Props To Earnest Byner

November 15th, 2013

One reason why Mike James, a third-day draft pick, developed into a productive runner is the coaching of running backs coach Earnest Byner, said Bucs OG David Joseph.

A lot has been made of the renewed rushing attack the past couple of weeks, with a third-day draft pick and a guy pulled off the street in Mike James and Bobby Rainey.

Much of the credit has been bestowed upon the offensive line, which for the first time all year has been blasting open holes. Some have suggested that inserting Jamon Meredith into the starting left guard slot is why the running came has come alive.

Bucs offensive right guard Davin Joseph said there is another name that is being left out in the discussion, a name that’s been a key cog in the running game rising from the dead like Lazarus. That would be running backs coach Earnest Byner.

“I can’t even take credit on [backup running backs ready to play]; they have a great coach in that room,” Joseph said. “Coach [running backs coach Earnest] Byner, he’s awesome. You really see how he prepares those guys and gets them ready for the game and really how he’s committed to them and their success. You plug guys in and they just take off, that’s just really a reflection on how good of a coach he really is. It’s good to have a guy like that on your staff.”

Unlike some coaches who are always trying fancy, cute things that rarely work (and when they go back to simple football, the results are stunning, ahem), Byner apparently doesn’t believe in cute. These running backs have been grinding out yards the old smashmouth football way.

This season, there is no question that Byner has earned every penny of his salary.

10 Responses to “Props To Earnest Byner”

  1. Luther Says:

    Earnest Byner was a fantastic back during his playing days. He should understand what it takes to do it.

  2. Macabee Says:

    Earnest Byner deserves a lot of credit for developing the Bucs running game and having the next-man-up and ready to go. I also like his sideline interaction with the RBs during the game – always teaching and complimenting.

    While we’re talking about unsung heroes, somebody needs to give Jamon Meredith some love. The guy never gets an interview or a write-up (excuse me Joe if I missed it) or credit for making a material difference in the O-Line performance. He did it last year subbing for Joseph and he has clearly made a difference on the left side this year.

    Here’s to you Jamon, you’re a true unsung hero!

  3. RCH Says:

    He absolutely deserves the credit. It would be one of the negatives with having a new coaching staff by losing this guy. He did a great job with the Titans and Jacksonville as well with no drop off coming here.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    EB is great…..I hope if there is a coaching change that he somehow survises the cleanout.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  6. Hawk Says:

    Isn’t this the same RB coach that was here for the first eight games? Apparently, the ‘new and improved’ running game isn’t the result of the running backs(or their coach), unless James and Rainey are far superior to Martin. The change is in the O-line. That is either coaching, personnel, or attitude. Since it’s the same coach as the first eight games, and we know how much the coaches hate ‘change’, it must be personnel and/or attitude. We can see that there has been a personnel change, and we’ve been told that there is a new attitude.
    I’m not trying to throw cold water on Coach Byners’ ability to get backups (and backups to backups) to play at a ‘starter’ level. I’m just saying that *I* don’t believe that the coaching of the RBs is why the Bucs are now having success.

  7. Harry Says:

    Not taking anything away from your props to Byner, Joe, but I think Lorig finally being healthy has can tributes as well. Between Byner coaching them up, Lorig and the O-line coming together, the Bucsvrun game is exciting. Did I just use “bucs” and “exciting” in the same sentence? Very cool

  8. Hawk Says:

    @ Harry
    I’m glad you mentioned Lorig. I’ve been wondering if the Bucs could pick up (draft or FA) a ‘real’ FB and turn Lorig loose at the TE spot. As good of a FB as he is, IMO, he’s being under-used for his talents.

  9. Harry Says:

    I agree, Lorig looks really good. But I don’t know if I would want to move him from FB. Lorig gets total credit for all the running plays that get to the 2nd level -and the Bucs get a lot of them (there is a story for Joe -where do the Bucs rank in the NFL in 2nd level running plays).

    Besides, IMO I like what I see in Wright. We have enough blocking TEs

  10. Hawk Says:

    I wasn’t looking at Lorig so much as a ‘blocking’ TE (though I’m sure he’d do very well), but as far as I can determine, Lorig has *never* dropped a pass. Granted, he hasn’t been thrown a lot, but still… *everyone* else on the team has dropped at least one (except Penn).
    Anyway, I was just thinking out loud.
    And, like you, I like Wright, but after him…?