Rainey Not Really “Auditioning”

November 23rd, 2013

The Bucs are not in danger of losing the reigning NFC Offensive Player of the Week next season

Imagine if Bobby Rainey has a strong final six games as the Bucs’ No. 1 running back? What stunning depth and tough decisions the Bucs would have next season! They’d be stocked with three young, promising backs that have actually shouldered the load in NFL games and had 150-yard games.

Rainey, though, seems like he might be a bit confused by what 2014 could hold for him.

The Bucs signed him off the street last month, after spending 2012 with the Ravens, mostly injured (Yes, he’s got a Super Bowl ring). Rainey was among the final cuts with the Ravens this summer and was scooped up by the Browns immediately before the Ravens could sneak him on their practice squad, so Rainey explained yesterday on Pro Football Talk, hosted by Mike Florio. Then the Bucs claimed Rainey off waivers when the Browns cut him in October.

Florio asked Rainey about his future in Tampa, and Rainey referenced that he too busy showcasing himself and doing his job to worry about next year.

“Once the season is over then I can actually think about that. But right now I’m actually just trying to, I’m still auditioning for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the other teams out there,” Rainey said.

While Rainey has no contract for 2014, he isn’t really “auditioning” for the rest of the league.

As a second-year player, the Bucs hold his exclusive rights for 2014. All they have to do is offer him a take-it-or-quit, one-year contract after the season. It’s roughly a half-million bucks. Essentially, Rainey won’t have any free agency rights.

It’s impossible not to pull for Rainey. He’s the underdog, and a little guy, who’s shocked the NFL world. If he continues to shine, it will be quite a training camp/preseason battle for carries next season. Somewhere, Doug Martin is shaking his head.

9 Responses to “Rainey Not Really “Auditioning””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If there is a trade, Rainey would be the most likely because he won’t be coming off an injury (hopefully) and we have longer-term contracts on Martin & James. We also drafted Martin & James and usually have more loyalty to draft picks.
    We also have Leonsard…Demps & Michael Smith…..I think if Demps wants to stay we keep him and trade or cut Smith.
    We are carrying 3 FBs now…..something has to give there.

  2. adam from ny Says:

    keep your six guys as they all have a role, more or less…martin, james, and rainey have to fight it out for time….and barring injuries some play, some don’t…leonard has a role, demps can develop a speed specialist role, and lorig is lorig…there’s your crew…if someone is injured find another fb…and reality is, martin’s torn labrum is a very serious injury, where most never get back to more than 85-90 %…but the bucs don’t put that out there because he was our offensive posterboy on the come up…he might not be able to take a lot of crushing blows to that shoulder moving forward…funny no one talks about martin’s career being kind of in jeopardy…a torn labrum usually means career over in baseball if it’s your throwing arm…adam from ny

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think Demps can play a bigger role than special teams next year….we currently have 10 RB/FBs on the roster….4 on IR and 6 active.
    I still question why we have 3 FB unless there is a great deal of special team work being done. We have some needs in the secondary and should have depth there instead of FB….

  4. Macabee Says:

    Don’t tell Rainey he’s not auditioning. Might take away his carrot!

  5. Splengo Says:

    Rainey: How’s the weather up there, Slim?

    Glennon: Cut the crap Shortdog, just get me a hunnert or I’ll fart on your head!

  6. ander Says:

    keep rainey tampa, this guy is definetly going to become a fan favorite

  7. stanglassman Says:

    I would like to see your source claiming that that NFL RB recovery for this type injury? Adam ny-“torn labrum is a very serious injury, where most never get back to more than 85-90 %”

    Sounds more like MLB player or Quarterback. I’ve had this injury and mine came at age 40 and tore my rotator. I PB my marathon race 2 months later.

  8. stanglassman Says:

    BTW I’m not trying to minimize a shoulder labrum tear it can be a serious injury. I just don’t think for a young RB with the best surgeon and a year of rehab he should be back to 100% or very close. A good article to learn the basics.


  9. adam from ny Says:

    i had the surgury as well for a torn labrum…and mine was done by the surgeon who takes care of the ny yankees…it’s a serious injury and since you can’t really lead with a helmet anymore in the nfl, martin is going to have a tough time using that shoulder as a battering ram – as well as receiving hard crunching shots to the shoulder from defenders over and over…teams will all know which is his repaired shoulder and aim at it on the regular…look at freddie sanchez who was with the s.f. giants, he had the injury and now, career over…for someone who uses the arm to throw it can be quite problematic…all i’m saying is he is a running back and that shoulder is gonna take a beating…i hope doug comes back like it never happened, but relistically that just might not be the case…and the bucs aren’t going to let the fans know that yet…also there are degrees to the tear – as well as how many anchors have to be inserted into the shoulder to tie it back together…rotator surgury and a torn labrum are 2 totally different injuries, but with in close range of eachother…and there are also nerve issues involved as well sometimes…depending on the severity of the tear is the issue…i would like to see him back 100%…i don’t see how you can compare a repaired shoulder taking a beating in the riggors of the nfl where guys are all twitched and jacked up to running in a marathon…your arm isn’t taking a beating while running or jogging…it’s just generally going through its normal range of motion as you move along in your running process…hopefully doug will be ok – but i think that is yet to be determined…we can access him 2-3 years from now on this one…doctor adam from ny

    ps heavy hits to his sholder can plain and simply shift, losen or possibly knock out anchors as well – when beast like men such as a ray lewis (i know he’s retired – just an example), or a dashon goldson (per say) comes crashing into his shoulder per say when he trys to catch a short pass…just a thought