“Fighting Against Boredom”

November 9th, 2013

It’s lonely being Darrelle Revis — and it’s getting lonelier.

Bucs opponents aren’t throwing Revis’ way lately, especially as his body inches closer to 100 percent. That tests Revis’ focus.

“That’s the biggest thing, fighting against boredom sometimes,” Revis said when asked if it’s getting “lonely” on the field. “But I still gotta prepare that teams are going to throw the ball at me, especially being lined up on their best receiver. So, I mean, even looking at Miami, they throw Mike Wallace the ball a lot. I gotta be ready.”

Hopefully, the Bucs will be able to get more plays out of their cornerbacks opposite Revis. Michael Adams and Danny Gorrer only recently returned from knee and groin surgeries, respectively. Leonard Johnson has been disappointing, and who knows what Johnthan Banks is dealing with playing through what was reported to be a MRSA infection? A trusted source told Joe Banks had dizziness issues at times related to MRSA drugs.

You can hear the full Revis interview via 620wdae.com audio below. Revis talks about covering crafty receivers vs. speed receivers, and more.

12 Responses to ““Fighting Against Boredom””

  1. Captain Buc Says:

    The fins are in trouble come this Monday. Mike Wallace will be shut down and Tampa will get its first win. You heard it here first boys and girls.

  2. Cmurda Says:

    I’m hopeful too Captain Buc. Don’t get me wrong. I realize these are meaningless games that can do nothing but lower our draft position. With that said, I still would rather see a win and relieve me from my constant Sunday nausea.

  3. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Yeah, it can get pretty boring out there on Revis Sandbar when all you do is play zone. As I said before the Bucs can win this game, they are more than capable of taking down the Fins, but we are 0-8 for a reason. The first half in Seattle showed us what this team is capable of when its rolling on all cylinders. Then the second half showed why we are 0-8, because our idiot coaches either don’t stop doing all the wrong things, or they stop doing all the right things, like not giving Mike James the ball on 3rd and short when he had been lighting up the Seattle defense all day, and handing it to a shaky 3rd round rookie QB. I like Glennon, but one thing that he is not is “clutch”.

  4. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    You want to know boredom, try being a fan and watch the D-line all game long. #Fire the pop-star!!!!

  5. Mozambique Says:

    Image if we still had Aquib Talib…

    Why did we get rid of him again? Oh, that right, he wasn’t a Buccaneers man. Whew, good thing we dodged that bullet.

  6. []_[]Buc Says:

    Well I remember being one of the only ones even while he was here to say he was elite or could be if he could stay out of trouble and healthy and that he would be in NE if he could.

    It happened.

    That being said. He needed to go. It’s called accountability.

    He’s changed his behavior in NE. He had to or he would not last in the NFL

  7. Bobby Says:

    WalkdaPlank….what are you talking about?? Glennon wasn’t clutch?? If it weren’t for Glennon that first half we’d have gotten nowhere. What did he have..a QB rating of 150+ the first half? Finished with a QB rating of over 120.
    I don’t know how much more clutch you want him to be. The O-line stopped blocking in the second half and receivers weren’t getting open. Gelnnon missed some reads too but for crying out loud…for a rookie in his 5th game in Seattle!!? Pretty impressive. Much more impressive than your stupid post.

  8. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @Bobby – With all due respect man, what do you think clutch means? I said I liked the guy. Overall, he threw one hell of a game, but clutch means coming up in critical situations, do or die, win or go home and all that.

    The offense only scored 3 points in the second half. Is that all Glennon’s fault? No it is not, but again late in the 4th quarter on 3rd and 3 the guy took a sack for 7 yards, Bucs punt. Then on a 3rd and medium he tried to extend the play with his legs (what happened to not being mobile?) but made a bad read and only got 4 yards, Bucs punt. Then in OT the Bucs have a chance to win the game without letting Russell Wilson even take the field, and Glennon takes another sack on 3rd down for a 7 yard loss, helping the Seattle field position and thanks to poor tackling on defense, it was an easy GW-field goal for the Seahawks.

    I said he wasn’t clutch, if he was maybe he could’ve extended all 3 of these drives and very likely win the game with just a FG. I didn’t say he played horribly, I didn’t say the loss is all his fault. As you said, he finished with a QBR of over 120, when was the last time Freeman was able to do that? He’s played well, but hasn’t come up big in clutch situations. He has yet to win a game this year, although that’s not all him either.

    Although I do have to chuckle a little when I see you throwing out the “no blocking” and “receivers messed up” excuses. Those excuses would never stand for any Freemanites trying to defend Freeman, but all of a sudden they are valid for Mike Glennon and the Glennon Mob? Freeman had the same receivers (minus an injured Crabtree), he had the same blockers, dropped passes, etc. People would try to defend Freeman with those excuses and get loads of flak for it, but I find it funny that Glennon-lovers are now throwing out the same excuses now that Freeman’s gone.

    I’m not defending Freeman, he had to go, and Glennon has outplayed him so far. All I said was that he wasn’t “clutch”, and if you don’t agree with that then please give me some examples of him doing so, which seems hard for me considering he is 0-5 as a starter. And my whole post wasn’t even about Glennon, just the last sentence and a half. I apologize that you think the post is “stupid” just because you got butt-hurt over me saying your precious Glennon isn’t clutch.

  9. scubog Says:

    There was a time when Josh Freeman was “clutch” but unfortunately his defense let him down. Most recently the Jets game followed by the Saints game. Our QB wouldn’t have to be “clutch” if our coaching staff could devise a plan that actually scored points and defended better after they make their “half time adjustments”. If I were the opponent I would do nothing at halftime and simply let Schiano and staff screw it up on their own.

  10. buccanAy Says:

    maybe if they put revis on the #1 wr, instead of a practice squad scrub, or played him in press m2m, like he played for the Jets, and are paying him a cool million a game, he wouldn’t be so lonely. Sorry, but the cost benefit of this trade is a massive FAIL, at this point.

  11. Jerry Says:

    Revis admits his knee wasn’t healthy enough to play a true m2m early in the year. He says he’s getting closer and closer to 100%.

    A reconstructed knee needs its strength built up all over again. That takes a long time to happen. The Bucs want Revis for the long term. They are not going to put him in a position that will cause him to fail or blow out the knee again.

    Even Adrian Peterson said during his own miraculous return that it took him half the season to feel confident in the knee.

    I think next year is when you will see Revis truly return to form.

  12. jo mama Says:

    So revis admits he could not play man to man and our coach was correct to play zone coverage. But yet we had to edure joe and 620 slamming our coach for not playing revis m2m.

    Were you expecting our coach to come out and admit one of the key players on defense was a wounded duck.