“I Think We Got One”

November 13th, 2013

There’s lots of love for Mike Glennon from NFL Network analyst and longtime general manager Charley Casserly. Speaking on WDAE-AM 620 today on his view of Glennon, and how the Bucs evaluate their quarterback, Casserly said, “I think we got one” and Glennon looks worthy of building around.

However, if the Bucs land in the very top tier of the NFL Draft, Casserly said, then it would be wise to draft a QB because of the critical nature of the position and the restrictions of the rookie salary cap. Twelve Glennon starts in 2013, Casserly said, just won’t be enough to thoroughly make a call on whether he’s a franchise QB.

Joe is encouraged by what Glennon has been able to accomplish as a third-round pick thrust into a mess, but Joe’s got to see a whole heck of a lot more to not draft a QB come May. There’s just two much QB talent in this draft. (Enjoy the full Casserly interview below.)

12 Responses to ““I Think We Got One””

  1. bigpoppabuc Says:

    He’s got ONE legit receiver who has seemingly given up on getting open, and Underwood, who gets butter fingers as soon as he crosses the goal line. He’s turned Tim Wright into a decent tight end and has not looked very much like a rookie so far.

    I feel he’s definitely something to build around. Get some more weapons and a passing scheme that isn’t god freaking awful and watch the kid put up Matt Ryan type numbers. He’s a gun slinger for sure and will only get better with time.

  2. Mike J Says:

    I agree with C.C. & you, Joe. And if Glennon turns out to be the Real Deal, what will trade prospects be like after a season or two, for him or the new guy?? The Pats have a history of doing this & then picking teams’ pockets.

  3. Walter Says:

    Meh, Glennon hasn’t really played that well. I’d prefer Mariota.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We should draft a QB….but don’t necessarily need to use our first round pick for one….we can trade down and still get a great prospect…..Murray, Manziel, Carr, Mettenberger, Hundley, Boyd, McCarron come to mind.
    We can pick up an OT, TE, WR….use the draft & FA to build some additonal weapons for Glennon or the new QB…

  5. Cmurda Says:

    It’s easy to be excited about Glennon after we got our first win. With that said, Im not much for the excuses that people use to defend his meager stats. V Jax hasn’t given up. That was just stupid. On that play it was a crap effort from V Jax and it resulted in a pick but I dont think he realized the ball was in the air.

    Regarding our 1st round pick, Quarterback. Glennon has been competent and inpressive. I admit that. I hope he becomes the best Qb ever to live but Im a doubter. I don’t see the ability to throw the ball down the field with touch and/or velocity accurately. I don’t see that changing much. You either have it or you dont. Glennon would have to increase his ability to read defense and compensate to ever become great. Johnny Football is my guy. Murray is my 2nd guy. Assuming the Qb expectation stay similar to how they look now for the QB draft prospects, I think Aaron could be had in the 2nd round. Georgia runs a pro style offense and he excels in all phases of the position. Plus, he’s a Tampa guy. I, however, would give up our 1st pick for Johnny football. He is the type of Qb that can take over a game or win you a game by himself.

  6. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Casserly is 100% right.

    Sean King. Scott Mitchell. Derek Anderson. Mark Rypien.
    Tommy Maddox. Rick Mirer. Frank Reich. Jay Fiedler. Rob Johnson. Steve Beuerlein. Elvis Grbac.

    Those are just a few QBs who appeared to be good, only to be duds. There are plenty more. Heck, there are several in Buccaneers history alone.

    There is a reason Tampa Bay has NEVER had a true elite franchise QB. Even Doug Williams wasn’t one. He was just good. Tampa tends to put all their eggs in one basket. BIG MISTAKE.

    Draft a QB with the first pick. If Glennon has a good year this year, he should start next year regardless. IT will give the team time to properly prepare the new guy. And if Glennon turns into an elite guy, we have huge trade bait for 2015.

  7. bucrightoff Says:

    Passing on Jadaveon when the pass rush is still as disgraceful as it is would be moronic beyond belief. For as good as this QB class looks, there are no Andrew Luck’s to be had, no sure fire franchise QBs. I’d rather roll the dice on the potential generational talent in Clowney over anything else. Besides if the team can play at a consistent level Glennon just needs to be a good QB and this is a playoff team.

  8. Neil Says:

    I agree “bigpoppabuc.” Glennon isn’t putting up big numbers, but he’s got a 5th string running back, guys picked up off the street as receivers, mixed up offensive line, and a converted WR to TE and he’s moved the ball!

  9. mvermulm Says:

    I’m not going to defend Glennon based on his supporting cast, because I did not do the same for Freeman. You play with the guys around you. That does, however, effect a QBs win percentage, which I think is a bad way to judge Glennon. He has played far better than anyone expected in nearly every facet of the game, even though he was thrown in during one of the most tumultuous times in the last couple decades for this organization.

    The fact is, there is no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to QBs in the draft, and I don’t really see why there is quite so much hype for any one particular QB coming out this year. They all have their ups and downs. I would honestly be happy with any of the top about 6-7 who are expected to come out this season, which is why I wouldn’t spend our first pick on one. If the team can get trade down a few spots, that would be ideal, in my opinion. There are too many needs on this team to assume that a rookie QB will be able to come in and solve them all.

  10. csidedave Says:

    It’s really hard to tell about Glennon so far because of our WR problems. Rarely does anyone even get down field much less get open deep. I don’t believe VJax is healthy physically or maybe not even mentally. We have no speed anywhere at all on this offense. I do love the way Glennon commands the huddle and runs the offense. If the deep balls come, then maybe…..

    I try to picture the top QB prospects and none of them are perfect either. Some of what they do just won’t fly in the pros, like fumbles and passes in the air way too long.

    I was anti Glennon from the start but I have to admit that at the very least, he was an excellent use of a third round draft pick.

  11. Patrickbucs Says:

    I just don’t see much out of Glennon in the 4th quarter, our oline has stepped up the past 2 games to run the ball effectively. In theory that should open up the passing game, but Glennon can’t throw down the field effectively. We need a star QB not an ok one IMO.

  12. Dave Says:

    I don’t know. I have not looked into the QB class at all yet. Is there a couple studs? If they can trade down and get a few more picks AND a QB with one of them, bonus.

    Right now I would say take a stud DE (Clowney or whoever)