Odd Pass Plays Called

November 24th, 2013

Joe was scratching his head at halftime, wondering about some of the pass plays that Bucs offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan was calling.

Often on third downs, Sullivan — who Joe likes a lot — called plays where Bucs receivers were running routes on the short side of the first down marker. Why?

Isn’t the purpose of passing on third down to move the chains? Having receivers running routes short of the first down marker sort of defeats the purpose and puts receivers between a rock and a hard place, having to break two or three tackles to get a first down after catching a pass.

Sullivan, who now sits upstairs calling plays, surely could see from that vantage point that his routes were not going past the first down marker.

To make this even more of a riddle, it’s not like the Lions’ secondary is anything to write home about, unless it is a profanity-laced missive.

After the game, Underwood spoke about how the Bucs had that bomb (he caught from quarterback Mike Glennon) in their back pocket ready to use if needed. Had Sullivan not called so many dinks-and-dunks in the first half on third downs, maybe that bomb wouldn’t have been needed.

Joe can’t believe the Bucs would waste three or four (or more) drives just to set up one play in the second half. That’s a bit far-fetched.

10 Responses to “Odd Pass Plays Called”

  1. Adam L. Says:

    I have an answer: he’s [Take it easy! — Joe]

  2. patrickbucs Says:

    We now have one of the best coaching staff’s and QB’s in the league we should be great moving forward! Well take the win and I will continue to be amazed at the staff we have.

    Could you imagine if we gave up 5to’s (1 for a defensive Td, 2 inside 30, and a blocked kick)? Think we’re a fg away from tying it at the end? Neither do I. The Lions are a very good (mistake prone) offense and a terrible pass defense defense that we didn’t take advantage of enough.

    If we can win against some big teams down the stretch (panthers, 49ers, saints) then maybe we have something going into 2014. It’s great to be optimistic but this was a team many hoped would go 8-8 at worst.

  3. Macabee Says:

    Mark my words, Sullivan will not be OC next year. McNulty will be OC. That obviously assumes Schiano will be back. Even if Schiano survives, there has been enough losses for some heads to roll.

  4. Captain Stagger Says:

    Joe….quit stretching….no one but you is suggesting they wasted 3-4 downs sinking and dunking just to set up the bomb….so in effect you are calling out yourself for your own far fetched theroy.

  5. MikeJ Says:

    It may be that the play-calls were fine, but the routes were run too short.Maybe the WRs deserve the blame.

  6. gotbbucs Says:

    This has been a season long trend.

  7. Supergobaby Says:

    Playcalling was abominable. A 3-point win with a +5 turnover margin and a blocked punt. 24 rushes for 22 yards. 10 first downs vs. 23 for Detroit. 229 total yards vs. 390. Glennon dropping back so often against inside rush was ridiculous and resulted in a ton if third and longs. The couple of times he rolled out he was effective. Defense won the game. Sullivan stinks.

  8. Adam L. Says:

    Didn’t they put up a stat that showed the Bucs attempted 1 run outside the tackles after averaging about 1.9 YPC the whole game? They needed to mix in some screens and some delayed handoffs to slow down the interior rush but they kept running Rainey into The OLs back.

  9. mvermulm Says:

    Macabee, I’m with you on the McNulty theory. That’s who Schiano wanted originally, but Arizona wouldn’t allow him to interview for the position so Schiano settled on Sully. Running up the middle repeatedly was what bothered me more. As Adam said, why didn’t we do any outside runs or screens? I can’t stand Sully, so I really hope he’s gone after this season. As bad as Sheridan was early in the season, our defense obviously has been really good the last few weeks, and they never quit, so I could see him staying another year.

  10. BillT Says:

    The reason why he didn’t call a play past the 1st down marker on a few of those drives was because they were in 3rd and very long….from their own side of the field. Bill Walsh was always questioned on why he threw short passes in those situations. He said for 2 reasons: 1) don’t want an interception bec its a low percentage pass 2) get about 10 yards if its say 3rd & 17 to help with field position