Schiano Won’t Rule Out Drafting A QB

November 23rd, 2013

The leader of the New Schiano Order was asked point blank Monday on his radio show, “[With Mike Glennon performing] better, if we got a high draft pick, is that out of the question drafting a quarterback?”

Look for Schiano to get that question over and over and over.

“To start with on Mike, you know, as we talked about as Mike took over the job, we have a whole season here to be able to see how he’s improving, how he’s progressing. Up until this time I think he’s doing a great job. So I have no reason to believe that’s just not going to keep moving forward and doing the same thing. But we’ll have plenty of time to evaluate where we in the draft and all those things when the appropriate time comes,” Schiano said. “Right now, we’re just trying to give our players the best chance to win and Mike’s one of those guys. Like I said, he’s doing an incredible job of preparing for the games all week long and then going out and executing the game plan pretty much just the way we ask him. And when you get a guy doing that, as a coach you get excited.”

It’s hardly a surprising answer from Schiano, but he surely could have gone different directions with his answer, such as calling for competition at all positions.

21 Responses to “Schiano Won’t Rule Out Drafting A QB”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We will probably try to get a veteran in FA to improve our backup situation and someone to work with Glennon….If Glennon progresses from here….we should pick a QB in round 2….there will be several good ones available….like Murray, Mettenberger, McCarron, Hundley or Boyd….
    No reason to spend a first round pick on a QB.

    Joe have you replaced your bedside photo of Rachel Watson with Johnny Football?….

  2. Macabee Says:

    Umm, that’s not the way he sounds at 9:40 of his 11/21 presser. He raves about Glennon and talks about what a great QB room he has – How much Orlovsky helps Glennon and how close they are. To me, he sounded completely happy with the way things are.

    He sounds happy in this quote, as well, but he doesn’t rule it out when given a shot. Joe’s just pointing that out. Schiano can answer this question many different ways. –Joe

  3. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Manziel would be a horrible choice and bad fit for this offensive system. He needs to be in a spread where he can take advantage of his abilities and talents. A straight drop back passer he is not. The only way he comes here is if there is a new coaching staff and a new OC with a different system. However, if was to come here, I hope his WR Evans comes with him

  4. Biff Barker Says:

    This discussion has serious traction and it will have endurance too, but I suppose that’s a testament to Glennon’s play thus far. It sure beats September’s QB discussion.

  5. Biff Barker Says:

    Is it me or does anyone else think Manziel might be Eddie Munster’s love child?

  6. Macabee Says:


    I was responding to TBBF’s post on getting a FA back-up or drafting a 2nd round QB regardless.

    And TBBF, I’m no saying you’re wrong either. I’ve learned from preseason not to put too much faith in what Schiano says about the QB position. We’ll know when we know!

  7. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Since it is likely Schuab will be a free agent this year, if we can land him as a #2 and if Glennon looks ABOVE AVERAGE the rest of this season, I could live with drafting a QB in round 2 or 3 instead…or maybe not at all if Schuab signs for 3 or more years.

    But considering Glennon has only 2 wins against bad teams, he has a long way to grow and a lot to prove.

    IF he does well, I want insurance in case he is a one year wonder. Because if we don’t get a solid backup plan in place and he pulls a Sean King we are looking at another 3-5 years of not competing because we’ll have to dump salaries. No way do the Glazers spend so much and not get a return.

  8. Mr. T Says:

    If Schiano is back next season and Glennon finishes well this season then we it would make sense to draft a QB in a later round to develop as a long term backup which is fine with me. If they like Dan O’s relationship with Glennon keep him as 3rd string or bring him on as an assistant coach.

  9. Mr. T Says:

    Yes Biff, Manziel does bear a resemblance to Eddie Munster in that pic.

  10. buccanAy Says:

    Why the heck would he rule it out!?! Did you really expect him to say, drafting a QB is out of the question? This is ridiculous on multiple levels. You’ve obviously zeroed in on Manziel as your “stir it up” topic, no matter the likelihood of it happening. You’re assuming Shiano is here to make that decision, and do you really think Manziel is a Shiano “guy”?

    Schiano came in to One Buc and decided he’d go with Aqib Talib as his No. 1 cornerback. Why was he selected as a Schiano guy? –Joe

  11. []_[]Buc Says:

    Point is it sure as hell won’t be your “boy” Manziel lol

  12. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Trollin’ ain’t easy.

  13. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Schiano came in to One Buc and decided he’d go with Aqib Talib as his No. 1 cornerback. Why was he selected as a Schiano guy? –Joe”

    Same reason Freeman started the season but didn’t finish it. Sometimes, you can’t make the changes you want to make immediately, due to cap and roster limitations.

    Notice they’re both gone? Blount wasn’t jettisoned immediately either.

    I’m not sure why you choose to ignore the obvious.

  14. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I’m also waiting on hearing of any highly successful NFL QBs who were Heisman winners, in the entire history of the award. Plunkett?

    I’ll hang up and listen to your answer.

  15. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Schiano did not select Talib as a “Schiano guy”. He simply gave Talib yet another opportunity in a long stream of chances. Notice Schiano did not hesitate to get rid of him?

  16. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Joe, how is Manziel different from Ryan Leaf so far as behavior?

  17. []_[]Buc Says:

    Talib was never “selected” by Schiano

    Lol that’s comical and stretching it as far as you can go.

    He was already “selected” and given another opportunity.

    Once he blew that Schiano got rid in of him.

    If he was a “Schiano guy” don’t you think he would still be here?


  18. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    No no no to Johny “spoiled rotten” football He will be a bust in the NFL. Surely others can see this.

  19. Jon Says:

    Nice game tonight from Johnny Boy against LSU

  20. Christopher Says:

    Funny, not once in the article did it mention—WOW, THE JACKASS THINKS HE’S COMING BACK?!? Because there’s a decent chance now that he’s coming back ;o)

    & Dominick was on record the other day when asked essentially “Is Glennon your guy come draft time”, & he couched it in “Eh, let’s see how he does the rest of the year”, which I thought was smart & correct.

  21. Paul Says:

    That guy in the pic looked like dookie yesterday.