Climaxing Too Soon

November 5th, 2013

There are certain puzzles in life that stump Joe. Riddles such as why people contaminate otherwise delicious carrot cake with nuts? Or, what’s the purpose of caffeine-free, sugar-free soda? Or, why torment innocents with brown M&Ms?

Another questions for the ages is, “why do the Bucs vanish in the first half?” This mystery is offered up by Pat Yasinskas of in his look back at the choke in Seattle.

The second-half woes continue: The Bucs scored three points in the second half against Seattle. That’s not surprising. They’ve been collapsing in the second half all season. Think back to the losses to the Saints and Jets. If this team wasn’t so bad in the second half, it could be in playoff contention.

Playoffs? Well, Joe’s not getting ahead of himself, but Joe can see where Yasinskas is coming from. The Bucs could have a .500 record if Bucs commander Greg Schiano didn’t put his offense in mothballs in the second half.

The Bucs have scored a grand total of three touchdowns in the second half through eight games, and one was by Mason Foster. THREE! Joe thinks Mike Sullivan is one of the nicest guys, but Sullivan should be thanking his lucky stars he is working for patient owners like Team Glazer. Had Sullivan, for example, worked for Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder and gone through half a season like this he’d be interviewing with Allstate or State Farm about now.

Why does Joe suspect it’s not just Sullivan’s philosophy that is grinding the Bucs offense to a screeching halt in each game’s final 30 minutes of play?

13 Responses to “Climaxing Too Soon”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    “Why does Joe suspect it’s not just Sullivan’s philosophy that is grinding the Bucs offense to a screeching halt in each game’s final 30 minutes of play?”

    That infers that it is at least partly Sullivan’s fault and if that’s the case he should be on the same chopping block as Schiano if not earlier. The coaches have had plenty of games to review and learn from. It is inconcievable that they would continue to make the wrong moves every time.
    There is obviously an execution problem that accompanies the second half scheme. Its not just the scheme.

  2. Chris Says:

    Sully is also a first time OC in his 2nd year who had questionable play calling last year.

  3. Chef Paul Says:

    We have no way of knowing, but I still think Schiano tells Sully to get ultra conservative in the second half. That’s really the only reason I would like him fired during the season, even if its late in the season.

    I’ve grown to not hate Schiano since the national media types away drivel every week and just plain make stuff up. Still want him fired, but now it’s a business thought rather than emotional like a few weeks back.

    They will all probably be fired when the season ends anyway, so why not find out for sure if it’s Sully or Schiano ruining the second half?

  4. Paul Says:

    Schiano appeared to be calling plays toward the end of the game. Cameras should him covering his mouth with a play card while clearly barking out orders. I wish someone in the media would bring up the camera footage from the game and ask the man if he was calling plays.

  5. mike Says:

    Its not that we are collapsing in the 2nd half… its other teams are making adjustments, and we don’t make adjustments.

  6. Chef Paul Says:

    Wait, I know the answer to my question. We can’t fire him because that would risk winning a few “meaningless” games. Tell you what Joe’s, or anyone else who doesn’t want to ruin our draft. I’ll compromise with you. How about we wait until we are 0-14, then incase we win with Sully untethered, we still will only get two wins max.

  7. Surf Buc Says:

    I always climax too soon . Unless it’s the 2nd or 3rd time around hee hee

    But seriously, we’re getting out-coached. Like Mike said.

  8. Harry Says:

    I just don’t understand it. How can the Bucs score 21 points in a half, against a very good D. And only 3 points in the 2nd. Think about that. 21 pts in a game for Sapp & Co was plenty – that is workable. But omg, 3?

  9. gotbbucs Says:

    When 24 points is your season high for points halfway through, it’s obvious that it’s a philosophical problem. You can’t be a grind it out offense when your defense can’t stop anybody.

  10. biff barker Says:

    It’s because Schiano is a slave to preparation. We simply could never make the appropriate in game adjustments because they are not a part of our game plan.
    I don’t wonder why we collapse in the 2nd half anymore.

  11. holymoly Says:

    From what I see, it seems the opposing team always make adjustments after the half, and our Bucs do not. Sunday against the hawks, the offense and defense were doing above average jobs. After they came out in the second half, Bucs couldn’t block, pass and didn’t run the ball enough. On defense suddenly they could not stop lynch or wilson, who they handled well before the half. It has to be coaching, because the same players were still out there, so I gotta guess it was the scheme, way too conservative.

  12. Luther Says:

    A running back called Ben Zocaine getting 20% of the touches should solve all of our problems.

    At 0-8 there is no reason for us to win any games other than pride. I know people hate talking about the draft but its the only reality left. I like Glennon but we need to go after one of those impact players at the top of the draft and I don’t mean Clowney.

  13. Joe Says:


    That may be the smartest comment Joe has read in a while. Good angle.