Revis Says He’s Day-To-Day

November 27th, 2013

Joe ran into an upbeat Darrelle Revis eating a soup-like product in the halls of One Buc Palace this afternoon and Revis told Joe he’s day-to-day with his groin injury but feeling confident.

Per Greg Schiano today, Revis had an MRI on that groin and told reporters they could read into Revis’ official day-to-day status as good news if they wish.

Schiano said Revis’ status does affect game-planning but didn’t offer details.

Regarding Revis, Joe has a good gut feeling on his availability Sunday.

4 Responses to “Revis Says He’s Day-To-Day”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    It really looked as if Revis wanted to go back into the game Sunday but held back for precautionary reasons….hopefully he is 100% with the groin because anything less is risking further injury that could keep him out for a while….

  2. Chef Paul Says:

    HAHA. WTF could he possibly be eating for it to be described as “soup like”, but not soup like enough to be called soup?

  3. oldfart44 Says:

    It was a big plus for the younger players to be put in the position of performing. It was a pleasant surprise, and should make the coaching staff more confident in their abilities.

    Perhaps, he’ll sit Goldson for a few snaps next time he gets one of his many personal fouls. Don’t get me wrong, his aggressiveness and lack of fear is commendable, but he has to learn that these are the rules.

    What remains to be seen is does Schiano have the guts to do it like Belichek did to Talib a few games back. Maybe it’s easy to be tough and enforce discipline equally and consistently when you are successful.

  4. SANTIAGO Says:

    @Chef Paul
    Maybe John Lynch and his mother were handing out Campbells chunky soup in the locker room.
    But i agree with oldfart44. I was suprised by how the young guys were able to step in and deliver positive results. I hope Revis returns for Newton’s Newtering, But only if the groin injury is a 100% healed.
    There’s always a possibility that he won’t return for sunday, But atleast we know our back ups are ready to go. Go Bucs!!!! Win on 3… 1,2,3 WIN!!!!!