Stopping The Stinking Panthers’ Pass Game

November 30th, 2013

Is Mike Shula really coordinating the Panthers’ offense?

If is a surprise this NFL season — and there are always surprises — one has been the development of Stinking Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Seemingly on the cusp of being relegated to an expensive project that didn’t pan out last year, Newton has blossomed into an NFL star, both with his arm and his feet.

It sure helps to have one of the better wide receivers in the NFL, Steve Smith. And for the second straight week, the Bucs must prepare for an explosive weapon at wide receiver.

“He may be the most underrated player in the NFL,” Bucs corner Johnthan Banks said earlier this week, wondering why people don’t talk about Smith the way they talk about Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald.

Even Darrelle Revis admitted the need to shut down the Stinking Panthers through the air and that revolves around trying to somehow stop Smith.

“They do have a great passing attack,” Revis said of Carolina. “We feel that he is the key guy. He gets them going. He has a lot of emotion after catches sometimes. We want to take that away from them. We are playing great as a secondary, so hopefully we put another game in this week. We’ve got ‘Hawk’ [safety Dashon Goldson] back so hopefully that will put some fear in their offense as well.

Well, the Bucs contained Calvin Johnson about as well as Joe could have expected last Sunday, and they did that without Goldson and minus Revis in the second half. Job well done.

Still, the Bucs cannot forget about the run game. That’s the clear strength of Carolina’s offense.

27 Responses to “Stopping The Stinking Panthers’ Pass Game”

  1. Bobby Says:

    The main thing will be to contain the edge. We sucked at that last time we played them. Can’t let Cam just scramble away from the pressure and get outside.

  2. jo mama Says:

    How about goldshon go for steve smiths knees and save some money this week.

  3. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Our pass defense has improved seemingly each week so we should do okay. But we should NOT rush Revis back out of panic. We’ve already pushed at least one player into surgery this season by playing him injured (Mike Williams) and hoping to get something out of him. We certainly can’t afford to do that with Revis. If he’s close to 100% play him, if not then sit him. Don’t risk it.

  4. william melater Says:

    not a big fan of the [read more] feature

  5. Patrick in VA Says:

    @jo mama – I agree. Defensive players say that they want to go high so they don’t take away people’s livelihoods but offensive players don’t have qualms about shifting their body to make what was going to be a good tackle hit somewhere where it’s outlawed now. If the offensive guys don’t care about defensive players losing money and sitting out games then I say give them the same consideration. Let them sit out some games and lose money when our defensive guys go low on them

  6. Patrick in VA Says:

    @William melater – it’s one extra click. if it puts some money in their pocket then I say have at it. It’s not nearly as bad as the obnoxious slide show setup that bleacher report has.

  7. Phillip Says:

    Now I would really like to know who actually thinks Steve Smith is one of the better WR’s in the game right now.. I could probably name atleast 30 WR I would rather have than him..

  8. stevek Says:


    Starting naming them, buddy.

    Steve Smith is a BOSS. He may not be as good as he once was, but he is a handful, emotional leader and he gives his team an edge.

    Name 30 better WRs, please. You probably can’t name 10.

  9. Buddah Says:

    I’d hardly call Newton a star. Yes, he’s a multi-dimensional player, but at crunch time of close games he disappears and he’s moody. Carolina is all about defense.

  10. Phillip Says:

    Calvin Johnson
    Andre Johnson
    Victor Cruz
    Desean Johnson
    Percy Harvin
    AJ Green
    Antonio Brown
    Josh Gordon
    Dez Bryant
    Alshon Jeffrey
    Larry Fitzgerald
    TY Hilton
    Torrey Smith
    Cecil Shorts III
    Pierre Garcon
    Jordy Nelson
    Randall Cobb
    Michael Crabtree
    Mike Williams
    Marques Colston
    Roddy White
    Julio Jones
    Eric Decker
    Demaryius Thomas
    Wes Welker
    Dwayne Bowe
    Keenan Allen
    Reggie Wayne
    James Jones
    Kendall Wright
    Michael Floyd
    Danny Amendola
    Hakeem Nicks

    Not counting but pretty sure that’s more than 30 and I’d take the following TE over him as well

    Rob Gronkowski
    Jimmy Graham
    Jordan Cameron
    Julius Thomas

    .. Stevenk you are a clown bro…

  11. Phillip Says:

    Whoops I forgot Brandon Marshall and maybe Mike Wallace

  12. stevek Says:

    Phillip Says:
    November 30th, 2013 at 2:13 pm
    Now I would really like to know who actually thinks Steve Smith is one of the better WR’s in the game right now.. I could probably name atleast 30 WR I would rather have than him..

