Jaws: Glennon No. 22 And Climbing

November 1st, 2013

The way Mike Glennon is playing and progressing the Bucs have no reason to draft a quarterback, says Ron Jaworski.

It’s not just the New Schiano Order that thinks Mike Glennon is doing an excellent job for a rookie. Longtime NFL quarterback and noted QB guru and film junkie Ron “Jaws” Jaworski rates Glennon as the NFL’s 22nd best quarterback.

Speaking on WDAE-AM 620 this morning. Jaworski talked about how Glennon plays the position like a pro and how he has been impressed with Glennon and his work in the pocket. Jaws went on to say that if Glennon continues to progress, the Bucs should stick with him as their quarterback even if they land a top pick in the draft. Whoa!

Jaworski reminded fans that there are no guarantees in the draft, RGIII and Russell Wilson haven’t played to the level they last season, and that it’s been a bad year for QB play.

Glennon’s development, of course, is critical to the Tampa lifespan of Greg Schiano. If somehow Glennon looks like a winner, and wins games, then not disrupting Glennon could be a huge decision-making factor for Team Glazer. Again, Joe can’t say it enough; Glennon does need to win games.

55 Responses to “Jaws: Glennon No. 22 And Climbing”

  1. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Where does he rank Freeman? Or is he out of consideration due to him placing himself on the faux-concussion list.

    Trivia:How many NFL starter QBs have quit on two different teams in the same season?

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    One of the potential silver linings is the development of Glennon….we could have others…Tim Wright, Mike James, Chris Owusu….
    If Glennon continues great progress…it would allow us to draft another need.
    Fans are picking on Glennon for several reasons…
    He’s a Schiano pick
    He’s not Freeman
    He looks different
    Looking objectively…he is at least a great backup and if he can master the deep pass..he is a starter

  3. Luther Says:

    I don’t care how good Glennon is doing, if we are anywhere near the top 5, we better pick a QB. I will be upset if we are not picking the top 2 spots. BTW…I really like Glennon and think he’s done a great job for a 3rd round pick that didn’t get all the snaps in preseason.

  4. Harry Says:

    @Luther – exactly how I feel. We have a chance to draft Teddy, we damn sure better do it.

  5. Harry Says:

    Add this to the reasons to pick on Glennon…
    “He looks different” AND he has the hottie girlfriend

    Some things are just not fair, lol

  6. Touchdown Gus Says:

    @tbbf I’ve been critical of Glennon also. Not because he isn’t Freeman or anything of that nature. Right now he is ranked 22nd in the league, that’s not good enough to win a title. Glennon will probably be at best a 15-20 range qb. If we get a chance to upgrade the quarterback position to a guy who could be in the 5-15 range, we have to take it. I’m not saying release Glennon, I think he will make an outstanding backup. If he beats out the rookie we drafted, than great, gives us a chance to develop him slowly, if he doesn’t than we upgraded the most important position on the field. Also, most likely the bucs will be getting a new coach next year and that guy will want his guy

  7. bucsfan13 Says:

    Those aren’t guaranteed winners either. I think many people hate on glennon because of the fact that he was picked in the third round. Look at the rest of the QBs from this years draft. Name one doing better than Glennon?

  8. MTM Says:

    Thanks for your opinion Jaws, now go back and watch game tape for your next segment. The Bucs have to draft a QB and it has to be with a new GM and coach. I don’t trust the 2 current ass clowns to pick a long snapper let alone the next franchise QB. Sorry Skid Mark you have proved you can’t make draft picks. Skid Mark is only capable of over paying in the free agent market.

  9. bucsfan13 Says:

    How many quartbacks drafted in the top 5 are busts versus franchise QBs? There are way more busts. Russell, carr, couch, harrington, leaf, sanchez, etc. Just saying drafting a QB in the top 5 doesn’t mean championships!

