Keyshawn Rips Sapp; Mocks Chucky

November 7th, 2013

Did Chucky beg Keyshawn to return?

In a wild interview with something called “Bucher and Towny” on KGMZ-FM 95.7 in San Francisco, former Bucs wide receiver and current ESPN NFL analyst Keyshawn Johnson came out firing like a cannon, all wound up about Dolphins punk Richie Incognito.

Keyshawn became so enraged during the interview, he claimed Bucs icon and Keyshawn’s known mortal enemy, Warren Sapp, was no better than Incognito. Keyshawn recounted an episode where defensive lineman Chidi Ahanotu, fed up with what he claimed was Sapp hounding him, challenged Sapp to a throw-down in the middle of the Bucs locker room.

“Chidi Ahanotu played with me in Tampa Bay, and I used to watch Warren Sapp do some similar things to Chidi Ahanotu,” Johnson said. “Now I’m saying this on the record. I used to watch him try to bully Chidi Ahanotu, OK? Because he felt he was more superior than Chidi. So one day, you know what Ahanotu did? He got up and he told him, ‘Get your you-know-what in the middle of the floor right now. I’m tired of it.’

“And at that point guess what Sapp did? He sat down. And everybody else in the locker room, me, the Derrick Brookses, the Brian Kellys, we all said, ‘Good for you, man.’ [Sapp] didn’t want no part of it. And until you stand up for yourself and don’t allow these chumps to do that sort of stuff to you, they’ll keep doing it. That’s the way bullies are.”

Now, of course, Joe has no way to confirm this story. But Joe does know Ahanotu and Sapp were like cat and dog. The two did not get along at all. Joe has heard stunning stories about the two having run-ins both in the locker room, and away from One Buc Palace when their paths crossed in the Tampa night.

Also, Keyshawn dropped a bomb between his tirade against Incognito and Sapp. Keyshawn was thrown off the Bucs midseason in 2003 because he and then-coach Chucky had a poisonous relationship that grew so vile neither could tolerate each other any longer.

Johnson claimed that a year later, Chucky called Keyshawn and tried to talk him in to rejoining the Bucs for what Chucky said was a run for the playoffs.

Playoffs? Remember what those were like?

Keyshawn also had choice words for Dolphins center Mike Pouncey.

43 Responses to “Keyshawn Rips Sapp; Mocks Chucky”

  1. Bucks_Sam Says:

    You mean MeShawn took a minute to talk about himself? You don’t say!

  2. MadMax Says:

    Well, he’s right about bullies….turn it on them and put them in their place from the start….and theres either a fight, or theyve met their match and stop. But sometimes guys just want to test, just to see if its in you. Show them immediately that it is 🙂

  3. Espo Says:

    Ah the good ol days.

  4. Natenazty Says:

    I’m not a big Keyshawn fan, but I love that he called Sapp out. Unfortunately, I have met Sapp a couple times in various places around Tampa back in his playing days. As many of you probably already know yourself, he is the biggest D-bag athlete I’ve ever met. Sapp should not even comment on the Incognito incident because it would make him a hypocrite.

  5. JonBuc Says:

    As much as I appreciate what he did while playing for the Bucs, man is he tough for me to like. He was such an arsehole in 2003 that I blame him ( and some other factors ) for the Super Bowl hangover in a year they should have at least contended again. I can’t believe it’s been a decade….

  6. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Here we go! Just wait until we hear what Sapp has to say!

  7. Bucsfanman Says:

    To me, the bully thing is a no-brainer, you better stand up for yourself.
    What I find laughable is Keyshawn running his mouth about Sapp. I have had personal experiences with both of them when I worked on Harbor Island and can tell you unequivically that Keyshawn was far and away the bigger jerk. And, say what you want about Gruden, at least he was respectful to fans. Keyshawn cannot say the same…what a jerk!

  8. Cmurda Says:

    As much as I believe Meshawn was absolutely vital to our success in the glory years and of course our Superbowl, I still can’t stand him. Sapp may be pointed and can be an arsehole personally but I always loved Sapp and still do.

