Ninety-nine Things About Warren Sapp

November 11th, 2013

It will be a special night tonight at the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway, when at halftime, Bucs icon Warren Sapp will have his number retired and enter the Ring of Honor.

No one will ever wear No. 99 again for the Bucs, as it should be. Mentioning NO. 99, Joey Johnston of the Tampa Tribune has a list of 99 things you may or may not know about Sapp (get it, 99?). One that jumped out is the following.

14. Failed one class at UM — Public Speaking. It began at 8 a.m. He rarely showed up, but said he was given an “F” despite successfully completing all assignments.

What?! If there has ever been a born public speaker, it’s Sapp. The man was born to talk. Good grief, the man makes six-figures a year just to talk. Joe just cannot imagine Sapp failing public speaking. The instructor must have had a vendetta against him.

This is like the story of Michael Jordan being cut from his junior high basketball team. How?

Another nugget Joe found interesting was when Sapp was moved to defensive end from tight end, the guy who lost his starting job to Sapp is a guy better known for not playing football.

That man’s name is Dwayne Johnson. You know, “The Rock?”

7 Responses to “Ninety-nine Things About Warren Sapp”

  1. blackmagic00 Says:

    Maybe Sapp got bored listening to other people talk so he skipped the class to go and talk to someone.

  2. Bruce Says:

    Joe, read the quote. He didn’t go to class. No class, no pass. If it’s a public speaking course, think of how much of the course actually involves being in class and speaking. This isn’t that hard to figure out.

  3. Andrew 1 Says:

    since Sapp is being inducted into the ring of honor tonight, he should give a pregame speech to the team and help them get fired up.

  4. Tampa 2 Says:

    great read, my favorite is…

    47. Only six players in NFL history have won a Super Bowl, captured an NFL Defensive Player of the Year award and been selected to seven consecutive Pro Bowls — Sapp, Derrick Brooks, Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Lawrence Taylor and Reggie White.

  5. Pete 422 Says:

    As far as #14 goes. Just because a student completes all assignments doesn’t mean those assignments are passing quality. Just merely completing assignments doesn’t mean a passing grade.

  6. madmacskillz Says:

    A vendetta? Or maybe a teacher who had the guts to give a star football player the grade he actually EARNED after skipping all those classes. I would LOVE to see star athletes treated like regular students. Half of them wouldn’t make it to their second year.

  7. MadMax Says:

    Sapp and Johnson on the same football team? Man that wouldve been a team to be around….both with larger than life personalities.