  10. Patrick in VA Says:

    Had a thought this morning. If our QB can’t complete a pass longer than 15 yards but his accuracy within that range is pretty good then why aren’t we going for 2 every time we’re able to score a touchdown? Seems like that would be a no brainer

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Touchdown Gus

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t draft a QB….but Glennon has 9 more games (barring injury) many have already made the decision that he’s not good enough…..
    I’m reminded that Arena League Kurt Warner was bagging groceries…..turned out he was overlooked by many…..let’s wait and see on Glennon

  12. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’ve got no problem with Glennon sticking around for another year as the starter as long as there’s a new coach and we’ve positioned ourselves to trade up for a top pick to snag Winston.

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Patrick In VA

    A rare occaision that I agree with you….we should have full compliment of picks in 2015 and might be in a better position to trade up….don’t know what kind of QB class will be there in 15 yet….but the 14 class is so large many teams will have filled needs already….making it easier to get Winston

  14. Justin Says:

    If we have a new GM and coach next year, they are going to pick a QB in the 1st round.

  15. Super Friend Says:

    @ MTM

    Who do you recommend? Besides the return of Gruden and McKay because that worked out so well?

  16. Harry Says:

    criticizing Glennon is not always “hating” on him. I think he is a very good backup, and possibly a mediocre starter. My concern, and it is a big one to me, is that I do NOT want to miss out on the opportunity to draft a great prospect at QB and keep Glennon and live with another several year of a Josh Freeman project.

    Yeah, I know there are no certainties in life. But lets be real, my money is on Teddy being a superstar WAY over Glennon.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I agree at this point we should draft a QB….”at this point”….
    the last time I checked the draft is in April….

  18. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Everytime one of these media outlets writes about the possibility to keeping Schiano, I throw up a little in my mouth.

    If they want to keep Glennon and not draft a QB….I think it would be a fail but okay. I can still live with that.

    Another year of Schiano/Sullivan/Sheridan…… 🙁

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    What if we win a few games and pick 6th….and other teams move up & take QBs off the board…and the reason we won a few games is Glennon’s performance…..not saying it will happen….but…..what if?

  20. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Oh and add Dominik to that post. He needs to go. Cant take another year of his flawed team building philosophy either.

  21. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’ve said this about Freeman, and the same for Glennon….or Brady, Manning or any QB.

    The statement “Glennon does need to win games” or “{insert QB} needs to win games” is a BS statement.

    Now you don’t want the QB to LOSE games because of poor play, but it’s the TEAM that wins games – not the F***ing QB!!

    Do you need a QB to steal you a game or two, sure, but winning isn’t all on the QB. It’s the defense, offense, special teams, coaches, game planning, and adjustments.

  22. Harry Says:

    I think you guys are way too hard on Dominik. We have 8 Pro Bowl level players. Dom brought them here. I am not ignoring the results on the field, but he is not coaching either. Look at KC, 6 PB last year and only 2 wins. Now they are currently undefeated. It is coaching right now, or lack thereof (and some injuries are adding to it).

  23. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’m with you on Dom Harry. He’s not Ozzie Newsome but we could be doing far worse as far as getting quality players brought to the team. He was only given a pass to actually spend and acquire players 2 years ago and right out of the gate he’s stocked the shelves with solid stars both through the draft and free agency. We’ve got some work to do filling out the roster with depth but I think he’s doing a pretty good job

  24. FanOfBucs Says:

    I like Glennon. He appears to be a sharp young guy.

    Only issue, i/we have yet to see him throw 1 accurate deep ball, which is very troubling.

  25. SteveK Says:


    24-47 is not going to cut it.

    8 guys that WERE pro bowlers.

    Scott Pioli had 5 pro bowlers on last year’s team, and he got axed.

    Dom is not absolved from blame. This team is terrible, and Dominick is the overseer.

  26. Harry Says:

    Thanks for making my point for me. Would Pioli get axed this year if he were still GM? Those are his players Reid is winning with. No, everyone would be singing Pioli’s praises of what a genius Rock Star he is.

