to b over n October is BADDD…..reality but bad plus I lost a 200 dollar bet cuz our record isn’t better then the Eagles but if anyone finds this acceptable I find it hard to believe n your opinion I’m all about being optimistic but u have to show things to b optimistic about. I just wanna b happy on Sundays it no longer makes me mad cuz I kno the result before I sit n get my hopes up after our 0-8 start I said we won’t win against any team that’s not terrible an knowing that b4 watching the game has saved my blood pressure and attitude and beinge drinking lol but so far knowing that it only wasn’t full proof once we beat the Lions but even that was flukey an had me nervous at the end lmao end the laughing stock glazer end it now!!!!!! Or black Monday will do

  18. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Bucnasty!!! – First off, a tip of the hat to you for stringing together one of the most difficult to read posts in a while. All of the QBs that you’re comparing him to have been in the league for a number of years. The kid is a rookie who is developing. I’m not sure how you being at the game plays in to what he was doing on the field but thank you for your patronage.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The Glazers will keep Schiano and Schiano will keep Glennon and Dom & Schiano will draft some help for him. Pick up a WR, TE & strengthen the O-line.
    Our offense is missing starters: Nicks, Martin, Williams, Crabtree and Freeman…..yes, Freeman was a starter and we now have a Rookie.
    We need to get rid of Sully….someone needs to be fired, so it will be him. Sheridan may go too.

  20. Al Says:

    SF is clearly a better team, but it was sad to see how we suddenly crumbled in the 4th quarter. I think our defense did a great job, but it seemed like they never left the field, so they must have gotten tired at some point.

  21. mikeck Says:

    It doesnt matter who you’re QB is if yor defense is giving up 10 minute drives for TD’s

  22. Buc1987 Says:

    Bucs beat the Dolphins who are still fighting for a playoff spot after they beat they Patriots. The Bucs also did beat the Lions who are still fighting for a playoff spot. Atlanta was supposed to be good too. Their fans have to be feeling worse than we do for sure. Not that I give 2 shytes about their fans or their situation. Would you say the the Falcons are a better team than the Bucs? Most people would in a second, but their record does not show that. Now does it? Records don’t always tell HOW good a team actually is. Sure wins and losses is all that matters, but I always look at more than that when it comes to how good a team is or can be. The Bucs to me are a team that is a lot better than their record shows, just like the Falcons. But it is what it is.

  23. Patrickbucs Says:

    The defense sure didn’t help the cause. That’s what I would like a QB that is athletic who can actually makes plays with his feet and arm. How is it again that David wasn’t spying on Kap? Sweet coaching on this 4/5 3rd and long runs for 1st down..sour

  24. Bucs Fan #237 Says:

    The defense did not do a great job.

    They couldn’t get off the field.

    They had Cap running for the sidelines on that critical 3rd down toward the end… then they let him toss a miracle pass down the sideline to a WR right at the first down marker… it was like a 20 yard pass on 3rd down, running for his life.


    This happend all game too.

  25. mvermulm Says:

    Anyone who is upset about this loss was clearly looking through rose-colored glasses going in. Also, the people freaking out about Glennon need to go back and look at the tape. I’m not saying he was without blame, but the WRs had absolutely no separation on their deep routes, and were running routes short of the sticks constantly on third down. Glennon is a Matt Ryan type of QB, meaning he is going to take what the defense gives him, and keep the mistakes to a minimum. The problem is that the defense is giving him nothing, largely because his own players and coaching staff are giving him nothing. He’s a rookie QB, and I can live with mistakes from a rookie for now. Name a single rookie QB who looks good and is winning this year. After this season, I just hope to see some competition brought in, as well as a new offensive coordinator.

  26. Patrickbucs Says:


    The Pats are Tom Brady and that’s about it right now, they have lost countless stars on offense and defense. Miami is an average team in a very average if not poor AFC. That was a good win on MNF but they are not a superior team, they have been beaten by most good teams they have faced. We beat the Lions much like the Bills on 5-6 to’s by the defense, very limited to remind oak offense.

    I like your optimism and if they do indeed bring back Schiano and Glennon they turn this around greatly. I just don’t see it; I think he’s a poor coach who acted like a know it all bully when he came in the league and has been bitched slapped. I want a winner not a 6-9 win hope and prayer team anymore.

  27. BucNasty!!! Says:

    In the same light if he’s only a rookie how are people so inclined to name him the franchise? Or even for that matter what does he show to warrant those beliefs? If u wanna play the rookie card stay off his jock when he has good games. Because when he had 2 good games he was the franchise and ppl would compare his rookie numbers to manning and Brady. Now when u flip it he’s only a rookie an I shouldn’t compare right. U can’t have your cake and eat it to he doesn’t have what it takes now to stake it all on 2014 because if he fails it’s 20x worse then this Freeman blowup. He’s under contract so he has a chance to Compete but he’s done nothing to date to warrant no competition or to be the unquestioned starter

  28. Nate_tweetz Says:

    Couple things:

    I am not upset about losing to the 49ers. They are a better team. What gets me frustrated is HOW we are losing.

    **NEW FLASH** Our offense is HORRIBLE!!!

    The playcalling is vanilla and adjustments to the defense is nonexistent. On our first 2 drives, we started them with the 2 same exact plays for the same results… Zero yards. We ran the ball out of One formation pretty much the whole game. It was so obvious when we were going to run. There were no screens, delays, pitches, counters, reverses… nothing.