  9. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Natenazty says
    “I’m not a big Keyshawn fan, but I love that he called Sapp out.”

    Really he didn’t. I remember Sapp himself telling that story years ago. He did the same thing to Lynch. Sapp isn’t an “a-hole”, he’s just a different kind of man. He respects bravery. He wasn’t intimidated by Chidi, he was getting him to stand up for himself. He got what he wanted.

    What MeShawn doesn’t say is that Sapp likely never messed with Chidi again. Same with Lynch.

    Frankly, it was obvious about Sapp from the start, so any parents that exposed their kids to him should only blame themselves.

  10. Capt. Tim Says:

    Hey- I feel like Keyshawn just bullied me!!!
    I want him fired, his agent fired- plus I’m gonna sue!!
    Because I’m soooo sensitive!!

    This is where Johnathan Martin is going to lead society.

    If a 312 pound, 6’5″ man goes running away, Crying- because somebody hurt his widdle Feelings, then we have just drove a stake in the heart of Manhood. And every lil Sissy in This country will be weeping about how they are persecuted.

    Martins problem is- he has no balls. He isn’t man enough to interact with other men. Bullying is an issue for Children- not grown men.

    He runs off crying- and everyone is on his side??

    Gawd! Please don’t let the Germans or Russians hear about this . . .

  11. Capt. Tim Says:

    And he called GM the “N” word!!!!!
    Oh my Gawd!!!!!!
    He had never heard that word before!!! Only knew of it, because he heard it was mentioned in several books written by Satan( or every rap song)

    He must of collapsed to the ground- and lay in a puddle of tears and urine for days after that.

    I’m sure he’ll sue Incognito, The Dolphins, and the NFL over that one! That word must not be spoken!! Ever!!!
    Except by Satan!!! Oh, And every rapper ever Born! ( except the White ones)

  12. MadMax Says:

    Watch it Capt. Tim, youre losing your “incognito”……hahahaha (sorry, couldnt help myself). How did that word occur as a last name? Is the word “integrity” also a last name to someone?

  13. Capt. Tim Says:

    MadMax- lol
    I’m not , on any way, condoning Incognitos behavior.
    Just the rediculousness of the response.

  14. Matthew Says:

    Anyone pretending that this is an incident where a weak guy (Martin) is getting what he deserves is just a turd coward sitting behind a keyboard. The guy by all accounts tried to appeal to his coaches & GMs to keep it in house and they did nothing. I love how everyone here thinks real life is a Disney movie, just sock the bully and everyone will cheer and all your problems will go away. How delusional must you be to actually think that is a reality?! This isn’t a movie and it isn’t the 4th grade, you have grown adult men the size of monsters extorting money from a single guy who by everyone’s account was a bit of a different kind of guy. Pack mentality was absolutely in play here, I don’t care about Incognito’s language the failure is that no one on that team saw a proper way to lead this guy. Not everyone responds to the Toughen Up through merciless taunting style of learning. The Dolphins failed Martin and people pretending this was a simple fix by just punching the guy are dopes! If Martin did punch Incognito, and most likely got his butt whooped, then what? You think Incognito was going to let up or stop extorting him for cash?! How naïve & childish!

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    You know what’s funny people, we live in a “free” country! People have fought and died for our rights, our right to “free” speech, whether it’s ignorant or not. They are putting people in jail for this crap! Really?! Who hasn’t been bullied at one point or another? Who? So what’s the solution? Back in the day, you either developed a thick skin or you chin-checked someone. Now, you go cry like a girl(no offense to women!) and sue.
    THE single most pathetic part about this entire conversation is that we are talking about FOOTBALL PLAYERS!!!
    As far as I’m concernerned, Martin has NO business playing football. PERIOD!
    What happened between Sapp and Chidi is THEIR business. They are grown men.
    One more thing, stop telling me what I can and can’t say. You don’t like it? So what!!!

  16. Luther Says:

    I don’t feel Martin got what he deserved but you MUST stand up for yourself. I spent a lot of time around bullies and if you don’t stand up for yourself, they will target you. Point is, he should have put a stop to it the first day.