    ^ Now, Phil, naming receivers on IR should not count, as they are not “in the game right now”.

    I agree that Smith may be in the top 20, but by no means are Hakeem Nicks, James Jones or Danny Amendola “better” than Smith.

    There are 32 teams in the NFL, Steve Smith is a #1 WR in a about 20 of those places.

    You must be young, too young to remember how good Steve Smith has been in this league. He ma be on his way out, but the man can still play at a high level.

    Thank you for calling me a clown, makes me think you need to resort to name calling to feel strongly about your weak arse statement. 🙂

  13. Phillip Says:

    The players on IR are still BETTER than him PERIOD.. You clearly don’t watch football.. You watch who plays the Bucs every week.. And my statement was NOW not how good he was before.. He hasn’t had one game over 70 yards this year.. Ya really sounds like a top 20 WR to me.. Keep playing madden kid if you think you would take Steve Smith over any of those people.

  14. Back up kicker Says:

    I counted 10-15 I’d rather have than SS. Jeffery, Amendola and WR’s on IR? TE’s? How about a few RB’s? Lmao

  15. Phillip Says:

    And he has one more yard than Julio Jones as of this week.. Julio went out in week 5 BTW.. Good job SteveK..

  16. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Steve Smith may be on the downside of his career but he’s still elite. Put Leonard Johnson on him all game and he’ll score 10 TD’s. Put Banks on him all day and he’ll still score 5. He’s not someone to take lightly. If Revis is out, we need to double Smith. That’s a fact Jack.

  17. Phillip Says:

    Back up Kicker..

    Those Tight Ends line up as a Receiver just as much as a TE.. Seriously kid go play Madden..10-15.. You probably never played a snap of football to know anything

  18. buccanAy Says:

    This site has become so cluttered with crap…my computer actually “stops working” upon entering.

    Joe’s quite confident that’s on your end. –Joe

  19. Phillip Says:

    Okay he played against NYG MIN ATL and BUF… Such studly secondaries and still didn’t reach 70 yards..

  20. Back up kicker Says:

    What’s Madden?

  21. stevek Says:


    Steve Smith is a better option than Dwayne Bowe.

    How can a WR on IR be “better”?

    This Sunday, who are the “Top 30” WRs in the NFL? Steve Smith is still a top 20 option.

    “Go play Madden”, says the guy who is already “playing Madden”. You must be new around here, I am more the “Matt Millen type”, ask Joe. 😉

  22. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Patrick VA

    Its not an extra click if you want to read the posts….you have to click to read posts anyway…so no extra work.

  23. Phillip Says:

    Okay I listed 36 WR’s 4 are on IR… By my math hes still not top 30 maybe not with your math though? GTFO top 20.. Top 20 receivers hit 70 yards atleast once this season..

  24. Patrick in VA Says:

    Not sure where he’s projected or if he’s even coming out this year but if like to take Kelvin Benjamin in the 2nd or 3rd. Dude’s legit

  25. stevek Says:


    Of the 32 WRs you listed, not on IR, I would say Steve Smith is easily better than:

    Danny Amendola

    Hakeem Nicks

    Michael Floyd

    Dwayne Bowe

    James Jones…

    No way you pass on Steve Smith for those guys.

  26. Cometowin2 Says:

    I didn’t like the click more at first but by doing this I am much more likely to read the comments and maybe get more involved on this site like I already do on another Bucs site. Appreciate you Joe and I’m more than willing to click read more if you think that’s best. One thing I would like is to try not to have audio that requires Adobe flash player as I cannot use that on my mobile. phone. I also enjoy the weekly show with Big Dog. Thanks again Joe.

  27. Phillip Says:

    If I thought that I wouldn’t have listed them now would I? Even if you subtracted all of them hes STILL not top 20.. I’m not agreeing with you on any of them.. They all have had atleast one game with 100 yards except for Bowe.. IDC if people are on IR injuries happen at every position every year it doesn’t mean hes better than an injured player.. If you take hes able to play this weekend as to being better than there is something seriously wrong with your logic.