    And Dom has greatly improved in the last 2 drafts; heck the 2012 draft was likely the best one the Bucs ever had and probably the best in the NFL: Barron, Martin and David – not just 3 good starters, potentially 3 future Pro Bowlers.

  27. Harry Says:

    …and btw SteveK, if you want to hold Dom accountable for that record, lets remember 2 things: he inherited a roster from Gruden that left the cupboards bare of talent, and he did not hire Morris. If you want to make him responsible for hiring Schiano, fine (not sure that is the case however). But Dom seems to learn very well from his mistakes (that is my biggest gripe about Schiano – he does not).

    But at this point, I am not sold on Dom being a bad GM

  28. Super Friend Says:

    @ SteveK

    “were” You either have talent to make a Pro Bowl or not. Of the players listed which are no longer Pro Bowl talents?

    Gerald McCoy
    Vincent Jackson
    Carl Nicks (he never missed a game prior to Tampa) (maybe we are cursed..again)
    Doug Martin
    Donald Penn
    Dashon Goldson
    Davin Joseph
    Darrelle Revis

    I like Mike Williams (injured – first time ever) but he was averaging over 15YPC last year, I like Foster, Barron, Spence, Clayborn, Dotson, Glennon, James, and LOVE David.

    Fire this guy, Fire that guy, who do you think is the right choice?

  29. Chef Paul Says:

    Couldn’t agree more bucfanjeff.

  30. Chef Paul Says:

    Good to see some defense of Dom. No he’s not the best GM in the NFL. But he is by far the biggest problem this team has. Not even close.

    My biggest gripe/worry is he puts too much stock in the HC’s opinion. Which is kind of a good thing, but without Schiano, I’m not so sure he continues to draft well. We get a new coach with a good eye for talent and Dom will be just fine. IMO

  31. zam Says:

    All respect to Jaws, but that is idiotic.

  32. SKelly Says:

    Why is it idiotic. So far this guy has shown 2 things that are not ideal. He has not risen to the occasion yet in a fourth quarter and his deep balls need work. But if you watch a high light reel of him in college he threw the deep ball pretty well.

    I don’t know if this dudes the answer and he may be stuck if we land a top pick and schiano’s gone, but I think its clear that he can play at this level.

    Other than V-jax, our offensive talent is pretty damn weak. Williams has underperformed then injured and the rest of the offense from line play, RB play and TE (minus wright in a couple of games but even then he was lining up like a WR) has been totally substandard. Frankly, I think the guy has done above average in general and pretty darn good for a rookie.

    Jaws comments don’t surprise me. And stop with the schiano hate projected on to this kid. He didnt ask to be drafted by us, nor did he ask for the BUCS to fire freeman. He’s just do the best for the spot he has been put in.

  33. SKelly Says:

    BTW kids…This thread was about Glennon and a fairly respected person saying he is doing alright. Most of these comments turn into talking about Coach and DOM.

    I am starting to understand why Joe thinks we are all a little over the top on the DOM hate.

  34. deminion Says:

    get bpa in the draft im actually hopin to get clowney if we hve number get the no1 qb would like to see holmgren as coach of this team

  35. jo mama Says:

    9 games to go….so far I like what I see.

    if glennon keeps getting better, then we have a top 15 qb, and we can get a number 1 wide receiver which could turn glennon into a top 5 qb.

    right now glennon has better stats than brady. And brady is a top 3 qb with top 20 wide receivers.

    stick with glennon until he proves us wrong.

  36. MTM Says:

    With all the “Pro Bowlers” on this team you sure would think they would be better than 0-7. Almost as many losses as pro bowlers. Well not after Sunday. Based on the list from Super Friend. Everyone of those players IMO is having a subpar year. Jackson maybe the only player that has made some decent plays. If you don’t factor in the multiple drops he’s had this year.