  17. k1ngadroc Says:

    MeShawn is a joke. Just like back in the day… lazy and running down the few people that helped him earn some hardware. Go grab some pine son! What a loser

  18. MadMax Says:

    @Matthew…..are you attempting to bully those of us who say Martin shouldve just wiped the floor with incognito when it first started? haha, ok, your opinion and you pink panties match perfectly 😉

  19. Bucsfanman Says:

    You know what, you’d be right to say that if he wasn’t a football player, heck, any kind of athlete playing a team sport. For that matter, let’s throw in the military as well. The point? Sports/miltary service is NOT for everybody. You have to be tough. You cannot show weakness. I wonder what Japan would have done if we had said,”Well guys, I’m really offended that you bombed Pearl Harbor. You really should be more sensitive to other people’s feelings!”
    By the way not everyone on this blog is a “turd coward”. I’d be happy to discuss that further elsewhere.
    Go Bucs! Fry the fish!

  20. Being Ickles Says:

    @matthew not sure that the dolphins failed martin since by everyone’s account on the dolphins he also took part in clowning on other teammates it seems to me this guy may not have liked playing football probably has liberal lawyer parents and they put together his wanting to quit with the fact that the dolphins brought in a better left tackle moved him back to the spot, RT, that he wanted and he didnt earn the job, so he is benched because the dolphins want the best players out there, now this guy starts bellyaching to his liberal lawyer parents, who used a huge buzzword of today “bullying” as a chance that he could quit football but keep his contract plus a little more through a lawsuit. Someone said this is the Glee Generation and people today have no idea how to deal with losing if they don’t get a trophy, society has created such a false self esteem because of people not being told they suck and everyone told how great they are since they are 5 and when they do get told they suck or are demoted their world falls apart

  21. MadMax Says:

    @Capt. Tim, I got you…..just had to make a play on the actual word “incognito” and its definition.

  22. Cmurda Says:

    Speaking of military. I served 4 years – Army. The prime example is basic training. The first day the drill sergeant said to us “look around at everyone i your platoon. You will end with about half this many”. It was at that point that I knew only the strong survived. I knew damn well I was one of the strong. Well, in any team setting such as sports and in my example, basic training, you will always have a couple weak people. We had one in particular that was very weak. Both physically and mentally. A couple of us emerged as leaders. I was one of them and I don’t mean to sound arrogant by saying that. We tried to push him and get him where the rest of us were. He could hardly do 5 pushups in 2 minutes when the rest of us were in the 40’s,50’s and up. At the end of the day, if one guy screws up, you all get smoked (in trouble). So, it forces everyone to work as a team. We tried the polite way. Practically begging him to get his crap together and take a shower for God sake. That didn’t work and we continued to get in trouble for his actions. Well, long story short. We had to give him a blanket party. Four guys. Two on each side would hold the blanket down tightly while another guy takes a bag with a bar of soap in it and gives a fim few whacks at the chest. It will grab your attention and hurt without causing permanent injury. He took it like a man and stepped his game up. We all respected him although he had some mental issues and still was weaker but he hung in there. He got to the end and graduated with us. Without our intervention, he would not have made it. There was a mutual respect there where we loved him like a brother and respected him not giving up. We helped him in any way we could. He started taking showers, getting quicker to get dressed and worked harder.

    You see where I am going here? Sometimes you need the Sapp types to bring out the best in people. If you are weak-willed, you wont be there for the team when it matters.

