Doug Martin “In Play” For Dolphins Game

November 4th, 2013

Bucs commander Greg Schiano seemed slightly more upbeat today at his daily presser than he did yesterday, when he looked like a man at the wake of a family member. But he was still subdued less than 24 hours after choking away a three-touchdown lead against the Seahawks.

Schiano, when pressed, talk about the injury status of three key members of the Bucs, safety Dashon Goldson, guard Carl Nicks and running back Doug Martin. Of the three, Schiano believes Goldson has a good shot of playing against the Dolphins a week from tonight and ruled out Nicks. But Schiano did say there is still a chance Martin could suit up.

“Dashon is the furthest along in the process,” Schiano said. “Then, I’d say probably Doug and Carl. Not sure, just have to wait and see how that comes. Hopefully, we get a chance to see them both back playing.

“I don’t know if Carl is (available), Carl would not be in play for next Monday. Right now, Doug [is] and Dashon definitely is.”

Joe has touched on this before, but it bears repeating. With running backs in the NFL (before anyone jumps in, Adrian Peterson is not the rule, but the exception), they have only so much tread on the tires, only so many carries in the tank. The Bucs are in the middle of a lost season. Why risk further injury to such a talented and valuable running back? Shelve Martin for the season.

Joe understands Schiano is currently like a drowning man, desperately grasping at a life preserver just out of reach. Joe gets that. That is why Schiano is so hungry to get Martin back on the field.

This is where the Bucs front office needs to step in and put Martin on the disabled list. Mike James showed yesterday that if the offensive line can block, James is capable of grinding out big yards.

There is simply no reason to jeopardize the long term value of Martin for the short term gain of a lost season. There is simply no logical reason to run Martin out there during the calendar year of 2013.

The more Martin gets beat up now, the less of a chance Martin can help a new Bucs coaching regime down the road.

Can anyone say, “Cadillac Williams?”

33 Responses to “Doug Martin “In Play” For Dolphins Game”

  1. Jo_mama Says:

    100% Sure its Doug Martin wanting to come back and not Schanio pushing for it.

    Doug martin saw James, we all so James. Doug Martin is scared to loose his Job. 8 More 100+ yard games and 4 to 5 catches per game by James and Doug Martin is a Memory.

    I would never draft a running back in the first round.

  2. The Dom must go Says:

    Dom and ownership need to sit the kid down before another egomaniac coach ruins him…. like caddie! Agree 1st round to high for RB… Morris in Washington 5th or 6th round in the same draft I believe.

  3. Harry Says:

    I totally agree with you Joe

  4. Jason Says:

    Not arguing with not bringing Martin back but the reason is because Mike James just looks better right now. And the coaching staff made a major mistake by not splitting reps with Martin. James looks like he can be a beast and take some wear off Martins tires.

  5. bucfanjeff Says:

    Joe, you make a very valid point. I’m not debating the point but will ask, how did everyone come to learn Adrian Peterson is the exception? Answer: By playing.

    That said, I thought I’ve heard Doug could hurt the shoulder no further, it was just pain tolerance. If so, well…all bets are off.

  6. Free's A Boob Says:

    I totally agree. Giving Martin one more touch this season is insane.

  7. Jdog Says:

    Please let the man get the surgery done and taken care of so that he is ready to go for next year! This team annoys me on almost daily with the mind numbing decisions….

  8. buc4lyfe Says:

    It just goes to show how pathetic this coach is…why rush him back for an 0-8 season, we didnt lose sunday night because of the running game, we lost because you schiano. we dont have a pass rush because of bill sheridan and the idiotic line stunts, no kind of creativity on defense or offense…..2 years as a coach and he still hasnt learned that sitting on a lead is causing losses. who the hell cares if we win the next 8 games get schiano the hell out of there because if he cares about longterm health of his players more than his job then he wouldnt rush doug martin back

  9. buc4lyfe Says:


    you’ve lost your mind

    dude mike james cant beat out doug martin on his best day which was last night because a couple of those runs under doug martin would have gone for touchdowns….how about you say that we now have a great two back system going. james has the wiggle but doesnt have anything close to the burst that doug martin has, thats an insult to say, doug martin made his name without carl nicks AND davin joseph

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Doug knows his body better than we do….if he wants to play, he should be able to play… least now, we can split reps….nice to have a two-headed hampster…

    Think MW19 came played hurt…but I think that was on him…not coaches. Martin will decide for himself.

