Gerald McCoy Ties Bucs’ Sack Mark

November 17th, 2013
Gerald McCoy takes down Matty Ice in the Bucs' win over the Dixie Chicks today.

Gerald McCoy takes down Matty Ice in the Bucs’ win over the Dixie Chicks today. McCoy leads the Bucs with six sacks.

One name sticks out among the three Bucs defensive tackles who have racked up three quarterback sacks in the same game: Warren Sapp. 

Just days after Sapp’s number was retired by the Bucs, his current protege, Gerald McCoy, matched Sapp’s feat. McCoy dropped Dixie chicks quarterback Matt Ryan three times today, including two sacks on consecutive plays. The last time GMC pulled off that stunt was when he was in high school.

(Brad Culpepper is the third Bucs defensive tackle to have three sacks in the same game).

Of course, GMC had help. On passing downs, the Bucs employed Adrian Clayborn and WIll Gholston on the right side of the line, and on at least two of GMC’s sacks, pressure from the edge by both Clayborn and Gholston trapped Ryan like a rat and GMC pounced on his prey.

“Coach issued a challenge to us,” GMC said of Bucs commander Greg Schiano. “‘Are we going to have a Monday night hangover or build the momentum from Monday night?’ Perfect set up to be tired and happy coming off our first win. We came out on fire.”

Yes, the Bucs did come out on fire and for once, put an opponent under the heel of their boots, and never let up. Never.

“We moved some guys around on the offensive line wanting to get our best five,” Dixie Chicks coach Mike Smith said. “It did not work as well as we would have liked.”

Joe wonders after today’s performance from GMC just what length the GMC haters will reach for in order to concoct some lame excuse as to why GMC — in their perverted eyes — is a such a slug?

7 Responses to “Gerald McCoy Ties Bucs’ Sack Mark”

  1. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    We need some DE very badly!

  2. Bobby Says:

    No, according to Chris GMC just isn’t as good as Suh and is not an elite DT. And we all know that Chris is THE authority on talent……

    Didn’t Hawaiian and I try to tell Chris that if the DE’s show up GMC will get sacks? Well hello……

  3. bucthis Says:

    I’m sorry friend, DE help won’t come through the Draft, this win made that difficult…Atlanta will reap the benefits however hehe… Bucs will need a great young LT!!

  4. BucFanForever Says:

    Well, GMC did let Matt Ryan escape a 4th sack, Ryan was in McCoy’s arm. And only blocking that pass, picking and returning it would have been sweet.

    Just kidding, awesome job Gerald.

  5. chris Says:


    McCoy had his best performance as a pro today. But lets see him show that against better teams in the trenches. Atlanta and Miami are known to have the worst Olines in football.

    5 sacks in 2012 were against Carolina, Philly, and Dallas. That’s not particulary the best lines in football. it’s vise-versa.

    I want to see it against best of the best in the trenches. Against back up/bottom 5 OLINE’s doesnt make him an All pro in my book.

  6. chris Says:

    McCoy had an excellent game and won’t take that away from him. But weak OLINEs isn’t going to make him an ELITE DT. It’s consistency. Atlanta and Miami both need to revamp their OLINE.

    I agree. Clayborn is more of a Greg Spires. LDE whos good against the run and can be a decent pass rusher that gets you 5-7 sacks a year. But we need that pass rushing threat on the outside. Dom hasn’t found it yet.

  7. BuccoBill Says:

    McCoy isn’t angry enough and he wears glasses. That is why he will never be a great 3 technique like Sapp (who cares what Sapp has to say about it). Don’t believe me? Ask Ian Beckles!