Bucs Making NFL History

November 25th, 2013

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Yes, the Bucs are doing things under commander Greg Schiano few teams have done in the NFL. And that’s a good thing, not a bad thing, sort of.

Consider what the numbers geeks at BSPN have unearthed about the Bucs in the wake of beating the Lions on the road yesterday for their third straight win.

@ESPNStatsInfo: Via @eliassports Buccaneers are 3rd team in NFL history to win 3 straight after starting 0-8 or worse (1978 Cardinals, 1986 Colts)

A link between the three teams? All three were coached by guys largely — accurately or inaccurately — considered “college coaches.”

The 1978 Cardinals, after starting 0-8, finished 6-10 and were coached by one of the greatest college coaches in history, Bud Wilkinson. The 1986 Colts, after going 0-8 under the pathetic Rod Dowhower, were turned around when the Colts hired Ron Meyer, largely known for building (cheating) Southern Methodist before he pulled a Pete Carroll and left for New England before the NCAA posse arrived.

Both coaches, after turning around a season, were met with different fates. Wilkinson flamed out the next year, crossed swords with the notoriously inept Bill Bidwill over who to start at quarterback, and was fired before the end of the season.

Meyer turned the Colts into a respectable team and hung around for a few years, actually guiding the Colts to the playoffs once.

4 Responses to “Bucs Making NFL History”

  1. James Pearls Says:

    Good for Schiano and the Bucs, and happy that we have finally got some wins…

    However, this feels very much like the 3-13 of Raheem’s first season (4 years ago)… another new head coach hanging in there, another promising rookie QB… where is this team headed?? are we ever going to make the playoffs again or just be stuck in this loop?? aaaahhh!

  2. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Anything can happen and usually does.

  3. LovechildofGruden&Madonna Says:

    Good for Schiano, I hope he does well and Great for Glennon. Glennon for Rookie of the year, no doubt. He else is even close?

  4. stratobuc Says:

    “Everybody—- back on the wagon!!!”