Chip On His Shoulder

November 28th, 2013

Now that Mike Glennon is starting to become known in the football world outside of Raleigh, N.C., people are trying to get to know him, see how he clicks.

Joe has spoken to Glennon a handful of times. Seems like a nice guy. So too did leaky Rip Van Freeman.

It seems part of the reason Glennon has flourished as a rookie, forced into the starting role maybe sooner than Bucs commander Greg Schiano had wanted, was that Glennon is a little PO’ed; has got a little bit of a chip — his confession.

“I think there’s a little bit of me that has that little kind of edge to me that still gives a little fire in me,” Glennon said Wednesday. “But I like to look at it in a positive way – I want to prove that the Bucs made the right decision. I want to do it for my coaches that believed in me and for the players on my team. Of course there is that little bit of me that is still [that way], but, overall, it’s more about proving those that believed in me right than proving those that didn’t believe in me wrong.”

Hey, whatever works, right? Whatever motivates the guy, good. Keep it up. Don’t fix what’s not broken.

Hey, if Glennon has to have Bucs offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan slap him around before practices and games like former Jags defensive lineman John Henderson, then do it. Whatever he needs to keep that chip, that edge.

16 Responses to “Chip On His Shoulder”

  1. NY Buc Says:

    Tom Brady has said that he had a similar chip on his shoulder as well (being a 6th round pick). Hopefully Glennon has similar success.

  2. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Just don’t pull a Richie Incognito, Bucs, and we’re good.

  3. Cometowin2 Says:

    Intelligence + work ethic + talent + chip = Our starting QB for a long time. Consider me a card carrying member of the Mike Glennon Mob. Go Mike! Go Bucs!

  4. BigPappaBucsFan Says:

    I guess it’s a good position to be in but, I’m really at a loss for who let alone what position to draft this year cause I’m am REALLY loving the way this team looks even when we were losing!

  5. JBSkiff Says:

    Put me down as a card carrying charter member of the Mike Glennon Mob. Wonder how long it will take for the afternoon dud on 620 to say something good about Gleenon? He had his noose so far up Freeman’s butt .

  6. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    We saw the same claims át Freeman. Heck, Josheven had the team attending his own mini-camps during the lockout. Now that he’s gone people are making up plenty of things…funny hlw none of that was evident until fans wanted him gone.

    Glennon is not convincing me. Dan-O could have won against the teams we’ve beat so far. Good for building confidence, little else. In fact, at this point winning games is doing nothing to help this team. Tiny victories with no hope of playoffs…unless some miracle of miracles occurs.

    If Mike Glennon wants to impress me he’ll convince me he can excel beyond his rookie year. He’ll show that these short, high percentage passes he has been throwing are not all he’s good for.

    Because right now I’m not convinced he isn’t the next Sean King. Good for only one year.

  7. Captain Stagger Says:

    Bonzai…check the stats….Glennon’s yards per attempt in his last 4 games is near the tops in the league….he has learned that Jackson isn’t getting past anyone and that jump balls are your best bet, and he has hit everyone in stride including an 85 yarder to Underwood.

  8. mark2001 Says:

    A. Rogers used to say the same thing…he was snubbed by being drafted at the end of the first round…they said he had “mechanical” issues with his game. Seems to me that we drafted a RB in that draft…..always a good idea in the early part of the first round, and let him slide. Maybe we got lucky this time…or skill if you really believe the “rock star” thing.

  9. biff barker Says:

    Cap’n Stagger, never waste time responding to anyone who is still crying over Freeman. I mean the guy doesn’t even get a helmet on Sundays. I’m still laughing that the Vikes actually thought he was concussed….
    Meanwhile, I agree with you. The new kid is busy earning accolades from around the league not just because of stats, it’s also that he is showing the attributes that point to long term success in the NFL.

  10. check yo self Says:

    Bonzai…get off the free juice already…Glennon is not anything like king. Glennon is accurate for the most part and getting better. Imagine his accuracy with a full training camp and getting time to gell with receivers, and Glennon is making below average receivers look like play makers! Looks more like P Manning than S King if you ask me. Oh and lets not forget that he did decent against a good defense in the lions that killed our running game. Free never did crap without a running game to back him up. Just saying….

  11. Hawk Says:

    IIRC, Sapp came in with a “chip” on his shoulder. If we’re lucky, Glennon is using the same ‘chip’.

  12. Bobby Says:

    Bonzai….your attachment to Freeman is a little suspect. Could it be you have a poster of Freeman on the ceiling above your bed?? Just sayin’…..

  13. Zorro Says:

    TIME – PATIENCE – NATURE ! Let’s wait before we either crown or criticize.

  14. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Bonzai- Maybe its time to have your eyes checked, or are you going against the consensus opinion that Glennon looks good and improving? Perhaps your take on the QB is because you want him to fail so you can say you told us so.

  15. Mike Says:

    I’m in agreement with Bucfan#37. It’s getting old. Free sucked and will always be a bust! Don’t kid yourself buddy! Glennon as a 3rd round pick is already better then free as a 1st rounder. Completely sold no! But I give Glennon props! Really making a name for himself!

  16. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Bucfan#37 Says
    “Bonzai- Maybe its time to have your eyes checked, or are you going against the consensus opinion that Glennon looks good and improving? Perhaps your take on the QB is because you want him to fail so you can say you told us so.”

    Unlike most people here, I could care less if I’m wrong about Glennon. Just because I mention that we heard the same things about Freeman doesn’t mean I have some sort of “crush” on the man. I was simply stating the facts.

    You people are living through revisionist history. We DID hear the same things about Josh Freeman. My point was that assumptions were wrong about Freeman then, and the possibility remains that assumptions COULD be wrong about Glennon.

    You can all talk about being sure of him, but the truth is it is nothing but hope. Until we can be sure we should hedge our bets. Let me put it this way… ANY of you have a spare tire for your vehicle? Why? In case on of those tires you currently use are not as good as you assume.

    Frankly, people may cast all the insults my way they want. It just shows their own ignorance. Simply put, Glennon may look okay now. That doesn’t mean he will next year. We need a back up plan because this team has invested a lot of money to win now. Not later.

    And if Glennon ends up going the route of King or Freeman or such, we simply cannot afford to invest another 2-3 years in another draft choice later.

    Better two have two options now and prepare both.