Death Threats Routine For Revis

November 12th, 2013

It’s not easy being Darrelle Revis, especially when you have 380,000+ followers on Twitter and most of them are Jets fans.

Revis gets a lot of Tweets sent his way. Many of them, he said last night, are “F. You.”

Revis says the “bitter Jets fans” don’t bother him. Attacks have been routine for years. “C’mon man, I’ve been getting death threats since my [first] holdout,” Revis said. 

Occasionally, Revis will fire back, but it’s rare. No. 24 said he is very removed from anything Jets and he rarely watches football during his personal time, only keep track of the standings and future opponents.

Revis’ Twitter world came into focus last week when national media reported on a Twitter response he sent to a fan, stating he preferred the Bucs and $16 million per year versus the winning Jets and a lower salary.

4 Responses to “Death Threats Routine For Revis”

  1. Captain Buc Says:

    Jets fans have no class. Revis is better off in Tampa. We are winners here. Our record doesn’t say that but the team does #hire Schiano #keep em all

  2. Espo Says:

    New Yorkers have no class. Besides, what exactly are they “winning?” That team isn’t going anywhere… Says the Bucs fan.

  3. Root Says:

    ok ok……There are some Jets fans with no class.

    However there are a ton of us fans who do have class. I dont agree with the death threats and think the Jets fans who do crap like that are losers.

  4. Clintro Says:

    They need to chill out…. he was traded, move on!!!