  37. Couch Fan Says:

    I like the kid. I think he’ll be good. All this talk about “talent” is bs. You can’t measure anyones talent I dont care what anybody says. This kid plays with heart and he’s smart with the football. I do think we should draft another QB but not in the 1st. Maybe an Aaron Murray on day 2. Either way the first pick has to be spent on improving around them. Or Clowney. Whatever works for me

  38. Capt. Tim Says:

    It’s real easy
    Freeman( who everyone hates) won his first game, with a much worse team- beat a talented Green Bay Packer team. He went on to win two more games.

    He took over the worse offense in the NFL, and a tem on a 15(? May be off) game losing streak.

    And he is not a franchise QB

    Glennon has talent at many spots. Vincent Jackson is 10 times better than any Reciever Freeman had. Martin is a better back.

    Good QBs win games. Bad QBs don’t.
    Glennon hasn’t came close to beating anyone. The 31st defense in the league whipped him.

    We need a great QB. Not an average one

  39. []_[]Buc Says:

    I agree Couch I like how he has performed and progressed.

    And yes you can see progression regardless if it’s in a loss or a win.

    If he continues to progress I don’t see him going anywhere but at the same time if Mariota or Bridgewater are sitting there for the taking I think it would be very difficult to pass them up.

    Although if Glennon does play well it would give them an excuse to draft Clowney..

  40. givemeball Says:

    Being a rookie it isn’t about the number of games you win, its about your progress and limiting your mistakes and showing leadership. But in this case since most of the fans and national media are on the Schiano-hate bandwagon then his record will matter. He does need to win! If He does win a few and progresses every week then Schiano will be our coach in 14 and we wont’ pick up a qb in the first pick.

  41. Couch Fan Says:


    I agree it would be hard to pass on them. But in the bigger scheme of things. In my opinion, anywhere in the top 5 a LT, a WR, a DE or trading down to get more picks would have a bigger impact for us than a QB would. People want to try to act like this is Freeman and the QB is now costing us games. For the first time in a long time, its not the QB whos playing terrible. You can get a running QB all you want or a Deep passing QB but none of that matters when your O-Line is constantly commiting penalties or bad snaps or doing something to cause us to take 2 steps back after every step forward. You can only blame so much on the coaching. This O-Line is bad.

  42. SKelly Says:

    Capt Tim. Do some homework man.

    Peyton Rookie year: 3-13, 28 ints, lost first 4 games as starter

    Elway Rookie: 3-7 in games he played, 47% completion, 7td, 14int

    Eli Rookie: 48% completion, 6td, 9int, lost first 6 games as starter

    I’ll stop there but by your math, these guys couldnt play either….

    Oh buy Kyle Orton won a ton of games as a rookie…..Just stop….

  43. []_[]Buc Says:

    I hear ya

    Unless Mariota or Bridgewater end up being an elite Franchise QB

    Than we’ll be regretting it in the long run.

    But I hear ya and agree jajaja

  44. []_[]Buc Says:


    The Freemanites don’t wanna acknowledge that he’s a rookie.

    Yet they were still making excuses for Free Free after 5 years.


  45. SKelly Says:

    Totally agree, if we can take one of those two guys though we have to pull the trigger.

  46. Capt. Tim Says:

    Unless you have a franchise QB, you never pass on the opurtunity to draft one.
    I like a lot of things about Glennon- he’s really grown on me, and I want him to be on the team.
    But he has some serious flaws. He isn’t a franchise QB.
    If the top few QBs are gone- then stick with Glennon.

  47. Harry Says:

    If the Bucs end up with a top 3 pick, WE MUST DRAFT A QB. There is not a position in all of sports that is more important than an NFL QB. For anyone who thinks we should draft for any other position, including Joe with his preference for a OT (Jake Matthews), I refer you to the Miami Dolphins. They drafted another Jake – Jake Long, “a fixture” at L-OT over Matt Ryan, and they have struggled ever since. Note also that the “fixture” is no longer with the Doll-phins, but Ryan still leads the Falcons (I am not a huge Ryan fan, but I would still take him over Jake Long).

