Rainey And The Western Kentucky Offense

November 24th, 2013

Some Bucs fans are still giddy this evening (no, nothing about a Saturday evening tryst) because of the running of Bobby Rainey.

Now Joe would say this is just an example that teams should not draft a running back in the first round as there are tons of talented running backs that can be found late in the draft (Mike James) or off the street (Rainey).

This is not armchair quarterbacking by Joe saying the Bucs should never have drafted Doug Martin. Hogwash. First, the Bucs traded their second round pick to jump into the late first round to get him.

One reason why Rainey was so successful so quickly is that, so types PewterReport.com chieftain Scott Reynolds, the Bucs use virtually an identical offense as Rainey played in at Western Kentucky when now-USF Willie Taggert ran the show.

“[Rainey] runs the inside zone plays so well,” said Bucs right guard Davin Joseph, whose play is improving as he is getting healthier each week. “It’s reading the defense, understanding the defense, and understanding the blocking scheme and going out there and executing. He’s been able to run in some tough looks. We’ve been able to give him some premium looks and he’s been able to capitalize on them. He’s a smart player and he really, really fits our offense.

“The guy just knows how to run power plays. It’s crazy how he reads so well and he’s able to get up in the holes. He rarely takes any negative runs or has losses on runs. He has the strength to keep the drive going, but also has that big-play factor about him.”

Of course, Joe also wants to give credit to Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik for pulling Rainey off the sidewalk to play. Sadly, Joe knows that ruins the narrative of too many haters.

14 Responses to “Rainey And The Western Kentucky Offense”

  1. Mr. T Says:

    I will be more impressed if he can turn in a good performance against the Lions and then finish the rest of the season strong, if so, then we can start with the superlatives and look forward to a loaded backfield next year. I just want to be sure he’s not just a one game wonder before I jump on the bandwagon.

  2. WalkdaPlank Says:

    There’s a reason this guy went undrafted in 2012, and got cut from a couple different teams before landing on the Bucs. Was this Dom using his incredible eye for talent to pluck an underrated RB off the street he thought would actually compete with Mike James for interim starting role? Or was this Dom searching the streets for a RB because there is a mandatory number of active RB’s you need to have on the roster, and he got lucky and struck gold with Rainey? Either way, I’m glad he got him, but let’s see him go up against a GOOD NFL defense rather than the Fins and the Dixie Chicks. I’m hoping for a good game from both Rainey and Glennon. As well as the Revis vs. Megatron battle because I’ve heard nothing but “nobody can stop Megatron” this week. GO BUCS!!

  3. blackmagic00 Says:

    Maybe we’re starting to become the pats south? Could be that all our talent is system talent?

  4. below me Says:

    I hate Rainey because Dominik signed him, and I hate the Glazers because they only care about soccer, and they should pay college foosball players and the attendance at the Trop stinks……

  5. PTWalk Says:

    Rainey is the truth. Will be the first to go over 100 yrds vs the Lions. Our offensive line blocked for him with more confidence.

  6. BucNasty!!! Says:

    I’m just glad that maybe when we preach how much of a run based team that’ll impose there will it might actually b true with all the talented depth at rb so we can truly create OUR identity run the ball an stop the run

  7. Jim Says:

    Great to see Rainey have success. Seems like a very classy guy. I am somewhat surprised the ‘college running system’ works in the NFL. Now if the Bucs can develop a ‘PRO’ passing game, perhaps they can have a decent offense.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Remember how really good Mike James looked before he went down. I don’t think its a coincidence that Rainey has been successful. Our O-line has finally lived up to their hype.
    I’m not discounting Rainey…like Glennon, so far so good….lets sit back and do what fans do…..watch!!!

  9. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    This is why Blount got cut. He could not find these holes and wanted to run side ways all the time thinking he could out run the defense.

    The running game starts up front. If the o-line can’t make any holes, the RB is going no where. I don’t care how Rainey got on this team, I’m jazzed that we have a running game again. Rainey has done quite well with his opportunity and from the interviews I’ve seen, seems like a great person and someone you can cheer for.. My fear is he is over worked by the coaching staff and he gets dinged like all the other before him.

    Way off topic, I hope the duece that Johny ‘spoiled rotten” Football laid on the field yesterday will no longer find him in Joe’s conversations about being a Buc. Let it go Joe, his type will not do well in the NFL.

  10. SilverSword Says:

    I’ll trade my 2nd Rd pick for a 1st every time. Who wouldn’t do that deal, even if I draft another small children’s pet or long-necked zoo animal.

  11. JonBuc Says:

    Just as I eventually liked Graham better than Williams-mainly due to his underdog status…I could eventually root for Rainey more so than Martin. Sounds like a great guy and his journey to the Bucs has been an amazing story…read more about it at the above mentioned PR article. Cliff Notes version is that because he joined the Bucs @ the Thursday night game against Carolina…he witnessed the birth of his daughter due to fortuitous timing and has a chance to become very relevant in the NFL landscape by simply getting an opportunity and making the most of it.

  12. Teddy Says:

    This is exhibit #287 on how Mark Dominik is doing a great job, and exactly what the Glazers asked. As much as I don’t think Schiano is cut out to be an NFL coach, I think Dominik has done everything the Glazers have asked and more.

  13. joseph mamma Says:

    Dom is what his record says he is, right?

  14. buccanAy Says:

    “ruins the narrative of too many haters”….really? maybe it’s the fact that we haven’t had a DE who could rush the passer since Simeon Rice, except for Michael Bennet, who the your “rockstar” gave away. If I didn’t know better, Id think youre using the term “rockstar” as derogatory sarcasm.