  11. Hawk Says:

    I don’t know, man. It might not be Coach Schiano trying to get him back. It just might be that Doug is hammering to get back in. *If* he believes the doctors that the injury can’t be worsened, then he may not ‘want’ to sit by while his team needs him. For that matter, why would you think that Coach Schiano believes he has a better chance ‘with’ Doug. Doug was healthy the first 5-6 games and they still lost.

  12. kh Says:

    Completely agree, the Glazers need to step in here and end this insanity. Don’t let people who won’t be here next year make big decisions like this. Shelve the Muscle Hamster and embrace the suck.

  13. chickster Says:

    Both backs should be used from here are out but there’s not much point for martin to rush back but I do not care for Larsen he has no quickness besides they show there hand when he is in the game

  14. Capt. Tim Says:

    Joe- the voice of Reason. Absolutely no reason for Martin to play. None!! For what? To possibly sustain another serious injury- compensating for that one?
    Stupidity of the highest level.
    The torn labium will require surgery. Get it done now- and he’ll be 90% by training camp.
    Wait, and he won’t be 100% all year.
    Effectively losing him for two years.

    And If you’ve followed Jo Mammas post, he hasn’t lost his mind. He shipped it off to troll land some time ago. He tries to get attention, by always posting the nonsensical. Standard, run of the mill troll behavior.
    Guess he didn’t get attention as a kid, so now he tries to get it from us.

  15. Chef Paul Says:

    I’ve decided I don’t care what they do with him this season. The only thing I care about is when he comes back, we have to use a two back system. It’s obvious James is a baller.

    P.S. Joe, c’mon, it’s been like two days now. Change your clock please 😉

  16. RutgersDropout Says:

    IF our O-line plays the remaining games like it did in Seattle we could bring back Earnest Graham and he could have a 100 yard day. O-Line showed up this past Sunday and in one of the toughest places to play, why cant they do that at Home?

  17. Devin From NY Says:

    I had a torn labrum in high school(I’m 22 now) you can injure the shoulder more by playing football or any physical activity for that matter with that injury. any doctor that says other wise should not be a doctor. Your labrum is what holds your shoulder together in the socket, when it’s torn it no longer has the strength to keep everything in place. So in Doug’s case a solid hit from a big linebacker/lineman could tear the labrum further, dislocate the shoulder, and tear supporting ligaments in the shoulder. If you do that kind of damage total shoulder replacement is needed. Now I’m not a doctor and I’m not a pro athlete but judging from my experience it is defiantly not worth the risk to come back to a lost season when 1 good hit is all it takes to do some serious damage. I still to this day have issues with that shoulder and I did the rehabilitation to exact doctors orders. I just hope Doug sits for the rest of the season cause I wouldn’t wish that injury or the rehab that goes with it on my worst enemy

  18. RutgersDropout Says:

    Hey JOE have you seen this –

    Almost vindicates Schiano and Dominak.

  19. Jo_mama Says:

    Private Tim/buc4lyfe,

    The only way Matin takes the field is because he is forcing his way on the field.

    There is no upside for Schanio to put him out there. If they lose and Martin has a great game, if Martin has a bad game and they win, If he gets further hurt. No upside.

    No starter wants to see his back up out there.

    Tom Brady

    All got their chance because the starter got hurt.

  20. Mr. Patrick Says:

    He could play if he can play through the pain, but he will have to get it taken care of (surgery) later……WHAT? Play on something you need surgery on? IR him now and get his surgery with plenty of time to heal. Don’t screw this young guy up just to save jobs

  21. Jo_mama Says:

    Private Tim/Buc4lyfe,

    Not quite sure if you understood what I wrote. Let me dumb it down for you.

    There is no upside for Schanio to have Martin take the field.

    If Martin Plays well and Team Loses – Schanio Loses for risking further injury in a loss.

    If Martin Plays bad and Team Wins or Loses – Schanio Loses for risking further injury.

    If Martin Plays well and Team Wins – Schanio loses because he played him only to save his job.

    The ONLY reason Martin takes the field is so that his back up does not become a star player.

    We have seen it with others:


    All took the field after a star player went down and never looked back.

