Not-So-Veiled Jabs At Josh Freeman

November 25th, 2013
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Bucs receiver Tiquan Underwood seemed to be indirectly blasting former Bucs franchise quarterback leaky Rip Van Freeman in Underwood’s praise of Mike Glennon.

Yesterday, Tiquan Underwood may had his best game as a Bucs receiver. He caught two touchdowns from Bucs stud Mike Glennon, one of which was an 85-yard bomb, the sort of pass Joe has been waiting to see from Glennon before Joe could consider knighting Glennon as a franchise quarterback.

After the game, Underwood was, naturally giddy, if not out of breath. But he came running to the defense of Bucs commander Greg Schiano and embattled offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan, and lauded Glennon with some passive-aggressive, not-so-veiled slams at former Bucs franchise quarterback, leaky Rip Van Freeman.

While praising Glennon, heard on the Buccaneers Radio Network, Underwood said, “great job. The reason I respect Mike as a person and as a football player is he comes in every week. He studies. He comes in early and stays late. The things a quarterback must do to be successful in this league he is doing it and he is doing it as a rookie. So he is only going to get better and as you can see, as we keep playing he keeps getting more comfortable.”

To Joe that was not just a compliment to Glennon. It was also a peek behind the scenes as to why Rip Van Freeman eventually melted down with the Bucs and was thrown off the team.

If Underwood respects Glennon for doing what a quarterback needs to do to be successful in the NFL, then what does that say about Glennon’s predecessor?

On Schiano, Underwood said with force and emotion, “we will continue to fight hard for Coach Schiano. We play hard for him, man. And we will continue to do the same.”

22 Responses to “Not-So-Veiled Jabs At Josh Freeman”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    Freeman should have been dumped in the offseason. One can only guess where this season would have been if he were.

  2. Patrick in VA Says:

    @bucrightoff – in hindsight yes but it would have been a tough sell trying to get the fanbase onboard with dumping a QB that had just set a number of franchise records when Schiano was still pretty questionable based on the long losing streak he had before the Atlanta game. They had to give freeman enough rope to hang himself this year. Plus, the extra 3 weeks of development time for Glennon had to be invaluable. Throwing him to the wolves right out of the gates might have crushed the kid’s confidence and put us in a worse position where we would have to turn to orlovsky or bring vince young in.

  3. BucsFan68 Says:

    Complimenting the current QB is not always
    a jab at the former QB.

  4. Harry Says:

    I just read a similar quote from Underwood taking a jab at Free. And I was coming back to Joe to post it and saw this article… what a coincidence: “…Hat’s off to Mike Glennon. He’s putting in the time that quarterbacks are supposed to put in — and it shows.”

    I remember a long time ago (beginning of 2012? maybe Joe remembers), Boomer Esiason ripped into Free. This was back when no one else was really doing so – Boomer was the first. Esiason claimed Free was not putting in the work, and had too many outside distractions. I remember even Joe being surprised (back then) at Boomer’s criticisms. I guess Boomer really nailed it; I wonder how he knew?

  5. madmacskillz Says:

    BucsFan68 has it right – this is exactly the type of thing pro athletes say all the time. It’s the stereotypical quarterback compliment. Might be more to it than that, or there might not. We don’t know. The headline for this article is misleading.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I noticed it with Underwood….showed up more live than it does on paper…..

    I agree entirely with Patrick in VA….there is no way we could have gotten away with getting rid of Freeman in the off-season….unless we were successful with Palmer…and we weren’t.
    Of course Shaun King thought we should have signed him to a long-term contract…..

    “Shaun King, one of two Buc Quarterbacks that lost a NFC Championship Game when his defense gave up 11 or fewer points.”

  7. Adam L. Says:

    I would like to remind Joe that Freeman gives the Bucs the best chance to win.

  8. GBG Says:

    Freeman’s gone Joe, get over it, then let it go. Underwood’s statement had nothing to do with Josh Freeman, other than the fact that the dudes played together. These words don’t read like a subliminal message or stray shots at Freeman and Underwood seems too cool a customer to be taking that route anyway, but whatever gets those page hits right?

  9. John Says:

    U really believe what you just said? I understand you have to fill in space but that’s a reach mate.

  10. BamBamBuc Says:

    Definitely a reach. Players aren’t thinking about those things, especially following a game. We, the fans, think like that.

  11. Justin Says:

    I hope Josh Freeman is not on the minds of any Bucs player.

  12. sho-nuff Says:

    I assume AdamL that your legendary whit it peeking through….IMO Freeman’s only good year was probably when he was “mistakingly” taking the wrong meds…sorry but Qb is NOT a position for a broken head… and Josh’s was busted….dude could barely even speak….ppppppffftttt

  13. JMN Says:

    I feel Schiano was forced to play Freeman by the powers above. Neither Freeman or Schiano liked each other and that was toxic from the beginning. Now with Glennon in the game, you can tell he wants to be successful in the NFL and play for Schiano. And this has a positive effect on the rest of the players in the locker room. Freeman is a bum and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vikings cut him after this season is over. I hope Free invested his money well or enjoys playing arena football.

  14. Chris Says:

    Hey joe remember when you laughed at the notion that there was no way Glennon would start over freeman back in TC? I think you owe us an article admitting you we’re wrong.

  15. Ian P. Says:

    Josh who?

  16. Doofus Dan Says:

    I watched video of his statement after the game and thought the same thing when he said it. Yes he was happy after a win and maybe not a direct jab. Tiquan also played with Josh and as much as I liked, supported and hopped he’d turn things around, He didn’t. However, I also never heard statements of that nature about Josh…

  17. SteveBucsFan Says:

    Remember the video of Preston Parker about playing with Brees? People took it as a shoot at Schiano. Now it definitely seems like a shot at Freeman.

  18. mixxx31 Says:

    Joe, did Freeman not call you back or “stiff” (now that’s funny) you on the agreed upon price post coitus or something? It’s over buddy, he’s gone.

  19. TAC Says:

    Freeman got is initial start to the season, and failed. As far as anyone knew he was having a good camp initially, and most were praising his accuracy from what I remember.

    He started the regular season exactly the same as last year, f’d up. That 1st series against the Jets was the worst I can remember, ever.

    He was a bust in Tampa, GLT him in his future elsewhere.

    Shaun King said he needed a shrink.

    Boomer E. said he was a immature party boy.

    All the signs were there, but he deserved the start to the season I guess, and glennon needed the time.

  20. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Joe, you had told us several times over the years how Freeman did the same exact things. So how is this a jab?

    You are really reaching on this one.

  21. []_[]Buc Says:

    Reach or not the man child deserves every jab thrown his way for the scheming, conniving, lying, bust that he us.

  22. bucs4lyfe Says:

    lol yea no i dont agree that this is a jab at freeman i mean lets be serious tiquan underwood has had his first big game as a professional EVER

    yes freeman sucks but this is simply the first time to keep him for a full year, he will forever be the guy that cut the week before superbowl……

    WHAT WAS HIS EXCUSE FOR NOT BEING PRODUCTIVE WHEN HE HAD TOM BRADY THROWING HIM THE BALL….lol one good game doesnt make anyone elite and neither does one full season, SEE MICHAEL CLAYTON