Pass Defense Better

November 22nd, 2013

Every person who follows the Bucs, whether it is Warren Sapp of Steve White or Booger McFarland or Joe or the drunk in the corner bar and other simple people, has been hollering how awful the Bucs pass rush has been.

Many want to tar and feather Bucs defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan for having his defensive linemen run tryouts, play after play, for “Dancing with the Stars” — the favorite TV programming of the NFL-AM crowd — rather than doing their jobs of rushing the quarterback.

After losing the season, and on the cusp of losing their jobs, Sheridan and company seem to have had an epiphany and relented by letting defensive linemen go after quarterbacks directly in recent weeks. Since, the Bucs have racked up sacks and pressures. Can you imagine?

Well, even with only rumors of a Bucs pass rush for seven or more games this season, the pass defense has improved. Dramatically, so, notes the Custodian of Canton, eye-RAH! Kaufman of The Tampa Tribune.

@IKaufmanTBO: In 2012, the Bucs yielded 69 completions of at least 20 yards. With the additions of Revis & Goldson, that figure is now 28 with 6 gms left

Now Joe understands Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik doesn’t call defensive plays, but he does pick talent and his moves to bolster the Bucs’ defensive backfield have worked well.

If the Bucs continue to utilize this novel, untried approach of having their defensive linemen attack the quarterback, instead of some perverted square dance of constant stunts, then maybe the Bucs might develop into a suffocating defense?

2 Responses to “Pass Defense Better”

  1. BucsQcCity Says:

    Joe, I like your style! Last paragraph made me laugh.. Keep it up!

  2. hambone Says:

    I have loved the Bucs since they had their fag uniforms in orange, with Bruce. This current year I still love the Buc’s defense. Short, fast, strong…to a man. Like me, when I was in a Div I football program: 5′ 9″ 210 nose guard at East Carolina. Beat N.C. State, a big deal in 1969. The All American Nose Guard in 1969 was Sammy Gellerstedt from Alabama as a sophomore. Now a man who has found perfection in life as an artist/photographer. Hope he reads and contacts me. Gary Hamilton Colonel USAF (ret)