    I the passing game, routes were taking entirely too long to develop… There were no 3 step drops to get the ball out quickly. Glennon was 7 step dropping his ass off while our O-line was getting bullied like Incognito did Martin. The ONLY time we had success was with a hurry up, shotgun offense at the end of the first half. That style was allowing us to make the 49ers D think fast and make coverage mistakes… So since that was working what did we do coming out it the second half??? Go back to slamming our running back into an A gap that had 4 defenders waiting for him.

    Finally, Sully figures it out in the 4th qtr and picks up the pace of the offense again. RESULT= TOUCHDOWN… Why is such obvious crap rocket science to this coaching staff?

    On defense, we cannot contain a scrambling QB to save our lives. Not only do we not contain them. Yesterday kept forcing Kaepernick to continuously run to his right (throwing arm side) and make plays down field. while our DB’s stood next to WRs making plays on the side line. INEXCUSABLE.

    I know we do not have all of the weapons in the world right now, but even if we did, we would lose with this scheme. Schiano and his staff came into this game with an offensive gameplan to beat the 49ers at their own game (ground and pound)… STUPID! You won’t win that game 10 out of 10 times… Almost any team in the league will lose to them like that. I’m done…

  29. Couch Fan Says:

    I dont think that anyone is upset over the loss itself. It’s how we lost. The 9ers didnt come to RayJay and thoroughly stomp us. We, once again, beat are self with stupid stupid mistakes. It’s been the story of the season. Bucs can’t get out of there own way. I love my Bucs but I am so tired of watching such crap football.

  30. Westsidebucsfan Says:

    I agree with nate

  31. Nybucsfan Says:

    Glennon took dumb sacks and in the 4 with the game getting out of hand made bad short throws on 4th down instead of taking shots down field or just past the sticks. The coaching and play calling are bad but and nfl qb knows if it’s 4th and 12 throw for a first not a 3 yard pass or take a sack throw down field if it’s picked its like a punt

  32. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Blame our defense, after all, it is their job to get our offense the ball back. They spent a lot of time on the field failing to stop the 49ers.

    I still think our defense is getting good, it just has a ways to go. Not nearly as far as the offense has to go.

  33. TBLT Says:

    Can Sully please stop running isos and off tackles on 2nd and 10+. The Bucs run every time on 2nd and long. If the bucs get negative yards on first down Sully just gives up on the possession and forces Glennon and VJax to be great on third down. Terrible play calling, terrible decision making!!!

  34. mvermulm Says:

    Couch, we hung with a better team for a while, but they were thoroughly beating us all game, regardless of the score. At what point did anyone think the Bucs might actually win that game? We simply are not as good as the 49ers. Period. Could we have pulled off a miraculous win? Maybe, but as Joe said in a different column, that would be the one out of ten that the Bucs would win. I’m with everyone that it sucks to see the team make mistakes that take away the possibility of pulling out a win against a better team, but at some point we have to admit that it’s just who the Bucs are right now.

  35. chickster Says:

    Bucs are just bad and there going to be bad next year to they are being built to not lose and they will lose and this coach and gm have doomed this team for the next 5 years mark my words

  36. Clowney Says:

    “Schiano is a nice guy, a good guy, but he must go. The last two games will be VERY telling.”

    Is this the same “nice” guy who destroyed our best D lineman and the best O lineman in the NFL on the 1st day of camp last year running gauntlets?

    The same “nice” guy who has tired to destroy through lies and subterfuge to destroy the careers many more quality players who wouldn’t kiss his ass?

    If I owned this team, I would let the players fire his butt and empty his office out into the street, in the rain. I would treat him “nice”, like he treated Brian Price.

  37. Joe Says:

    Is this the same “nice” guy who destroyed our best D lineman and the best O lineman in the NFL on the 1st day of camp last year running gauntlets?

    You are going to have a helluva time trying to convince someone not named “Ian” that Schiano “ruined” GMC, who under the same hated coach has developed into the second-best defensive tackle in the game.

    Not sure how Schiano “ruined” Carl Nicks. So conditioning drills gave him MRSA???

  38. Fritz50 Says:

    “When Glennon was in the two minute offense, it’s a timing, quick pass offense, much like a west coast system. ”

    Which begs the question of why our genius coaches never came back to the no huddle after halftime. I suppose the logic was the the Niners would expect us to do that, since it worked well when we did use it. My take is to use it till they stop it, then move on to something else, but what do I know, I’m not a genius that holds the team together thru strife. What a crock.

  39. Couch Fan Says:


    I respectfully disagree. If it werent for all the sloppy missed tackles, the stupid play to the sideline they did repeatedly that we had no answer for, the non containment of the QB, and the horrid play calling on offense, we could of won that game. These are all mistakes that we f**ked ourselves with. None of these mistakes have anything to do with the 9ers dominating us or being more talented than us.

  40. BoJim Says:

    I know that some people don’t want to hear that Glennon is only a rookie, but HE IS. That and only having Vjax and Wright to throw to. I say bring him back next year when all his recievers and backs are healthy and he might be very good. IMO.

  41. chickster Says:

    I don’t want this goofy looking kid the face of this franchise wow how low can this team drop next year will be even worse than this year so just get ready for it

  42. chickster Says:

    everybody is falling for this trap and its sad