    I do NOT want the Bucs to make the same Jake mistake

  48. Harry Says:

    Capt Tim, I agree with your analogy of Free, Glennon has not impressed me. I like him, but not as a franchise QB.

    SKelly, sorry, I do not agree. I don’t remember watching all of your examples play as a rookie, but I remember watching Eli (like I remember watching Free). I watched a number of his games. The difference is when I saw Eli play (like Josh at times), I was wowed, the kid was amazing. And this was when the NY press was killing him (partially bc they were losing so much). I thought this kid is going to be really good. When I watch Glennon, I will admit I am impressed, much better, way better, than I thought he would be. But I am not wowed.

  49. k1ngadroc Says:

    If we have a chance to get a top rated “franchise” qb u do it. Period. Glennon is a mallet type backup with a good skill set. If he doesn’t get ruined in the next 9 games, that is. 3-4 years down the line he might be more developed. We need a winner NOW. There’s some qb talent coming out this year. Let’s get a winner for the next 10 yrs!

  50. Bobby Says:

    Capt Tim…..you should never be allowed to comment on a QB after your ridiculous defense of Freeman and predicting him to light things up in Minnesota. Glennon is light years ahead of Freeman as far as spreading the ball out to different receivers and accuracy on the short to intermediate throws. He can throw the deep ball too but he’s been way too careful not to throw the ball anywhere where it can be picked off instead of trusting his receiver to go up and make a play. Once he gets comfortable with just playing the game I expect his deep ball accuracy to improve. I haven’t seen anybody wide open that he missed on a deep throw. If you have point it out and I’ll go back and watch it but every deep ball I’ve seen him throw the receiver was covered. His college tape proves he can throw the deep ball well.

  51. []_[]Buc Says:


    Free just sucks. Jajaja

  52. Skelly Says:

    Harry and Tim. Not saying glennon is franchise, in fact I think that we all agree that we have to take a QB if we are at the top of the draft. I was just disputing the analysis that wins in a rookie season dictate whether a guy will have a career or not. I kind of feel for Glennon, he is the type of guy that should sit on someones bench for a few years behind a vet and learn. And you may say you saw those guys and they wowed you but their stats were horrible.

    Glennon has 1 weapon and a weak oline at the moment. If we do score a franchise guy at QB we’ll be loaded because I think he would be one of the better back ups in the league today.

  53. Upgrayedd Says:

    Well its better than Chucky’s list…. He’s got 32 QBs tied for No. 1.

  54. eDDyk0k0 Says:

    If the Bucs manage to have the opportunity to draft JD Clowney they better pull the trigger. Glennon will be even better next year and with Clowney Bowers Clayborn and McCoy all together with out any d line stunt bs, the bucs could actually have a fearsome pass rush. Glennon could b our Alex Smith! At that high in the draft u have to get a difference maker. Draft a qb in the 3rd and go for an athletic pass catcher (te or wr) in the 2nd. Rest of draft could be for depth. If the bucs don’t get Clowney we will sorely regret it. Mark my words!

  55. BucsFan68 Says:

    Harry Says:
    November 1st, 2013 at 10:37 am
    Thanks for making my point for me. Would Pioli get axed this year if he were still GM? Those are his players Reid is winning with. No, everyone would be singing Pioli’s praises of what a genius Rock Star he is.

    And Dom has greatly improved in the last 2 drafts; heck the 2012 draft was likely the best one the Bucs ever had and probably the best in the NFL: Barron, Martin and David – not just 3 good starters, potentially 3 future Pro Bowlers.
    There are only 20 players left from the 2012 KC Chiefs roster; the roster was overhauled when new management and coach came in.