    You are only as good as your last game in the NFL.

    If James has 8 great games in a row. we don’t need martin.

  22. Upgrayedd Says:

    If the Muscle Hamster takes ONE snap this year, I will TP the hell out of OBP.

    Why has he not gone under the knife yet?? We have James & Leonard to hold sht down for the rest of this nightmare of a season. Rest the Hamster! And while youre at it Greg, take it easy on Lorig. I know Glennon loves his Dilferesque RB Dinks and Dunks… But keep Lorig out the passing game.

    In 2014, we’ll have a fresh new coaching staff, a solid one-two RB threat.

    …..but then again. F do I know. Im just chirpin.

  23. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Schiano never agreed with the torn labrum diagnosis. We can’t even get the truth about the severity of the injury.

  24. patrickbucs Says:

    I really like Mike James but that was one game. Did you see what the no name Rams backs did the week before against the Seahawks? Pretty much 200 yards like the Bucs. Seattle is built to get a league, play man and rush the passer.

    Martin is not losing his job, no way unless he’s seriously hurt. I agree with Joe and most people on here, shelve him and you have 3 or 4 backs for next year that are really good including Demps & Leonard or his replacement.

    Schiano should have zero say in what Martin does and this point; I may even through Dom in there as well.

  25. Upgrayedd Says:


    I agree. Dom or Schiano should have NO say in Martin’s return… One of the Glazer Brothers needs to get all Jerry Jones from here on out and throw some executive weight around.

    Cant trust our borrowed-time-havin HC & GM to make rational decisions at this point.

  26. Capt. Tim Says:

    Jo momma,
    Ok , that was actually a pretty rational post. Thanks for dumbing it down.
    Martin may indeed want back on the field. Management needs to see the bigger picture, and prevent it.
    I retract the Troll comments.

  27. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Maybe Schiano still thinks they have a shot at the Playoffs

  28. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Martin should be shut down for the year.

    Another good reason to get rid of Schiano.

    He is botching this Martin deal (going to get him hurt in trash games that mean nothing)

    Similar to botching the Mike Williams deal. There are numerous reports out there Schiano was forcing him to play through the injury. Shut it down, there is no need for this trash except to save the guys job.

  29. BamBamBuc Says:

    This is why you fire Schiano now. An interim coach has no power and is at the mercy of the gm and ownership. Schiano could do further damage playing Martin, an interim coach ould be told no. Don’t let Schiano damage the team long term, fire him now before more poor decisions kill the future.

  30. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Some of you are so hilarious that you can actually believe that Martin is coming back because he wants to. That’s great! So players are able to make decisions on when they play and don’t play now? So I guess you also believe that Mike Williams wanted to come back too (even though it has been reported he didn’t want to but Schiano forced the issue)? So when players get concussions, do they get to choose when they play again? Are we back in the 80s? So the team where the coach tells the players what kind of pasta to eat is now letting them decide whether or not they play and risk their careers? I don’t even know why I waste my time arguing with moronic thinking like that, but it does provide me with a little comedy in a miserable year.

  31. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Maybe Schiano still thinks they have a shot at the Playoffs”


    All we need is 10 plane crashes and we are in the dance.

  32. mvermulm Says:

    The player and the training staff decide who plays, not the coach. Anyone who thinks that the coach is forcing Martin back onto the field obviously doesn’t realize that this is the NFL and not high school. There is a lot of money invested in these guys, so a coach does not make that decision (especially a lame-duck coach). The training staff tells the player and the coach what the prognosis is, and if it’s something that is a mere pain tolerance issue, the player will decide if he can play. The coach plays who is available to him. Period. The fact is, coaches get asked too often about players’ health when they rarely know more than a simple “he’ll be good by Sunday” or “he’s out for x amount of time”. If Martin comes back this year, it’s because he wants to help his team win; and if that happens, the coaches simply need to rotate Martin and James throughout the rest of the season.

  33. givemeball Says:

    So since they are 0-8 why don’t they just sit everyone. Revis,Jackson,Mcoy,martin,barron,david. Why play any of them? Maybe, because they want to play and can play and are getting paid to play. Also they probably still believe they can win any given Sunday and are still playing to win. IF the Doctors say he can play, HE wants to play..HE should play! This shouldn’t be a story!