Sapp Delivers Another Schiano Slap

November 11th, 2013

Offensive linemen had trouble containing Warren Sapp, and it seems Bucs management can’t keep him out of their backfield, either.

Sapp has had plenty of words recently for the New Schiano Order, even as the team prepares to retire his number and devote an entire night (tonight!) to his memory. Sapp has referred to the Bucs regime as “mafia-style,” blasted defensive schemes, and he just couldn’t hold back another dig Friday night, which apparently broke a promise.

Sapp took to the local Buccaneers Radio Network airwaves on WDAE-AM 620 and sat down with Bucs director of broadcast operations Jeff Ryan. The two re-lived memories of their Glory Years radio show and hit a number of topics. The 2013 Bucs seemed to be off-limits, but they came up when Ryan talked about studying the nuances of football.

Jeff Ryan: Isn’t that amazing, though, now you can actually get coaches’ tapes? It just blows me away.

Warren Sapp: All-22.

Ryan: I know. You just order it; you’ve got it at home.

Sapp: So it would be silly to go up on a podium and say something like, ‘we played a bunch of man-to-man.’ And people at home can go look at it.

Ryan: Don’t go down that road.

Sapp: Ok. I’m just making sure.

Ryan: Don’t go down that road. (laughs) You promised me. Don’t go down that road.

Sapp: I’m just sayin’. (laughing)

Yes, Sapp joins the legions of fans and ex-NFL players that don’t agree with how the Bucs have used Darrelle Revis to date. But it seems Sapp was more perplexed by the New Schiano Order potentially misleading media when it came to using Revis. Was it gamesmanship? Protecting Revis? Preserving a competitive advantage?

That should be old news now, as Revis is getting healthier and playing lots more press-man coverage over the past two games. What won’t be old news is Sapp continuing to hammer Schiano’s defense, especially if the Bucs don’t start winning more they lose.

9 Responses to “Sapp Delivers Another Schiano Slap”

  1. Snook Says:

    0-9 coming tonight. Like usual, expect the Bucs to have a slim lead or be close at halftime…. only to have Schiano’s Pirates soil themselves in the 2nd half.

    Want free money this season?

    Take the 2nd half line on Bucs games. Its like STEALING.

  2. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Keep telling it like it is Warren

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    If we lose tonight, there better be a 9am presser citing Schiano has been relieved of his duties.

  4. Bucks_Sam Says:

    Gotta Love Sapp…. he just can’t help himself.

    yeah, the video doesn’t lie…. kinda like when you say “I’m not Bankrupyt…” yet we all bought all your shoes.

    Sapp want’s to call out Shiano for not playing, reminds me of all Sapp’s baby-mommas calling him out for not paying his support. Maybe he should have bought more shoes for his kids instead of himself.

    Sapp should take a break from laughing at all his own bad jokes.

    But kuddos to the Bucs for honoring a loud mouth who simply can’t shut his mouth and say Thank You.

  5. White Tiger Says:

    Did anyone else catch this “editing”?

    Why didn’t Jeff Ryan – a member of the MEDIA – want to talk about what SAPP HIMSELF WANTED TO TALK ABOUT?

    What the heck is UP with the media asking someone with inside information – to PROMISE NOT to talk negatively about something Schiano has made public information (i.e., Schiano is the one who was saying his Bucs played “a LOT of man…” when the coaches tapes that WARREN SAPP has already SEEN…shows something COMPLETELY different)?

    Why is Jeff Ryan trying to make sure Warren doesn’t expose Schiano as the lying phony he is?

    Why is the media covering for THIS coach?

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    Bucs_Sam…you should shut your mouth and say thank you to Sapp.

  7. Clowney Says:

    Funny how Gruden, who was a total control freak buried his head in X’s and O’s, while Schiano is more concerned with curtailing free speech in the press.
    Of course, Gruden won some football games while the current coach can not.

    At the end of the Seattle game, I noticed that one of Greg’s spies, was assigned to Glennon’s side to make sure he didn’t pass any team secrets to his former team mate Wilson.

  8. Bucks_Sam Says:


    When i’m invited to dinner, I don’t complain about the meatloaf. I was raised better.

  9. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    bucfanjeff Says
    “If we lose tonight, there better be a 9am presser citing Schiano has been relieved of his duties.”

    Don’t you get tired of saying that each week? Like clockwork eith you or Adam makes the same comment.

    Schiano may just make it through next season, so I really hope that doesn’t mean these comments will be around then as well.