Players Aren’t Talking About Schiano’s Job

November 3rd, 2013

Every NFL fan in the United States, it seems, is on Coach Watch/Hot Seat Alert when it comes to Greg Schiano.

But Darrelle Revis says nobody he works with has even discussed the subject.

Speaking on WDAE-AM 620 Thursday night, Revis was asked by a fan caller whether he and his teammates are “feeling bad” and “worried” for Schiano and having “conversation” about playing for Schiano’s job and his job security.

“I think we haven’t even been having those discussions. I surely haven’t been having discussions about coach’s job being on the line or not,” Revis said. “I think everbody’s just focus is to just trying get wins. I think us as players, we want to win games. We’re winners. That’s why we play this game. That’s why we love to play it. It’s to get wins and to get to the playoffs and hopefully make a run at the Super Bowl. And that’s our focus. I mean, we’re 0-7. Most of these guys on this team, yeah, we’ve never been in this position to be 0-7. So I think our motive is to just rack up some wins, man.”

Joe’s listened to Revis all season long, face-to-face in the locker room, on radio, at the podium. Joe’s impression of Revis’ tone here was that it was one of honesty.

Now Joe’s not naïve enough to believe players haven’t talked about Schiano’s shelf life, but on the whole, Joe genuinely believes the team is united and playing hard. Of course, when you’re winless, that’s always a fragile situation that bears close monitoring.

10 Responses to “Players Aren’t Talking About Schiano’s Job”

  1. Jacko101 Says:

    Lies lol they want Coach Gone as do I. Bring on Lovie

  2. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    players aren’t talking about Schiano’s Job, The media is not talking about the pop-star’s job. Look, can we get a Fan poll about the GM’s Job around here, I know that the results would astound some people.

  3. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Revis is a pro and is only going to say the politically correct things, and I don’t fault him for that at all. I’m sure he’s not enjoying the losing season, but his back account is doing just fine. I think as his knee improves we will continue to see Revis become an even bigger impact player than he is now.

    Players quitting shows up on the tape, so for the player’s career value, it is in their best interest to keep laying hard, bad coaching or not.

    I’m in the Lovie Smith camp until I hear of something better out there available. As the end of the schedule draws nearer, there will be several other teams looking for new coaches, and the sooner the Bucs start “shopping” the better the chances are at getting a better coach.

  4. Patrick in VA Says:

    I think it’s pretty clear that it doesn’t need to be discussed whether they’re playing for schiano or despite schiano. The guys on this team are winners and they know that they have the pieces in place and the talent to win now. They have enough pride in themselves and the team to not let these games go without fighting but I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone that is fighting to keep schiano there. The only times that people come out in his defense is when people get too personal, which they should because his failings are as a coach and not as a person. I think they are quietly anticipating what everyone else is and they’re ready to turn the page as much as everyone else.

  5. Biff Barker Says:

    Schiano is a terrible X ‘s and O’s guy and this will be his ultimate demise. His focus on processes to deliver wins and not game winning strategy is why our record speaks so loudly.
    Not on the bandwagon for Dom or his minion Hickey either. Our drafts prior to Schiano and Davis has been awful. Dreadful.
    Both have to go.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Revis appears to be truthful to me…..Its a good thing the coaches and players haven’t given up like some of the fans….many “fans” look at all these games as “meaningless”….I’ll bet Revis thinks there is no such game…thats why they play….to win everytime.
    It makes me sick to see fans root for 0-16….as far as I’m concered they are the real losers.

  7. k_bassuka Says:

    Of course not. What job, he sure doesn’t have one. Schiano is just a place holder at this time and everyone knows it…

  8. Capt. Tim Says:

    That question was presented, to give Revis the opportunity to endorse Schiano.
    He politely and politically correctly declined to do so.

    Several players have been asked similar Questions, and not one has taken the opportunity to show support for Schiano.

    Only McCoy has came forward, to say that the verbal abuse heaped on Schiano was unjustified. I agreed with him. The man is a horrible coach, and will be fired. No one deserves to have people scream obscenities about him and his family. I saw that first hand.

    McCoy is a good man, raised right- on spoke out correctly.

    We have a team of Classy, decent players. I feel bad for them, that they are stuck with these horrible high school coaches/schemes.

    Hopefully, we get them a real GM/Coach next year- and they are put in a posistion to Win. This year- no matter how hard they work- they are doomed to lose, because of the garbage plays they are forced to run

  9. chris Says:

    Schiano is going to be held accountable, but no way should Bucs GM Mark Dominik be retained either.

  10. Eric Says:

    All together now.

    Play like crap and lose on one!

    Hike, hike!