No Contain For The Sackless Bucs

November 3rd, 2013

That’s seven sacks in eight games now for Buccaneers defensive linemen. It’s a miserable total.

Against the Panthers 10 days ago, Bucs’ D-linemen lost “contain” numerous times. Cam Newton got around them and found holes at key times. Sound familiar? Russell Wilson did the same thing today against the Bucs.

Yes, Wilson and Newton are stunning escape artists, but the Bucs are also stunning escape enablers. The Seahawks were allowing 3 1/2 sacks a game entering today’s contest. Think about that.

Joe’s not sure why the coaching isn’t getting through. There were more than a few times today when the Bucs lost the contain they drilled all week. DaQuan Bowers, Adrian Clayborn and Derek Landi come to mind.

More undisciplined play from the New Schiano Order.

7 Responses to “No Contain For The Sackless Bucs”

  1. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    don’t understand how your suppose to “coach up” bad DE’s. our D-line is the worst in the nfl,,,,,,again. also looks like ht

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    How in the world is this always coaching?…..our D-line hasn’t been good for years….and it was awful again today….

  3. Mr. Patrick Says:

    In ths defensive scheme, the D-Linemen are asked to do too much. They are too busy running stunts and curls, dropping into pass coverage and at times playing LB. Gotta let your guys go one on one against their man and beat him

  4. MTM Says:

    No get off with any of d-line. Slow with no drive.

  5. BucsQcCity Says:

    Can someone explain me Means presence on the first seahawk drive???

    This dlune is ridiculous

  6. oviedobucsfan Says:

    Schiano was big on Daquan Bowers (Zero sacks) and thus Schiano along with Dominik allowed Bennet (5.5 sacks) leave via FA to Seattle. That is exhibit “A”. That same Michale bennet that sacked glennon today killing a drive. Yeah, Schiano is on record saying Bowers has all the “Tools” the “Skills”. Those same items that has translated into nothing. Just like our win total.

  7. Westsidebucsfan Says:

    This is a sack less team to say the least.