Dolphins Didn’t Expect Pass Rush

November 12th, 2013

Darrelle Revis’ game-winning pick was set up by two sacks from the Bucs’ front line, something Greg Schiano believes the Dolphins did not expect.

Read Steve White on his blog, Passing on the Game, hear him on radio, hear Warren Sapp in interviews, hear Booger McFarland on the radio, and the trio has nearly hollered themselves mute. They can’t stand the way the Bucs under commander Greg Schiano approach rushing the quarterback (cynics would say, not rush the quarterback).

Moving guys around, running silly, cute stunts, dropping dudes into pass coverage on blitzes, it drives the former Bus defensive linemen out of their minds.

And, it totally caught Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, quarterback Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins’ offense totally off guard.

The Bucs had played so many cute tricks (which basically has resulted in nothing) the Dolphins expected the Bucs to continue to run stunts and silly moves on Miami’s final drive. That’s what Schiano thought after the Bucs got sacks on consecutive pass attempts to force Ryan Tannehill into a desperate throw on fourth down that Darrelle Revis picked off, sealing the win.

Gerald McCoy said coaches (defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan?) told the defensive linemen just before they took the field for the final time, “Go get the quarterback,” which Schiano believed fooled Tannehill.

“I don’t think he expected that look,” Schiano said. “I thought it was a really good call by Bill Sheridan. Somtimes you have to save something for the end and he did, and it worked great.”

12 Responses to “Dolphins Didn’t Expect Pass Rush”

  1. patrickbucs Says:

    Great coverage Joe; I’m sure most astute realized they didn’t stunt late finally!

  2. Oahubuc Says:

    Sapp would not have put up with that stunting. We need him in the building every week.

  3. Fear the Glow Says:

    When they only rushed 3 on that 3rd and forever and STILL gave up a first down I was stunned! That was one of the most disgusting play calls i’ve seen in years. I wish they had 4 or 5 cameras on Sapp on that play! I bet he went absolutely ballistic!

    Why do the Bucs consistently choke in the second half? Because they’re being out-coached at halftime….

  4. Chef Paul Says:

    The way this is worded, it sounds like Sheridan waited until the final drive of the 9th game to go get the quarterback. I’m sure they tried that before this year right? Right? Tannehill wasn’t the only one surprised.

    Before the game, when they mentioned the Fins gave up the most sacks in the league, I told my wife I bet we don’t get three sacks tonight. When they got two in a row at the end, I was floored.

  5. Maxx Says:

    Thank you Mr. Sapp for having a heartfelt sit-down with Schiano this week. I have to believe that it certainly had some influence…somehow. Also, props to Schiano for allowing it to happen and being a humble man and not a stubborn hardhead. The rush at the end was the most exciting thing I’ve seen all year! Get well Mike James!!

  6. "Brown Bag" Says:

    Perhaps the coaches should listen to the radio more. They finally call effective schemes at the end of the game.

    We have the players. But why are were teaching the coaches. Get us some experienced NFL coaches ont eh sidelines to properly use this talent before it ages out.

  7. Skelly Says:

    umm yeah, 2 things we learned from this game. Revis looks healthy and still can take away a player if tasked to. Second, we rush better when we go straight after the quarterback from the front 4. Not even close.

    I’m no coach, but maybe we should do more of those 2 things….

  8. DomsAdvisor Says:

    The are Bucs are being over coached in the 2nd half. Its so obvious.

    The idiot coaches need to let them play.

    Even on offense. They call these strange plays where the only guy set to get the pass is the only guy running down the field. Everyone else stays home to block. Well when you do that too often you end up in situations with 1 WR against 3 DBs.

  9. Raul Cavazos Says:

    We still had revis play zone and ran stunts majority of the game. Still no stupid plays in which a DE or DT covered a RB or TE.

    Revis was not playing zone for most of the game. Not at all. -Joe

  10. LaughingStock II Says:

    When defensive coaches surrender control of our defense is able to get sacks and finish the game.

    Great win.

    I hope the Glazers don’t get blinded by wins and get rid of the coaching problems….

  11. Jordan Says:

    Allowing just 2 rushing yards is much more impressive than sacking a QB 6 times. Is the lineman’s only objective to sack a QB? Is it possible that the stunts make it incredibly difficult for the O-line to run-block. No doubt a team full of Mccoys and Sapps could stop the run and sack the QB without running stunts, but this is primarily a DL comprised of players with 20 or fewer starts to their names.

  12. Tomcin Says:

    We need Chucky back. And while were at it get Sapp as a defensive line coach. Wannstadt should be DC.