  23. Matthew Says:

    The false equivalency between WWII and two guys in a locker room playing a sport is so insane I won’t bother rebutting it.
    Reading some of the typical responses to my first post, it’s obvious reading comprehension is difficult on message boards as my point was completely missed. No where in my post did I state foul language or jokes aren’t part of the territory of playing in a Testosterone driven league. My point was all of these internet net tough guys and media types pretending a single punch in the mouth was going to solve any problems. The lack of leadership shown by the Dolphins that they didn’t realize “Hey this guy isn’t going to respond to be the player we drafted him to be by riding him into the ground” is a FAILURE of leadership. Different people need to be led different ways, and on a roster of 53 men if you don’t understand that you are naïve. It’s why the Schiano Toes on the line crap is failing, he doesn’t relate to his guys & treats them with one wide cliché filled iron fist. Although I’m sure all of you keyboard warriors already knew that, I distinctly remember seeing all of you along side of me with my brothers of 3-7 IN BN when we did our 15 month tour in Iraq fighting Al-Qaeda, and I definitely remember seeing, sparring, and fighting you guys at my amateur boxing shows around Tampa here at Clearwater Boxing Gym & the old Fight Factory off Dale Mabry. Yep, clearly you guys are the toughest dudes on the planet, what could I possibly know about sports, leadership, or toughness. Thanks internet warriors for setting me straight!

  24. Luther Says:

    @Matthew there are plenty of us who have served in the military and my nephew just turned pro as a boxer. Yes is is a bad ass. My philosophy on bullies is this, I would rather give a busted lip and get a black eye from a bully than to have him take my lunch everyday for a week. You must stand up for yourself.

    Was there a failure of leadership from the Dolphins? ABSOLUTELY…but Martin has some blame in this as well for allowing it to happen.

  25. Matthew Says:


    My point wasn’t that you never stand up for yourself. It’s that smart people know the right and wrong time to stand up. An if you work in an environment that is permitting you to be abused & money extorted, he very well might have felt as if it wasn’t just one “guy” picking on him. If this was a random stranger harassing him one night on his way home and he could fight win or lose and be over & done with it maybe he should have but this isn’t that case. In this case I’m guessing he felt as if all the offensive lineman or other teammates were with Incognito, hell Incognito might not even be the only aggressor just the one the media focused in on. If you try to keep it in house and go through the ranks like you were told to solve your problem, and nothing changed, what makes him think that fist fighting a insane person is going to make it any better. If anything from the sounds of it & demonstrated by his constant behavior his 9 year career it would have gotten worse if he’d punched Incognito. So no I won’t go so far as to blame the victim in this situation. Could Martin have handled things differently “maybe” but we don’t know all the details yet; we’ll see as more come out.

    All I know is if he couldn’t play or wasn’t of any value to the Dolphins, they would have cut him, so he had value as a football player. Thus, it’s on Dolphins leadership and those in positions with power to find away to get to this kid and get him to play to his maximum potential. He was a 2nd round pick so they all had their in-depth scouting reports, they knew who they were getting. He wasn’t the typical meathead “kill kill kill” guy, yet they tried to “toughen him up” like he was one & by the reports coming out; it didn’t go well obviously. This just screams of bad judgment and a total lack of leadership by the Dolphins organization.

  26. Luther Says:

    Point taken sir!

  27. Cmurda Says:


    The point at the end of the day is you’re right about certain people needing to be led differently. That doesn’t change the fact that whether we talk sports or military, there is a team approach. The team has a philosophy that each other respects and abides by. If Martin, could not adapt then perhaps he isn’t cut out for the NFL. Just like so many “soldiers” don’t cut it in basic training or deployment or during 9-11. It doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable humans but they may not be the right fit for the “team”. This is where this ultimately went. We throw around the term bullying way too loosely. There is a difference between being bullied and receiving tough love. Since you’ve listed your many accomplishments, would you agree that you conformed to the majority? That you did your time honorably to the best of your ability? Or did you need to be led in a different way so that you didn’t give up?

    You are also correct about needing more facts to emerge. It could end up a case of bullying in which Incognito flat out went too far. I would find myself skeptical of that being the case in the end. Typically, bullying is not tolerated in a team environment and gets dealt with internally. Tough love and pushing people. Well, that’s a different story.

