The Sapp-Schiano Sitdown

November 7th, 2013

Bucs Hall of Famer Warren Sapp and Bucs commander Greg Schiano had a sitdown yesterday. Sapp lobbied for a different scheme to help Gerald McCoy get to the quarterback more often.

Yesterday when Warren Sapp (with Dwight Smith tagging along) showed up at One Buc Palace to break bread with Bucs commander Greg Schiano, part of Sapp’s mission was to convince Schiano to use Bucs stud defensive tackle Gerald McCoy differently in order to get better results.

Though he didn’t discuss much of the details of the sitdown, Schiano did confirm it happened and he thoroughly enjoyed his time spent with Sapp. Schiano explained in his daily press briefing this afternoon.

“It is fun. We had lunch with him; it is like turning on a TV show,” Schiano said. “You laugh your you-know-whats off. We covered a lot of subjects. Football, not that much to be honest with you. It was a lot about other stuff. It is fun to have him in the building. And the guys — you have to remember, they grew up watching Warren Sapp. Right now they play for the organization where he built his Hall of Fame career. It was really good to have him here. I said to him it will be really need Monday night] to have him honored, we may throw him a set of pads and he and Gerald can like up together and do some good stuff, you know? Let’s bring it.

“There are different ways to use guys. We match Gerald up all game long. Sometimes I hear we are not — we move him all over. Look, all you have to do is turn the TV on. He lines up on the left. He lines up on the right. He lines up over the center. We are moving him all over to get the matchup.”

Well, that is part of Sapp’s anger. Sapp, yesterday, was disgusted if not outraged by how he believes Schiano (Bill Sheridan) misuses GMC. At one point, Sapp hollered, “He just beat his man twice in a row inside and then on third down you move him outside? Hello?”

Sapp is a huge believer in the quickest route to a quarterback is a straight line and it gives him indigestion watching the Bucs run stunt after stunt.

Trust Joe, after 13 losses in 14 NFL weeks, Sapp isn’t the only person that eats Tums on a Sunday night like M&Ms.

2 Responses to “The Sapp-Schiano Sitdown”

  1. chickster Says:

    two bullies in the same room

  2. need to honor sapp Says:

    if we continue to run stunts on the d-line during the game that is suppose to honor the qb killa…i think 99 should hold up a “FIRE SCHAINO” sign himself. Wishing so bad to hear that conversation. You know Sapp gave coach if you go out there on my night and play that (choice word) d-fence. Your (you know what) is mine! In fact would Sapp not make a great defensive coordinator or at least d-line coach? Why can’t we pay him enough to help lead men that are in desperate need of leadership!