“Open The Floodgates”

November 17th, 2013

Dekoda Watson’s blocked punt relieved a lot of long-standing frustration

Greg Schiano is a lunatic about punt blocks. He considers himself a guru. Ronde Barber can attest.

The Bucs led the NFL in punt blocks by a good margin last season but had zero before Dekoda Watson got one with 5:52 remaining in the third quarter to set up the Bucs’ fifth and final touchdown against Atlanta today.

Schiano admitted it was a troubling drought.

“We’ve been frustrated because we led the league in punt blocks last year and all of a sudden we’re shut out nine games. So that’s a good one. Hopefully that will open the floodgates because we’re a punt block team,” Schiano said.

Watson, who had two blocked punts last season, said it was about time and it was driving him “crazy” because he had two last season.

He credited rookie defensive end Steven Means for rushing the punt off the edge in a precision manner to get the offensive tackle to bite and free up Watson for a 1-one-1 rush to the punter.

The Bucs were in a blocking mood today and should have had a blocked field goal, too. Joe bring some interesting inside scoop on that in the coming hours.

4 Responses to ““Open The Floodgates””

  1. Justin Says:

    Yeah revis just missed that fg block.

  2. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Yeah joe? Like maybe what was up with the jawing and I definitely saw a shove to Rev…????

  3. aj Says:

    am i the only one that remembers watson blocked one in atlanta this year? I mean he pushed the falcons guy back into it, does that not count as 1?

  4. Raul Cavazos Says:

    Watson is a special teams blocker guru