  28. Being Ickles Says:

    Martin is a guy who probably doesnt really like pro football but cashes his four or five hundred thousand dollar yearly salary….again his parents are lawyers not sure what type of litigation but he cried to them about incidents that they jumped to conclusions on based on his one sided story and they went screaming to other lawyers/agents about if his son quits how can they recoup his salary without ever playing again and they over hyped the buzzword of the day “bullying”……..bullying will always go on it is up to cognizant people around the groups being bullied or bullying that recognize it and stop it if at all possible…this case seems pretty weak………..remember the hard knocks episode where another player put all those Styrofoam stuffging pieces in that other players brand new car or when tim tebow got a friar tuck haircut….it is just funny stuff….trying to welcome others into the family………there was a 9/11 documentary about 2 french filmakers getting hazed by a fire station and they were pumped because they got accepted into a NYFD station

  29. Matthew Says:


    Team approach is absolutely great; but as I alluded to earlier with my Schiano comparison treating all your guys as the same person is just a dumb way to lead and almost certainly ends in disaster. You can conform to fit in but still be your own person. I’m not saying Martin couldn’t have made it easier on himself by doing some things differently, but if conforming is “give us 15k when we say so, buy us stuff cause we say so, I get to say anything and everything I want to you without consequence cause I say so” I don’t blame him for NOT conforming. Who wants to be a part of that?! That is not a team.

    I did do my time honorably and to the best of my ability, but I was far from the typical Army NCO, I got my Bachelor’s degree before entering the military but still chose to go enlisted vs Officer. I loved sports but also loved books something many of my compadres weren’t too keen on. My point was most of my leadership recognized who I was & knew which ways to motivate me to get to most out of me as a soldier. I did my job and had my brothers backs as they had mine. I learned to have a switch for when I was on duty or deployed vs on leave or on my own free time. Everyone wants to point to Martin breaking the code/trust of the locker room by “snitching” but I’d also counter Incognito or others broke it too by taking advantage of a guy they knew they could torment/extort. An as I said it’s obvious he was “cut out” for the NFL or he wouldn’t have been a 2nd round draft pick or made it to the league. There are no ”accidental” pros, not at that level. So the kid had talent, was he a HoF, not even close but he had the skills to be there; the alarming part of the story to me is how those in charge Philbin, Ireland, Offensive Line coaches, and Incognito to a lesser extent being a veteran leader on the team, let down this young kid by completely handling him being different as a weakness that needed to be stamped out. The details change every day on this story but one thing is certain I don’t thing anyone comes away looking good after this, just too much mess to go around.

  30. Cmurda Says:

    Good points Matthew. I hear you. I am no fan of Schiano’s at this point. Trust me on that one. Also, while I say conforming. I mean more so to the teammates since the bullying etc. normally would come from teammates. The problem is Schiano shouldn’t have that mentality as the coach. His job is to get the most out of his players. Clearly, it takes different styles for different people. I actually think his one-way mentality is actually the problem. The one thing from successful coaches is that you see them getting every last drop out of their players and you rarely hear any internal drama on the team. All we’ve had this year is drama and 0 wins to show for it. Unless we reel off like 5 or 6 wins in these last 8 games, Schiano is gone.

  31. Cmurda Says:

    Incidentally, I also had my Bachelors Degree and went in after that. I also went enlisted.

  32. Richie Incognito Says:

    See I’m not the only one.

  33. Matthew Says:

    Completely agree. Schiano and his my way or the highway style is a sure fire way to fail in the current NFL. Hell even old crumudgen Tom Coughlin had to change his ways before they won a super bowl, he was close to being run out of town because he was who Schiano is now. The Bucs unfortunately are suffering from the constant pendulum swinging of Raheem too loose & disorganized to Schiano the dictator maniac who controls everything. They need a guy who actually trusts his players, knows what the hell he is talking about, but maintains a level of respect for these guys as men so they’ll do the same to him & perform on the field. Just once I’d love for the Buc’s to have a brilliant offensive coach, in our franchise’s history we’ve never had a dominant offense, which also probably goes along with the fact we’ve never had a dominant QB either. I’m all in for Tanking for Teddy or More losses for Mariota or Manziel. New coach, new qb, new day in Tampa Bay.

  34. Matthew Says:

    Cmurda, well then you can relate. We weren’t the typical 18 year old GED kid who just said screw it I’m joining the Army. Basic was a breeze for me as I’d already had to take care of myself, meet deadlines, be accountable for my actions to graduate college. Basic was all about teaching people to taking orders and be accountable.

  35. Luther Says:

    @Matthew I was that “17” year old GED kid. I joined the Navy and did quite well 🙂

  36. Matthew Says:

    Haha, Luther it was no knock or disrespect on the 17 year old GED kid, you were more then norm then I was! It was more of just pointing out to Cmurda’s question if I was more of the typical soldier with regards to my background.

  37. Capt. Tim Says:

    Matthew- clueless
    Sure, it’s the Dolphins fault! Or Society! Or Anyone!!

    It can’t be that he’s just a pussy

  38. Bucsfanman Says:

    Thank you for your service. I too served and did not mean the WWII reference to be taken literally, obviously. I too find the anonymity of blogging lends itself to…let’s call it, overzealousness
    Your point is well taken as far as handling different personalities. Again, however, I must respectfully disagree. Football is a sport in which(much like the Marines or Army) you have to trust that the man next to you, when the bullets begin to fly, that his instinct is to fight.
    Martin is a lot like Ricky Williams, no instinct.
    To the Bucs, the lack of stability over the years lends itself to the play on the field. HC is not the sole problem.
    Go Bucs!

  39. Matthew Says:

    Bucsfanman I guess we can agree to disagree although we aren’t really to far off from one another; of course you have to trust the guys next to you but like I said that’s a two way street. If Martin can’t trust a lunatic extort him for cash and embarassing him every chance he gets; that doesn’t bode well for the team/trust either.

    As for Capt Tim keyboard warrior, enjoy yourself and all of your super tough guy bluster. For a guy preaching about too much “PC” these days you sure got your panties in a twist over someone expressing a different take on the issue then you. Most level headed people call this discourse or discussion. Yes, I’m sure Martin is a big “pussy” as you called him. I’m sure you’d show the 6’5” 300lbs man who spent his whole life crafting a skill that requires him to throw other grown men around and to get to the highest level of his profession; your internet muscles would really intimidate him. You can dislike Martin all you like and champion Incognito, but to claim to know whether or not a grown man whom ‘you don’t know’ doesn’t live up to your perceived level of maniless is just insane, naive, and plain ignorant; but hey keep on trolling Capt Tim. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Go Bucs!

  40. Matthew Says:

    Bucsfanman I guess we can agree to disagree although we aren’t really to far off from one another; of course you have to trust the guys next to you but like I said that’s a two way street. If Martin can’t trust a lunatic extort him for cash and embarassing him every chance he gets; that doesn’t bode well for the team/trust either.

    As for Capt Tim keyboard warrior, enjoy yourself and all of your super tough guy bluster. For a guy preaching about too much “PC” these days you sure got your panties in a twist over someone expressing a different take on the issue then you. Most level headed people call this discourse or discussion. Yes, I’m sure Martin is a big “sissy” as you called him. I’m sure you’d show the 6’5” 300lbs man who spent his whole life crafting a skill that requires him to throw other grown men around and to get to the highest level of his profession; your internet muscles would really intimidate him. You can dislike Martin all you like and champion Incognito, but to claim to know whether or not a grown man whom ‘you don’t know’ doesn’t live up to your perceived level of maniless is just insane, naive, and plain ignorant; but hey keep on trolling Capt Tim. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Go Bucs!

  41. Matthew Says:

    For all the Incognito champions:

  42. Matthew Says:

    New details coming out and it doesn’t look good for the Dolphins, the latest update & quote “IF” true, shows it wasn’t just voicemails or Martin being sensitive:

  43. Capt. Tim Says:

    The Bucs drafted a RT in the first round, who was apparently quite similar to Matin. The OLinemen refused to socialize with him also- and he had a short, horrible career.

    Just mentally not tough enough to play football

    Anyone else remember the odd tale of Charles McRae?